4Patriots Survival Food Kit Reviews – Should You Buy or Waste of Money?

Is The 4Patriots Survival Food Kit Worth Your Money?

4Patriots is one of the popular brands on the market known for its different kinds of survival kits and other products that are specifically curated to help you cope with emergency situations. Their 3-month survival kit is one of the most-sought food kits in the past 25 years.

Throughout the years, they have maintained the premium quality of their products, which has helped them in selling more than 314,387 kits.

They have again restocked the 3-month survival kit and this time, it is for everyone. Over the past three years, the 3-month survival kit has been purchased by more than 497,429 consumers. All the 4Patriots Survival Food Kit Reviews speak satisfaction of the users and reflect the reliability and transparency levels maintained by the company.

Brand Name:



A survival products brand.

Brand Description:

4Patriots is a popular brand dealing in survival kits and products to help its consumers lead a good life during emergency situations.

Customer Reviews:

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Popular Product Name:

3-Month Survival Kit.

Product Description:

3-Month Survival Kit is a bestseller of 4Patriots offering 688 servings and 24 delicious recipes for your three-time meals.


25 years.

Money-Back Guarantee:

365 days.


  • One time: $697.
  • Monthly Instalment: $139.40.

Official Website:


Shipping Charges:

Free shipping.

Bonus Products:

Nine free bonus products.

Who Has Established 4Patriots As The Best Survival Kits Brand On The Market?

4Patriots was established with the aim of creating something real, unlike the soulless corporate structure of America. The company was started by Erin and Allen in Nashville, Tennessee, and they successfully outsmarted and revolutionized emergency disaster preparedness. The power couple is the winner of the 2021 “Entrepreneur Of The Year” award.

Over the years, 4Patriots have created a huge commercial base and have garnered thousands of customers. They are dedicated to helping their customers become independent and self-reliant by using their products in need of emergency. The company is not only a haven for all those people who are looking for high-quality disaster mitigation products but also a great place for people to work.

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Why Should You Go For The Survival Food Kit By 4Patriots?

The 3-month survival food kit by 4Patriots is the best food kit you can go for. It is not only prepared using the best flavors and ingredients but also packaged under great conditions to ensure that you receive the best food quality without any compromise.

As per many 4Patriot reviews, the 3-month survival deluxe food kit is always easy to store and use. They come in discreet and strong packaging, and the delivery is always prompt. Here, we will tell you about the major reasons you should go for the 4Patriot survival food kit.

Convenient Packaging

The advanced technology packaging of all the packages of the 3-month survival food kit helps you in storing the food securely and for the long term. The secret is in the state-of-the-art freeze-drying technology paired with a low-heat hydration method. This unique packaging method helps in making your food taste good and remain fresh even when stored for long months.

Perfectly Preserved Flavor

The triple-layer Mylar pouches help to protect your food’s flavors and freshness from getting damaged due to any kind of external factors. This premium packaging acts as a strong barrier between the food and outer factors like air, water, or humidity. The pouches are cold-sealed to keep them uptight and to prevent damage done due to the shelf-life-damaging heat.

In this way, all the food in the 3-month survival kit sustains the same taste and flavor with longer shelf life.

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688 Servings

The 3-month survival kit comes with delicious 688 servings that suit the tastebuds and flavors of everyone’s choices. You get a huge variety even at the time of emergency, and are able to eat something different every day.

Another interesting fact about this survival kit is that it has a generous shelf life of 25 years. Thanks to the advanced Mylar pouches and packaging process that are high-tech and the use of the high-capacity oxygen absorber that sucks out all the unnecessary air out.

If you keep the packages under favorable conditions that are explained on the official website of 4Patriot, then you will be able to enjoy delicious food for 25 straight years.

Free Bonus Gifts

You get nine free bonus gifts or products with the purchase of the 4Patriot 3-month survival kit. They are carefully designed to complement your food and help you get the best out of the deluxe kit.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

There are very few brands out on the market that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their food survival kits. 4Patriots is one of them. As per the majority of 4Patriots Survival Food Kit Reviews, the food survival kit has worked wonderfully for them.

The company assures and secures your purchase with two kinds of guarantee, i.e., a money-back guarantee and a 25-year shelf-life guarantee.

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What’s 4Patriots Survival Food Kit’s Secret To The Enhanced Shelf Life?

Here’s the secret to this product’s enhanced shelf life that makes it last up to 25 years:

Convenient Pouches

One of the secrets behind the enhanced shelf life of 4Patriots Survival Food Kit is the triple-layer Mylar pouches used for packaging. These pouches are made of a space-age material called Mylar, which is the same material used by NASA to make space suits. The Mylar pouches are designed to be sturdy and durable, able to withstand the rigors of an emergency situation.

These triple-layer Mylar pouches act as a barrier to protect the food from air, light, and moisture. These elements can harm the food and reduce its shelf life. By using the Mylar pouches, the food is protected from these harmful factors, ensuring its freshness and quality for an extended period.

Space-Age Technology

In addition to the Mylar pouches, 4Patriots Survival Food Kit utilizes high-tech, high-capacity oxygen absorbers. These absorbers are designed to suck out any excess air from the pouches.

Excess air can lead to the degradation of food and the growth of bacteria. By removing the excess air, the oxygen absorbers help seal in the food’s ultra-long shelf life.

The oxygen absorbers work by absorbing the oxygen present in the pouches, creating an oxygen-free environment. This absence of oxygen prevents the growth of microorganisms and helps preserve the flavor and nutritional value of the food for an extended period.

Perfectly Preserved Flavor

To ensure the food’s shelf life is maximized, the pouches are “cold sealed” to keep them airtight. Cold sealing is a method that avoids using heat, which can damage the food and reduce its shelf life. By sealing the pouches without heat, the food inside is protected from any potential heat-related deterioration.

The combination of the Mylar pouches, oxygen absorbers, and cold sealing technique ensures that the flavor, freshness, and nutritional value of the food in the 4Patriots Survival Food Kit are perfectly preserved.

This attention to detail in the packaging process helps to provide customers with high-quality and long-lasting food options for emergency situations.

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What Do You Get Inside The 4Patriot 3-Month Survival Deluxe Food Kit?

4Patriots 3-month survival deluxe food kit comes with a total of 688 servings that includes breakfasts, lunch, dinner, drinks, and dessert food options. You get the best variety prepared and packed under strict guidelines and preserved conditions.

The kit ensures that you get the necessary daily calories as it has been specially designed to supplement your body with the necessary nutrients and provide energy to survive in emergency situations. That being said, now let’s dive deep and look at the different varieties of food you get inside the kit.

Healthy Breakfasts

It is always essential to start your day with a good and healthy breakfast. It is hard to get many options in emergency situations, but 4Patriot has got you covered. In this 3-month survival kit, you get varieties of breakfast options:

  • Buttermilk pancake mix (16 servings/kit).
  • Grammy’s sweet oatmeal (64 servings/kit).
  • Potatoes O’Brien (16 servings/kit).
  • Sweetberry Creamy Wheat (32 servings/kit).

Lunch & Dinner Entrees

The 3-month survival kit ensures that you are not entirely dependent on unhealthy canned food materials. It has got something for everyone:

  • Frank’s favorite Alfredo (16 servings/kit).
  • Black bean burger mix (16 servings/kit).
  • Cowboy rice and beans (16 servings/kit).
  • Dinner bell broccoli bake (32 servings/kit).
  • Aztec chili with mango (16 servings/kit).
  • Ma’s homestyle chili mac (16 servings/kit).
  • Creamy rice and vegetable dinner (32 servings/kit).
  • Nonna’s best lasagna-style marinara (8 servings/kit).
  • America’s finest mac & cheese (8 servings/kit).
  • Spanish rice (64 servings/kit).
  • Heart stroganoff (16 servings/kit).
  • Nonna’s secret recipe spaghetti (16 savings/kit).

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Savory Soups & Sides

Soups and sides are always good time snacks and can lift your mood even in the low times. Here are the options you receive inside the survival kit:

  • Classic potato soup (16 servings/kit).
  • Fireside strews (32 servings/kit).
  • White rice (64 servings/kit).


There is no meal complete without a dessert, and that’s why the team of 4Patriots has added delicious options here too:

  • Old-fashioned chocolate pudding (16 servings/kit).
  • Wheatley-coated banana chips (16 servings/kit).
  • Old-fashioned vanilla pudding (16 servings/kit).

Stamina And Energy Drinks

You can easily replace your gross canned drinks with the delicious options offered here that don’t even need a fridge.

  • Heartland’s finest powdered milk (16 servings/kit).
  • Star spangled tropical energy drink (80 servings/kit).

All of these delicacies will help you in keeping yourself and your family well-fed and healthy in emergency situations.

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Is 4Patriots Survival Food Kit Designed for Discrete Storage?

One of the main concerns when it comes to storing survival food is the space it takes up.

Fortunately, the 4Patriots Survival Food Kit is compact and easy to store. You won’t have to worry about sacrificing valuable space in your home.

The kit comes in two water-resistant, slim-line 14-gallon totes with easy-carry handles..

Furthermore, the 4Patriots Survival Food Kit is designed to be discreet. You can store your stash just about anywhere without attracting attention. This is especially important in emergency situations where keeping your food supply hidden can be crucial for your safety.

Whether you live in a small apartment or a larger house, the compact nature of this kit allows for flexible storage options. You can easily slide it under your bed, tuck it away in a closet, or even store it in your garage without it taking up too much space.

What Are The Bonus Gifts Or Products That You Receive With The Purchase Of The Food Kit?

With your purchase of the 3-month survival kit, you get nine free-of-cost bonus gifts and products that will help you in leading a good life in critical situations.

  • Bonus 1 & 2 – Two Free New And Improved 72-Hour Kits
  • Bonus 3 – Free Victory Garden Seed Vault
  • Bonus 4 – Free Ultimate Survival Digital Library
  • Bonus 5 – Free Digital Meal Planning & Recipe Guide
  • Bonus 6 – Free Freedom Joe’s Survival Coffee
  • Bonus 7 – Free Bugle Boy Survival Cocoa
  • Bonus 8 – $25 Shopping Certificate
  • Bonus 9 – Free Shipping And Handling

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What Are The Customers Saying About 4Patriots Survival Food Kit?

Nancy who recently purchased the kit says, “uring a recent power outage that lasted for several days, I was incredibly grateful to have the 4Patriots Survival Food Kit on hand. The variety of meals included in the kit was impressive, and they tasted surprisingly delicious.

It provided me and my family with the peace of mind knowing that we had nutritious meals available even when the stores were closed. The packaging was sturdy and kept the food fresh for an extended period.

I highly recommend the 4Patriots Survival Food Kit to anyone looking for a reliable and convenient emergency food solution.”

Another loyal customer of 4Patriots says, “I recently took the 4Patriots Survival Food Kit on a camping trip, and I was thoroughly impressed.

The compact packaging made it easy to pack and carry, and the meals themselves were easy to prepare. The taste and quality exceeded my expectations, and the portion sizes were satisfying.

The variety of meals ensured that we didn’t get bored with our food options during the trip. It gave us peace of mind, knowing that we had a reliable source of nutrition in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

I highly recommend the 4Patriots Survival Food Kit to all outdoor enthusiasts and anyone who values preparedness.”

How Can You Purchase The 4Patriots 3-Month Survival Kit?

The most exciting fact about 4Patriot’s 3-month survival kit is that it comes at a very affordable price. The price has been put between a balance so everyone can afford the kit without it getting unevenly distributed.

You can easily purchase the 3-month survival kit from the official website of 4Patriots. It is the only exclusive place where you will find it. You can get it at a price of $697. You can either make a one-time payment or go for four easy, interest-free monthly payments of $139.40.

Another fact to be noted here is that the 3-month survival kit is solely being offered on a first-come, first-served basis. That’s why if you are looking to buy it for your family, then our advice will be to make a run because the stocks are running out fast.

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What Is The Money-Back Guarantee On The 3-Month Survival Kit?

Your purchase of the 4Patriots 3-month survival kit is secured with two guarantees. The first one is the 100% money-back guarantee of 365 days. If the food kit is not up to your expectations, then the company guarantees to refund your entire amount. There is no risk involved, and you can also keep the free gifts with you.

The second one is the 25-year shelf guarantee. Under this guarantee, if you open your food anytime in the next 25 years from the date of your purchase and find that they have been spoiled even after strictly following all the storage guidelines, then you can easily get a replacement. There will be no extra questions asked and the process will be quick.

Final Thoughts

All said, the 4Patriots Survival Food Kit is a reliable and comprehensive solution for individuals looking to prioritize their preparedness. With its diverse range of meals, long shelf life, and user-friendly design, this survival food kit offers peace of mind and convenience.

Remember, being prepared is not just about physical survival, but also about mental well-being. By having a reliable and versatile survival food kit like the 4Patriots, you can focus on what truly matters in challenging times – ensuring the safety and well-being of yourself and your loved ones.

Invest in the 4Patriots Survival Food Kit today and be prepared for whatever comes your way.

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