A Guide to Renting Cars in Dubai – Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Experience

Planning your vacation to Dubai? The city offers some of the best car rental services in the world. Exotic cars, sports cars, luxury cars, SUVs, and more are all available readily. When you know where to rent your car and how to get the best service, your experience will be a smooth one. Muscle car options like the Dodge Challenger rental in Dubai and European sports cars like Ferraris are all very popular.

Dubai is one of the top holiday destinations in the world. Also, the city is a business hub in the Middle East. This makes so many visitors cross the borders every year. Also, car rental prices in the city are very affordable no matter what part of the world you are coming from. So, here are some of the best tips and tricks to make your car rental experience the best one:

Dubai Is an Exotic Car Dreamland

The desert city of Dubai is optimized for tourism. There is so much to do and enjoy in the city. Having fun with your favorite cars is one of the options available. Also, the city is an exotic car dreamland. Being a tax-exempt emirate has a lot to do with lower price tags and hence lower rental prices for exotic cars. Other major cities of the world have much higher exotic and luxury car rental prices.

You can easily find European cars, Japanese cars, American cars, British cars, and just about every brand and model you have ever wished for. Also, the city offers affordable car rental services when required as well. There is the perfect option waiting to be explored for every preference.

Renting Cars for Business Trips in Dubai

There is always a lot of business activity going on in the city. It is the trade hub of the Middle Easter region. Big companies and organizations always get traveling team members all the time. Renting cars for business is a necessary and readily available opportunity.

For the elite business people, you have options like Rolls Royce rentals, Mercedes S Class hire, Range Rover rentals, and more. Mercedes Maybach is also available in Dubai. For price-saving business trips, options like Kia rental, Hyundai hire, and others are available as well. So, whatever your business preferences may be, you will get a car rental option available all year.

Renting Cars for Vacation in Dubai

When traveling to Dubai on your vacation, you’d definitely want the best car rental service. Exotic sports cars are the order of the day for many tourists. Dodge Challenger for rent in Dubai is one of the more affordable sports car hire solutions. Also, you have options like Ferrari 488 Spider, Lamborghini Huracan, McLaren Spider 720S, and more.

These European and British sports cars generally cost more than muscle cars when renting. However, depending on the model and other factors, rental prices can be negotiable as well. Rolls Royce Dawn convertible and Ferrari Portofino convertible are some of the best top-down options for tourists too.

Book Your Car Rental Early for Cheaper Prices

One of the best tricks to enjoy cheaper car rental prices in Dubai is to book early. Booking early will provide you the option to compare prices as well. Also, any car rental company you select will get the time they need to arrange and book the car for your requirement.

Additionally, booking early guarantees availability for foreign tourists. You will never have to deal with your preferred sports or exotic car being rented out already. Hunting for deals and discounts on your rental requirements will also be possible when you decide to book early.

Try Not to Go for Rental Contract Extensions

One of the factors that can turn any car rental experience sour is having to pay more than you anticipated. This is what happens usually when you decide to extend your car rental contract. When asked for it, the rental companies will agree to it. But you will have to pay additional costs for the service. Your invoice will look a lot different.

The reason for this is that car rental companies might already have bookings for the car you are renting. They will have to cancel the booking and negotiate with their other clients. So, make sure to be firm about your rental requirements. Plan ahead and return the car on time when your contract finishes without requiring any extension.

Take Pictures and a Short Video of Your Rental Car as It Arrives

With rental cars, you have to return the car in the same condition as you get it. Any damage or even the tiniest paint chips will have to be paid for by the client. However, it is easy for rental companies to overlook damage or small paint chips when the car gets returned to them from a previous client.

So, the best thing to do is to take close-up pictures or a short video of the car as it arrives. Record even the smallest paint chips and dings that may be on the car’s exterior or interior. This will help you clear your point when returning the car and keep your invoice reasonable.

Read the Rental Contract Terms Carefully

Often, rental companies have maximum daily mileage allowances. Also, there might be some hidden charges. Keep in mind that toll charges and traffic violation costs always have to be paid by the client. Most of these get adjusted with your advance deposit.

So, make sure to read your rental agreement carefully. Going above and beyond the allocated daily mileage will incur heavy additional charges. Give it a thorough read and follow all the terms to get your deposit back.

Final Words

Renting cars in Dubai is a great experience. It will be even better if you follow all these mentioned tips and tricks. Faster Rent a Car is one of the finest car rental companies in the city. Make sure to get the best price deals by booking early. Get the best-suited car or SUV for your trip requirements. Keep in mind that sports cars or luxury cars are not the best fit for desert safari driving. Rent the right car for the right road trip to make your experience a smooth one.

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