Strange Pain Docuseries Review – Real Pain Relief Solutions for Mobility Issues? (DVD Documentary Series)

Aging is a natural part of life. Although it is a beautiful phase in life which enables people to reflect on their overall journey, many people consider it as nothing more than an old and grey stage where the mind tries to forget about physical and mental limitations that come with it. In truth, many individuals live in fear of becoming a prisoner of their own bodies, which the Universe absorbs and reflects back. Are we all doomed to spend our latter years in pain and frailty? According to current statistics, one in every five Americans suffers from chronic pain or another type of discomfort.

Someone who felt the same way about aging in his early fifties believes that this is not how the elderly are supposed to live. To be honest, he believes that the only person on whom people can rely on is themselves. As a result, he made it his goal to put together a docuseries that “changes the pain game.” There is no better moment than today to introduce Scott Rewick’s Strange Pain Docuseries.

What is the Strange Pain Docuseries?

The Strange Pain Docuseries aims to shed light on alternative and integrative pain relief and means of improving mobility. Scott Rewick, the creator, collaborated with Jason and Jeremy from Holistic Health Films to find and bring cutting-edge medical information, ground-breaking science, and valuable insights to the table. Throughout it all, Scott had the opportunity to properly comprehend the concept of pain, which he learned not only from academic sources, but also from medical practitioners, and experts in the disciplines of corrective and high-performance exercise kinesiology, stress management, and holistic wellbeing.

We’re not talking about one or two expert interviews here, rather 61 expert interviews and access to a comprehensive library of extra resources. Our editorial team cannot emphasize enough the necessity of understanding about the body, as pain, if left untreated, may have a lot of influence over us, and not in a good way. Don’t believe us? Hear it from the creator and host responsible for this series, Scott Rewick himself:

“All I wanted to do was find solutions for my own pain so I could be a better dad, both right now and as I got older […] Our docuseries is a wealth of information, and I want to invite you to own it for yourself so you can pause, you can rewind, you can watch it as many times as you want.”

What will the Strange Pain Docuseries teach me?

The Strange Pain Docuseries is a nine-part series in which over 60 health specialists will give their perspectives on various pain-related topics. The best thing about this series is that people will learn how to deal with their own pain sources without jeopardizing their overall health. To put it another way, the advice in Strange Pain avoids expensive operations, risky medicines, and endless medical appointments, and favours the process of activating the body’s own healing systems.

All-in-all, individuals will have a better sense of:

The root cause of pain and how to put an end once and for all;

Where most chronic pain starts;

Why doctors are now embracing integrative medicine as the true option for healing;

How to become one’s own health advocate;

The numerous success stories involving the abolition of painful conditions;

The truth behind pharmaceuticals and intensive procedures as a money bag;

The availability of targeted protocols for specific types of pain.

The Strange Pain Docuseries Series

What does the Strange Pain Docuseries comprise?

It depends on the type of access on wishes to have. The Silver Package is for anyone who wants access to the nine episodes in video (DVDs, or online access), audio (disc or MP3 downloads), and written (printed book or PDF download) versions. Additionally, individuals will be added to a private Facebook support group and will have a chance to read through the 27 Holistic Foods That Eliminate Pain eBook. In our opinion, the Gold Package is far more majestic, as it includes everything in the Silver Package and the following bonuses:

The Special Bonus 10th Episode

The tenth special bonus special offers a look at alternative therapies rarely used in alternative medicine. Scott opted to offer it as an invaluable add-on because it couldn’t fit inside the 9-episode series. This one, in his opinion, contains information that will aid in deciding how to implement many of the presented solutions.

The Complete Un-Aired 11th Episode

Scott refers to the unaired 11th episode as “the best for last.” This episode goes beyond the boundaries of a regular interview and introduces listeners and viewers to some of the most effective and potent pain-relief treatments. The 11th episode will restore hope to individuals who believe hardship has forced them to lose hope.

Scott’s Guide to Accelerated Healing Through Mobility

Inside this bonus report compiled by Scott, individuals will come to learn of the essential strategies he learned from top sport scientists and physical therapists. Mobility movements rest at the core of this guide, and Scott insists the suggested strategy will eliminate pain efficiently and at the convenience of one’s home.

Becoming Pain-Free: Healing the Root Cause of Chronic Pain by HealthMeans

Becoming Pain-Free by HealthMeans, a platform devoted to presenting accurate and timely health information is a reveal-all eBook on how to identify the root of the pain, and the steps that must be implemented to nip it in the bud.

Tips to Manage & Address Chronic Inflammation eBook by HealthMeans

The next HealthMeans eBook examines the harmful cycle of chronic inflammation and its effects on the body. The first step in breaking this cycle is to guarantee that all of the necessary tools are available, which is the basis of this eBook. Individuals will learn about tips and habits that can help them make gradual gains toward a higher quality of life.

20 Ways to Help Heal Leaky Gut eBook by HealthMeans

Would you believe that most chronic diseases and painful injuries begin with digestive issues? Our editorial team was somewhat surprised by this, but it makes sense given how intricate our digestive system is and how vulnerable it is to environmental variables. Having said that, this eBook attempts to educate readers on leaky gut syndrome, its consequences, and how to treat associated symptoms.

21 Ways Nature Can Help You Heal eBook by HealthMeans

According to HealthMeans, ancient methods reflect nature’s healing potential, which the modern world has yet to recognize. This knowledge gap prompted the HealthMeans team to compile a comprehensive guide on traditional healing techniques for a pain-free life.

Healing Habits: Simple Shifts for a Health-Filled Life eBook by HealthMeans

Learning is one thing but putting that knowledge into practice demonstrates how much information has been successfully remembered. Through this eBook, individuals will have guidance on how to transform themselves to live the best possible life. This is deemed everyone’s best opportunity for healing!

Relief Labs’ Pain-Relieving Supplement Bundle

The Relief Labs’ Pain-Relieving Supplement Bundle includes two supplements: True Mobility (valued at $39.26) and Second Shield (valued at $38.54). True Mobility is a dietary supplement designed to reduce joint pain by repairing and rebuilding cartilage and keeping inflammation in check. Additionally, individuals can anticipate strengthened and protected connective tissues. As for the formula at hand, it brings together the likes of Glucosamine Sulfate (1000mg), Boswellia Extract (133.3mg), Chondroitin Sulfate (100mg), Turmeric (100mg), Quercetin (16.7mg), Methionine (16.7mg), MSM (16.7mg) and Bromelain (16.7mg).

To compliment True Mobility, Scott will also be throwing in Second Shield, a dietary supplement designed to strengthen the body’s inflammatory response (or the first defense against chronic pain). Based on the claims made by the Relief Labs team, each serving comprises natural, anti-inflammatory compounds to reduce inflammation and its impact on brain, cognitive and overall bodily functioning. Unlike True Mobility, Second Shield is far simpler as each serving contains Curcuma Longa Root (600mg), Turmeric (50mg) and Piper Nigum (5mg).

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the main topics of each Strange Pain episode?

The contents of each episode have not been released, but we do know that the Strange Pain Docuseries as a whole brings to light the cause of pain, its repercussions, and many treatments that are freely available. Each episode has a panel of specialists who either discuss the same issue or offer diverse solutions to the same problem.

Is there a list of the health experts interviewed for Strange Pain?

No, the complete panel of specialists have yet to be revealed, but based on the information provided, we were able to gather a few names of the 60+ people as seen below:

Paul Chek: Expert in the fields of corrective and high-performance exercise kinesiology

Dr. Tiffany Caplan: Board-certified in Integrative Medicine, and Functional Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Sabrina Solt: Naturopathic medical doctor with specialization in regenerative and anti-aging medicine

Kevin Ellis: Founder of BoneCoach™, and Integrative Nutrition Certified health coach

Isaac Eliaz: Physician (MD, MS, LAc), researcher, and best-selling author

Ari Whitten: Founder of The Energy Blueprint, and best-selling author

Dr. Lorry and Dr. John Hache: Founders of Pain Free for Life™

Kim Ressler: Founder and CEO of SNiP Nutrigenomics

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When will Strange Pain shipments arrive?

Depending on location, it could take anywhere between 3 and 10 business days for US orders. For international orders, the expected arrival time might be up to 28 business days. A confirmation email will be sent upon shipment, including the necessary tracking information.

Is Strange Pain protected by a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Strange Pain has been protected by a 365-day money-back guarantee. Individuals have one whole year to access the videos, audios, transcripts, and bonus videos. If within this period, the suggested solutions fail to improve one’s overall pain levels and wellness, customer service can be contacted for a full purchase price refund. For the specifics on the refund policy, the best point of contact is [email protected].

What purchase options are available at checkout?

Individuals can choose to purchase a digital package (online access and downloads), a physical package (DVDs and printed material) or a combination of both.

How long will I have access to my online account of Strange Pain?

The available packages can be accessed for a lifetime.

How much does the Strange Pain Docuseries cost?

It depends on the type of access one wishes to purchase, as seen below:

  • Silver Package (Digital Only): $158
  • Silver Package (Physical Only): $294
  • Silver Package (Digital & Physical): $452
  • Gold Package (Digital Only): $358
  • Gold Package (Physical Only): $558
  • Gold Package (Digital & Physical): $820

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Meet Scott Rewick

Scott Rewick is the executive producer of who was significantly involved in affiliate marketing, internet direct response advertising, and high-volume media buying prior to creating this instructive docuseries. The combined experience in these areas totals 20 years. He began in 1999 and finally sold his internet Affiliate Networks, Metareward, to Experian for $30 million. From there, he co-founded NetBlue, a lead generating company that went from nothing to $120 million per year before merging with Epic Advertising in subsequent years.

Did he stop there? Certainly not! In addition, he founded Next Internet, WebJuice, AdEx Media, and NativePath. Clearly, his curiosity and eagerness to learn and tap into different aspects of advertising made him successful. Above all, the same curiosity seems to have pushed him in the direction of Strange Pain, which not only helped him overcome pain, but now could possibly help hundreds of thousands of people. For more on Scott Rewick’s experience, click here!

Final Verdict

All-in-all, the Strange Pain Docuseries is comparable to a course on everything there is to know about pain. Over 60 health professionals from kinesiology, physiology, naturopathy, integrative medicine, and other domains serve as instructors in this instance. Depending on the package chosen at checkout, individuals will have access to videos, audios, transcripts, and bonuses. The only difference between this docuseries and a regular course is that participants will not be able to ask questions; instead, Scott will do it on their behalf.

At the time of writing, very little information about who will speak has been released; however, from the people we were able to identify, their experience speaks for itself, adding so much value to Strange Pain. The fact that individuals have a full year to decide whether to keep or return this resource makes it completely protected. As the proverb goes, before helping others, one must put on one’s own life jacket. The same is true here; people must first educate and heal themselves, and what better way to begin than with Strange Pain? To find out more about Strange Pain, visit the official website by clicking here! >>>

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