Superfood Garden Summit Reviews: The 7th Annual Grow Your Own Vegetables Superfood Gardening Guide

Have you considered the prospect of growing your own food? Not sure if you have the necessary skills or resources? Starting a food garden can seem challenging, given that people must learn about seasonality, space availability, fertilizer use, soil maintenance, and other factors. However, many people believe it is a crucial skill to develop as the ability to grow food not only allows people to consume fresh fruits and vegetables but also gives them control over the quantity and types of fertilizers and other external components exposed to their produce.

To the amazement of many, homegrown produce has substantially higher levels of nutrients than store-bought produce because the latter is typically picked and packed earlier and spends time in travel before reaching the final destination. Given the advantages, people may be curious about the most effective approaches to enter this area. Fortunately, 15 well-known gardeners and food specialists have come together to present another successful summit full of wisdom, experience, and practical counsel. This online conference is The 7th Annual Superfood Garden Summit, and it’s coming up in July.

What is The 7th Annual Superfood Garden Summit?

The 7th Annual Superfood Garden Summit is a five-day virtual event to teach the general public effective methods for growing superfoods. Gardeners will hear from 15 visionaries on how to enhance their health, happiness, and the environment for future generations. Climate change, geopolitical difficulties, and scarcity have all had and continue to impact various parts of the world. And so, there is no better time to learn how to become self-sufficient while ensuring individuals aren’t deprived of essential nutrients, making a summit like the 7th Annual Superfood Garden Summit essential.

In terms of what gardeners and food enthusiasts can expect from this summit, we have:

  • The simple steps to growing nutrient-dense superfoods year-round;
  • Abundant harvests can save a lot of time by avoiding common mistakes;
  • The steps to creating an actionable plan now to avoid being overwhelmed later;
  • The importance of supercharging nutrient density for bigger, healthier harvests;
  • Guaranteed methods for protecting the environment.

With the foundation out of the way, let’s turn our attention to the summit’s agenda and roster of speakers.

How has The 7th Annual Superfood Garden Summit been structured?

The 7th Annual Superfood Garden Summit is scheduled to take place from Monday, July 17, to Friday, July 21, 2023. Each of the five days covers a slew of topics on growing one’s own fruits and vegetables. Here is a brief summary of each day’s speakers and what they will be bringing to the table:

Day 1 (Airing Monday, July 17, 2023):

Ocean Robbins: Nutritious foods that can be easily grown with these steps in mind;

Stacey Murphy: The importance of sustainable approaches for growing food;

Sajah Popham: Growing a “Garden of Calm.”

Day 2 (Airing Tuesday, July 18, 2023):

Brian Vaszily: The importance of gardening for one’s personal growth;

Amy Landers: Superfood for wildlife;

Greg Peterson: A revolutionary way to water one’s garden.

Day 3 (Airing Wednesday, July 19, 2023):

Rob Herring: The interconnectedness between human and planetary health;

Kami McBride: Specific herbs deemed best for dinner;

Michael Kilpatrick: The importance of growing ginger and turmeric.

Day 4 (Airing Thursday, July 20, 2023):

Jason Matyas: Steps to growing more food in the same space;

Matt Powers: Permaculture for beginners;

Marjory Wildcraft: How Tarahumara Indians grow their own food.

Day 5 (Airing Friday, July 21, 2023):

Enoch Graham: The benefits of small space gardening and how to get started;

Catie Coman: Gardening with pollinators;

Rik Vermuyten: Real human agriculture.

Who will be speaking at The 7th Annual Superfood Garden Summit?

It may be reassuring to know the background of the speakers and an overview of their topic of expertise; in no particular order, here is a brief bio on each individual:

Stacey Murphy

Stacy Murphy prides herself on having traveled across the world to visit gardens, farms, and homesteads, allowing her to finetune best practices from coast to coast. Her vision is to have a world where people consume fresh, affordable, exciting homegrown food. She has been featured on PBS specials as one of the world’s top gardening experts. Her specialty in gardening is packing a lot of vegetables and herbs in small spaces. This knowledge has been shared with the masses, helping aspiring gardeners around the globe grow food at home.

Ocean Robbins

Ocean Robbins is an avid believer in food as a healer or destroy of the body. He is the co-founder and CEO of the Food Revolution Network and is a bestselling author of the book 31-Day Food Revolution: Heal Your Body, Feel Great, and Transform Your World. At 16, he founded Youth for Environmental Sanity and continued to direct it for 20 years.

Brian Vaszily

Brian Vaszily has had substantial influence in the natural health and wellness industry as a leader, researcher, and advocate for over 20 years. He founded, a health website with over 500,000 members. This endeavor was founded with the mission to educate people over 30 years on natural means that could potentially transform their health. He has created and hosted many online summits that involved top doctors and researchers. Finally, Brian has been critical in building many natural health organizations, has many bestselling books, and has been frequently featured in several media outlets.

Sajah Popham

Sajah Popham’s involvement as an herbalist in plant medicine has been immense. This is no surprise, seeing how he is the author of Evolutionary Herbalism and founder of the School of Evolutionary Herbalism. His work achieves a balance between the science and spirituality of plant medicine. He believes plants can heal, rejuvenate, clarify, open the heart, and support soul development. He lives on a homestead where he teaches, consults with clients, and makes herbal medicine.

Amy Landers

Amy Landers’ mission is to help gardeners grow food for humans and wildlife. She has been sharing her wisdom about nature and gardening through teachings and writings for over 20 years. She hosts online classes at, where she brings together a community of like-minded people regarding different food sources.

Kami McBride

Kami McBride wishes to inspire change and start a shift where people prioritize their bodies through herbs and develop a connection with the earth. She has authored popular books and, for 27 years, has helped individuals uncover the world of herbal medicine and the power of growing gardens for self-care, illness prevention, and fighting against common health issues.

Rob Herring

Rob Herring is a prominent environmental filmmaker who has directed and produced an award-winning documentary called “The Need to GROW.” He is a certified holistic coach and the co-founder of Integrative Pediatrics.

Matt Powers

To name a few of his passions, Matt Powers is an educator, gardener, and seed-saver. He aims to change the K-12 education system to incorporate regenerative science, natural principles, and permaculture ethics. He is a former public high school teacher who authored North America’s first government-accredited permaculture curriculum.

Jason Matyas

Jason Matyas is a homesteader, life-long gardener, and the founder of Seeds for Generations, a business that offers heirloom garden seeds and inspires people to garden as a family. He is also the founder of Return to the Old Paths. The latter is an endeavor that aims to get people to become less dependent on the modern economy and develop productive households and local community interdependence. In other words, Jason believes that we will all practice certain practices from the “old times.”

Marjory Wildcraft

The Grow Network houses a community of people who advocate for modern self-sufficient living. Marjory Wildcraft, the founder of the Grow Network, is said to be an expert in off-the-grid living and is looking to inspire the creation of hundreds of thousands of backyard gardens in the times to come.

Greg Peterson

Greg Peterson’s ideal society would be one with a garden and fruit trees in every yard. He created one of Phoenix’s first environmental showcase homes for urban farming and has worked on such projects for over 32 years. His urban farming displays include an edible area with over 80 fruit trees, rainwater and greywater harvesting, solar applications, and the use of reclaimed and recycled materials. He created a website and a podcast to share his urban farming knowledge.

Rik Vermuyten

Rik Vermuyten has been studying oriental philosophy and medicine since 1969. It is also worth mentioning that he has been practicing agriculture and permaculture since the 1970s. With his vast amount of time invested in this industry, he has created many seminars on health and healthy lifestyles that revolve around natural remedies, permaculture, and the importance of growing your own food.

Michael Kilpatrick

Michael Kilpatrick is a farmer, educator, and inventor based in Ohio who has been hosting a top-rated farming podcast and summit, reaching over 50,000 farmers. He has experience managing large farms and businesses, consulted for many industry leaders across the globe, and has been a speaker at conferences. Lastly, he is adamant that anyone can learn to farm and that his teachings cover the fundamentals to succeed.

Catie Coman

Catie Coman is the executive director of Save the Bee, and as such, she is an avid advocate for protecting pollinators, given their role in human and planet health. Through Save the Bee, she focuses on finding ways to help bees and beekeepers while planting pollinator habitats in agricultural spaces.

Enoch Graham

Enoch is a gardener specializing in small spaces. He has successfully grown his own food for over 12 years. When he first started, he had limited urban gardening space, leading him to unearth ways to adjust to such availabilities. Luckily for him, the lack of space led him to become an expert on growing food in small spaces and helping others in a similar situation. He started a YouTube channel and, for over seven years, has been sharing his knowledge with an extensive reach of people.

How much does it cost to attend The 7th Annual Superfood Garden Summit?

The 7th Annual Superfood Garden Summit is free to access. Those who register today will also receive a free digital copy of Grow Your Own Superfoods at Home eGuide. Inside this guide, individuals will come to discover the following:

  • Why those who grow their own superfoods are likely to live longer than those who don’t;
  • The six reasons why people should be growing their own superfoods;
  • The #1 most accessible superfood to get started with regardless of one’s gardening experience;
  • How to start eating one specific superfood in just two weeks;
  • The most nutrient-dense vegetable on the planet that produces pounds per plant;
  • Superfood plants that only need to be planted once for bigger crops return every year after that;
  • How to eat super potent baby turmeric and ginger right from one’s backyard.

It is important to note that those who access this summit for free will have limited access since each episode will only be available for free within a specified window (usually 22 hours). So, if you miss any of the sessions, there’s no way of accessing them later unless a price is paid for the recordings and transcripts. For a one-time fee of $67, individuals will have immediate and lifetime access to the following:

  • All 15 presentations from the 2023 Superfood Garden Summit;
  • 16 “Best of Collection” presentations from past summits on superfood growing tips;
  • Bonus #1. Transcripts and closed captioning for all the video presentations;
  • Bonus #2. Cheat sheets for all presentations with summarized takeaways in an easy-to-read format;
  • Bonus #3. 2-month free trial to the Harvest Club Membership;
  • Bonus #4. 2022 Food Revolution Summit Recording from Ocean Robbins;
  • Bonus #5. The Happy Garden Guide to Composting;
  • Bonus #6. The Ultimate Healthy Aging Summit Recordings;
  • Bonus #7. The Permaculture Student 1 Workbook;
  • Bonus #8. Top 5 Lavender Home Remedies eGuide;
  • Bonus #9. 15% off heirloom seeds;
  • Bonus #10. Home Medicine 101 Course.

Did we mention that a 30-day money-back guarantee also protects each purchase? If, within this allotted time, individuals feel the resources are subpar, customer service can be contacted for a full purchase price refund. For more on this process, individuals may wish to send an email to [email protected].

Learn to Grow Your Own Vegetables With Stacey Murphy & Denise Beins

Grow Your Own Vegetables aims to teach and support one million new growers in successfully creating vegetable and herb gardens. Tips and tricks on overcoming gardening obstacles have been and continue to be shared to empower people to turn to garden-fresh food and develop healthy habits. Founder Stacey Murphy and CEO Denise Beins joined forces to make this endeavor the success it is today.

Stacey is a renowned gardening expert who is in awe of homegrown foods. She wants everyone to be able to indulge in such a source of food while ensuring that they are affordable. On the other hand, we have Denise, who believes that gardening can indeed be for anyone regardless of their lifestyle, experience, space availability, and physical ability. So naturally, this duo decided to launch the 2023 Superfood Garden Summit. This way, anyone interested in the art of growing good can access incredible knowledge.

Wrap Up

The 7th annual Superfood Garden Summit will cover every aspect of growing food at home and how to make the most of available resources. The summit provides a wealth of information, real-world experience, and valuable recommendations that shouldn’t be ignored. Our editorial team believes that each of the 15 speakers will contribute a distinct viewpoint essential for presenting a thorough picture of not only the how-tos but also the whys.

This summit will specifically focus on the advantages of homegrown foods for the body as a whole and for physical and mental health rather than just the growing procedures. We see this as being much more favorable because some individuals and groups are unaware of the importance of food production and place far too little value on agriculture. By starting a food garden in one’s own backyard, people will realize and appreciate food growers everywhere. For more information on how to listen in on the 7th Annual Superfood Garden Summit, visit the official website to register today!

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