Sonic Glow Pick Reviews – Should You Buy? Real Results or Fake Product?

The Sonic Glow Pick is a dental health device that provides users with a way to get rid of all of the different particles that could be stuck in between the teeth and gums. This device works at home with no prior experience, elevating the user’s oral health to keep the teeth cleaner.

What is the Sonic Glow Pick?

Everyone needs to prioritize their dental health, but the same rhetoric has been told to adults and children for decades – brush twice daily, floss once a day, and go to regular dentist appointments. However, seeing a professional for this type of care every six months just isn’t enough to make sure that the user’s gums and teeth are kept healthy. Even with regular flossing, there are parts of the teeth and the gaps between them that allow particles to be trapped.

Without removing these trapped particles, the user risks allowing them to gradually ferment, leading to damage to the gums and teeth. It is the easiest way to trigger issues like inflammation, bleeding gums, plaque buildup, and more. When flossing isn’t enough friction to get rid of it, the use of a tool like the Sonic Glow Pick can help exponentially.

The Sonic Glow Pick isn’t like any other tool on the market today. This device is much easier on the gums than floss could be, but it is still tough on the small particles from food that can get stuck in there. Using innovative technology, consumers can switch between five different power settings to ensure that the device is intense enough for the deepest cleanliness that consumers could ever imagine. Each tooth is cleaned individually to ensure that users can maintain their oral health for years to come.

In between sessions, consumers can charge the Sonic Glow Pick to use it at home, while traveling, or even at the office. This design is easy to use, and the medical-grade alloy is enough to withstand all of the damage that it may come up against. Plus, it is already recommended by dentists as a way to eliminate plaque effectively, even while the user maintains their trips to the dentist.

Floss has been around for years as the best way to get particles out from between teeth, but that doesn’t mean it is flawless. Considering the sensitivity that so many consumers face with their gums, a singular session of flossing can lead to a lot of bleeding and pain. With a tool like the Sonic Glow Pick, consumers will not have any new irritation as they remove plaque, tartar, and even stains with the vibrations of the Sonic Glow Pick.

How Does the Sonic Glow Pick Work?

Ultrasonic technology is the reason that the Sonic Glow Pick is so effective. This unique technology causes the device to rapidly vibrate to create gentle friction, pushing the plaque and tartar off the gums. The exact speed will depend on the user’s chosen power setting, but it works to carefully take away the cause of stains, gum disease, and more.

As the device vibrates, the tip breaks down the plaque and stains that have already built up on the teeth and along the gum line. While consumers might have to take a couple of sessions to get the benefits, the incredible method of breaking down the accumulated residue is an easy way to make the mouth healthier. Plus, as the user continues to use the device after they’ve brushed their teeth, they’ll continue to improve their oral health while preventing new buildup from accumulating.

To ensure complete safety while the Sonic Glow Pick is in use, the creators were careful about the materials that it was crafted with. The majority of this tool is made of medical-grade alloy, giving it the same appearance as many of the tools that users would otherwise see on their dentist’s tray. However, to be gentle on the gums, it also uses food-grade silicone that won’t put the user at risk of cutting or injuring the mouth.

Using the Sonic Glow Pick

To get the desired benefits of the Sonic Glow Pick, it is important for consumers to follow the provided directions completely. Users can press the power button to activate the Sonic Glow Pick, allowing them to subsequently adjust the settings by pressing the button again every time they want to switch between modes.

Once the user selects the mode they want to use, gently position the tip of the Sonic Glow Pick between the teeth to start breaking down plaque, moving it back and forth. Users should not hover in place because it can gradually cause damage to the tooth once the plaque is gone. Maintaining this motion pushes along the progress without any abrasions. To get the best cleanliness positive, users will need to repeat this process for each tooth.

Cleaning the gumline only takes about 30-50 seconds as the users repeats the same steps once more.

Ordering a Sonic Glow Pick

Though there are similar products available in retail stores, the only way to get the Sonic Glow Pick is to go through the official website. There are a few different packages offered, offering at least 50% from the retail cost for the dental tool.

The available packages include:

  • One Sonic Glow Pick for $59.95
  • Two Sonic Glow Picks for $109.90
  • Three Sonic Glow Picks for $149.85
  • Four Sonic Glow Picks for $179.80
  • Five Sonic Glow Picks for $214.75

Consumers who only order one Sonic Glow Pick will be charged $7.95. However, anyone who wants to get multiple Sonic Glow Picks will qualify to get free shipping on their purchase. Plus, consumers can sign up for Delivery Loss Protection and Extended Damage Protection with no extra cost to the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Sonic Glow Pick

What does the Sonic Glow Pick do?

With ultrasonic technology, the Sonic Glow Pick helps consumers to clean their teeth so effectively that they’ll feel like they just had their teeth cleaned at the dentist. The device can be used at home, giving better cleanliness for the mouth than their standard brushing and flossing offers.

How does Sonic Glow Pick eliminate both plaque and tartar?

With ultrasonic technology, this device combines high-frequency vibrations at a rate of up to 12,000 vibrations a minute that helps users to eliminate unwanted buildup on their enamel. The precision offered by this pick allows users to get into areas that might be hard to reach between teeth.

Is the Sonic Glow Pick safe for use?

Yes. Using medical-grade alloy steel with food-safe silicone, users can use this device as often as they brush their teeth to keep the teeth and gums healthy. This material is not prone to germs, though the device should be cleaned every day to reduce the risk of contamination and to ensure its effectiveness.

How frequently should consumers use the Sonic Glow Pick?

This device should be used daily to get the best results, though the creators recommend that users brush their teeth first to eliminate all of the debris that they can. Then, the Sonic Glow Pick can exclusively focus on clearing out the leftover particles.

How do users clean their Sonic Glow Pick between sessions?

When the user is done with their treatment, they need to rinse off the Sonic Glow Pick and completely dry it. Users who need to give it a deeper cleaning can use soap as well, though users should not submerge the Sonic Glow Pick in water. It also should be cleaned with harsh chemicals to protect it from deterioration.

What do consumers get with their purchase of the Sonic Glow Pick?

Users will receive the Sonic Glow Pick, a USB charging cable, a free dental mirror, and a manual.

How is the Sonic Glow Pick shipped?

Once the order is accepted, it may take up to 21 working days to be delivered.

What is the return policy for the Sonic Glow Pick?

If the user finds that the Sonic Glow Pick doesn’t help with their dental care as they anticipated, they have up to 30 days to request a refund with the money-back guarantee.

The customer service team can be reached by calling 1-855-748-4853 or sending an email to [email protected].


The Sonic Glow Pick provides consumers with a way to improve their dental health. The device is easy to use, but it comes with an instruction manual to ensure that users get the exact cleanliness that it is meant for. It works with an existing regimen, though consumers will need to brush their teeth before the treatment. It is safe for all users, and it helps consumers to make it through to their next dental appointment without any new damage to their teeth.

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