Numerologist Reviews – Legit Personalized Numerology Chart Video Report?

Numerologist is an online platform that helps consumers connect with special numbers that can guide their life into abundance. The website offers plenty of preliminary information for free, but a full report is only available at a low cost.

What is Numerologist?

At some point, everyone needs a little guidance over what they should do next in their life. Some people look to self-help books or even the guidance of a friend, but these changes aren’t specific to their particular needs. The root of numerology helps consumers to learn more information about themselves, their future, and all of the changes they could endure. Numerology can lead to answers, which is why it is so important to consumers today. The creators at Numerologist have developed multiple reports to help out, including the Personality Decoder report.

The Personality Decoder Report spans across 36 pages, providing users with information about the most revealing numbers that their future could be ruled by. Consumers stand to learn about their Life, Soul Urge, and Expression numbers, which will detail the deep desires that each person has, paired with their path to get there. While some consumers might have been trying to reach their goals for years, these methods can make the trek towards the user’s goals even easier.

As users browse through this report, they’ll learn what makes them work and what attitude they have towards the work that they do. Plus, They’ll learn about the environment that users need to use to have professional success. As they learn about their secret talents and hidden strengths, they’ll also unveil personality traits that they may never have known they could have. They’ll also learn about how they relate with other consumers, the challenges that will teach them about their life, and the new opportunities that could change their life for the good.

Numerologist has been the home of over two million answers for independent thinkers. They are known for offering incredible insights with lasting benefits, helping them to avoid the pitfalls that can come with the challenges ahead. To get the full perspective they can reap the benefits of, Numerologist highlights their inclusion of industry experts to get the clearest results possible. Plus, the platform allows users to purchase personalized readings daily for a constant update on what could be next for them.

Learning About the Message from Your Angels

Before consumers learn about the support that they can get from any of the special reports, they start by answering a few questions on the main page of the website. This information leads to the answers that consumers should have from their angels.

The website starts by asking the month that they were born. This information is the first of many details that users will be asked to determine their Life Path Number, Expression Number, and Soul Urge Number.

  • What month, day, and year that the was the individual born?
  • What’s the individual’s name?
  • What’s their email address?
  • What is their marital status?

With this information, consumers will have access to a special video that will bring them general information on their personality and destiny. However, consumers have the ability to get a significantly discounted report if they decide to make a purchase.

Purchasing Access to the Personality Decoder Report by Numerologist

This digital content is only available by ordering through the Numerologist website. On the website, consumers will have an opportunity to make a purchase on the official website. The website typically charges $29.99 for this report, but the current promotion online brings down the cost to $7 for a limited time.

This promotion is not permanent, so consumers will need to order their report while the promotion lasts to get the special pricing.

Other Products from Numerologist

Numerologist is a widespread platform, and the Personality Decoder Report is just one of the many opportunities that consumers have. Take the Daily Numeroscope, for example. This report provides the user with an angel message with access to their daily number, a lucky color, their ruling planet, and a crystal reading that covers a 30-day enrollment period with the monthly subscription.

Numerologist also offers a Deluxe Numerology Report. The creators spread personalized readings over 60+ pages that are entirely based on the user’s name and date of birth. They can choose a slightly shorter report – the Annual Numerology Forecast – to get 50+ pages on predictions for what the customer can expect in the future.

Other reports and collections that consumers can purchase include:

  • ATV’s Cosmic Collection, a personalized astrology report with bonus content.
  • Manifesting with Numbers, which includes audio and video files for manifestation.
  • 2023 Prosperity Planner, which is a 114-page report to prepare users for this year.
  • ATV’s Monthly Astrology Forecast, which is a monthly subscription for core details about the user’s birth chart.
  • Manifesting with Numbers, which is the most powerful program for manifestation that Numerologist has released.

Consumers can shop on the official website for any of these products.

Frequently Asked Questions About Numerologist

What is numerology?

Numerology is a concept that breaks down the universe as a system of numbers. These numbers can show consumers important details about their personality, future, and compatibility.

What is a Life Path Number?

A Life Path Number is a single digit that is assigned to every person to dictate their purpose on earth. It is considered the most important number to consider in numerology for an individual. This number is found by adding the numerical digitals in the month, day, and year that an individual was born. This number is repeatedly reduced in the same way until the individual has just one digit.

What is an Expression Number?

An Expression Number is also known as a Personality Number. The number is calculated by using the numerical value of each letter of the individual’s full name at birth, using the Pythagorean system. Like the calculation for the Life Path Number, the digits of the name are repeatedly added together until it reduces to a single digit number. The Expression Number helps consumers to understand special traits about themselves, like their personality and approach to life.

What is a Soul Urge Number?

A Soul Urge Number shows an individual’s heart, describing their inner characteristics that the rest of the world might not get to see. Knowing someone’s Soul Urge Number can improve a relationship and create a tighter bond. This number is calculated using the numerical value of the letters in the individual’s birth name, based on the Pythagorean system.

How long will users have to wait to receive their report?

Not long at all. This purchase is entirely digital, so the report will be sent directly to the user’s email address within moments of the purchase being made.

How do customers become a Numerologist VIP?

A Numerologist VIP has access to a collection of online tools that will help them create a broader experience in the world. By considering the astrological and numerological profile of the VIP, the creators provide tips and support for facing the challenges of the day with better preparedness. VIPs get five readings a day, which feature personalized growth advice. To sign up, users will have to fill out their name, birth date, and email address. Their username and password will be sent to the email address that they provided.

What if the user isn’t happy with this report?

Any customer has up to 60 days to cancel their order for a complete refund, though some requests might warrant further details.

Where is the main office of Numerologist located?

Numerologist’s address is 101 Convention Center Drive, Suite 810 in Las Vegas, NV 89109-2009.

The customer service team is available for any questions or concerns via email ([email protected]) or phone call (702-714-1447).


Numerologist’s various programs and reports all help consumers to better understand themselves and their place in the universe. The details provided to them in the customized reports are quite extensive, ensuring that users will learn as much as possible. The information is based on a concept that has been around for centuries and used by cultures around the world. However, if consumers want to know more about their numbers, the creators offer articles on their website for a deep dive into any of the content.

If the user finds that this report is not what they’d planned on, they can cancel their order with 60 days to get their money back.

So Don’t wait, Get Personality Decoder Report by Numerologist Today!

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