Phone Psychic Reading Sites: 7 Top Source For Fortune Telling Via Phone

Phone Psychic Readings: Best Psychics Over the Phone

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In today’s fast-paced world, finding trusted online psychics has become more accessible than ever. For example, psychic phone readings are a convenient and popular option for those seeking spiritual insights: they are affordable since you can get your reading even at $1/min. and they are quite widespread, so you will find a lot of sites offering this option. Below, we will discuss psychic phone readings and other benefits they bring, illustrating the websites with the most skilled online psychics who can guide and support you on various aspects of life.

Best Online Sites for Phone Psychic Reading

  • California Psychics. Quality & cheap psychic readings are guaranteed with California online psychics who offer 20-minute package deals.
  • Keen. Chat and phone readings, horoscopes and blog articles, and a 10 min/$1.99 welcome offer await you at the Keen spiritual reading source!
  • Kasamba. The Kasamba platform offers a free psychic reading option, a varied mix of specialties, tools, and experts possessing such skills.
  • Mysticsense. At Mysticsense, you enjoy the first 5-minute phone reading session for free and get a chance to enjoy articles, horoscopes, engine tools, and other perks.
  • Purple Garden. Over 2,000 online psychic experts at the Purple Garden platform will provide an exciting journey into tarot readings, astrology, numerology, and other services.
  • Oranum. The unique, social media-like Oranum site has generous introductory deals and different reading types.
  • AskNow. Tarot readings, astrology phone reading sessions, love readings, and other divination sessions can be ordered at a discounted price with AskNow’s top psychics online.

California Psychics

Pros and Cons

Pros 👍

  • A generous welcome offer
  • Many phone psychics specializing in different divination tools
  • Karma rewards and promotions for regular customers
  • A satisfaction guarantee
  • A mobile application
  • Horoscopes and blog articles

Cons 👎

  • No free minutes, only discounted packages

Pricing & Discounts

What benefits do I receive when I first apply for a California Psychics reading? You can enjoy the best psychic readings at California Psychics by purchasing one of the following 20-minute packages: $1/min — cheap psychics, $2/min — popular psychic advisors, and $4/min — premium talented psychic readers.

What are the regular pricing rates at the California Psychics site? The regular prices are 2x higher. Often, clients pay $4–$9 for a one-minute consultation. However, this psychic reading company organizes weekly and monthly promotions which help regular customers save up.


Customer experience

To contact psychic readers on the California site, write down some personal details in a sign-up form, including your full name, date of birth, and email address. Select a package you like and enter the billing info. Last, browse the list of psychic mediums and choose your perfect match.

If you wish to order tarot card readings, numerology, or astrology sessions, you can be sure you will get it accurate with California online psychics. Almost 4/5 stars on Trustpilot prove this is a trustworthy site.

  • Founded in: 1999
  • Experts are available: 500+
  • Delivery methods: chat and phone
  • Price rate: $3–$10/min.
  • 🔥Introductory offer: 10 minutes for $1.99


Pros and Cons

Pros 👍

  • Appealing introductory deals
  • An abundance of experienced psychics via telephone
  • Access to free horoscopes and articles
  • Convenient filters for easy browsing
  • Availability of a mobile application
  • A varied mix of reading options, like tarot card readings, astrology, past life readings, and so on.

Cons 👎

  • Discounts only for new members

Pricing & Discounts

How can I save up on sessions with the best online psychics at Keen? At this reputable source, you can contact a chosen psychic reader by purchasing 10 minutes for $1.99 — the introductory offer available to all new customers. Moreover, if you don’t like your first psychic reading, you can rely on the 100% satisfaction guarantee provided by this company.

And how much do regular members pay? Typically, regular members at Keen order spiritual readings for $3 to $10 per minute. The enticing perk of choosing this website is chat psychic readings and phone consultations cost the same.


Customer experience

According to Trustpilot, Keen is a verified company with an impressive rating of 4/5 stars. Many clients praise Keen psychics for their valuable assistance in resolving various issues. You can also find testimonials within each psychic’s bio on the Keen website.

The registration process at the Keen psychic reading site is easy and requires only several details about you. To enjoy a free session with the best psychic advisors on Keen, all you need is valid billing information. Once the 10 minutes expire, you will be billed for additional minutes based on the specific fee requirements of the chosen psychic.

  • Founded in: 1999
  • Experts are available: 300+
  • Price rate: $4–$19/min.
  • 🔥Introductory offer: 3 introductory minutes


Pros and Cons

Pros 👍

  • Welcome package offer with three free minutes for a first session
  • An extensive catalog of psychic reading specialties
  • Compensation of up to $50 for your first consultation
  • The free and easy registration process
  • Mobile app for iOS/Android
  • Additional perk — free horoscopes and love compatibility tests

Cons 👎

  • Psychics’ availability online changes throughout the day

Pricing & Discounts

What prices are common at Kasamba? Kasamba provides top-quality online psychic readings at affordable rates, ranging from $4 to $19 per minute, depending on what advisors you select: premium or middle-class psychic readers.

What financial benefits does the platform offer? New customers at the Kasamba psychic source have the opportunity to try out the service with a complimentary three-free-minute package. It allows clients to test the best online psychic reading advisors on the site. In the rare event that the initial experience falls short of expectations, Kasamba offers a refund option of up to $50.


Customer experience

If you find yourself unsure about approaching Kasamba for psychic readings, read the reviews available on Trustpilot. The Kasamba platform has earned an impressive rating of 4.3/5 stars for its exceptional provision of spiritual services.

To get a free psychic reading online at Kasamba, provide your name and email address during the sign-up procedure. Then, order a session with an advisor, enter your billing information, and click the “Get my three free minutes” button.

  • Founded in: 2020
  • Experts are available: 700+
  • Price rate: $2–$6/min.
  • 🔥Introductory offer: 5 free minutes


Pros & Cons

Pros 👍

  • Introductory deal equal to five free minutes
  • The refund of 10-minutes time-back
  • Professionally-looking website-design
  • Advanced filter tools
  • Numerous spiritual specialties and psychic medium experts
  • All types of psychic reading communication are available
  • Complementary perks such as horoscopes and articles

Cons 👎

  • The mandatory $10 deposit to access Mysticsense’s free online psychic services, which may not be viewed positively by some users.

Pricing & Discounts

Which discounts do Mysticsense clients receive? Mysticsense provides an enticing special offer — newcomers can test its online psychic reading services for free by applying for a five free minute package. To enjoy your best online psychic experience, you need to deposit at least $10 to your Mysticsense account and wait these minutes to get back to the wallet after the reading.

And what prices do regular members have on this platform? The average per-minute fees set by Mysticsense readers range from $2 to $7. Often, the price for readings by phone and chat are similar.


Customer Experience

Mysticsense has a loyal customer base because of its convenient and readily available services. The review platform Trustpilot attests to the credibility of Mysticsense, as it boasts an outstanding rating of 4.9/5 stars among clients.

The Mysticsense psychic reading source has a simple process of obtaining free minutes: create an account, deposit at least $10 to your wallet, and await the crediting of five minutes.

Purple Garden

Pros and Cons

Pros 👍

  • The availability of discounts for regular clients
  • Organically structured interface
  • The varied mix of advisors for psychic readings by phone
  • Fair pricing requirements
  • Articles on tarot reading, astrology, and other spiritual topics
  • Advanced filter tools

Cons 👎

  • No mentions of a satisfaction guarantee

Pricing & Discounts

How to get a free psychic reading online at Purple Garden? There are various ways to save on psychic readings by phone at Purple Garden. You can take advantage of promo codes to apply discounts to your sessions. Furthermore, inviting friends to join the platform can also help receive rewards for successful referrals. Besides, with each newly ordered consultation, you can enjoy a 4% cashback.

What are the regular price rates at Purple Garden? Purple Garden offers the help of accurate psychics from $0.99 to $17.99 per minute.

To begin your first session on Purple Garden, you’ll need to add funds to your account. The platform offers three funding options: $15, $40, and $100.


Customer experience

To start your Purple Garden journey, you simply need to enter your email and name. The website provides filters and a “Favorite Advisors” button, enabling you to save time and easily find the perfect match. Furthermore, each Purple Garden advisor possesses a comprehensive portfolio with reviews from other clients. It’s worth noting that a significant number of advisors on the psychic source have received positive feedback, which proves their credibility and expertise.

To access a free psychic session on Purple Garden, you can invite friends to join the website which will reward you with a special deal or earn a 4% cashback with each new session order.

  • Founded in: 2013
  • Experts are available: 200+
  • Price rate: $3–$7
  • 🔥Introductory offer: $9.99 in free credits


Pros and Cons

Pros 👍

  • A welcome offer
  • Numerous reading types
  • Convenient psychic match search engine
  • Free psychic chat for new clients
  • Unusual YouTube-like website design

Cons 👎

Pricing & Discounts

How to save up on Oranum psychic readings online? Fortunately, Oranum belongs to online psychic reading services which offer special deals to new clients. Thus, when you register to the platform, you can receive a complimentary $9.99 credit to test the Oranum advisors.

And what are the regular pricing rates at this psychic source? Oranum has a credit system, so you can buy one of the following credit packages to pay for your spiritual sessions:

  • 17.99 credits — 23.99 euro
  • 27.99 credits — 33.99 euro
  • 67.99 credits — 78.99 euro
  • 97.99 credits — 111.99 euro
  • 157.99 credits — 177.99 euro


Customer experience

Oranum guarantees an exceptional customer experience through its user-friendly interface, easy platform access, and a complimentary package. By simply entering your email during the sign-up process, you will receive 10,000 coins for free. Moreover, Oranum’s spiritual experts and tarot card readers also provide free online chat readings. Simply choose the psychic you prefer and initiate your free session.


Pros and Cons

Pros 👍

  • Enticing introductory packages and five free minutes with the best psychic experts
  • Advanced search engine with multiple options for finding experienced and cheap psychics
  • Numerous types of psychic phone readings
  • Blog articles, horoscopes, and videos to learn more about the industry of spiritual consultations
  • Mobile application to download for iOS

Cons 👎

  • No information about refunds

Pricing & Discounts

What discounts can I enjoy at AskNow? If you look for astrology websites with special deals, consider AskNow because it entices new customers with an attractive introductory package, offering 30 minutes for $30 or 40 minutes for $40. Moreover, AskNow extends a generous offer to first-comers by granting them a five-minute session with their elite advisors, allowing them to enjoy sessions with the platform’s top psychics.

And how much do regular consultations cost? For regular consultations on the AskNow platform, the typical cost ranges from $6 to $13 per minute. However, phone psychics frequently offer discounts, providing opportunities for customers to save on their readings and gain valuable insights at reduced rates.


Customer experience

Signing up for the platform as a new client lets you request the submission of a few details through. Once registered, you gain access to the special packages and free introductory minutes. Choose the package you like and order a session.

The services provided by AskNow advisors consistently receive excellent ratings, typically receiving 4 or 5 stars for their exceptional performance.

How Do Phone Psychic Readings Work?

If you decide to address online psychic reading sites, you should first learn how these sessions work.

Let’s start with the basics:

  • Telephone online psychic readings are organized via phone calls, which means you will have to prepare technically for the consultation. Psychic reading services either provide the space for clients to talk to mediums or send the contacts of their readers so you can call them.
  • Psychic readings online via phone simply hearing and talking to your spiritual consultant. Thus, these sessions don’t fit hearing-impaired people. If you are such a person, consider chat or email services. Besides, select other delivery methods if you get lost talking to strangers: you may simply forget the crucial information. However, some online psychic reading websites provide recordings of sessions so you can relisten your consultations. If you find such a source, that’s great!
  • When you apply for your first phone consultation, you can often get the opportunity of free psychic reading. Not all websites provide such a perk, but you will have such an advantage with the best phone psychics!

And now, let’s discuss what the whole reading process looks like.

  1. Firstly, you select a suitable psychic reading platform and the right psychic reader. Your check-in criteria include testimonials, price requirements, and availability of necessary reading tools, specialties, and styles.
  2. Next, as you find a perfect service and select the psychic who fits your needs, apply for a session.
  3. When you arrange the consultation, you should prepare for it by crafting the questions you seek to resolve, cleansing your mind and thoughts to be relaxed at the session, and letting the psychic enter your energy field and screen correctly.
  4. Once your session begins, a psychic reader may ask you to briefly tell your story and issues which bother you. Depending on the chosen divination tool, they can also ask for your name and birth date to establish a connection. Throughout the reading, the expert may engage in a conversation with you, putting clarifying questions or asking for additional details to be able to select the right vibration course for their powers.
  5. Finally, when your online psychic reading is complete, the spiritual expert will summarize the key points of your prediction and address the final questions you may have. They may also suggest ways for personal reflection or provide guidance on how to apply the insights gained from the reading. Your psychic advisor can also offer to arrange another session if your situation is quite complex to resolve.

And what about types of readings by phone you can select at spiritual websites? Well, telephone consultants possess a varied mix of divination tools to exploit during consultations. This list includes such common types:

  • Tarot card readings. This divination practice involves using a deck of tarot cards to gain insight into various aspects of a person’s life and find guidance on specific questions or situations. An online psychic will interpret the cards based on their symbolism, position in the spread, and combination. The best thing about tarot reading sessions is that there are a lot of cheap psychics via phone, so you will have a big choice.
  • Astrology readings. During such psychic readings online, the psychic online will analyze the birth chart of a client and interpret the various elements within it, including the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets, as well as their aspects (angular relationships) with each other. Knowing the meanings and characteristics associated with each planet and zodiac sign, your online psychic will gain insights into your personality, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Numerology sessions. Numerologists, followers of the belief that every letter and number has a meaning, can provide insights into personality traits, potential, weaknesses, and a life path of a client.
  • Dream analysis. The symbolism and messages within dreams often become the inquiry for telephone psychic reading services. Gifted psychic readers can approach a person’s subconscious mind to open the door into their true world and desires, and many of them even provide psychic reading for free.

Phone vs. Video vs. Chat Readings — What to Choose?

Psychic phone call sessions have many advantages. But how do they compare to other delivery methods: video and chat readings? If you still doubt which communication way to choose, we offer to look at this comparison table for you to easily define the difference.





The per-minute cost:




The speed of response:

The right-away answer

The right-away answer 

It takes time for a psychic reader to type the answer

Types of specialties and tools available:

All types except where your psychic needs to see you

All types

All types except where your psychic needs to see and hear you

Availability on websites:

Available almost at all sites

Not many websites provide such readings

Available at all sites

Introductory offers:

Relatively often


Very often 


Your psychic can only hear your voice

Your psychic can hear and see you

A medium chat is completely confidential

As you see, spiritual readings over the telephone might be the best option for you. They can ensure a quick response, relatively cheap fees, and the protection of your personality. 

Factors to Consider When Searching for a Phone Psychic

Everyone would want to get only quality psychic readings by phone, but not every spiritual platform can provide it. Unfortunately, scamming is not rare in the fortune telling industry. How to make sure potential psychic websites are real, and experts working for them are truly skilled? Answer the following questions:

  • What reputation do these online psychic reading platforms have based on reviews?

Look for a phone advisor and a spiritual source with a solid reputation and extensive experience in providing accurate psychic readings. You can check online reviews or ask for recommendations from friends or family members who have used the potential sources before.

The reputation of online psychic services also depends on social-media presence. A strong social media presence indicates that the psychic or psychic source is accessible and actively engaged with its audience. They may have profiles on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, where they share content and updates and interact with followers. This option allows for easy communication, making it convenient for customers to ask questions or get updates on services.

  • Does a psychic source provide a satisfaction guarantee?

A satisfaction guarantee shows that the psychic service stands behind the quality of their readings and is willing to address any concerns you may have. For you, as a client, it’s especially important to know whether you may be eligible for a refund, credit, or a free follow-up reading if you’re dissatisfied with the reading or feel it didn’t meet your expectations. You should also check the requirements and limitations for getting a refund.

  • Does a psychic source via phone have customer support?

Reputable psychic services have to provide a responsive and reliable customer support system being easily reachable through various channels, such as email, phone, or live chat. They should promptly address any concerns or issues you may have. Good customer support demonstrates that the psychic source values its clients and is committed to ensuring a positive experience.

  • How much do I need to pay for online psychic readings on this platform?

Evaluate the pricing structure of the services and their psychic readers. Often, telephone advisors charge per minute and can provide free psychic readings on specific terms. It’s essential to learn about fee requirements in advance to avoid any misunderstandings and surprising hidden costs. Besides, it’s worth comparing prices at different websites: maybe, the potential source overprices its services?

  • Do a chosen psychic reader and a platform have features that I need?

These features can include specific psychic reading tools, reading styles, and specialties, for example, love readings, career guidance, mediumship, or spiritual healing; extensive profile description for each online psychic with introductory voice messages, reviews, and experience; scheduling options; availability of free horoscopes and articles, easy navigation on the website. Choose a psychic who aligns with your needs.



Final Thoughts

Telephone psychic reading sessions have revolutionized the way we seek guidance and tap into the spiritual realm.

Whether you are in search of clarity in matters of love, career, or relationships, gifted online psychic readers at the enlisted platforms can provide the guidance you need, combining intuitive abilities and a compassionate approach to the work.

Start a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth with cheap psychic readings online via phone!

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