Torrobath Reviews – Should You Buy Torroband Cold Plunge Ice Bath?

Torrobath is a cold plunge bath from Torroband.

Available through, Torrobath could reduce inflammation and pain, stimulate the nervous system, enhance the immune system, and improve blood circulation, among other benefits.

Does Torrobath really work? How does Torrobath work? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Torrobath and its effects today in our review.

What is Torrobath?

Torrobath is a portable ice bath priced under $160 per unit.

Backed by a 60 day moneyback guarantee and two year warranty, Torrobath is designed to make it easy to have an ice bath anywhere you go. Just fill up the tub with cold water, then enjoy the benefits of an ice bath anywhere.

Unlike other cold plunge tubs, Torrobath is flexible, foldable, and portable. You can bring Torrobath anywhere. You can place it indoors or outdoors. Although most use it for cold plunges, you can also use Torrobath with hot water to create your own mini hot tub.

Torrobath is made by Florida-based Torroband, which is best-known for its lineup of health products and fitness equipment. The company’s new Torrobath has received positive reviews to date from customers and major media alike.

Torrobath Discount

Torrobath Benefits

Torrobath is designed to provide multiple benefits while also being a convenient, accessible cold plunge option.

Some of the benefits of Torrobath, according to the official website, include:

  • Reduce inflammation and pain
  • Stimulate the nervous system
  • Enhance the immune system
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Easy to clean tub with 280L capacity
  • Multi-layer advanced solution so you only replace water once every 1-2 weeks

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How Does Torrobath Work?

Torrobath works by bringing the benefits of a cold plunge into your home – without the high cost, inconvenience, or permanent installation of other cold plunge options.

Torroband designed Torrobath as a foldable, portable, lightweight, leakproof ice bath tub. The tub is made from high-quality PVC that’s easy to setup and store. You can use it wherever you like in the home to enjoy a cold plunge at any time. You can also bring it anywhere you need a cold plunge – like when traveling or staying at someone else’s place.

Although Torrobath is primarily designed for cold plunges and ice baths, you can also fill it with hot water for a hot bath or hot tub experience. It’s a waterproof, portable tub you can fill with hot or cold water.

Unlike other cold plunge options, Torrobath doesn’t need to be emptied after each use. Instead, most customers refill the tub every one or two weeks. Each tub comes with multi-layer filtration technology which means you only need to replace the water every one to two weeks.

Torrobath Features

How to Use Torrobath

You use Torrobath however you want to use an ice bath or cold plunge: you can dunk yourself underwater daily, soak for a few minutes, or repeat multiple times, based on your preferences and desired benefits.

Some of the tips for using Torrobath, according to Torroband, include:

Keep the water temperature between 50°F and 59°F (10°C and 15°C). Some experienced cold plungers keep the water as cool as 38°F.

You should spend between 5 minutes and 15 minutes in the cold tub, depending on your tolerance and preference.

You can dunk yourself in the tub as frequently as you want, based on your goals and needs. However, Torroband recommends taking an ice bath daily – or after every intense workout.

When not in use, place the included cover on your Torrobath. The cover helps maintain the temperature of the water while also keeping germs and bacteria out.

You don’t need to fill the tub with cold water. You can also use hot water to take a hot bath in Torrobath. You can use it for cold plunges or for any other type of water immersion therapies.

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Torrobath Features

There are other cold plunge options available today. What makes Torrobath unique? Why pick Torrobath over competing options?

Here are some of the unique features and benefits of Torrobath, according to the official website:

Inflatable, Comfortable Ring: The upper edge of the Torrobath is made from an inflatable comfort ring. Because you’ll be leaning against this ring during use, it’s important for the ring to be comfortable.

Protective Lid: When you’re not using your Torrobath, you can cover it with a protective lid. The lid helps lock in temperature while keeping your water clean.

Portable & Lightweight: Torroband is portable and lightweight, making it easy to carry around wherever you need it to go. Instead of permanently installing a tub on your deck or in your backyard, you can bring Torroband wherever you like.

Removable Legs: Torrobath features removable legs to make it easy to place anywhere you need while keeping the bath stable. The legs keep the unit in a fixed location while reducing the chance of tipping over.

Quick Release Tap: When you need to release water from Torrobath, just unleash the quick release tap. The tap quickly drains water from the tub, making for fast and easy refills and hassle-free cleaning.

Usable Outdoors or Indoors: Torrobath is made from two layers of ultra-thick PVC and an insulating layer of foam cotton, which means the water can retain its temperature for up to three hours – even if it’s hot outside. You can use Torrobath indoors or outdoors while enjoying the benefits of a cold plunge.

Easy to Clean Design: Torrobath is designed to be easy to clean. You can drain water from the device quickly using the quick release tap, then wipe down the inside of the bath. Plus, there’s no need to empty it after each use, and most customers empty it every one to two weeks.

Covered by Warranty and Moneyback Guarantee: All Torrobath purchases come with a two year warranty and a 60 day moneyback guarantee. You can request a complete refund within 60 days if you’re unsatisfied (and returns are free in the US). Or, you can make a warranty claim within two years for any manufacturing defects.

Use Hot or Cold Water: Torrobath is primarily designed for cold plunges and ice baths. However, you can use Torrobath with hot or cold water.

No Need to Empty Tub After Each Use: Some cold tubs require you to empty it after each use to prevent mess. With, Torrobath there’s no need to empty the tub after each use. Instead, you can keep using it for as long as you want – typically around 5 to 10 days between changes.

Add Chlorine or Bromine Tablets for Longer-Lasting Water: Don’t want to empty your tub every one to two weeks? Torroband recommends adding chlorine or bromine to Torrobath to enhance the longevity of the water.

Keeps Water Cool with Double Insulation Technology: Torrobath keeps water cool (or hot) because of its double layer insulation technology. Torrobath is made from two layers of ultra-thick PVC and an insulating layer of foam cotton. Even if you place the tub outdoors, the cold water should stay cold for up to three hours.

Support Health Benefits: Many people take ice baths or use cold plunges for various health benefits. According to, the tub can reduce inflammation and pain, stimulate the nervous system, enhance immunity, and improve blood circulation – all with just 5 minutes of therapy per day.

Free Pump Included: Your Torrobath purchase includes a free pump, making it easy to fill up your tub with hot or cold water.

Retains Up to 85% of Temperature After 3 Hours: Even in the hottest temperatures, Torrobath can remain cool for up to three hours with its double layer insulation technology. According to Torroband, the Torrobath retains up to 85% of its temperature after three hours.

Suitable for 99% of Adults: Torrobath supports heights up to 6’9” (2.05m), making it suitable for 99% of adults.

Large Capacity: Torrobath is 29.5” tall and has a diameter of 31.5” and has a capacity of 280L, making it small enough for most spaces while being large enough for most adults.

Usable Anywhere with No Permanent Installation Required: Whether you’re renting a place or traveling, you can use Torrobath without permanently installing anything. It’s like a high-quality inflatable pool. You can use it indoors or outdoors, bring it on the road, or even use it in a hotel room, among other perks.

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Torrobath Dimensions

Torrobath comes in a single size with the following dimensions:

  • Height: 29.5” (75cm)
  • Diameter: 31.5” (80cm)
  • Capacity: 280L

The tub can comfortably fit someone up to 6’9” tall.

Benefits of Ice Baths & Cold Plunges: What Does Science Say?

Cold plunges and ice baths have become increasingly popular in recent years. There’s growing science validating the benefits of cold plunges for health, wellness, longevity, energy, hormone balance, recovery, and more. We’ll review some of the scientific evidence behind ice baths like Torrobath below.

Ice baths may promote active recovery to help with pain and muscle growth. In a 2010 study, a group of men reported experiencing significant recovery benefits using ice water immersion therapy after exercise. Two of the men were elite athletes, including a 25-year old marathoner and a martial arts practitioner. Both found ice baths improved recovery throughout the body, reducing post-training soreness and helping them perform at their best.

Cold plunges improved jump height in a group of volleyball athletes. In a more recent study, researchers tested the effects of a cold plunge on a group of 13 national-level volleyball athletes. 7 athletes did 12 cold plunge sessions over a 3 week period, while 6 athletes did a placebo treatment. Researchers found no significant difference in recovery among the athletes over the 3 week period. However, researchers did find cold water immersion improved jump height, with participants in that group jumping significantly higher than participants in the control group.

Cold plunges can promote active recovery and enhance blood flow. As researchers from Marquette University’s Athletic & Human Performance Research Center explain, cold water immersion is based on the idea that ice baths reduce body temperature and blood flow throughout the body, lowering inflammation and helping promote active recovery after exercise. Researchers found several studies suggesting cold water minimizes inflammation response. However, researchers cautioned there was little evidence of long-term effects on fatigue, muscle soreness, or overall athletic performance.

Ice baths cold delay pain and soreness after exercise, particularly after endurance activities. When you workout, you’re breaking muscle fibers, creating microtears. Your body repairs those microtears, causing you to feel soreness over the next 12 to 72 hours after exercise. According to researchers from The Ohio State University, ice baths have been shown to lead to “positive benefits” after endurance activities.

Cold plunges could help with mental health. As Cedars Sinai explains, one study found swimming in ice cold water improved mental health. Participants swam in cold seawater, then reported improvements in mood and wellbeing. It’s possible the improvement in mood was linked to exercise – not cold water exposure. However, ice bath supporters have used this study as justification for the practice.

Overall, there’s ample evidence the Wim Hof Method supports physical recovery, mental health, and overall performance in many people. Although it may not impact everyone the same way, ice baths have been validated in double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials.

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Torrobath Reviews: What Do Users Say?

Torrobath has strong reviews online. Although the product is relatively new, it’s attracted positive reviews from customers around the world who have been impressed by Torrobath’s results.

Here are some of the reviews shared by happy customers online:

One customer claims to “love my Torrobath,” praising it for being “easy to set up and use” while fitting her perfectly.

Many customers claim to use their Torrobath every day after workouts. You might spend a few minutes in the tub after a workout, for example, to soothe muscles and accelerate recovery.

Most customers are impressed with the durability, material quality, and overall design of Torrobath, finding it to be completely leakproof.

Others like how easy it is to use Torrobath – even if you have zero cold plunge experience. The tub drains quickly, for example, making it easy to setup and use wherever you need.

Some people have started to use Torrobath after trying other cold plunge products, while others are completely new to the space. Both beginner and experienced users, however, seem to have had a positive experience with Torrobath.

Washington City Paper chose Torrobath as one of the best ice baths of 2023, placing the product at #1 on its list. Although the list was a sponsored ranking, writers praised Torrobath for reducing soreness and inflammation while being backed by a 60-day moneyback guarantee.

Forbes Health chose Torrobath as its featured partner on a recent article about cold plunges. A Forbes writer praised Torrobath for helping to reduce inflammation and swelling, aiding muscle recovery, and increasing blood flow throughout the body.

One customer described Torrobath as the “ultimate cold therapy,” praising the material and overall quality of the product.

Another customer described Torrobath as “an awesome ice bath tub,” claiming she uses it regularly to cover her entire body and enjoy the benefits of a cold plunge from the comfort of home.

Many customers are impressed by the price of Torrobath. Instead of spending thousands on an advanced ice bath product, you can spend under $200 and enjoy similar effects. Although Torrobath lacks the cooling system and advanced features of higher-end products, it still makes it easy to enjoy a high-quality ice bath from the comfort of home.

Torroband, the company behind Torrobath, has strong reviews for other products. One CPT praised Torroband for offering high-quality, durable resistance bands with more resistance than the average tube band, for example. Overall, the company has good reviews from people impressed with the customer service, quality, and overall performance of the company’s products.

Overall, Torrobath has strong reviews online from customers looking for a straightforward, affordable cold plunge tub. If you don’t want to spend thousands on a cold plunge or permanently install something in your home, then Torrobath provides many of the same benefits as other cold plunge tubs at a fraction of the cost.

Torrobath Pricing

Torrobath is priced at $159.90 as part of a 2023 promotion. The ordinary retail price is $239. You can also save even more money by buying Torrobath without the lid or cover.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering online today directly from the manufacturer:

  • Torrobath Portable Ice Bath + Bug-Proof Lid + All Weather Cover: $159.90 + Free Shipping
  • Torrobath Portable Ice Bath + Bug-Proof Lid: $149.90 + Free Shipping
  • Torrobath Only: $119.95

You can pay $8.70 for standard shipping (5 to 9 days). Or, you can enjoy free economy shipping (7 to 12 days).

You can also add a floating thermometer to your order for $9.95. The floating thermometer can help you check the temperature of the water before you enter.

Torroband accepts payments with any major credit card or PayPal.

Torrobath Refund Policy

Torrobath comes with a 60 day moneyback guarantee, and the company offers free returns within the United States. If you’re unhappy with Torrobath for any reason within the first 60 days of your purchase, then you can request a complete refund with no questions asked.

Torrobath Warranty

Torrobath comes with a two-year warranty. If you notice any manufacturing defects within the first two years of use, then you can make a warranty claim. The warranty does not cover water damage.

About Torroband

Torroband is a North Miami Beach, Florida-based company that originally launched with a lineup of resistance bands. Today, the company offers other fitness products and supplements – including the Torrobath portable ice bath, Torroshroom Mushroom Gummies, and Torromine barbell.

The makers of Torroband founded the company with the goal of helping anyone build a portable gym from the comfort of home – no matter their budget. Today, the company’s lineup of health and fitness products continue to make it easy for anyone to access high-quality tools at a competitive price.

You can contact Torroband and the Torrobath customer service team via the following:

Email: [email protected]

Mailing Address: 15429 NE 21st Ave, North Miami Beach, FL 33162

Final Word

Torrobath is a cold plunge tub created by health and fitness company Torroband. Designed as the ultimate portable, lightweight immersion tub, Torrobath makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of cold plunges at a competitive price.

To learn more about Torrobath or to buy the popular cold water immersion therapy device online today, visit the official website.

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