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Mental health is very crucial in our day-to-day living. It should be regarded with equal importance as physical health. Due to the rising cases of mental disorders, mental health experts have become expensive, leaving people to suffer in silence.

Sensa Health App is an online and affordable mental health app that takes care of your mind, feelings, and physical health.

This review will examine how Sensa Health App works, its features, benefits, and how to get it.

What is Sensa Health App?

Sense Health App is a journaling app that uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help you deal with stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s a mental-health assistant that aims at creating a healthier lifestyle.

The App provides a mood journal and online therapy to improve your thoughts, feelings, and actions. It is based on self-education, self-awareness, and habit-building. Sense Health App offers the right tools to improve your mental health. You will receive guidance throughout your mental health journey tailored to your needs.

Sensa Health App has daily lessons, free writing sessions, and exercises to manage your symptoms. It has various activities, including relaxation, health, mindfulness, and physical. The App gives you access to relief options for when you are feeling overwhelmed or panicking. It will make you relax and come back to the present.

The App is simple to use; you have to download it and take an assessment test that will determine your level of anxiety, and afterward, it will monitor your improvements. All aspects of the App are based on the well-researched theory that has been proven to improve mental health.

Who is Sensa Health App For?

Experts in behavioral psychology designed Sensa Health App as a self-care tool for those who suffer from unwanted anxiety and uneasiness and want to improve their mental health.

The App is useful for anyone seeking online therapy who can’t afford a mental coach or therapist. It targets users who desire control of their thoughts, emotions, and actions to build healthy habits.

Sensa Health App is for you if you want to explore the benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or be aware of your feelings. It can also help people struggling with stress, ADHD, procrastination, burnout, fatigue, self-esteem, or social anxiety. The App will help you get out of whatever mental health issue you are going through.

How Does Sensa Health App Work?

Sensa Health App is based on the principle of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which focuses on self-education, self-awareness, and habit-building. It has several user-friendly techniques to help you understand your mood, emotional triggers, and how the things around you make you feel.

It gives a better understanding of your mental health and self-care. Sense App targets self–education by offering personalized lessons to understand yourself better and improve overall mental health.

The habit-forming techniques in Sensa Health App include daily tasks, activities, and guidance to create healthy habits and support mental health. The App deals with mental health from all angles, including physical and nutritional aspects.

Inside Sensa Health App

Sensa Health App is a well-curated and safe space that you can use discretely to improve your mental well-being. Professional behavioral psychologists who understand mental health created the Sensa app. Here is what you will find in Sensa Health App:

Daily CBT Lessons

On the main screen, you will find lessons based on CBT. Sensa Health App helps users be aware of mood triggers and practice safe behaviors to control them. CBT lessons will help you better understand the connection between your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Sensa Health App can help you develop healthy behaviors to control your thoughts and emotions.

Mood Journal

Mood journaling and mood tracking are featured in the App’s monthly subscription. You can track your progress in the mood journal and connect feelings and triggers. You will learn the ebbs and flow of your mood, what causes them, and what can help you to remain calm.

You can use the color-coordinated calendar based on your mood to personalize your feeling; For example, black for “very bad” and white for “very good” mood. The user can review their mood check-in by tapping on a specific day. The App allows you to monitor the frequency of good or bad moods and what causes them to occur.

Talking therapy has been proven effective in controlling mood and making people feel better. Journaling is a form of talking therapy that positively impacts stress, anxiety, resilience, and social integration. It allows you to write how you feel and what you think triggers your feelings. Mood journaling will help you understand stress-causing activities and reduce them.

Sensa Health App has My Plan features an 84-day course that gives a better understanding of your mood and teaches how to control your thoughts and behaviors.


Sensa Health App has various activities to improve your health and self-care. The activities are in different categories: health, mindfulness, relaxation, and physical. The categories resolve different aspects of mental health.

Physical activities have exercises like deep breathing, taking a break every hour, and walking around the block. You can customize your activities according to your needs and preference. Health and physical activities also include eating healthy to enhance your mood, improve feelings, and relieve stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression.

Mindfulness activities involve meditation, which helps live in the moment and supports calmness. Sensa Health App has different mindfulness to improve psychological health.

Relaxation activities help to reflect, wind down, and get restful sleep, and teach users how to take some time off for themselves. Relaxation supports healthy habits and reduces stress and anxiety.

Weekly Assessments

You will find weekly assessments to determine your level of anxiety, stress, and depression. Daily assessments are a great way to measure your mental health to know whether you are progressing.

You can customize your daily guidance with the assessments to attain better results. You the weekly assessments to know what’s suitable for your 84-day plan.

Quick Relief

Sensa Health App provides instant techniques with breathing activities, five senses tasks, and grounding exercises to help you when you feel overwhelmed, anxious, and in stressful situations. The techniques will help you build long-term resilience, peace of mind, and anxiety balance.

The Benefits of the Sensa Health App

Techniques to relieve stress: the Sensa Health App has grounding techniques to help you relieve stress and anxiety, reduce tension and intentions and bring inner peace. The techniques are based on mindfulness and CBT.

Understand your emotions: Sensa Health App helps you better understand yourself, your feelings, and what triggers them.

Develop healthy work-life balance: Sensa Health App encourages users to practice mindfulness through physical exercises like meditation, which enables them to spend more time with themselves and be productive at work. With a balanced lifestyle, you can meet both your physical and emotional needs.

Track your progress: Sensa Health App allows users to monitor their progress through the mood journaling feature. Sensa’s weekly assessment measures your mental health and knows which area to improve.

Self-paced lessons: with Sensa Health App, you move at your own pace about calming your mind and understanding your thoughts and what triggers them.

Personalized content: you can personalize your daily tasks, write your journal, and healthy behaviors depending on your needs and effectiveness.

Build inner peace: work, family, finances, and other stressful situations may cost you peace causing anxiousness, stress, and irritation. Sensa will take you on a journey to self-care, calmness, and attaining inner peace.

Build healthy habits: Sensa Health App enables you to make small and functional habit changes that will help you gain control of your feelings.

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How to Use Sensa Health App

Sensa Health App is easy to navigate. You don’t need any special skills to use Sensa. You can download the App or use the website. Here are the steps to sign up on the Sensa website:

  • Visit the Sensa website to take a short anxiety, depression, and stress quiz. The quiz will help determine your mental health goals.
  • You will receive a personal symptom summary and find out how Sensa can help you.
  • There are three subscription options to select from
  • Enter your email address and choose your preferred password to create an account.
  • Download Sensa Health App on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

After installing the App, start with mood check-in and view the activities pre-selected activities based on the quiz you did at the beginning.


You don’t need any equipment to practice the quick relief methods to relieve stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression.

  • Sensa Health App is user-friendly.
  • Sensa Health App is suitable for anyone who can’t afford therapy
  • The App is suitable for anyone of any gender and age


  • The App does not have video or audio lessons
  • Sensa Health is a paid app that requires a monthly subscription

Pricing and Money-Back Guarantee

Sensa Health App can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple Play Store or the official Sensa App website. To get the best deal, sign up on the website before downloading the App. Here are the three subscription plans:

  • Monthly subscription at $29.99
  • Three months subscription at $19.99 per month
  • Six months subscription at $14.99 per month

You can cancel your Sensa subscription at any time if you are in doubt. Visit the website and click the “manage my subscription” tab, and your subscription will be canceled immediately.

Sensa Health App offers refunds if you request them within 14 days from the subscription day. However, you should have proof of purchase sent to your email after the initial payment.


Sensa Health App is legit and does everything it promises, including tracking your mood, and daily exercises, building healthy habits and transforming your mental health. Sensa is your mental health assistant, ensuring you are free from feeling anxious, stressed, depressed, or irritated.

The App contains scientifically proven information that will give you a better understanding of yourself, your feelings, and your triggers. It promises to give you a new outlook in 1-3 months.

Sensa Health App has daily tasks that take 10-30 minutes that will help create healthy habits. You can build resilience to set up your daily routines to bring inner peace. With the App, you can improve your physical health by exercising and eating healthy.

You can download the App or access it on the official website, and can be canceled at any time. It is easy and convenient, even for people without tech skills. Sensa Health App has special features which offer great mental health benefits.

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