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Playing the piano can be a transformative and captivating experience for music professionals. Pressing the piano keys unfolds the melodies, and a magical world of harmonies and emotions comes to life. A piano is versatile and majestic and offers an incredible musical platform. Playing the piano helps enhance creativity.

A piano can captivate minds and hearts with the post-tonal palette. One can use it to play jazz, classical, or contemporary hits, making it a timeless option for all music genres. Apart from the auditory allure, studies show that playing musical instruments can help with personal and cognitive benefits. Playing the piano involves several complex movements using the eyes and hands. It also requires a lot of mental agility. Therefore, it can help foster perseverance, discipline, and patience.

However, for learners, the first experience of playing piano can be thrilling but daunting at the same time. Learning to play piano requires a lot of patience and practice. Most people look for personal tutors to guide them through the journey. One of the main challenges faced is the high fees charged by instrument tutors.

Learning to play the piano has become easy due to advancements in technology. Most people enroll for online courses since they offer piano playing lessons at a cheaper cost. These online programs are flexible and easily fit into one’s daily timetable. However, most of them fail to provide comprehensive piano lessons, which makes them less effective.

The invention of PianoForAll by Robin Hall is among the best online training courses that offer comprehensive piano lessons. The article below provides a detailed review of the online program and its benefits.

What is PianoForAll?

PianoForAll is an online-based course that offers piano training. It comprises nine eBooks, texts, piano sheets, pictures, audio, and video files to provide participants with a comprehensive learning experience. The developer and instructor, Robin Hall, designed the program using a practical approach.

He used the ‘play now, understand later approach’ that helps students play music from the beginning. The program is compatible with IOS, Android, and Windows devices. Therefore, one can enroll in the program using a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Unlike other programs, PianoForAll offers an easy way to learn piano. According to the official website, the course has over 450,000 participants. The approach used by the instructor ensures that each lesson helps you upgrade from one skill to the other within a short period. The instructor insists that 20-30 minutes of daily practice while following the program can help sharpen skills within a few days.

Interested participants should have access to a piano to enroll. A 61-key piano is excellent for starters.

PianoForAll Program

Who is Robin Hall?

Robin Hall is an artist with great diversity in the cartoon industry. He developed cartoons and music during his early life, which he sold to earn a living. In addition, he is also a talented pianist and worked as a private instructor who taught people how to play piano. He also trained his students on the best ways to mold their innate artistic talent into skills to help them in the real world.

Hall believes playing music by ear is more effective than learning it through listening or reading a music sheet. Therefore, he began his career by selling books such as ‘The Cartoonist Workbook’ which helps readers combine elements of arts, humorous storytelling, humor, and instructional texts. Creating this workbook made him believe he could apply the same concepts to piano teachings, which led to the development of the PianoForAll Program.

EBooks Contained in the PianoForAll Program

Every ebook in the program focuses on different aspects that put the lessons you learn into practice. Users should sequentially follow the ebooks. The eBooks in the program include the following:

Party Time

Party Time is the first book in the sequence. It introduces the program and keyboard. It begins by explaining the main principle, laying a foundation with chords and rhythms before building melody composition skills. It teaches learners the first keyboard notes before moving to play basic chords.

As the first book in the course, it helps in music notation that encompasses rests and basic rhythm. Unlike traditional programs, this ebook comprehensively covers rhythm exercises and note naming. Learners need to revisit the book’s concepts to enable them to learn later exercises in the course.

The Party Time ebook will give you ten different rhymes and eleven chords. You will also learn how to approach the chords using symbols.

Blues, Rock and Roll

The second book in the sequence enhances your knowledge by illustrating blue rhythms to guide you with the learned chords. This book is shorter than the first one but teaches the five basic blue rhythms and how to play the 12-bar blues.

Chord Magic

Chord Magic provides a comprehensive experience that focuses on helping learners understand all the chords and keys for various inversions. The book extends beyond offering information to giving you a memory trick that makes it easier to absorb and utilize chord knowledge.

The book also provides practice progressions that help you familiarize yourself with any new material. One crucial concept you will come across is the ‘cycle of fifths’ that helps you grasp the relationship between all keys and offer a deeper understanding of the musical structure.

Advanced Chords Made Easy

The fourth book helps participants understand the continuation of chord symbol instruction. It offers a step-by-step guide on playing by introducing a formula to help you experiment with more advanced chords. The book is inspired by Barry Manilow’s music and introduces the Manilow mood. It teaches learners new techniques and concepts to incorporate into their compositions.

Ballad Style

The fifth book in the program guides how to approach the ballad-style play. It presents a step-by-step method for crafting your song and emphasizes the need to experiment with left-hand chord patterns.

In addition to improvising, it provides participants with ideas on the best ways to create melodies and chord progressions. It helps you through the application of the ballad process using familiar songs. The book also contains sheet music with numerous ballads to enjoy while playing.

All That Jazz and Blues

This section provides you with a good understanding of jazz fundamentals. The book begins by teaching you to achieve a bluesy sound using blues chords and scale. It then extends to jazz using a different approach that encourages you to listen and emulate audio clips instead of reading complex jazz rhythms.

The book is also a good guide for exploring jazz using four keys. It offers many tips and techniques to improvise jazz music along with other practices.

Advanced Blues and Fake Strides

The seventh book is an extension of book two since it incorporates advanced tools introduced in the second book. It equips you with right-hand chord variations that enhance blues rhythms learned previously. It also focuses on blues techniques such as tremolo, turnarounds, and slides.

The book’s second section teaches participants about stride piano playing by covering both real and fake stride playing.

Taming the Classics

This section assists learners focus on understanding sheet music and developing skills for playing classical. It aligns itself with the principle followed by the PianoForAll course. It insists on understanding familiar chords, motifs, and notes while sight-reading music.

Mastering the tricks in this section helps you play some of the best classical compositions, such as Beethoven, Chopin, and Bach. Participants who intend to play sheet music after the course should dedicate more time to studying this section.

Speed Learning

The ninth book in the course, known as All Scales and Arpeggios focuses on numerous scales, triads, and key signatures. Unlike the name suggests, this book helps recognize the value of incorporating the elements into practice. It helps improve playing techniques and enhance overall musicality.

Benefits of the PianoForAll Program

Benefits of the PianoForAll Program

It contains audio and visual lessons that make it easy for beginners to play the piano.

The approach used by the program enables you to start playing from the first session.

It uses popular songs that let you enjoy each session

The program provides you with a solid foundation in musicality

Unlike conventional programs that concentrate only on the right keys, PianoForAll makes use of the left hand while playing the piano

The program uses easy-to-understand language and clear visual images

PianoForAll Pricing and Availability

The course is available only through the official website. The original enrolment fee was a one-time cost of $79. However, participants will now enjoy a 20% discount and only pay $49 to get full access to the program. Participants will not pay any additional fee after enrolling in the program. This one-time fee gives you access to the following:

  • Incredible interactive eBooks
  • 300 step-by-step video lessons
  • 1000+ audio lessons
  • Dedicated email support
  • Lifetime free updates
  • 60-day moneyback guarantee

Final Word on PianoForAll Program

Learning how to play your piano should be an exciting experience. Most people use different ways to learn how to play the piano. However, joining the PianoForAll online program can help speed up learning. The program provides a simple process to help enhance your playing skills.

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