Impact Health Alliance Review: The Secrets of Ageless Health? Breathe Away Alzheimer’s

Were you aware that for every 65 seconds that passes, one person in the United States develops Alzheimer’s? The numbers are believed to accumulate to 13.8 million diagnosed cases by 2060 [1]. According to the Alzheimer Society of Canada [2], people with this and many related conditions are at risk of memory loss (impacting their day-to-day lives), struggling to perform familiar tasks and speaking, impaired judgment, and experiencing frequent changes to mood and personality.

Surely everyone can agree that this is no way to live, as it leaves these individuals feeling confused, misplaced, and uncertain of their very existence. We can’t even begin to imagine what they’re thinking, especially when relatives and close friends look at them with pity. One naturopathic doctor has stated unequivocally that all we know about neurodegenerative diseases is a lie and that multiple underlying causes are overlooked. To expose the truths, he has since compiled what appears to be a science-backed reveal-all report. Without any further delay, here’s everything there is to know about Breathe Away Memory Loss.

What is Breathe Away Memory Loss?

Authored by Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski, Breathe Away Memory Loss is an instruction manual that guides everyone through Enriched Breathing. In this manual, individuals will understand the science behind the technique and its application through a non-invasive device that supposedly improves breathing. Put differently, all the necessities have been provided to fully understand and execute the method (even a comprehensive, frequently asked questions section).

As it turns out, those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases have one area of weakness: a brain deprived of oxygen and nutrients. The Enriched Breathing technique is poised to flood the brain with memory-restoring oxygen and nutrients. In turn, improvements in memory and the reversal of some Alzheimer’s and dementia symptoms can be anticipated. We will dive deeper into Dr. Dobrzynski’s research to understand the rationale behind this technique.

What will I learn from Breathe Away Memory Loss?

By now, it should be clear that Breathe Away Memory Loss is founded on the Enriched Breathing Technique. As introduced earlier, the technique helps to flood the brain with oxygen and vital nutrients, which has been demonstrated to restore people’s failing memories (improving them back to normal), reverse the decline in brain function in people with full-blown dementia, and increase attention spans. This breathing technique is trusted to eradicate amyloid plaques from the brain, a known feature in the disease’s development.

One source [3] explained how these plaques interfere with communication processes between brain cells, contributing to cognitive decline. This is not to say that amyloid-beta is all bad; it is essential for neural growth and repair, explains the source. However, the problem starts in later years when they are corrupted, and an accumulation of corruption is what starts to destroy nerve cells, inducing memory loss and other symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s.

Returning to the topic of blood flow, when blood supply to specific areas of the brain essential for memory and thinking is reduced, brain cells become injured, inactive, and may die. The brain is nothing without oxygen and nutrients; the only way to get them is through blood. Unfortunately, aging naturally reduces blood supply, leaving the brain starving. Why is this such a big deal? The damage extends to our cells’ energy powerhouses (the mitochondria), which keep them alive and working. Cells will perish if the mitochondria do not receive the necessary fuel.

To make matters worse, modern lifestyles are introducing chronic inflammation to the brain and body, causing tissues to swell up, adding weight to blood vessels, and possibly choking off blood flow. Add air pollution and poor dietary choices into the mix, and we’ve got continued brain shrinkage, ultimately increasing the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia. All this goes to show how vital the Enriched Breathing Technique is.

Dr. Dobrzynski referenced a study that reported:

  • More blood began to flow to the brain;
  • Blood vessels expanded in diameter (going from pinched to wide and open);
  • Healthy blood flow to the brain;
  • Reduced inflammation in the brain;
  • Eradicated amyloid plaques and increased production of healing stem cells;
  • Improved mitochondrial energy production in cells;
  • Protected memory over time.

How to access the Breathe Away Memory Loss guide

The Breathe Away Memory Loss guide is free to access if you have a subscription to the Impact Health Alliance. Impact Health Alliance is a self-supporting health organization on a mission to unearth protocols for defeating the worst possible health conditions faced by millions of people today. Individuals can access reports like Breathe Away Memory Loss and many others by becoming a member. Two membership options are currently available at checkout:

  • 12 Monthly Issues of Impact Health Alliance: $78
  • 12 Monthly Issues of Impact Health Alliance (50 years and older): $39

The pricing is relatively inexpensive, considering the valuable knowledge the Breathe Away Memory Loss manual has to offer. Luckily, this price also unlocks doors to several useful bonuses, such as:

1. Nature’s Perfect Cancer Solution

Inside this second free report, individuals will come to learn everything there is to know about Ascorbin therapy and its potential in reversing cancer. Specifically, Dr. Dobrzynski will elaborate on what the therapy is, how it works to kill cancer, how much the average treatment costs, how to access it, and the science supporting it in layman’s terms.

2. The Secrets of Ageless Health

The Secrets of Ageless Health defies what society has been spewing for decades on end. The expert insists that diabetes can be reversed, cancer can be beaten, and a lot can be put to heart disease, chronic pain, and all other functions we rely on for our independence. This comprehensive report covers all the necessary therapies to reverse commonly diagnosed conditions. Within this bonus alone, individuals come across sub-reports with the following titles:

  • Genesis Cells – The End to EVERY Disease?;
  • Relieve Parkinson’s Disease Naturally;
  • Drop Your Blood Pressure 19 points?;
  • The Potency Secret of the World’s Oldest Dad;
  • Hearing Loss Reversed in 7 Days?;
  • The 5 Pharma Drug Darlings Growing Cancer Cells;
  • The Scary Connection Between COVID-19 and Alzheimer’s.

3. The Secret to A World Record Memory

The Secret to A World Record Memory is a report covering a memory trick that dates back to Ancient Greece. As explained by the expert, mesmeric memory is a method that can be implemented to maximize memory, one’s ability to retain information, and might even go as far as boosting one’s confidence levels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I join Impact Health Alliance?

A: To get started with an Impact Health Alliance membership, you can visit the official website.

Q: When will I receive my issues of Impact Health Alliance?

A: Dr. Dobrzynski will email out his latest research on the 25th of every month.

Q: Why are my emails from Impact Health Alliance not in my inbox?

A: Chances are they might be landing in the trash or spam folders. To ensure they make it to the inbox on time, individuals are asked to add [email protected] as a contact and to allow all their emails.

Q: Who can I ask questions to regarding Impact Health Alliance?

A: You can send questions to [email protected], whether regarding your subscription or the contents covered. While Dr. Dobrzynski can’t personally respond to everyone’s questions, he pledges to review and compile them in his Health Insider Updates daily e-letter.

Q: Is Impact Health Alliance protected by a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes, Impact Health Alliance is protected by a 365-day money-back guarantee. If people aren’t pleased with their membership, customer support can be contacted for a full purchase price refund.

Meet Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski

Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski is a naturopathic doctor, personal trainer, and nutritionist with nearly two decades of experience. When his wife was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2010, he felt conventional medicine failed her. And so, he took matters into his own hands and dove into research. Luckily, he stumbled upon a natural approach that improved her life. Through his work with Impact Health Alliance, Dr. Dobrzynski wants every person suffering from a disease to know that there are many unheard-of treatments and solutions that will help get them back on their feet.

Final Thoughts

All-in-all, Dr. Dobrzynski is convinced that breathing is the ultimate solution for reversing most symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. While this may seem trivial, there is a lot of science and technique that must be followed to the smallest detail for maximum results. Dubbed Enriched Breathing, the method has been demonstrated in both animal and human studies to increase blood flow, ensure a healthy supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain, and the overall eradication of inflammation and amyloid-beta accumulation. To access this report, individuals must first become members of Impact Health Alliance.

Impact Health Alliance is a monthly publication with the aim of covering alternative medicine-based unconventional treatments. Every month, Dr. Dobrzynski will discuss the most recent research on therapies for commonly diagnosed illnesses. He believes Western medicine is erroneous to some degree and that natural treatments can improve the body’s healing processes, resulting in a higher quality of life. Of course, he is not advocating that people abandon their doctors; instead, he wants people to be open to new possibilities if their current one produces little to no results. To learn more about the Enriched Breathing Technique and Impact Health Alliance, visit the official website today!

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