DreamHero Mouth Guard Reviews: Real Dream Hero Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Device Worth Buying?

Snoring is a common condition that can be an issue for your partner, especially if it interrupts their sleep. Fortunately, there are devices that are purposely designed to help prevent snoring. Dream Hero Mouth Guard is a fully adjustable anti-snoring device that is customized fit to suit various types of mouth. The anti-snoring device allows for silent and restful sleep.

The Dream Hero device features a thermal matrix design with unique adjustable features that make it the most effective and form-fitting in the market today. With the adjustable feature, you can easily advance the ant-snoring device if necessary. It also comes with a ‘boil and bite’ that make it appear as part of your teeth. Therefore, Dream Hero anti-snoring device is an ideal fit for any individual looking for a comfortable and effective device for a quiet sleep.

Key Features

As mentioned above, the Dream Mouth Guard comes with unique features that allow you to sleep better and quietly and also breathe easily. Some of the key features include;

Micro-Fit: The feature allows you to make a precise one-millimeter advance of the device for custom fit adjustments. This also ensures that the device is comfortable and able to stay put in your mouth throughout the night.

Advanced Design: The Dream Hero Guard comes with a premium design that makes the device a customized fit to guard your teeth and jaw. It also offers the ‘boil and bite’ technique, which creates an impression of the teeth for tight, custom fit to ensure that the device remains in place.

Comfortable Thermal Fit: With the comfortable thermal fit design, the device provides precision for a lightweight and slim feel. The material maintains a unique impression for support, retention, and optimal fit.

Unobstructed Airflow: The Dream Hero device features a design that allows for unobstructed airflow. This allows you to breathe easily while you sleep.

Why Choose DreamHero Mouth Guard: Benefits

With its adjustable feature and unique design, the device props the jaw forward for a clear airway. This allows you to breathe easily while you sleep. Some of the major reasons you should consider the device include the following:

Dream Hero Mouth Guard Features

Fully Adjustable: The micro fit feature allows for a precision advance of one millimeter after every 2 to 3 nights to achieve a custom fit position where snoring stops.

Thermal Matrix Design: The device is made from a material that retains the unique impression for support, retention, and optimal fit.

Personalized to Your Bite: With the ‘Boil-and-Bite’ technique, the device allows you to create a personalized impression of the teeth. This ensures that the device perfectly fits on your teeth and is able to stay in place through the night.

Custom-Fit Design: The DreamHero device comes with a moldable design that offers a custom fit for effectiveness and maximum comfort.

Adjustable Jaw Positioning: The anti-snoring device comes with a jaw positioning feature. With an adjustable positioning feature, you can easily adjust the position of your jaw to reduce snoring and ensure optimal airflow.

Advanced Materials: The device is made from premium-quality, medical-grade materials. With advanced materials, the DreamHero Mouth Guard is easy to clean, durable, and long-lasting.

Best Quality and Price: According to the manufacturer, the device has the best quality-to-price ratio compared to products in its category.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: The manufacturer offers a money-back 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Therefore, you can apply to get your money back if you are not happy with the product.

Designed by Sleep Experts: According to the manufacturer, the anti-snoring device is designed by sleep experts. The DreamHero Guard was designed with your needs in mind. Therefore, the device is recommended and reviewed by thousands of people.

Dental Lab Quality Design: The device features an advanced design that allows for a comfortable and quiet sleep. Besides, it is made from premium quality, durable materials that meet dental lab standards.

Sleep in Silence: The DreamHero device provides an unobstructed airflow feature that allows you to breathe easily. It also comes with a jaw positioning adjustment feature that enables you to position your jaws and teeth to the point where there is no snoring.

Lightweight Design: The anti-snoring device comes with a lightweight design that makes it comfortable in your mouth. With the lightweight design, you can barely notice the presence of the device in your mouth.

What Does the Customer Say About DreamHero Mouth Guard?

One of the customers says that the device is a game-changer due to its customized fit and advanced design. According to her, the anti-snoring device offers maximum protection for your teeth and jaw. She also claims that the device features a design that makes it easy for you to make precise adjustments using the posi lock and micro fit mechanism and the built-in calibrator, which comes as a bonus. She was also pleased with the unobstructed airflow and the comfort while wearing, which allows her to breathe easy throughout the night.

Another customer claims that he can’t recommend the anti-snoring and guard device enough due to its benefits. According to him, the device comes with a customized fit and advanced design that provides maximum protection to your jaw and teeth. It is also easy to wear and comes with a design that allows for unobstructed airflow.

The other customer believes that the anti-snoring device is the product that she has ever used. She is pleased with the lightweight, comfortable, and thermal-fit design that allows her to sleep with the device on throughout the night.

Another customer claims to have used other mouthguards before trying this device, but they all let him down. The customer is happy with the easy-lock mechanism and advanced design that include a built-in calibrator that allows him to track progress. With the thermal fit feature, the device is more comfortable than most products in its category.

The other customer says that after trying many anti-snoring devices, he is has found the DreamHero device to be the best by far. According to him, the device features a lightweight and comfortable thermal fit design that makes him to barely notice whether he is wearing it. He also claims that the unobstructed airflow feature is a game-changer in enhancing his sleep quality.

Dream Hero Mouth Guard Pricing

Purchase and Pricing

The anti-snoring device is available on the official website in three-pack options. These include;

  • Buy I DreamHero Mouth Guard, which is available at 59.95 plus 7.95 for shipping and handling fees.
  • Buy 2 DreamHero Mouth Guards (Most popular), which cost $54.95 per unit (Total: $109.90), with no shipping and handling fees.
  • Buy 3 DreamHero Mouth Guards (Most popular), which cost $49.95 per unit (Total: $234.38), with no shipping and handling charges.
  • Buy 4 DreamHero Mouth Guards (Best Value), which cost $44.95 per unit (Total: $179.95), with no shipping and handling fees.
  • Buy 5 DreamHero Mouth Guards (Best Value), available at $42.95 per unit (Total: $501.08), with no shipping and handling charges.

According to the details on their official website, you can now get a 50 discount for one piece package. The other packages offer higher discounts of 60%, 61%, 68%, and 70% for 2, 3, 4, and 5 DreamHeros pieces, respectively. However, the discount time is limited, so you check their product now to take advantage of the offer.


The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for any purchase you make from their official site if you are not satisfied with the product. Therefore, you can try the product without risking losing your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DreamHero comfortable to wear?

Yes, DreamHero features a lightweight custom-fit design that makes it comfortable to wear all night long. The mouthpiece comes with a soft, medical-grade polymer material that helps mold the teeth. Besides, the material is also low profile to reduce any potential discomfort.

How does DreamHero work?

DreamHero Mouth Guard is a custom-fit device that is purposely designed to fit comfortably in the mouth and hold the lower jaw at a position that allows for smooth airflow. This helps clear the airways and minimize or eliminate snoring.

How do I clean my DreamHero mouthpiece?

As mentioned above, DreamHero comes with premium-quality material that is easy to clean. Therefore, you can easily clean it using a denture cleaner or mild soap and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Once it is clean, you should rinse it with water and put it in its case to air dry.

Is DreamHero safe to use?

Yes, DreamHero is made from dental lab quality design and medical-grade polymer material that is BPA-free. Besides, the anti-snoring device is FDA-certified and has undergone clinical tests and proven.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Dream Hero Mouth Guard has proven to be an effective solution for individuals struggling with snoring issues. With its innovative design and advanced features, this device aims to provide a comfortable and convenient solution to tackle snoring and its associated problems.

The Anti-snoring device is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, with a customizable fit that ensures maximum comfort for the wearer. Its durable and high-quality construction ensures longevity and reliability, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking long-term relief from snoring.

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