The Art of Anti-Aging Age-Defying Secrets Summit Review – Event Details Released

Aging is a natural process that will occur whether we like it or not. People often complain or detest this stage of life when they should be learning about forthcoming changes, deficiencies, and repercussions. One thing is certain: the body’s vigor gradually fades, reducing its energy in producing various enzymes, amino acids, proteins, and hormones, among other things. As a result, most people turn to modern medicine. Little do they know that said solutions are often riddled with side effects and marginal improvements. Fortunately, a group is organizing a summit to advocate living a long and healthy life naturally. This review aims to introduce The Age-Defying Secrets Summit.

What is The Age-Defying Secrets Summit?

The Age-Defying Secrets Summit is a seven-day virtual summit in which 21 of the greatest medical doctors and researchers on healthy aging and longevity will offer their tried and validated natural tips and tricks for living a long and healthy life. According to The Art of Anti-Aging team (the organizers of this summit), everything that will be discussed has been hidden but has existed for as long as time can tell.

Brian Vaszily, the host and founder of The Art of Anti-Aging, believes that this summit is appropriate for people who have been drowning in worries about Alzheimer’s, cancer, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and other common diseases to the effect of aging on skin (i.e., wrinkles, sagging skin, bad posture, and so on), and mental health. As he puts it:

“If you appreciate clear, actionable, and often mind-blowing new insights that get to the heart of the matter and will truly change your life, you don’t want to miss a moment of this once-in-a-lifetime event.”

With the recognized motivation for organizing such an event, we can now look at the schedule to understand the topics under consideration.

How has The Age-Defying Secrets Summit been organized?

The Age-Defying Secrets Summit will take place over seven days, with three experts covering a similar topic each day but from a different angle. The agenda for the Age-Defying Secrets Summit is as follows:

Day 1: Gut, Blood Sugar & Brain Health

The first day of the Age-Defying Secrets Summit covers topics on the gut, brain, and blood sugar levels. Dr. Robynne Chutkan will start the day by covering the most critical aspect of gut health and a single cause that triggers heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and certain cancers. Once addressed, she will walk everyone through the steps to healing a “hopeless” gut while revealing the “5 Cs” of assessing one’s bowels.

Leaning more towards blood sugar and brain function is Dr. Ellen Vora, who believes that there is a link between issues in both aspects of health. She will also take this opportunity to dive deeper into the two major types of anxiety (the destroyer and protector, so to speak) and a method for halting stress. To conclude, she will cover unintentional ways people tend to destroy their circadian rhythms and the necessary fixes that can be implemented.

Lastly, Dr. Austin Perlmutter will spend his segment on the notion of longevity, new research on overcoming an unconscious culprit that destroys wellness, the magic in the number 67, and harmful foods for the brain. After addressing the negatives, he’ll share the importance of creating “loops” that boost health with two-top hacks that support informative health decisions.

Day 2: Herbs for Sleep, Slashing Alzheimer’s & Fighting Cancer

The second day focuses on herbs that aim to solve a variety of health ailments, the importance of sleep, and natural ways to fight cancer. KP Khalsa will take the lead and reveal the number one herb to combat constipation, anxiety, insomnia, and poor nervous and digestive systems. He will then uncover the best herbs for circulation, hormone regulation, and tissue building for women. He will also cover herbs known for detoxing the brain, improving immunity, and providing anti-aging properties. To end his segment, he will delve into aphrodisiac-like herbs.

Switching tracks, Dr. Michael Breus will take the stage to speak about sleep and its importance in living a healthy life. He will explain the correlation between health and longevity and the time an individual naturally wakes up. From there, he will highlight one crucial step that may solve 50 to 60% of sleep problems. Individuals will receive a detailed four-step morning routine reckoned to maximize energy, provide great sleep, and improve overall long-term health. Dr. Breus will conclude by touching base on the downsides of melatonin and uncover an activity that may cut down the risk of Alzheimer’s by 46%.

Our last speaker of the day, Dr. William Li, plans to offer valuable information on how to fight cancer naturally. He will do so by bringing up nutrition in terms of the foods to eat and the foods to avoid. These decisions are imperative for the growth of blood vessels, which contributes to heart, lungs, and brain functions. He will also reveal which grocery store aisles to go to despite the negative reputation it may have. To end, he will discuss a new natural cancer treatment and the ongoing search for what the immune system protects.

Day 3: Top Foods for Avoiding Most Diseases

The following day will be packed with insight into wellness and combatting infections with food. Specifically, individuals will discover top detox foods and foods to eat to avoid cancer and diseases. The day will start with Ocean Robbins, who will demonstrate how certain foods can boost happiness by 25% while also fighting infections and headaches and improving sleep and digestion. He will also touch upon the efficacy of probiotics, the importance of vitamin B12, and collagen-boosting foods. He will end by discussing the best ways to boost memory and alleviate stress.

Dr. Wendie Trubow will follow suit and deliver her take on toxins and bust myths surrounding how clean one must be for optimal health. She will then reveal a crucial key that may prevent 95% of diseases, including cancer, dementia, heart disease, and diabetes. To wrap things up, she will show the most toxin-filled geographic areas and the steps people within them should take to detoxify their bodies.

The day will conclude with Dr. Joel Fuhrman, who will share his knowledge of how the body cries for help. When avoided, these cries might turn to dementia and possibly early death. He also plans to clear the air on how much protein is needed and the caveats in eating more. The last of the points he intends to make revolves around the top foods and proportions to eat daily to prevent cancer.

Day 4: The Hateful Eight, The Crave Test, Brain Function & Inflamed Gut

We are now halfway into the Age-Defying Secrets Summit, and on the fourth day, individuals will listen in on foods that aid in mitochondrial health, libido, brain function, and gut health and decipher cravings, which are signs that the body is deficient in something. Dr. Robert Lustig will start the day by doing a deep dive into calories in food that is not widely known. He will also touch upon hormones to boost and limit optimal life. Finally, he will discuss what foods to eat and avoid for the best mitochondrial health.

On the topic of food, Dr. Uma Naidoo will reveal the ones that should be consumed to increase or decrease libido. Furthermore, she hopes to cover foods that will eradicate gut inflammation for a healthy gut and brain function. She will explain the top herbs for brain fog, memory, anxiety, and depression. Most of all, people will learn how to lead a life with fewer panic attacks.

The last of the speakers for the day is Nick Polizzi, who will make his case in favor of a proven way to fight depression, lower stress, and improve heart health. He will expound further into the “crave test” and how it may be connected to unideal symptoms like focus issues, sinus issues, fatigue, and much more. To wrap things up, he will demonstrate how to live a long life (hint: the first step is to ignore myths).

Day 5: Big Brain Mistake, Liver & Heart Disease & Secrets to Avoiding Pain

Day five will provide individuals with topics surrounding healthy habits for improved heart and liver function, mistakes that impact brain function, and deficiencies linked to most joint and muscle pain. The first speaker of the day, Dr. Beverly Yates, will bust myths about proclaimed healthy habits that are actually unhealthy. She plans to reveal an essential nutrient that most people lack to lower blood sugar.

To tie things together, the expert will bridge the gaps between house cleaning and diabetes, heart and liver disease, and the best-kept secrets on properly detoxing the body. Next, Dr. Eric Zielinski will discuss the best ways to live long and well. He will uncover the most common mistakes people in their 40s make that may lead to brain decline. Finally, he shares his insight on one step that allows individuals to live past 100 years.

To conclude, Dr. Yoni Whitten will discuss pain and how to avoid it. By the end, individuals will be familiar with two tests that can be done to predict the longevity of an individual; this will be key to showing what things need to be improved to increase the results of these tests. He will also debunk two popular medicines that may cause intense pain, mineral deficiencies, and their link to joint, mobility, and posture issues.

Day 6: Food for Beating Anxiety, Depression, Infections & Autoimmune Disease

As we get closer to the end of the summit, the roster of speakers for the sixth-day plan to share their thoughts on combatting and improving mental health through food. The day starts with Dr. Drew Ramsey, who will divulge to the audience information about foods that can help fight depression and anxiety. He will also uncover the top six nutrients to help protect the brain and live a long and healthy life. Finally, he will shed light on an often ignored vital sign the body emits.

While the topic of food is still hot, Dr. Christopher Hobbs will take over and discuss the top nutrition step that most people fail to take yet is crucial to fight against heart disease, gut problems, cancer, diabetes, and intolerable moods. He will also reveal the best mushrooms to consume that may boost immunity and fight cancer and infections. To end, he will provide information about the leading herbs for optimal digestion, heart health, energy, sleep, and much more.

Day six ends with Dr. Brooke Goldner, who will get personal and let the audience in on lessons she learned as she fought lupus, migraines, and arthritis. That’s right; her goal is to liberate people of all the legwork so that they know how to respond to lupus symptoms. To add to her topic, she plans to cover the rise in autoimmune diseases, the importance of why repairing cells is crucial to fight illness, and the best foods to consume to do so.

Day 7: Secrets for Clearing Toxin Clogs, 11 Key Factors Robbing the Mind & More

The summit’s last day will touch upon toxins and their effect on multiple health issues, the best ways to keep the brain stimulated, and ingredients that may help the body eliminate cancer-causing cells. This day will start with Dr. Pedram Shojai, whose agenda includes how to restore gut balance and remove inflammation. Gut inflammation can lead to gut issues, brain fog, joint pain, and heart disease. Dr. Shojai will disclose tips on how to improve all these health ailments. He will end his segment by discussing toxin-clogged lymphatic systems, how they can lead to cancer and autoimmune issues, and finally, ways to unclog them.

Dr. Daniel Amen will take the stage next and reveal the 11 top risk factors that can affect the brain and how to overcome them. Then, he will dive deeply into actionable steps for improved brain function and health. To take things further, the expert will disclose common mistakes people in their 40s to 80s make that will halt brain development and increase the speed at which it deteriorates. Finally, he will reveal one particular habit that people with low dementia rates have.

The last speaker of the summit is Dr. Jill Carnahan, who will share two natural ingredients poised to eliminate cancer-causing cells. In addition, she plans to explain the importance of improving immunity and, of course, the actionable steps to get people to such a height. To wrap up the entire Age-Defying Secrets Summit, the expert will cover the main culprit in chronic diseases that have been brushed under the rug.

Who are the speakers at The Age-Defying Secrets Summit?

Although we introduced each expert’s contribution to the Age-Defying Secrets Summit, it’s time to assess their legitimacy. The only way to do this is by exploring their background in the health space. Here’s what we managed to gather on the speakers:

Dr. Robynne Chutkan

Dr. Robynne Chutkan is a leading gut health expert and board-certified gastroenterologist. She is renowned for her work in breaking down the microbiome, as she is the founder of a digestive center for wellness, a professor at Georgetown University Hospital, an author of best-selling gut-related books, and has a PBS TV special called Gutbliss.

Dr. Ellen Vora

Dr. Ellen Vora is a board-certified psychiatrist who is attempting to change conventional practices by using integrative holistic medicine. She believes in looking at the patient in their entirety when coming up with a diagnosis and treatment plan. She claims the “whole person” approach will change how mental health issues are healed.

Dr. Austin Perlmutter

Dr. Austin Perlmutter is renowned for his cutting-edge approaches, a board-certified internal medicine doctor, and an expert on the environmental impacts on health and longevity. Moreover, he is a bestselling author of “Brain Wash” and focuses primarily on getting his patients out of self-sabotaging behaviors that deteriorate health.

Karta Purkh (KP) Singh Khalsa

KP Khalsa is known as a healing expert with over 50 years of experience under his belt. He is known as one of the world’s top herbs-as-medicine experts, the president of the American Herbalists Guild, a professor at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy professor, and an author and editor of multiple books and published health articles.

Dr. Michael Breus

Dr. Michal Breus is a double-board certified clinical psychologist and a sleep specialist, most known as “The Sleep Doctor.” He is a clinical advisor to Dr. Oz, has appeared on many television shows, and is also a bestselling author.

Dr. William Li

Dr. William Li is a Harvard-trained doctor and scientist. He has published many best-selling books focusing on eating foods to beat the disease. He is known as an individual with the potential to change the world, has his work has aided in the development of more than 30 new treatments and treatments for over 70 diseases.

Ocean Robbins

Ocean Robbins, a leading nutrition expert and founder of the popular Food Revolution Network, aims to educate people on ways to live better through food. He is a bestselling author and has received many honors and awards, like the Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service.

Dr. Wendie Trubow

Dr. Wendie Trubow is a board-certified doctor and a functional medicine-certified practitioner. Her primary focus and specialization are in gynecology and women’s health. She is a bestselling author known for her out-of-the-box approach to detoxifying the body, inspired by her struggles with toxins and Celiac disease.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Specializing in preventing and reversing disease through nutrition and natural remedies, Dr. Joel Fuhrman is a leading doctor and bestselling author looking to heal the world. He is the president of the Nutritional Research Foundation, and his television shows have raised over 70 million dollars for PBS.

Dr. Robert Lustig

Dr. Robert Lustig is a neuroendocrinologist with over 40 years of experience. He is a top expert on the brain and nervous system, hormones, nutrition, diabetes, and obesity. Like many of the speakers, he is also a bestselling author but stands out as an advocate for “real food” and a critic of certain food industry tactics.

Dr. Uma Naidoo

Dr. Uma Naidoo is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist, professional chef, and nutrition specialist. She is a Harvard Medical School faculty member, the director of Nutritional Psychiatry at the Massachusetts General Hospital, and has a best-selling book, “This is Your Brain on Food.”

Nick Polizzi

Nick Polizzi is a leading indigenous and ancient medicine researcher. He has directed and produced major health films focusing on natural alternatives to conventional solutions. He is the founder of Sacred Science, and the primary purpose of his work is to preserve and protect ancient healing knowledge.

Dr. Beverly Yates

A pioneer in naturopathic medicine, Dr. Beverly Yates has 29 years of experience and is widely known as an expert in heart disease and diabetes. She is a bestselling author and has been featured in the media numerous times. She aims to help people worldwide heal from type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.

Dr. Eric Zielinski

Dr. Eric Zielinski is a natural health, aromatherapy, and anti-aging expert. He has written bestselling books focusing on essential oils for healing. He is the founder of a popular health website that has over four million people traffic every year.

Dr. Yoni Whitten

Focusing on permanent pain resolution, Dr. Yoni Whitten is known for his revolutionary approach to finding natural solutions for chronic pain. His protocol to heal pain is derived from functional neurology, natural movement, rehabilitation, nutrition, and many other natural remedies.

Dr. Drew Ramsey

Dr. Drew Ramsey is a psychiatrist and an advocate for nutritional psychiatry. He has many popular books that heavily focus on how to treat mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety, through nutrition. He is the co-creator of the Antidepressant Food scale, a professor at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, and is widely featured in the media.

Dr. Christopher Hobbs

Dr. Christopher Hobbs is an expert in using mushrooms as medicine, an herbalist, and a natural health researcher. He has over 35 years of experience and co-founded the American Herbalist Guild. He received his Ph.D. at UC Berkeley, is a faculty member of the University of Massachusetts, and has written several bestselling books.

Dr. Brooke Goldner

Dr. Brooke Goldner is a certified doctor and author of three bestsellers, such as “Goodbye Autoimmune Disease.” She has a heavy focus on autoimmune diseases and how to reverse them. She is a member of the Forbes Health Advisory Board, the creator of the Hyper-Nourishing Board Protocol for Autoimmune reversal, and an autoimmune professor at Cornell University.

Dr. Pedram Shojai

Dr. Pedram Shojai is a world-leading Doctor of Oriental Medicine. He has produced and directed many popular health films and is a bestselling author of books such as “The Urban Monk” while also founding the website

Dr. Daniel Amen

Dr. Daniel Amen is a renowned double-board-certified psychiatrist and brain health expert. The clinic he has founded has 10 locations in the United States, where the medical professionals are trained in his methods. He is a 12-time NY Times bestselling author and has been on 16 television shows.

Dr. Jill Carnahan

Dr. Jill Carnahan is board-certified in family medicine and integrative holistic medicine. She is a survivor of the autoimmune disease Crohn’s, breast cancer, and toxicity, a leader in solving medical mysteries, and the medical director of Flatiron Function Medicine.

When will The Age-Defying Secrets Summit take place?

The Age-Defying Secrets Summit is scheduled for Wednesday, July 19, 2023, and Tuesday, July 25, 2023. Upon launch, those who have registered for the summit will receive an email with the link to each episode.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why is The Age-Defying Secrets Summit an important one to attend?

A: The Age-Defying Secrets Summit aims to help people break free from the same old health advice or hype-drive information based on lies that people are likely to have heard thousands of times. Each health practitioner, researcher, and fanatic wants to shed light on natural means of promoting longevity because they feel aging shouldn’t have to be discouraging or uncomfortable.

Q: What is the difference between true anti-aging and longevity?

A: To the entire team behind the Age-Defying Secrets Summit, authentic anti-aging protocols are all-natural and powerful enough to support healthy energy levels, mood, and physical and mental health. This journey is what eventually puts people on the road to longevity.

Q: Why are the interviews in The Age-Defying Secrets Summit essential to attend?

A: Each day includes three interviews in which a popular topic is taken apart, debunked where needed, and a solution is provided. In our opinion, it is imperative to sit through all interviews, seeing how they aim to clarify any questions or concerns that are likely to have risen in most people’s minds.

Q: How long will each interview in The Age-Defying Secrets Summit last?

A: Each interview is approximately 45 to 60 minutes, making each day at most 3 hours long.

Q: When will each day’s interviews be released?

A: Each day’s first interview will be released at 8 am Pacific time and will be available for replay for 22 hours.

Q: Where do I go to access each day’s three interviews?

A: Upon registering for the Age-Defying Secrets Summit, the team will save the emails to which the special links will be sent. To ensure that these links are accessed in a timely fashion, individuals are asked to add [email protected] to their list of permitted emails. If the emails are nowhere to be found, the best places to check are the promotions, bulk, and spam folders.

Q: Can I download an app to watch The Age-Defying Secrets Summit?

A: No special app is needed to watch any of the interviews shared via the Age-Defying Secrets Summit. All that’s required is a computer, mobile phone, tablet, or any other available device and Internet access.

How much does it cost to access The Age-Defying Secrets Summit?

The Age-Defying Secrets Summit is entirely free to attend. Unfortunately, access has been limited to the day; therefore, anyone who misses part of the summit will miss out on imperative information. For those who would prefer unlimited access to all digital expert interviews, including written transcripts and bonus resources, the current going price is $67.

With every order, Brian and his team also pledge to donate to the Ageless Alliance, a non-profit organization seeking to end abuse toward the elderly in nursing homes. Brian has protected each purchase with a 60-day money-back guarantee to make this offer even more attractive. If individuals feel the content is mediocre, far less advanced than their knowledge, or doesn’t address their health condition, customer service can be contacted for a full purchase price refund. The best ways to do so are by:

  • Email: [email protected].
  • Phone: 1 (800) 535 8418
  • Mailing Address: The Art of Anti-Aging LLC, 1144 E State St, Suite A310, Geneva, IL 60134-2439

On the topic of bonus resources, these have been prepared by some of the speakers, sponsors, and renowned health enthusiasts. Therefore, if there is a day or speaker of interest, people can dive deeper into such topics on their own time:

  • Bonus #1. The Complete 2022 Food Revolution Summit by John & Ocean Robbins;
  • Bonus #2. Eat Your Way to Health Program by Dr. Wendie Trubow;
  • Bonus #3. The 16 Top Fermented Foods Recipe Guide by Dr. Pedram Shojai;
  • Bonus #4. Your Complete Mold Exposure by Dr. Jill Carnahan;
  • Bonus #5. The Course to End Bloating & Constipation by Dr. Robynne Chutkan;
  • Bonus #6. 20 Natural Remedies & Recipes for Inflammation by Nick Polizzi;
  • Bonus #7. Your Complete Home Detox Guide by Dr. Wendie Trubow;
  • Bonus #8. The Mediterranean Inspired Meal Plan by Dr. William Li;
  • Bonus #9. The Natural Beauty Bible: Best Foods, Habits & Recipes by James Colquhoun & Laurentine ten Bosch;
  • Bonus #10. Beating Back Pain by Dr. Yoni Whitten;
  • Bonus #11. The Beginner’s Guide to the Nutritarian Diet by Dr. Joel Fuhrman;
  • Bonus #12. Essential Oils Starter Kit by Dr. Eric Zielinkski
  • Bonus #13. Brain Wash eBook by Drs. David & Austin Perlmutter;
  • Bonus #14. Mastering Diabetes eBook by Cyrus Khambatta & Robby Barbaro;
  • Bonus #15. Ditch the Toxins, Look Great, Feel Freaking Amazing! By Dr. Wendie Trubow;
  • Bonus #16. Combating the Early Signs of Aging by KP Khalsa;
  • Bonus #17. Beyond Longevity by Jason Prall;
  • Bonus #18. 40 Smoothies for Hormone Balance by Sarah Otto;
  • Bonus #19. The 10 Most Health- and Life-Changing Special Reports by Brian Vaszily.

Meet Your Host: Brian Vaszily

As introduced earlier in this review, Brian Vaszily is responsible for this summit. He founded The Art of Anti-Aging organization, which now comprises over 400,000 members. Brian has submerged himself in natural health and personal development research for nearly two decades. Everything he knows stems from working closely with doctors, researchers, and biological health organizations. Usually, most people who step into the realm of health have a backstory, which is no different for Brian.

Brian’s childhood is relatively toxic, as he was abused by his alcoholic, poor father. Raising a child at the time wasn’t easy for his father, who was also riddled with anxiety and depression issues. What allowed him to push through such hard times were the powerful women in life, i.e., his mother, sister, and teachers, who saved him and inspired him to start The Art of Anti-Aging. The organization aims to:

  • Help people (especially women) overcome toxic solutions and myths that are making them prematurely older;
  • Empower people with proven, practical, non-drug, non-surgery steps for looking and feeling one’s best.

Concluding Remarks

Ultimately, the Age-Defying Secrets Summit is intended to educate the masses on practical solutions that can be implemented in the convenience of one’s home to ensure longevity. Every speaker at this event strongly believes in the beauty of aging and that this rewarding stage of life does not have to be physically or emotionally painful. To make the most of our late years, they want everyone to at least be aware of natural ways to treat the root causes of the underlying disease or condition.

Our editorial team was impressed by Brian’s efforts, as he managed to get top names in the health field to speak, priced recordings (which are accessible for a lifetime) fairly, and is offering a collection of bonuses (to those who pay for lifetime access) and has considered varying financial backgrounds. He is passionate about wellness, which has been translated into the Age-Defying Secrets Summit. Considering everything, the educational value this summit offers is priceless. To secure a spot in the Age-Defying Secrets Summit, register today!

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