Genetic Wealth Code Reviews (Andrew Harper) Ancient Wealth Secrets Program Worth Buying?

The Genetic Wealth Code is a manifestation program that helps consumers to activate their chakras with techniques that date back thousands of years into ancient culture. The code is a genetic activation sequence, assisting consumers to improve their entire life and finances.

What is Genetic Wealth Code?

Everyone has times of struggle, but only some people who find themselves down on their luck know what to do. The ability to attract wealth when there is seemingly none available, but the power isn’t necessarily due to their skill set or how they invest their money. Instead, there’s a way of attracting wealth that other consumers seem to succeed with. While other programs might be confusing or even impossible, the Genetic Wealth Code aims to be accessible to everyone.

Created by Andrew Harper, the Genetic Wealth Code focuses on helping consumers achieve the financial stability they deserve without prior experience as a scientist or even an academic. One of the reasons he finds it so necessary to bring this knowledge to other consumers is because it has helped him bring more wealth into his own life.

The secrets he shares with consumers are unlike anything else that has been available on the market so far, sourcing the details from ancient books from Egypt. However, mainstream media wanted to shut it down, leaving Andrew with only a few options. With the information he’s been able to share so far, they’ve supported about 37,000 consumers as they took charge of their financial situations once more. This code has been used for years, even though many people haven’t realized what it can do.

Centering around the proper activation of chakras to bring wealth, consumers might find themselves seemingly overwhelmed with the changes. However, to ensure there is no risk of not activating the chakras properly, the program provides audio that helps users activate the right chakras to introduce more wealth. With 37,000 people who have already tested this genetic change for themselves, consumers who want access should join while they still can.

Origins of the Genetic Wealth Code

The Genetic Wealth Code is here today due to a meeting that Andrew had with someone named Lance years ago. He learned about a secret that dates back centuries to ancient civilizations, which his new friend discovered due to an email that he’d mistakenly seen. In this leaked report, the friend learned about UFO encounters in the United States, which have been under investigation since the 1950s before it was ever confirmed to the public.

This report had such significance because it also showed manifestation methods that worked in science labs, proven by their top researchers. While ancient cultures have known about this method for years, this knowledge became available to George King – a scientist – who stated that he’d been in contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. His scientific expertise and firsthand account of events allowed him to write a book about cosmic manifestation.

George’s research revealed that everyone has a genetic wealth code inside of them that could bring them the peace, positivity, and money that they’ve hoped for. Lance told Andrew that this code is a collection of genes that often correspond to features like eye color or height. While George didn’t figure out how to activate these genes, scientists from the Pentagon continued the research, learning more about this manifestation method.

The scientists discovered that activating the genetic wealth code is the key to helping consumers get the money they deserve. Andrew explains that this experience of assisting consumers to gain access to the money they deserve has been like helping every person to win the lottery with a trick that no one else sees. It works so well because the scientists discovered the original solution in an Egyptian text known as the Book of the Dead.

The Book of the Dead is about 3,000 years old and shows unique details about the third chakra, also known as the wealth chakra. Chakras are focal points primarily used in meditation for the energy of the body, and the third chakra – also known as the Solar Plexus or Manipura – is what consumers can activate to get the wealth that the Genetic Wealth Code brings.

According to Andrew, this original text referenced the Genetic Wealth Code multiple times, referring to the wealth chakra. Among the many details about drawing the solar system on the pyramids, the technology used to build them, and more, researchers have even suggested that the genetic wealth code could be used to create them.

Even though the secrets were described within the text, the Pentagon couldn’t figure out how to activate them initially. Once more research was done, they eventually realized that sound was the key. Gene expression can be affected with many different methods, and specific sound frequencies were ultimately used to create this program.

What Makes the Genetic Wealth Code Work?

The genetic wealth code described seemingly described in Sanskrit in the ancient texts describe precisely how to activate it. Once researchers discovered that sound was the key, the creators of the Genetic Wealth Code figured out what frequencies could alter the genes associated with wealth. Those frequencies were converted into audio tracks on which the entire system is built.

When consumers start working with the Genetic Wealth Code, they will receive access to a 7-minute audio track. This track exposes the user to the correct frequencies that will activate the chakras of the genetic wealth code. Consumers will follow the instructions in the provided content to determine how often they need to listen and how long they need to spend. The changes in the rest of their life come soon after, and some people respond so well to the chakra activation that they see the fruits of their labor in their success within days. Others might have to continue the routine for a few weeks as their genes adjust to the frequency.

Consumers who follow the protocol have already spent tons of money maintaining the routine properly with these audio tracks. The creators want to spread the wealth, allowing consumers to take advantage of the program for as long as they wish. With an affordable price for the average budget, all the user has to do is hit “play.”

Purchasing the Genetic Wealth Code

By shopping on the official website, consumers would ordinarily have to pay $197 to access all of the content. However, the website offers a discount for a limited time, bringing down the cost to $39. Consumers get all the content digitally, so they can view it within moments of placing the order.

This purchase is not a subscription. The user will only need to make one payment to get access, and no additional payments will be required for updates.

If the user finds that Genetic Wealth Code doesn’t work for their financial situation, they have up to 365 days to get a full refund. You can email customer service at [email protected] for more information about the refund policy or anything else.

Bonus Content

Bonus Content

Anyone who purchases the Genetic Wealth Code will also get access to a few bonuses that help consumers learn how to get the most out of the program. The first of those bonuses is a report called The Millionaire Mindset. It explains to consumers how they can attract money in the same way that millionaires have for years. It gives consumers insight into their minds, allowing them to recreate the same traits.

In the other guide, consumers get the Genetic Wealth Code Planner. This planner helps users determine the best way to handle this newfound wealth, giving them the tools they need for the next six months.

Finally, consumers get access to the Chakra Healing Sounds. This collection of 7 tracks helps consumers heal their chakras and bring even more wealth than they initially thought possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Genetic Wealth Code

Q: What is the Genetic Wealth Code program?

A: This program helps consumers activate the user’s ability to gain wealth by using sound power. There is no other program like it, allowing consumers to improve their wealth in a way that other products can’t. As this code is activated, users start to notice a significant improvement in their finances.

Q: How does Genetic Wealth Code differ from the other manifestation products?

A: As the creators explain, other programs don’t deal with the problems they have with blocking their ability to accumulate wealth. They don’t activate any of the dormant genes, and scientists have seemingly been unable to activate them. This program shows consumers how to make the change.

Q: How do consumers protect their information?

A: All information entered by consumers is processed with 256-bit encryption technologies, ensuring that none of this information is leaked elsewhere.

Q: What’s the guarantee on this order?

A: All orders are risk-free, allowing consumers to get a full refund for their order within 12 months of their initial purchase. The customer service team is available for any other questions or concerns by sending an email to [email protected].

Q: How long does it take consumers to see results from this manifestation program?

A: Results and their timing entirely depend on the person. Some people see a change within the first few days, while others can take a few weeks to see the same difference. The creators focus on encouraging consistency among users, helping to restructure their wealth genetically.

Q: Will consumers actually see a difference in multiple areas of their life?

A: Yes. With the Genetic Wealth Code, consumers can undo the programming they’ve filled their minds with, giving them newfound freedom for abundance.


The Genetic Wealth Code provides consumers with an easy way to bring themselves more profit than they ever could imagine. The audio file is delivered electronically, so consumers won’t have to wait for it to arrive to get started. All of the bonus content helps users to improve the results they get from exposure to this frequency. The process can take a few weeks to show a change, but all orders come with a money-back guarantee if they decide it isn’t for them.

Visit the official website to learn more today!

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