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Are you looking to get in touch with your most authentic self? If you’re looking to climb to higher levels of spiritual awareness, you must have a reason for doing so. Most people have a financial gain in mind when reaching for the higher plane, which eventually becomes a roadblock between achieving their goals and wandering lost on the path of life. That’s no way to lead an existence.

If you want real spiritual awareness, you need the right motivation. Only people with the right mindset will experience enlightenment and a view into their most authentic selves. When you’re in harmony with the universe, you attract anything you want in life into your experience.

Life seems to be an endless string of coincidences and strange occurrences that propel you forward. When you find yourself in this state, you know you’re living a life of abundance and blessings.

Why Do We Struggle to Attract Abundance to Our Lives?

Most people struggle to bring abundance into their lives. They toil every day at a desk job to pay the bills and then spend the weekend blowing off steam. The cycle repeats itself each week and seems endless. All the time, you’re looking in the mirror and seeing yourself get older.

Things aren’t happening for you, and you really want them to. If you could transition into a life of abundance, it would solve all your problems.

Why can’t people move themselves into a life of abundance? What’s holding them back?

The answer is change. Most people fear change because of the uncertainty it brings to our lives. As a result, we resist change. We’re creatures of habit, and when you try to tell most of us to do something new, we’ll pass on it and go back to doing what we know.

That’s because change is difficult. It’s challenging to rewire how you think and act, who you associate with, and what you do with your time. It’s much easier to just play possum in life, stick to what you know, and watch life pass you by.

If we want real change in our lives, we have to embrace the strife that comes with it. When you learn that change is only a part of life and how to embrace it, you’re moving ahead of the rest of the crowd.

Learning to Harness the Power of Manifesting What You Want

So, now that we know that change is the missing ingredient in a life of abundance, what do we do about it? Change merely describes a situation; it’s the actions you take that fuel that change.

For that to happen successfully, you need the right strategy. There are too many people who embarked on a journey of personal change only to never get the results they wanted. You need the right strategy to guide you through your transformation.

With the right support, you can learn the secrets of how to reach a new, authentic you.

Learning to manifest what you want in life can seem challenging. However, it seems effortless when you have the right strategy and tools. We all have the ability to manifest anything we want in our life, but most of us don’t know how to harness that power.

When you dive deeply into the spirit and the subconscious, you unlock your inner power to discover the will to manifest what you want. With enough focus and practice, you’ll find it easy to manifest anything you desire in life.

Help Others Achieve Their Goals and Elevate Your Vibration

When you achieve your most authentic self, you realize that the game of life isn’t only about you. Enlightened individuals understand that the people around them and their community are more important than their place in it.

You’ll begin to get pleasure from helping others along the path of life toward their true authentic self. By helping others, you lift your vibration. So, both you and the person you’re helping get a reward for your work.

Choosing the Right Strategy to Find a Life of Abundance

Abundance is everywhere around us, but most of us don’t view life this way. Instead, we choose to view things from the point of scarcity. How often have you heard other people tell you they can’t afford something or don’t have the time for that?

Chances are you’ve heard those phrases plenty in life. The thing is, they aren’t true. They’re just old sayings passed down through the generations and repeated ad nauseum. When you change your mindset from scarcity to abundance, that’s when the magic starts happening in your life.

So, that’s easier said than done, right? Do you just flip a switch in your head and start thinking differently? If only it were that easy. Unfortunately, there is some work involved in changing your mindset. The good news is it’s not back-breaking labor.

Being mindful of your behavior during the day is all you really need to do to see results in altering your mindset. However, noticing your limiting beliefs isn’t the only part of changing your mindset.

You need to replace those beliefs with something new that’s positive, encouraging, and a cornerstone of a life of abundance. So, what do you use? What strategy are you going to roll out to help you achieve your spiritual goals?

Learn the Secrets Behind Moonology

That’s where Moonology comes into the picture. Moonology is your system and strategy to unlock your hidden power and manifest what you want in life. Moonology studies how the moon affects our body, mind, and spirit.

The moon does more than provide a nightlight in the sky. It’s a powerful body with the will to move the tides as it pleases. For centuries, cultures have stared into the night sky and wondered about the moon.

Over the millennia, people and tribes have looked to the moon for guidance and understanding of their place in the world. The moon has a powerful effect on us, but most of us don’t know how to harness this ancient knowledge.

Moonology intends to unpack these secrets and mysteries. By entering the field of Moonology, you give yourself the best chance of reaching the next spiritual plane. The moon guides and provides, but you need to know what to look for in your studies.

Fusing Astrology, Moonology, & the Law of Attraction

That’s where this program comes in. Understanding Moonology requires someone to guide you through the practice. Nora Elina is the founder of the Flow with Moon” Club. Nora has spent a lifetime observing the moon and submersing herself in Moonology.

However, her biggest breakthrough was discovering how the moon impacts our decisions and the choices we manifest in our lives. Nora dedicated herself to unlocking these secrets and documenting them.

The result is the Flow with Moon Club, and its membership is growing rapidly.

The Flow with Moon Club explores the fusion of astrology, Moonology, and the law of attraction into one strategy designed to get you results.

We’ve all heard of the power of the Law of Attraction. By resonating with your goals and intentions, you can draw what you want in life to you. There are thousands of books on the subject, and millions of people around the globe testify to the results they received by manifesting what they want with the power of intention.

However, what if there was a way to supercharge the results you got with the Law of Attraction? Moonology and astrology offer you the hidden secret ingredient to unlocking the full potential of the Law of Attraction in your life.

You’ll learn the secrets to incorporating Moonology into your manifestation practices during your time with Flow with Moon. Nora guides you through the entire program, ensuring you get desired results.

The Flow with Moon Club gives you access to a mentor and a community. Join thousands of other people around the world using the power of Moonology and intention to manifest what they want in life.

Join the Flow with Moon Club & Unlock Your Destiny

Today, Nora Elina invites you to join her exclusive inner circle through the “Flow with Moon” Club. We discussed your needing the right strategy to make a successful change in life. Well, here it is. You get access to the most powerful spiritual development system available.

The Flow with Moon Club gives you all the resources you need to discover your authentic you and reach to the ends of the universe to find your new spiritual flow. Today, you can get a membership to the “Flow with Moon” Club.

There are three different tiers you can subscribe to, each offering basic benefits and a few extras for the higher tiers.

Silver Membership: €11.95 per month

  • Your Silver membership gets you access to the online Moon Program and the private chat group.
  • You also benefit from the following membership perks.
  • Monthly insights on the new and full moon.
  • Monthly journal prompts and manifestation affirmations.
  • A free birth chart and synastry chart calculator.
  • A moon phase calculator for different time zones.
  • An easy-to-use Practical Guide for Moon Manifesting.
  • A monthly guided manifestation meditation session.
  • 5% discount at the official online store.

Golden Membership: €27.95 per month (Save 20% when you pay for your subscription quarterly).

With the Golden membership, you get everything in the silver membership, including the subscription discount of 20% and an increase in your online store discount to 10%.

Diamond Membership: €71.95 per month (Save 50% when you pay for your subscription annually).

With the Diamond membership, you get everything in the silver membership, including a discount of 50% on your membership when paying annually and a 15% discount at the online store.

Manifest with Moon Membership

Download Free Resources from Nora Elina

Nora believes in service to others and contributing to the universe. She offers anyone reading this a few free resources to help enhance their lives.

Join the site and receive a free download of “Your Guide to the World of Precious Gemstones: Zodiac Birthstones” just for signing up with your email address. You don’t have to pay anything to receive this special offer.

Download the “Monology Program” app from Google Play or Apple App Stores today. The app has plenty of great free features to bring value to your life. You don’t need to join the Flow with the Moon Club” or buy anything; just download these resources at no cost.

Follow @j.o.ve_jewels_of_venus on Instagram for more visual inspiration to help you find the mindset for abundance.

Why Are You Reading This Right Now?

Some people believe in coincidences in life and feel there are some things you can’t explain. However, when you view coincidences through the lens of accountability, you realize there are no coincidences in life.

You are where you are supposed to be in every moment of your life. So, now that we can rule coincidences out, why are you reading this piece today?

It’s because you know you deserve more, and you’re tired of sitting on the sidelines watching life pass you by while others get ahead.

The thing is, we receive information when we’re ready for it. That’s why you’re reading this now. You’ve come to a spiritual crossroads in your life, and this “coincidence” popped up into view.

This is the universe calling you, its fate waiting for you to take action.

Sign Up and Start Flowing with Moon Today

Are you ready to take charge of your destiny? It’s time to take action to move closer to your authentic you. Sign up for Flowing with Moon today and uncover the secrets to manifesting anything you want in life.

You deserve a life of abundance, serenity, and peace. Everyone does. Sometimes all it takes is a mentor to show you the way and get you on your feet. You can take it from there.

Get the support you need to lead a new life when you sign up for Flowing with Moon. This opportunity to change won’t come along very often in life. Will you take it today?

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