Green Valley Natural Solutions Genesis Review – Telomere Activation Supplement That Works?

Genesis is a new anti-aging nutritional supplement made by Green Valley Natural Solutions.

Available exclusively online, Genesis activates telomeres and supports mitochondria to make it “feel like you’re aging in reverse,” according to the manufacturer.

Does Genesis really work? How does the supplement support anti-aging effects? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Genesis from Green Valley Natural Solutions today in our review.

What is Genesis?

Genesis is an anti-aging supplement featuring a blend of natural ingredients.

By taking Genesis daily, you can purportedly “reset the biological age of your cells from the inside,” according to the manufacturer. Each serving of Genesis activates telomeres and supports mitochondria, supporting anti-aging effects throughout your body.

As part of a 2023 promotion, Genesis is available through a 30 day trial offer. You pay just $9.95 for shipping, then test Genesis for 30 days. If it doesn’t work, you can return Genesis for a full refund.

Genesis is made by Green Valley Natural Solutions, a supplement company based in Lexington, Virginia.

Genesis Benefits

Genesis Benefits

Genesis is designed to support anti-aging benefits throughout your body and mind. By taking Genesis daily, you can look and feel younger while experiencing the following benefits, according to the manufacturer:

  • Boost physical stamina and endurance
  • Increase the length of your telomeres using natural ingredients
  • Enjoy all-day energy
  • Get deep, restful sleep
  • Enjoy a better mood and overall improved sense of wellbeing
  • Look and feel younger at the cellular level

Some take Genesis because they want to boost energy. Others take Genesis for wrinkles and skin health. Whatever your reason, Genesis aims to be the ultimate anti-aging formula.

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How Does Genesis Work?

Genesis traces its roots to a Soviet researcher who discovered a molecule linked to aging. That molecule is called TRT peptide, and it works by increasing the length of your telomeres.

Your body produces TRT peptide on its own. As you get older, however, your TRT peptide levels decline.

The ingredients in Genesis are designed to support your body’s production of TRT peptide. Each serving of Genesis contains a handpicked blend of ingredients described as “TRT enhancing supernutrients.” These ingredients can support your body’s natural production of TRT peptide, helping to increase the length of your telomeres at the cellular level.

Why is TRT peptide production important for aging? By boosting TRT peptide production in your body, Genesis can increase the length of your telomeres. Each cell in your body has a telomere that looks similar to a chain. As you get older, that chain becomes shorter and shorter. Genesis can purportedly increase the size of your telomere chain – similar to how long the chain was when you were younger.

Overall, the goal of Genesis is to increase the length of your telomeres by boosting TRT peptide production using a blend of natural ingredients. By achieving this effect, Genesis could help support anti-aging benefits inside and out.

Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union Wanted to Create a New Generation of Super Soldiers

The science behind Genesis traces its roots to the Soviet Union.

In the early days of the Cold War, Joseph Stalin contacted his country’s top scientists with orders to create “a human super soldier” that was resistant to pain and capable of thriving in unimaginable conditions. The scientists received a large sum of money to achieve that goal.

As Stalin got older, he wanted scientists to help him live longer. He told scientists to start experimenting with “cyborgs,” conducting controversial experiments using robotic body parts and body parts from corpses. Stalin’s goal was to rule the Soviet Union for another thousand years.

Stalin died before he could unlock the secret to eternal life. However, one researcher, Dr. Alexey Olovnikov, made a breakthrough – and that breakthrough led to the creation of Genesis.

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Who is Dr. Alexey Olovnikov?

The creation of Genesis is traced back to a Soviet researcher named Dr. Alexey Olovnikov.

Dr. Olovnikov was the top cellular scientist in the Soviet Union. At 37 years old, he already held two advanced doctoral degrees.

When Joseph Stalin told his researchers to find the secret to aging, Dr. Olovnikov was the first to make a breakthrough.

Dr. Olovnikov realized the secret to aging is targeting the cells with a specific peptide molecule. The makers of Genesis describe this molecule as “the holy grail” of anti-aging science.

Although Dr. Olovnikov’s molecule was a secret for a long time, he revealed the molecule in a tell-all interview earlier this year: it’s called the TRT peptide.

Lee Euler, who helped to create Genesis, stumbled upon Dr. Olovnikov’s secret research while searching for his own cure for aging. The rest is history. Today, anyone can buy Genesis and access the modern, new, and improved version of Dr. Olovnikov’s work.

How Telomeres Impact Aging

Genesis works by targeting telomeres. Discovered in 2009, telomeres are found within every cell of your body.

Each cell has a telomere, and the telomere is like a chain. Each telomere consists of about 8,000 links.

As you get older, however, the links of that chain get shorter and shorter. Your telomeres shrink.

Researchers can measure this affect. Studies show the shorter a person’s telomeres are, the more likely they are to suffer from disease and illness. People who are older also tend to have shorter telomeres than people who are younger.

Genesis works by protecting your telomeres, which can help support anti-aging benefits. It does this using the TRT peptide, which “reprograms” your telomere “back to the condition it was in when you were young.” According to Green Valley Natural Solutions, it’s like “adding those chain-like links back to your telomeres,” increasing their length and supporting anti-aging benefits.

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How TRT Peptide Works

You can find plenty of anti-aging supplements online today. Genesis is different, however, because it uses a special molecule called TRT peptide. TRT peptide works in a unique way to support anti-aging benefits.

Here’s what we know about TRT peptide and how it supports anti-aging benefits:

The TRT peptide, or TRT molecule travels to each one of your cells

Once the TRT peptide is in your cells, it “attaches itself to your DNA, where it can access your genetic code,” according to Green Valley Natural Solutions

Next, the TRT peptide “reprograms” your telomeres back to the condition they were in when you were young

Specifically, the TRT peptide works by “adding those chain-like links back to your telomeres,” increasing their length – similar to how long your telomeres were when you were younger

Soon after taking the TRT peptide in Genesis, “your entire body begins to look and feel like its younger self,” according to Green Valley Natural Solutions – almost like you’ve “stepped into a time machine”

TRT Peptide is a Natural Substance Produced by Your Body

TRT peptide isn’t a steroid, artificial substance, or harmful chemical; instead, it’s a natural ingredient produced by your body.

Your body produces TRT peptide on its own. As you get older, however, your body slows production of the molecule.

Researchers aren’t fully sure why the body slows its production of TRT peptide. However, by taking Genesis, you can reactivate TRT peptide production.

Overall, the goal of Genesis isn’t to provide you with raw TRT peptide; instead, the goal is to give your body the ingredients it needs to reactivate your natural production of TRT peptide and begin repairing your telomeres.

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Genesis Ingredients

Many supplements claim to support anti-aging effects. Some have science-backed supplements, while others contain unproven plants and herbs. According to Green Valley Natural Solutions, Genesis’s ingredients help you reactivate your body’s sleeping TRT peptides, helping you look and feel younger.

To do that, Genesis contains a “proprietary formulation of potent, trademarked, and patented next-generation nutrients” that can help repair and regrow your telomeres while activating TRT peptides.

Here are all of the active ingredients in Genesis and how they work:

TRT Enhancing Supernutrient #1: Telos 95: Telos 95 can enhance your body’s production of TRT peptides. In fact, multiple studies have linked this proprietary formula to specific increases in telomere length. And, according to Green Valley Natural Solutions, one study found people taking Telos 95 “reversed their biological age (according to telomere length) by as much as 27 years.” Another study found people’s telomeres were 20% longer after taking Telos 95 compared to a placebo group. Because of its ability to lengthen your telomeres, Telos95 can purportedly safeguard your body against disease, rejuvenate your skin, and improve brainpower, among other benefits.

TRT Enhancing Supernutrient #2: Cycloastragenol: Cycloastragenol is a root extract popular in traditional Chinese medicine but little-known outside of the anti-aging supplement community. Green Valley Natural Solutions claims the ingredient “increases your body’s natural production of TRT peptide by 200% or more,” based on one trial where participants took cycloastragenol or a placebo.

TRT Enhancing Supernutrient #3: Alpha Lipoic Acid: Alpha lipoic acid, or ALA, is a popular supplement ingredient found in blood pressure supplements, blood sugar formulas, and general inflammation aids. According to Green Valley Natural Solutions, alpha lipoic acid can support healthy blood pressure, protect your brain from age-related decline, support healthy blood sugar, and support a healthy inflammatory response, among other benefits. Unlike other ingredients in Genesis, alpha lipoic acid isn’t designed to increase telomere length or enhance the production of TRT peptides; instead, it supports to support general anti-aging effects throughout the body. It also works synergistically with the ingredients above, complementing their anti-aging effects.

TRT Enhancing Supernutrient #4: Vitamin D3/K2: Vitamins D3 and K2 are crucial for heart health and overall wellness. To justify the use of these two vitamins, Green Valley Natural Solutions cites a study showing vitamin D3 could harden your arteries when taken on its own – but it can support cardiovascular health when paired with vitamin K2. That’s why many people take the two vitamins at the same time. Like alpha lipoic acid, vitamins D3 and K2 aren’t designed to increase telomere length; instead, they’re designed to support overall anti-aging effects while complementing the other ingredients in the formula.

Ptero-Vate: Ptero-Vate is a special form of a nutrient called pterostilbene. It’s like resveratrol, but it’s more powerful. Although it sounds like a funny chemical, pterostilbene is a natural molecule found in blueberries, grapes, almonds, and certain other foods. It appears to have antioxidant effects, which is why it’s popular in anti-aging supplements. According to Green Valley Natural Solution, pterostilbene is so potent “it could make living past 100 – in tremendous health – a perfectly realistic goal for anyone who takes it.”

Grape Seed Extract: Many anti-aging supplements contain grape seed extract because it’s rich with anthocyanins, which are natural antioxidants. Grape seed extract also contains resveratrol, one of the best-known anti-aging supplement ingredients available today. The specific version of grape seed extract in Genesis contains 95% proanthocyanidins, which are the active antioxidant molecules in grapes. You could eat mountains of grapes, or you could take a single serving of Genesis to get a similar dose.

CoQ10: CoQ10, like grape seed extract, is found in many anti-aging supplements. It’s a natural antioxidant your body uses to turn food into energy. Like other ingredients in Genesis, CoQ10 could support anti-aging benefits by targeting free radical-induced inflammation throughout the body. Although it doesn’t claim to increase telomere length, it could support overall health and wellness via its natural antioxidant effects.

Genesis contains no fillers, artificial colors, or soy. According to Green Valley Natural Solutions, the ingredients are “safe, natural and harmless.”

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Scientific Evidence for Genesis

Many anti-aging supplements claim to support healthy aging. Some work, while others do not. What’s the science behind Genesis? Can you really reduce your physical and mental age by taking a simple supplement? We’ll review some of the science behind Genesis below.

As proof Genesis works, Green Valley Natural Solutions cites 65+ studies, including double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials published in peer-reviewed medical journals. Many of these studies show the ingredients in Genesis can genuinely support anti-aging benefits.

Telos 95 has been studied for its effects on aging. In one trial, 50 people took one or two servings of Telos 95 daily. Those in the single serving group decreased their “TeloYear” age by 7.43 years, on average. Meanwhile, those in the double serving group decreased their TeloYear by 8.52 years, on average. The formula is made by Certified Nutraceuticals, a San Diego-based company, which spent 10 years developing the formula.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, grape seed extract can help with cardiovascular health and more. The organization cites a 2019 review where participants lowered cholesterol and decreased C-reactive protein, a biomarker of inflammation, after taking grape seed extract. Other studies have connected grape seed extract to vision, stress response, and overall blood flow.

Cycloastragenol (CAG) is best-known as a telomerase activator, according to trials. One 2018 trial described the ingredient as “an exciting novel candidate for age-associated diseases,” for example, finding CAG activated and elongated telomeres, which could help with aging. A similar 2014 trial described cycloastragenol as “a potent telomerase activator” that works by stimulating telomerase activity.

CoQ10 is known for its anti-aging effects. In fact, some doctors recommend CoQ10 supplements after a heart attack. Others take CoQ10 daily for heart health, blood pressure, diabetes, and general health and wellness.

It’s also true that Joseph Stalin attempted to create “super warriors” in various ways. His best-known crazy experiment involved crossing humans with apes, impregnating women with gorilla semen to create human-ape hybrids. The connection with Dr. Alexey Olovnikov also appears to be true: Alexey Olovnikov was a Russian biologist best-known for recognizing he problem of telomere shortening and his work with telomeres and aging. Dr. Olovnikov died in December 2022.

Overall, Genesis contains a unique blend of anti-aging ingredients (like CoQ10) and grape seed extract with telomerase activators and extenders (like cycloastragenol and Telos 95). By taking Genesis daily, you could support your body’s natural defense against aging.

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What to Expect After Taking Genesis

Some anti-aging supplements take months to work. However, according to Green Valley Natural Solutions, you can expect to feel a difference within the first week of taking Genesis.

Here’s how long it takes to experience results with Genesis, according to the official website:

According to Green Valley Natural Solutions, “most people” report a noticeable improvement in energy and mental clarity within the first week of taking Genesis

You should also notice “more energy and endurance” and an overall enhanced sense of wellbeing soon after taking Genesis for the first time

As the days and weeks pass and you continue to take Genesis, “you might notice less visible signs of aging,” according to the manufacturer, including reduced brown spots, dry skin, or wrinkles

By taking Genesis over time, you can experience a range of physical and cognitive anti-aging effects

Genesis Supplement Facts Label

Green Valley Natural Solutions discloses all ingredients in the formula upfront, making it easy to see exactly what’s inside each vegetarian capsule. Although the three telomere lengthening ingredients are found within a proprietary formula, we know the specific dosage of all other ingredients used in Genesis.

Genesis Supplement Facts Label

Here’s what you get inside each one capsule serving of Genesis, according to the supplement facts label:

265mg of a Telomerase Activation Complex with astragalus, alpha lipoic acid, and Telos 95 (with grapevine and olive leaf extract)

  • 100mg of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)
  • 100mg of grape seed extract (with 95% proanthocyanidins)
  • 50mg of pterostilbene
  • 80mcg of vitamin K2
  • 25mcg of vitamin D (125% DV)

Other (inactive) ingredients, including hypromellose (to create the capsule), microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable magnesium stearate, and silica

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Genesis Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

The official Genesis website is filled with reviews from customers who have experienced a range of anti-aging effects by taking Genesis daily.

Here are some of the reviews from verified customers shared on the official website:

One customer claims her “hair is growing faster and looking really healthy” after taking Genesis. She’s also experienced less breakage in her hair. Plus, her fingernails and skin are looking better.

Many older adults have had positive experiences taking Genesis. They’ve stared to take Genesis, then felt better physically and cognitively. One reviewer is “over 70 and still keeping up with the younger crowd” after taking Genesis. Others have similar experiences, supporting their health and wellness with age.

One woman has “noted many improvements to my overall health, and energy level” after taking Genesis.

Another woman claims she has “noticed a steady increase in stamina and endurance” since taking Genesis, along with fewer aches and pains, faster injury healing, and a visible improvement in skin.

Other customers report sleeping better after taking Genesis, getting their best sleep in years thanks to the supplement.

Some customers have complained about hidden fees and extra charges. Green Valley Natural Solutions advertises Genesis as a risk-free “just pay shipping” trial offer. You pay just $9.95 today for shipping, then receive two bottles of Genesis. However, if you don’t return those bottles within 30 days, you’ll automatically be charged the full retail price for those two bottles ($199.90), then continue to be charged $199.90 every 60 days thereafter. Read the fine print to avoid being surprised.

Overall, customers seem happy with the effects of Genesis, claiming the supplement works as advertised to support anti-aging benefits.

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Genesis Pricing

Genesis is priced at $199.90 for a 60 day supply, or two bottles. To buy Genesis, you must sign up for an automatic subscription, which sends two new bottles of Genesis to your address every two months for $199.90.

Genesis Pricing

However, as part of a special 2023 promotion, Green Valley Natural Solutions is giving away risk-free trial bottles of Genesis for the cost of shipping.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering Genesis online:

60 Day Supply of Genesis: $0 + $9.95 shipping

If you don’t like Genesis or don’t experience its effects, you can return the unused portion of the bottles within 30 days to avoid any future charges.

If you’re happy with Genesis, then Green Valley Natural Solutions bills you $199.90 on day 30 for the two bottles you already have. Then, the company continues to charge you $199.90 every 60 days and continues to send two bottles of Genesis to your address.

Free Bonus Newsletter Subscription with All Genesis Purchases

As part of a 2023 promotion, all Genesis purchases come with a free subscription to Aging Defeated, a weekly anti-aging newsletter published by Green Valley Natural Solutions.

Each week, the newsletter shares little-known anti-aging tips, tricks, insights, and more to help you look and feel younger. Recently covered topics have included:

  • How cutting edge biotech advancements will soon allow us to “print” new organs
  • The 15-second tongue exercise to increase the length of your telomeres
  • How to use your “third eye” to boost bone density by 80% and lower overall mortality by 28%
  • The thumb-sized African fish that lives to the human equivalent of 400 years by putting biological processes on hold – and what it means for anti-aging science
  • The brain stem cell discovery that tricks your brain into aging in reverse
  • And more

Your free newsletter is bundled with all purchases of Genesis. You can cancel and unsubscribe at any time.

Genesis Refund Policy

Genesis is available as part of a 30 day trial offer. You can return the supplement within 30 days to avoid being charged the full retail price $199.90) for the two introductory bottles. Contact the manufacturer within 30 days of your purchase to request a refund.

About Green Valley Natural Solutions

Green Valley Natural Solutions is a health and wellness company based in Lexington, Virginia. The company’s flagship product is Genesis.

Green Valley Natural Solutions is a subsidiary of Hyperion, LLC. The company also does business under the name Genesis Laboratories, which is led by founder Lee Euler.

You can contact the company and the Green Valley Natural Solutions customer service team via the following:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 93 Lexington, VA 24450
  • Phone: 800-893-1694

Green Valley Natural Solutions produces Genesis in the United States, then ships the supplement from its facility in Virginia. All company supplements are manufactured at cGMP-compliant facilities within the United States. The company also claims to perform assay testing on raw materials to verify potency and FTNIR spectrometer testing for purity and cleanliness.

Final Word

Genesis is an anti-aging supplement priced at under $100 per bottle.

Featuring a unique blend of telomere lengthening ingredients, Genesis claims to work by supporting your body’s production of TRT peptides, helping your body increase the length of its telomeres to reverse your physical and mental age.

To learn more about Genesis and how it works or to buy the supplement online today, visit the official website.

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