Yoga Burn Momma Reviews – Should You Buy? Real Prenatal Fitness Program?

Finding comfortable, simple, and safe ways to exercise while pregnant is challenging. The body is significantly and continuously changing, and emotions are always on a swing. Finding the motivation to do simple everyday chores, let alone workout is hard. Nobody wants to engage in activities that could unintentionally harm the developing baby.

Our editorial team empathized with this and took on the challenge of finding a fitness program that not only allows pregnant mothers to be active but also aids in reducing mental and physical tolls and, eventually, the labor process.

In particular, we landed on a program that reflects every stage of pregnancy, as well as helping individuals with stress in a safe and carefully thought-out way. The person in charge of the program, who has over ten years of training and experienced the Yoga Burn Momma moves firsthand, gave us even more comfort. Are you interested in learning more about this prenatal program and how it compares to others? Here’s a comprehensive review of Yoga Burn Momma.

What is Yoga Burn Momma?

Yoga Burn Momma is the first-ever (and only) follow-along prenatal yoga program geared toward the five pillars of prenatal fitness. Now pregnant women can benefit from the ideal blend of yoga and fitness that encourages safety, all while being pleasurable and ensuring a successful pregnancy. Matter-of-factly, the system’s developer, Zoe Bray-Cotton, is convinced that her yoga program will likely result in simpler and more comfortable labor, a quick recovery, and more significant gains in strength, flexibility, posture, and metabolism.

Most of all, moms will be able to handle stress, anxiety, discomfort, and other pregnancy-related pains much better. The way the five follow-along yoga-fitness routines factor in the three trimesters (and, of course, the pillars mentioned above) intrigued our editorial team. Given that these pillars form a significant part of Yoga Burn Momma, it is imperative to understand how movements vary at each stage.

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How has Yoga Burn Momma been structured?

As was said previously, the structure of Yoga Burn Momma follows the five pillars of prenatal fitness. These consist of:

Flexibility & Posture

Flexibility & Posture

One article claims that flexibility and posture are crucial during pregnancy because poor posture is what causes back pain. The weight of a growing baby, in particular, puts a lot of stress on the back. Therefore, adopting a good posture may help to reduce some of the discomfort. Zoe made a point of starting with this pillar because certain positions are undesirable in the later stages of pregnancy, especially when the weight of the uterus may put pressure on blood vessels in the belly. In fact, ensuring healthy posture from the get-go might help women bear weight with time.

Full Body Strength

Full body strength involves strengthening the muscles, which in the case of Yoga Burn Momma, involves using one’s body weight. A site that discussed the advantages of strengthening the body in pregnancy focused on how it can improve posture, lessen the chance of falling, ease lower back pain, and strengthen back and stomach muscles. Additionally, this pillar is expected to help manage blood sugar levels and prepare women for labor.

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Endurance & Stamina

The second and third pillars are interrelated, with the third pillar diving deeper into the different aspects of strength. Per definitions provided in one source, stamina includes one’s mental and physical abilities, whereas endurance refers to the body’s physical ability to undertake workouts for a lengthy period of time.

Cardiovascular and muscular endurance are both essential components of endurance, with the former focusing on the body’s ability to use oxygen-rich blood from the heart and lungs and the latter on the muscles. One expert was quoted saying, “Strengthening activities can help improve muscle tone and build stamina, all of which can help during labor.”

Breathwork & Mental Health

Breathwork is an umbrella term used for summarizing an array of breathing techniques (i.e., slow, light-accelerated, variable, and so on) that alter one’s state. Some are meant to encourage relaxation, while others are intended to increase energy. For example, pregnant women who find themselves fretting or fearing their journey can benefit from taking long, steady, deep breaths. Zoe will walk everyone through breathing techniques deemed safe for the mother and baby. Per the American Pregnancy Association [6], practicing breathwork also provides a sense of well-being and control, increases oxygen for increased strength, and ensures productive contractions.

Core & Pelvic Floor

Pregnancy naturally impacts the pelvic floor, which comprises the diaphragm and pelvic muscles that support the uterus, bladder, large intestine, and rectum, writes the Mayo Clinic Health System. As was previously said, carrying excess weight puts a lot of strain on the body, including the pelvic floor muscles. In fact, women may be at risk of developing urine incontinence if these muscles aren’t exercised. Constipation due to hormonal shifts could further weaken the pelvic floor muscles and nerves, making this pillar an important one worth strengthening.

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In addition to the above pillars, Zoe also factored in the three trimesters in her Yoga Burn Momma program. Below is a quick overview of the type of movements and resources included at each stage of the pregnancy:

First Trimester

  • First Trimester Tips and Tools Video;
  • Breath Awareness & Calming Meditation;
  • Strong Momma Legs Workout;
  • Upper Body Strength Workout;
  • Total Core & Stamina Workout;
  • Yoga for Flexibility.

Second Trimester

  • Second Trimester Tips and Tools Video;
  • Breathwork & Visualization Meditation;
  • Safe Abs & Cardio Workout;
  • Total Arm & Chest Toning Workout;
  • Chair Legs & Booty Workout;
  • Yoga for Posture & Stability.

Third Trimester

  • Third Trimester Tips & Tools Video;
  • You’ve Got This! Affirmation Meditation;
  • Hold Me Momma Strong Arms Workout;
  • Happy Heart & Cardio Core Workout;
  • Labor Legs Workout;
  • Yoga to Make Space for Baby.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is prenatal yoga?

A. Prenatal yoga is a style of yoga specifically designed for pregnant women, including movements and breathing techniques that vary based on the trimester. The ultimate objective is to assist these women in adjusting to their physical changes, particularly whatever effects the extra weight may have on their internal and external health.

Q. How is Yoga Burn Momma different from other prenatal yoga programs?

A. Most prenatal programs available now are very generic and do not consider how drastically the body changes throughout the trimesters. Therefore, continuing the same exercises from the first trimester into the third might be risky. Safety and effectiveness were top priorities while creating the Yoga Burn Momma!

Q. How does prenatal yoga change throughout the pregnancy?

A. The three trimesters should be used as a guide for dividing up prenatal yoga. Since the belly is still extremely small in the first trimester, posture alterations are minor. Given that significant levels of exhaustion and nausea characterize this trimester, there would be a strong emphasis on becoming in tune with the body. Prenatal yoga is thought to be best practiced in the second trimester once the nauseating phase has passed.

Yoga Burn Momma circumvents the recognized side effects of this period by teaching women posture-enhancing and flexibility-enhancing moves rather than starting off by emphasizing strength. It’s also important to note that women will be more conscious of their movements in the second trimester because their bellies are likely to be bigger (not to mention that the uterus will enlarge as well).

The last trimester will probably be uncomfortable compared to the former two, as the belly reaches its maximum. Thus, poses are mostly done standing with a wide stance to aid balance.

Q. What are the benefits of participating in the Yoga Burn Momma program?

A. Those who participate in prenatal yoga benefit in areas involving flexibility and posture, endurance and stamina, full body strength, breathwork, mental health, and the core and pelvic floor. In short, the Yoga Burn Momma program’s mission is to aid in achieving easy, smooth labor and an efficient recovery process.

Q. Does the Yoga Burn Momma program provide any benefits for the baby?

A. The Yoga Burn Momma program supports important aspects of the baby’s development, specifically physical and emotional health.

Q. Are the exercises in the Yoga Burn Momma program intense?

A. Every Yoga Burn Momma program exercise is designed to be very low impact.

Q. Does the Yoga Burn Momma program require prior yoga experience?

A. The Yoga Burn Momma program considers varying physical capabilities, from ultra-beginner to ultra-experienced! This is done to ensure every person, regardless of experience, is comfortable, safe, and can achieve maximum results.

Q. Are the sessions in the Yoga Burn Momma program long?

A. The Yoga Burn Momma is designed to be a low-commitment and easy program for pregnant mothers. Each session lasts anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes and can be done in the comfort of each individual’s home, on their own schedule.

Q. What type of device is needed to follow along with the Yoga Burn Momma?

A. The Yoga Burn Momma sessions can easily be followed along on any smartphone, smart TV, tablet, laptop, or desktop. In short, any device that can get access to the internet will do!

Q. Is Yoga Burn Momma available in physical and digital formats?

A. Yes, Yoga Burn Momma is available in physical and digital formats.

Q. How long will it take for physical Yoga Burn Momma DVDs to arrive?

A. Yoga Burn Momma DVDs to the continental United States should arrive within the first two to five business days. It is unclear whether these DVDs are shipped internationally as well.

Q. Is the Yoga Burn Momma program protected under a money-back guarantee?

A. Zoe developed Yoga Burn Momma with one priority in mind: To ensure that pregnant mothers achieve the best possible results, are satisfied, and find happiness in their rewarding journey of bringing life to Earth. Anyone who feels even the slightest bit unsatisfied should contact support within 60 days to receive 100% of their money back, no questions asked.

It is important to note that shipping is the customer’s responsibility. To learn more about the ClickBank 60-day money-back guarantee, consider one of the following means of communication Mon-Fri 9 am-5 pm EST:

Purchase Yoga Burn Momma

Pregnant mothers can choose between two options when it comes to purchasing Yoga Burn Momma:

  • Yoga Burn Momma (Digital Only): $37.00
  • Yoga Burn Momma (Digital and Physical): $47.00

Customers will have Instant access to the digital Yoga Burn Momma collection + bonuses once payment is completed.

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Who is Zoe Bray-Cotton?

Zoe Bray-Cotton is a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, and avid advocate for transforming women’s lives. She has reached and supported over one million women around the world and has created best-selling fitness systems for years. She designs these programs with her own experience, which must be appreciated as her experience reflects a deep understanding of pregnant mothers. She understands the immense emotional and physical toll pregnancy takes on individuals and thus has curated programs to help alleviate them.

Final Verdict

To sum up, the Yoga Burn Momma program is a prenatal fitness program made to support strength, flexibility, endurance, posture, and mental health. It has been carefully curated to ensure that there are tips for each trimester. Additionally, each workout is safe, efficient, and low-impact at the same time.

Mother and fitness instructor Zoe Bray-Cotton is enthusiastic about assisting expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy, from the first day to ensuring a smooth birth and promoting a quick recovery.

The analysis above makes it quite evident that moms are the program’s top priority. So, expecting mothers, what are you waiting for? As exciting as this might all be, it is always a good idea to consult a physician to get the go-ahead before making any changes to an existing routine.

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