DreamHero Mouth Guard Reviews: Effective Mouthpiece to Stop Snoring and Sleep Better?

The DreamHero Mouth Guard is a device that helps consumers to stop snoring without medication or nose strips. This device positions the jaw in a way that doesn’t block proper air flow, and it uses BPA-free materials.

What is DreamHero® Mouth Guard?

Approximately 90 million Americans snore when they sleep at night at some time or another, though only a third of that group admits that the snoring is a regularly occurrence. Most people don’t worry about snoring, thinking that it is nothing more than a part of getting rest each night. Unfortunately, snoring is a big problem for consumers when it starts to interrupt their ability to sleep at night, leaving them exhausted during the day.

No matter how common this issue might be, the fact is that no one who snores is sleeping well. The biggest cause of snoring comes back to how air flows past the tissues in the throat and mouth when they are relaxed. When the tissues sag, they block the airway, causing the sometimes loud and even wakeful sounds of snoring. Some people suggest that strengthening this muscle tone can help, but the excessive slack is usually the result of aging, alcohol, or medications. Plus, snoring is hereditary for many consumers, and it can be traced to medical issues that aren’t life-threatening for now.

One of the worse positions for snorers is to sleep on their back because their tongue relaxes, shifting to the back of the throat. The opening between nose and throat is narrowed significantly, which means that back sleepers are practically doomed to constantly be the worst sleeping partner without a solution. Luckily, the use of mouth guards can be quite helpful as a way to keep the mouth positioned properly, which is what makes the DreamHero mouth guard such a coveted item.

The DreamHero mouth guard is the option for consumers who have noticed that back sleeping might be their favorite way to rest, but the snoring is too much. This mouth guard offers a soft material to ensure that it molds with the user’s mouth, rather than forcing the user to try and fit a “one size fits all” design. Users can wear the mouth guard every night, and it is easy to keep clean and sanitized between uses.

Not every mouth guard is created equal. Some of the cheapest products on the market are pre-molded, which means that the user has to match it exactly to withstand wearing it for the whole night. The type of mouth guard selected is important as well since some mouthguards are used to avoid grinding teeth at night or other issues. While a custom mouth guard can be made by a dentist’s office, they tend to be quite expensive. Using the DreamHero mouth guard helps consumers to eradicate the snoring issues without breaking the bank.

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Why is Snoring Risky?

Anyone with a snoring problem would probably admit that the issue causes them a lot of grief from others around them. However, this mild annoyance to others can be much more to the person going through it. Studies show that snoring while asleep interrupts the deepest levels of sleep, which are necessary to feel rested. Most people don’t realize that this is even happening, but a good indicator that deep sleep is lacking is their dreams. If they have no dreams at all, their snoring is leading them away from the deep sleep that they need.

Apart from the daily struggles that consumers go through after a night of sleeping and snoring, this issue can also be indicative of a health issue like sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a problem for about 30 million Americans alone, and studies from Yale indicate that it can cause users to eventually develop heart disease and experience sudden cardiac death. The obstruction of the airway can lead the individual to have bouts when they don’t breathe at all while sleeping, followed by a gasp to regain the air. These kinds of issues should be brought up with a doctor as soon as possible to ensure that other issues aren’t coming from the snoring they experience.

DreamHero Mouth Guard Features

How Does the DreamHero® Mouth Guard Work?

The entire point of the DreamHero Mouth Guard is to eliminate the entirety of snoring, but the obstruction will determine if this device is the right solution. When consumers settle down for the night, they take the mouth guard out of the case and place it in their mouth. But why does it work so well?

With this device, the mouth guard pushes the bottom jaw slightly forward. Though this position might sound a little uncomfortable, the design of the DreamHero mouth guard is made to ensure complete comfort. The jaw is held in this position through the night with a soft polymer material that works with the shape of the user’s mouth.

This device focuses on helping with snoring as it pertains to back sleepers who have an obstructed airway from the position of their tongue and jaw. When they put the mouth guard in, pulling the lower jaw forward slightly widens the airway. By widening the airway, consumers won’t have to worry about the reverberations that happen as the tongue relaxes against the back of the throat. Instead, air easily passes through, giving users a clear and comfortable slumber.

DreamHero Mouth Guard Pricing

Purchasing the DreamHero® Mouth Guard

On the official website, consumers have the opportunity to order 1 of the 4 different options. Each package has incredible savings, increased only by the number of DreamHero kits that the user orders. Users already save 50% on the original price by just ordering one kit, but the savings get even better when more are purchased at once.

Choose from:

  • 1 mouth guard kit for $59.95
  • 2 mouth guard kits for $109.90
  • 3 mouth guard kits for $149.85
  • 4 mouth guard kits for $179.80
  • 5 mouth guard kits for $214.75

Consumers who order 1 kit will be charged $7.95 for the order. However, ordering 2 or more kits will give the user access to free shipping without sacrificing speed. Plus, customers who are willing to pay an additional $19 on their order will get an extended protection and replacement plan that covers their purchase for 2 years.

Frequently Asked Questions About the DreamHero® Mouth Guard

How does the DreamHero Mouth Guard work?

This device helps the user to stop snoring by positioning the lower jaw a little more forward than it naturally sits. This opening takes pressure from the airway for unobstructed breathing.

Will the DreamHero Mouth Guard work on everyone?

While this device easily fits for all customers, it may not eliminate sleeping if the problem is not due to the position of the mouth, tongue, and jaw while asleep. Snoring can have many different causes, including obesity, pregnancy, nasal obstructions, and other concerns. However, if the issue that the user faces has to do with their preference for sleeping on their back or their relaxed soft tissues, this mouth guard could work.

Is the DreamHero Mouth Guard comfortable?

Yes. This device focuses on comfort, making it easy to keep in the user’s mouth all night. The device uses a soft material that is molded by the user’s positioning of their teeth, ensuring that the mouth doesn’t feel awkward when using it.

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Is the DreamHero Mouth Guard safe to use?

Yes. The device is cleared through the FDA. It has also gone through multiple clinical studies and tests to ensure that it is effective.

How should the DreamHero Mouth Guard be cleaned?

Each day, users can clean the mouth guard with either a mild soap or a denture-cleaning solution, using a soft-bristled toothbrush to eliminate debris. Allow the device to air-dry once cleaned. Never place the mouth guard in the case when it is still wet or damp.

How long does the DreamHero Mouth Guard take to ship?

While orders go out rather quickly, local shipping times can take up to 21 business days.

What’s the return policy?

Every order is backed up by a money back guarantee. While the payment processor guarantees the product for 30 days, the creators offer up to 60 days to get a full refund.

Where do users ship products that they return?

Once approved to return the device, users will need to send their package to the Returns Processing Center, which is located at 200 Docks Corner Road, Suite 221, Dayton, NJ, 08810.

The customer service team can discuss any other issues that the user might have via email ([email protected]) or phone call (1-855-763-8140). They are available on weekdays from 8:00am to 5:00pm MST.


The DreamHero Mouth Guard provides consumers with the ability to stop snoring without having to try experimental drugs and essential oils. The device is much more affordable than getting a mouth guard professionally made with a dentist, but the moldable design makes it easy to adjust to their mouth shape. It is easy to clean, and it comes with its own case to ensure that users get the support that they need to sleep better at night.

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