ENTRE Institute Reviews (Jeff Lerner) Should You Buy? Does It Work or Fake Hype?

ENTRE Institute is a dedicated and inspired group of individuals who are working together to transform the traditional educational system by offering an alternative innovative online education system that can unlock the potential of the students and make them successful entrepreneurs.

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ENTRE Institute


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Entrepreneurship, educational psychology, and personal transformation.

Who Is The Creator Of the ENTRE Institute?

Jeff Lerner is the founder and the creator of the ENTRE Institute. His story has inspired millions of people worldwide to pursue entrepreneurship. From being a broke jazz musician to an award-winning entrepreneur, he has come a long way. In the year 2019 started ENTRE Institute which is currently offering education to 2,50,000 students a year.

What Is The Story Behind The Inception Of ENTRE?

The story behind the inception of ENTRE Institute begins with the belief that entrepreneurship is the key to unlocking the best possible quality of life for individuals. Founders Jeff Lerner and Adam Whiting, both seasoned entrepreneurs, had been laying the groundwork for the company for over a decade before officially launching it in early 2019.

The idea for ENTRE Institute came to fruition when Jeff started sharing videos about his struggles with the modern education system. He received comments from people from all walks of life, expressing how traditional education had failed to prepare them for the challenges of the real world in the 21st century.

Recognizing the lack of clarity on how to succeed in the new economy, Jeff and Adam saw an opportunity to provide a disruptive approach to education in the digital age. They understood the transformative power of the information age but noticed that traditional educational institutions were slow to catch up.

With a vision to create an entire ecosystem of self-immersive education, ENTRE Institute aimed to go beyond teaching arbitrary concepts. They wanted to help students understand the “why” and “how” of success, and then support them throughout the implementation of what they learned.

Drawing from their collective experiences, the founders set out to bootstrap an online education company that would fill the gap in entrepreneurial education. Since its humble beginnings, ENTRE Institute has become one of the fastest-growing private education companies in the world.

To uphold their mission and vision, ENTRE Institute has established a system of core values that guide every member of the organization. These values empower students, staff, founders, and everyone involved to live by them on a daily basis.

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What Makes ENTRE Institute Different From Other Traditional Educational Institutes?

Different From Other Traditional Educational Institutes

ENTRE Institute is different from other traditional educational institutes in the following manners:

They offer a one-end solution to all entrepreneurs by offering their students education, coaching, community, software, and live events. It is complete in itself.

Their faculty consists of only those teachers who are already successful entrepreneurs, which offers the students to learn from the experiences of the entrepreneurs.

They focus on long-lasting results. Thus, their training does not only include professional help but personal and physical growth as well.

What Are The Various Components Of the ENTRE Ecosystem?

There are three components of the ENTRE Ecosystem. They give you a peek into the lives of people who are connected with the ENTRE Ecosystem.


Education is the best component of the ENTRE Ecosystem. It is fun, personalized, and transformational. It is quite the opposite of the traditional way of teaching. Here, the teaching methods are personalized and outcome-based.

They have assembled the top faculty members who are experts in entrepreneurship, educational psychology, and personal transformation. Additionally, those who teach are already successful in their lives which inspires the students to aspire and work for success.


The ENTRE Institute not only offers you skills, knowledge, and competitiveness but also the ENTRE family of thousands of individuals who care about you, and your success and will push you to become the best version of yourself physically, personally, and professionally.

They will be there cheering and supporting you when you start your journey. They will be there when you attain success.


The ENTRE Institute is focused on providing you with holistic and wholesome learning experiences. The learning is unlimited here. It is a mix of virtual and in-person modes. It also contains transformational live events that will leave you transformed forever.

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What Is The ENTRE Proven Process Of Guaranteed Success?

Everyone who starts on this path starts with a dream but only a few of them can attain it. And it is ENTRE vision to support those entrepreneurs with dreams and make them successful. ENTRE Institute has simplified the process and made it accessible to everyone who aspires to be successful instead of keeping it as an art.

The ENTRE proven process to enhance the performance of your firm and maximize output are as follows:


Discover Your Ideal Path

This step involves finding out what you are good at, what are your gifts, strengths, inclinations, likes, hobbies, skills, talents, favorite subject or field of study. Once you are done with self-reflection without letting it be clouded by the thoughts and biases of other people, you would know exactly what is worth striving for and what is best for you.

Take your time because this is one of the most crucial stages of success because you can not imitate someone and get successful. It is only through critical and objective reflection of your strengths and weaknesses, you will find your path.


Create Your Personalized Plan

Once you are sure what product or service you are manufacturing or rendering respectively, the next most important step is to draft a personalized plan accessing the current market demands and supply, other competitors, drawing budget and finance charts, and researching extensively about the procurement of capital goods for the company to begin.


Build Your Dream Life

When everything is drawn and marked on paper, it is then time to implement it and ENTRE Institute will guide you through it. It will prepare you such that you will be able to implement all your plans professionally and effectively.

The best way to do it is to keep evolving both plan and implementation strategies based on developments in market research, innovation, and the firm’s performance.

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What Are ENTRE Values That Make It Wanted In The Market?

The core value of ENTRE Institute is what makes it unique and distinguished in the market. The core values are mentioned below and it is the same for all students, staff, founders, and everyone. They have to adhere to it on a day-to-day basis.

They Live By Choice, Not By Chance

All those who are part of ENTRE are resilient and none of them let the problem trample them. Rather they make tough choices, work on the problem and find a way around it. But they do not let the problems define their or the institute’s destiny.

They Strive For Excellence

They are an inspired, visionary, and passionate group of individuals who are committed to making a difference in their lives and the world and they are fully aware that it can not be done overnight. So, they show up for work every day, set reasonable goals: physical, personal, and professional, and attain them.

They just make sure that they are performing better than yesterday.

They Are Obsessed With Improvement (In A Good Way)

All the individuals here are persistent and consistent in becoming a better version of themselves. They understand the value of change and keep up with innovation and human resources.

They Practice Thoughtful Communication

They among themselves support, appreciate, and celebrate each other’s differences, talents, skills, and perspectives. They maintain an ethical and professional atmosphere throughout and help each other overcome their weaknesses. They also maintain a healthy competitive attitude towards each other as colleagues.

Eagerly Do Hard Things Well

They do not run away from problems. They brainstorm and keep working on it until they find a way out of it. They do not run away or have an unhealthy or lazy attitude toward difficulties coming their way.

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They Take Daily Disciplined Action

No matter what happens, they are committed to their work or education as the case might be and thus, they show up irrespective of the negativity they might be feeling or thinking.

Move Fast, Learn Fast, and Grow Fast

They strongly believe that the key to success is speed. In this competitive world, if a person does not grow, and does not learn, he/she is bound to feel lost and will lose.

Attack Problem and Find Solutions

It gets in their DNA to attack the problem. They are visionary. They always keep their eyes focused on the end goal and thus, light problems on the way do not worry them because, with every step they take and every problem they solve, they are moving closer to their success.

They Build With Legacy In Mind

They believe that each member of the ENTRE Institute is important and everyone must leave a legacy behind because they are learned individuals who are also receiving training and participating in developmental programs. Thus, how their mind, body, and soul works is intriguing and should contribute something to society.

Finally, They Have Fun and Get Things Done

The best part about their team is they work very hard and keep working very hard without being tired because they are in love with their jobs. They love what they do and that makes all the difference in the world.

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Getting To Know The Team Of ENTRE Institute

Besides Jeff Lerner and Adam Whiting, the ENTRE Institute consists of:

Amber Lutui – Chief Of Staff

Amber Lutui has been an indispensable part of Jeff Lerner’s professional journey for over a decade. Initially starting as an executive assistant, she was quickly impressed with her skills and dedication, eventually becoming the Chief Operations Officer of Xurli, a digital agency.

Currently, as ENTRE’s Chief of Staff, Amber oversees the integration and coordination of various departments to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity. Her strong communication skills, meticulous organization, and remarkable determination have made her an invaluable asset to the team.

Joe Shurtz – Chief Marketing Officer

Joe Shurtz brings more than two decades of industry experience to his role as the Chief Marketing Officer of ENTRE Institute. With a commitment to excellence in everything he does, Joe has taken on the challenge of revolutionizing entrepreneurial education.

Serving as a driving force in ENTRE’s quest for innovation, Joe leverages his expertise to develop and implement cutting-edge marketing strategies.

David Brubacher – Chief Product Officer

David “Bru” Brubacher has an impressive background in the tech industry, having worked for various tech companies in Silicon Valley over the past 25 years. He was an early employee at Amazon and has also held positions at PayPal and LinkedIn. With his extensive experience across all aspects of product development, design, and company operations, Brubacher brings a wealth of knowledge to ENTRE Institute.

Todd Campbell – Chief Of Transformation

Todd L. Campbell is a seasoned trainer who has spent the last two decades traveling internationally to deliver live experiential growth seminars. With a strong desire to help people transform their lives for the better, Campbell has personally assisted over 25,000 individuals in making positive changes.

Campbell’s own journey as a survivor of stage 4 cancer has given him the resilience and determination to overcome obstacles. As a husband and father of three, he understands the importance of balance and the pursuit of one’s highest purpose.

His work as an international keynote speaker, life coach, and seminar instructor has allowed him to impact a diverse range of individuals, from high-level executives to cancer patients.

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Randy Saban – VP Sales

Randy has a deep-rooted passion for finding solutions that cater to underserved individuals in terms of both modality and affordability. While Randy appreciates traditional education, his focus has shifted toward tailored programs that offer the unique freedom of working from home or on a smartphone.

He believes in customizing our careers to fit into the amazing worlds in which we live, grow, thrive, and play. His contribution to ENTRE Institute lies in helping others uncover this new standard of living.

Janice Hosea – VP People

As the Vice President of People at ENTRE, Janice Hosea leads the organization’s people strategy. With over 20 years of experience in human resources, talent acquisition, and coaching, she collaborates with the senior leadership team to align ENTRE’s goals and strategies with its people.

Denise Foss – VP Student Success

Heading ENTRE’s Student Success teams and strategy, Denise Foss brings a wealth of experience to her role as Vice President of Student Success. Her career has taken her on an eclectic path, including a decade spent as a contemporary and theater dancer performing worldwide.

Darren Scott – VP Engineering

Darren Scott is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of technical leadership experience. Throughout his career, he has lent his expertise to renowned organizations such as the U.S. Navy, Viacom, Target, Wal-Mart, AT&T, Verizon, Novartis, Lilly, SchoolFusion/Blackboard, and Davita. His contributions have made a significant impact in the field of engineering.

Currently residing in Aurora, Colorado, Darren shares his life with his wife. Together, they continue to embrace the beauty of their home state while contributing their expertise to the growth and success of ENTRE Institute.

Devika Darbari – VP Business Operations

Devika Darbari brings a wealth of experience in combining technical, commercial, strategic operations, and people development skills to her role as the VP of Business Operations at ENTRE Institute. She has a proven track record of launching successful businesses from the ground up and maximizing commercial and corporate opportunities to accelerate business growth.

Devika kick-started her career in Product Management at Markit, a reputable data vendor in the financial services industry. Her exceptional performance led her to become a Board Member and CEO of JDX Americas.

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Know More About ENTRE Movement That Is Revolutionising Entrepreneurship:

The ENTRE Movement is an ongoing program started by ENTRE for like-minded people to connect virtually and share their stories and experiences so, together they can peacefully come out of this traditional system of education and embrace the revolutionized education system.

The existing system is comfortable but it prepares children and students for failure, not as entrepreneurs or leaders.

Thus, this movement is creating a difference in the world by awakening people and inspiring them to discover their real selves and live up to their full potential.

What Is the ENTRE Blueprint?

The ENTRE Blueprint contains the details of the course that ENTRE offers and transforms the lives of its students. It comprises the following:


The 3 P’s of fulfillment refers to pursuing fulfillment in every dimension of your life i.e. physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual because it is only when you are balanced in all, you will experience complete blissfulness and they teach you that.


With the help of these 3 business models, they help you understand everything about business that is more than sufficient to get started. So, even if you are a beginner and want to become an entrepreneur, this is exactly what you need. These models are:


  • Referral Business
  • Services Business
  • Legacy Business


Are There Any Jobs Available At the ENTRE Institute?

ENTRE Institute is looking for individuals who are aligned with its mission to replace traditional education with quality education that empowers and inspires a whole new generation of entrepreneurs.

The following are the jobs available at the ENTRE Institute currently:

Email Marketing Specialist: It is a remote job available in Las Vegas, Nevada. Click Here To Apply For The Job.

Senior Product Manager: It is a remote job available in Las Vegas, Nevada. Click Here To Apply For The Job.

Sales Advisor 2 Closer: It is a remote job available in Las Vegas, Nevada. Click Here To Apply For The Job.

Sales Advisor 2 Qualifier: It is a remote job available in Las Vegas, Nevada. Click Here To Apply For The Job.

What Are The Perks Offered By The ENTRE Institute Other Than Handsome Money?

ENTRE Institute cares for its employees. It shows the capitalistic world that a professional company can be profitable along with providing multiple benefits to its employees.

Some of the benefits offered by ENTRE Institute to its employees are mentioned below:

ENTRE Institute offers Medical, Dental, and Vision plan options to its employees and their eligible family members.

They share their profits with their employees. The employees can choose between Profit Sharing or Performance Bonus programs either one for themselves depending upon job and performance.

They provide their employees with opportunities for continuous growth and development and keep promoting them based on their performance.

They have a generous office expense reimbursement program that will help the employees get whatever they need to make the office more comfortable, so they can work joyfully and comfortably.

They offer Employee Benefits Program that covers Health Care FSAs, Life Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Short and Long-Term Disability Insurance, Adoption Assistance, Health Savings Accounts, and an Employee Assistance Program.

They also offer an ‘unlimited’ PTO Policy” which gives the employees time to relax in between work hours and come back refreshed and rejuvenated.

All the employees get a 25% discount on all items sold at ENTRE’s Company Store.

How To Get In Touch With ENTRE Institute?

The fastest way to get in touch with the Institute is via their customer service hotline number, which is (844) 552-8801.

You can also send an email with all of your concerns or questions to [email protected].

Final Words On ENTRE Institute Review

Upon arriving at the end of the article, we can conclude that ENTRE Institute is the future of the education industry. At the pace at which the world, industries, and businesses are growing, we need a revolutionized education system that prepares students for the competition.

Ultimately, the ENTRE Institute teaches us Success is not just about money. But it is about the mindset that can be developed with the right teaching which means anyone can be successful who wants to be.

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