Energeia Reviews – Real Supplement That Works or Fake Ingredients?

Energeia is a supplement that helps consumers to improve their weight loss by regulating certain digestive enzymes that control digestion. The formula is easy to use every day, giving users a chance to overcome the problems they’ve faced so far.

What is Energeia?

While the weight loss industry is filled with different messages and programs that users can use to motivate themselves to be the best version of themselves. Unfortunately, more than half of the country can be considered obese at this point, and the effects go much deeper than self-image. When the body carries more weight than it should, it puts pressure on everything else. The heart has to work harder, the muscles have to become stronger to carry the weight, and the pressure on the joints can make mobility harder.

Body positivity is important, but someone who doesn’t feel good mentally or physically might be ready to make a change. With the odds stacked against them, some people feel discouraged before they even begin. If the struggle seems overwhelming and nothing else is working, consumers might want to consider the support that Energeia offers.

Energeia was inspired by the tragedy experienced by the creator of the supplement, who struggled with his mother’s early death when he was young. This tragedy led him to lose her at the hands of the extra weight she carried, putting too much pressure on the body to continue to bring her into old age. The fact remains that too much weight on a single frame can put too much pressure on their organs, leading to failure.

Though the main reason consumers take Energeia is because of the weight loss support it offers, users’ improvement will also influence their natural energy levels. The improved energy makes it possible to get excited about weight loss and the changes they make, but it also puts a positive mood on a time that could be stressful for consumers. With more energy and improved focus, some consumers even choose to eat better to make a big difference.

Losing weight is never easy, but correcting an imbalance in the body can make the process substantially more straightforward. Still, the only way to know that Energeia is a good option for consumers is to clearly understand how it works.

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How Does Energeia Work?

The whole idea behind the Energeia formula is that the combined ingredients work to activate the production of lipase. Lipase is one of many digestive enzymes that help break down fats in the body, making Jit possible for the intestines to absorb them properly. The body already produces lipase in the pancreas, mouth, and stomach, but its production is crucial to preventing certain diseases. When the body doesn’t have enough of the enzyme, it is at risk of developing a problem like celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, or cystic fibrosis.

To break down the fats in the body, lipase takes advantage of natural hydrolysis, helping break down the bonds typical of lipids and fats. When these fats are broken down, they become alcohols like fatty acids and glycerol. These alcohols have many health benefits and are often directly associated with weight loss when supplemented. When created naturally from the diet, they help to regulate weight effectively, though these changes aren’t always as clear if the change isn’t drastic. The only way that Energeia can improve this production is through natural ingredients, but it is also possible to eat a diet rich in fat to trigger increased lipase production.

When the body can’t break down fat with lipase, it is next to impossible to handle the stored fat that adds up on the hips, thighs, and stomach. Triggering production with Energeia can help consumers to reactivate their ability to burn fat, potentially dropping a pound or two every day. Consumers can also improve their overall health with its use.

Unfortunately, having low levels of lipase can also be caused by medical conditions like renal insufficiency or liver disease. If anyone suspects that the culprit behind their weight loss woes has to do with a severe medical condition, they should speak with their doctor for support.

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What Ingredients Are Found in Energeia?

The only way to improve the production of lipase and other enzymes is to deliver the right ingredients to the body. Energeia has a unique blend to achieve this effect, which includes:

  • GHG
  • Caralluma Fimbriata
  • Nigella sativa

Read on below to learn more about the way that each of these ingredients helps.

About GHG

When formulating the Energeia supplement, the main priority of the creators was a polyphenol called GHG. Polyphenols have consistently been found in dietary supplements because they seriously impact the user’s health. However, the creators explain that GHG is rare in its effects because it can directly improve lipase levels. By causing these levels to rise, users also reduce fat tissue thickness, helping them manage their weight correctly.

As the body increases lipase, it can break down fat more effectively, as explained above. When the body can improve lipase levels, the individual can burn through fat in a way that supports the stomach and restores the link in weight management that has been missing. Consumers with much weight to lose often have less lipase, so bringing those levels up needs to be a priority.

GHG – or 1,2-di-galloyl-4,6- hexahydroxydiphenoyl-D-glucose – is a compound that can easily dissolve in the digestive system as the user swallows it. The most common way consumers get GHG is when they drink purple tea, another common remedy to promote weight loss. GHG is not ordinarily found in other teas, which is why purple tea is advertised as one of the top ways to promote weight loss. Though purple tea seems to be the only beverage that naturally offers GHG, its inclusion in this supplement speaks volumes about its effectiveness.

About Caralluma Fimbriata

Caralluma Fimbriata is the next ingredient that significantly impacts the user’s weight loss. Also referred to as CF, this ingredient is still relatively unknown, despite its incredible effect on weight loss. The scientific community had managed to keep it hidden for years, even though it was used as an appetite suppressant when famine was expected and consumers had to stop the hunger pangs. Food shortages would make it challenging to ensure a meal on the table every night, so CF would jump in and stop the craving.

When users have enough food available to them all the time, the temptation to indulge could be high. Consumers need a little support to break their overeating habits and establish a calorie deficit that can make a difference in their weight loss. Instead of eating thousands of calories a day, this resistance helps users to naturally.

This ingredient is also used to help consumers improve their metabolism, increasing the number of calories the user burns to keep their energy levels high. With Caralluma Fimbriata, consumers can feel confident that their body is properly using the nutrients to keep them alert and active. At the same time, many consumers might wonder why such a beneficial ingredient has remained under wraps. As the creators behind Energeia explain, other companies want users to be hungry and desire the preservative-filled foods they make. Craving those snacks will make it impossible to lose weight, so brands that want to make more money will have sufferers hooked.

Creating a sense of control over this hunger can make the difference between success and failure on a diet. Relying on willpower and self-control can be daunting, especially for consumers who don’t want to give up the foods they love. However, without needing to redirect that attention elsewhere, consumers can focus on how their bodies can serve them. This ingredient can also be used to quench thirst, though it is always important to stay hydrated.

The most common reason supplements include Caralluma Fimbriata in their formula is to promote better gut health. The gut is connected to every part of the body’s health because it is responsible for keeping the balance nutritionally. It also enables a more robust immune system with this support.

About Nigella Sativa

Nigella sativa is the last of the ingredients listed on the official website, which the creator refers to as NS. This medicinal plant has been called a “miracle herb” in some studies and is even referred to in the Bible during the Old Testament. Researchers have found that it can be used as a medical plant to help with many benefits. It has even been found in many historical sites in ancient Egypt, including the tomb of King Tut.

Only in the last few years has this ingredient started to be investigated by researchers for its ability to promote weight loss. One group of researchers combined 13 different clinical trials in one massive analysis to find a pattern in the research performed. In this meta-analysis, the researchers found that using just ¼-teaspoon of NS was enough to drastically reduce weight, waist measurement, and more, based on the results of the 870 participants in the trials. The fact that such a common theme was found in 13 different studies is incredible, showing the public exactly what this ingredient can do.

While the effectiveness of nigella sativa on weight loss was the primary purpose of these studies, the nutrient has been linked to other benefits. Its ability to be used as an antihypertensive ensures that consumers can support their hearts. This ingredient works in liver tonics to cleanse buildup from the liver and can be used for many digestive issues. Nigella sativa manages to help with everything from diarrhea to not urinating enough and everything in between. This ingredient also contains antibacterial agents, which puts users at low risk of becoming ill when they want to focus on their health.

According to other studies, nigella sativa can potentially put users at risk of a few side effects when used too often or in the wrong concentration. The most common side effects reported by users include slower breathing and sleepiness. However, it is essential to note that these side effects are sometimes touted as benefits for supplements that use nigella sativa.

Purchasing Energeia

Consumers who want to get Energeia will need to visit the official website, which has a few different options. Users get three other opportunities on the main page to choose how many months they stick with Energeia. The pre-set packages give users a significant discount from the $297 retail cost, ensuring they get a reasonable price if they order soon.

The packages include:

  • 30-day supply for $59
  • 90-day supply for $147 (or $49 each)
  • 180-day supply for $204 (or $34 each) & get free shipping

The discounts get better and better when users decide to stock up on more of the product at the same time. The only way to get free shipping on the order is to purchase the six-bottle (180-day supply) of the package. They will also qualify for two free bonuses that aren’t available when ordering a one-month supply. Consumers who purchase will have access to the exclusive community of over 70,000 people who have already signed up.

If the user doesn’t get the desired impact on their weight loss, they have up to 60 days to request a refund.

FAQs: Know More About Energeia

Q – How does Energeia have an impact on users?

A – As users take this supplement, they activate the lipase production in the body to improve the breakdown of fat.

Q – Will consumers have to make any lifestyle changes with Energeia?

A – Not at all. The whole point of this remedy is to help the body regulate processes that would otherwise keep the user at a low weight. For that reason, consumers won’t have to change their diet or exercise more to get results, but it is always helpful to this type of progress to improve how quickly the weight comes off.

Q – What are the main ingredients found in Energeia?

A – The primary active ingredients in Energeia include GHG, Caralluma Fimbriata, and nigella sativa. These potent ingredients control appetite, improve lipase production, and ultimately improve weight loss.

Q – Will Energeia work for all ages?

A – Yes. This regimen is meant to help anyone who might use it, which means that consumers won’t be too old or too young to make it work as long as the individual is an adult. The formula also works for all body types, genders, and shapes.

Q – How long will users have to keep up with Energeia to see results?

A – Every person has a different start to their routine, which means that the effect on their entire body will vary. Based on the results that have happened for the thousands of users of Energeia already, most people feel a bit different after about 24 hours. However, ongoing success only comes by sticking with Energeia for a prolonged period.

Q – Is the discount still offered?

A – Currently, yes. The website allows users to get a significant discount on the order, depending on which package they choose. However, they must accept the deal while on the website because it is not guaranteed with a second visit.

Q – How does the money-back guarantee work?

A – Consumers have up to 60 days to request a full refund if they find that Energeia doesn’t offer the weight support they anticipated. The customer service team is available via email at [email protected] for any other questions or concerns.


Energeia provides a unique blend of ingredients that all contribute to improvements in weight loss. The ingredients involved limit the appetite and increase weight loss. The ingredients in this formula come with many benefits as well, improving the user’s blood pressure and reducing the risk of diabetes. The remedy starts working when the user takes the first serving, just two capsules. Plus, anyone who doesn’t get the results they want can get a full refund on their order. Visit the official website to order Energeia today!


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