Lasta Fasting App Reviews – Should You Buy? Does It Work or Fake Hype?

Suppose you are looking for a customizable weight loss program that works regardless of your current weight, body type, or weight loss goal. Lasta App is an all-in-one fitness platform that provides expert-led resources to help you attain long-term weight loss. It is suitable for individuals with busy schedules and those who don’t have time to hit the gym.

Keep reading the following Lasta App review to learn more about the platform.

What is Lasta App?

Lasta App is a platform that helps women attain their weight loss goals. It has science-backed methods to boost overall wellness and give lasting results.

The app enables you to cultivate self-awareness, rethink nutrition, and take action. It contains guidance, learning resources, meal plans, trackers, affirmations, and lifestyle suggestions for better living. Lasta App is all you need to empower you to transform your health.

The platform provides the best weight loss tips at your fingertips and a supportive community to give the necessary motivation for long-term weight loss. Lasta App incorporates psychology, human learning, and technology to promote fitness, manage stress and improve overall health and wellness.

The makers of the Lasta App combine cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindful eating to create a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for all women. The app includes an intermittent fasting tracker, mood tracker, healthy meal plans, expert health and fitness advice, a water intake tracker, and more.

With Lasta App, you get a customized meal plan, fasting plan, and trackers that give you a holistic view to attaining your ideal weight. The app is user-friendly and enables you to handle everything at your pace.

How Does Lasta App Work?

Lasta App combines psychology, human learning, and technology to transform your health and body. It clears all the stress from your mind, keeping you healthy for weight loss.

Once you download the app, you must answer an online quiz containing 30 questions. The quiz section helps reprogram your lifestyle, dietary habits, and results. It enables you to get a customized diet plan and calculates whether you are overweight, underweight, or within the normal range.

Lasta App has various trackers, including water tracker, weight, Fasting, step, and mood, enabling you to identify the specific habits and patterns that cause weight gain. The platform provides a new approach to nutrition and allows you to use it to fuel both your body and soul.

The platform provides expert-led advice that offers the proper guidance for sustainable weight loss. The personalized program allows you to shift your focus from losing weight to creating a perfect synergy across your mind and body.

The Features of the Lasta App

The all-in-one weight loss platform has the following unique features:

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Psychology

This feature uses a scientific approach to give you a new way of thinking about emotions and eating habits. It enables you to practice healthy behaviors and learn new skills for lasting wellness. It addresses awareness, emotional health, and skill set. The feature has the following:

  • 30-day guided course in CBT and healthy living
  • The audio format of the program
  • Meditations
  • Resources
  • 24/7 customer support

Mindful Eating

The makers of the Lasta App ensure you have the best relationship with food and mindful Eating. The feature provides mind-body environment resources that give you guidance to eat healthily. It has numerous resources, inspiration, and exercises, giving you greater awareness. The feature limits emotional Eating and gives you greater satisfaction in healthy eating.

Intermittent Fasting

The effective weight loss method controls your eating patterns, heals the body, prevents aging, reduces inflammation, and promotes overall health and wellness. Lasta App makes intermittent fasting easy by providing learning resources on how to do it right and meal prepping. It has different fasting hours for beginners and advanced users.

Here are the different intermittent fasting methods:

  • Beginner (12:12, 13:11. 14:10, 15:9)- it involves more than 8 hours of eating and allows you to customize your meals
  • Advanced (16:8, 17:7, 18:6, 19:5) – you only have 4-8 hours to overeat. Break your fast with vinegar-dressed salad or oil.
  • Professional (20:4, 21:3, 22:2) – it involves two days of intermittent Fasting in a week, and the rest you eat whatever you want. However, it is advised to eat a balanced diet.

Lasta App offers the following intermittent fasting meal plan:

  • 7-day intermittent Fasting lasts seven days and helps regulate blood sugar and reduce inflammation.
  • 10-day intermittent Fasting– the 10-day Fasting resets your metabolism, promotes fat loss, and simplifies your diet
  • 14-day intermittent Fasting– the Fasting goes for two weeks and aims at resetting your metabolism, supporting digestion, and improving mood
  • 21-day intermittent Fasting– it is the best duration to kickstart your weight loss journey and enjoy the benefits, including increased energy levels

Meal Planning

Lasta App provides customizable meal plans for your weight loss journey. You will find diets like keto, paleo, vegan, and more. The feature helps determine top meal plans whether you want to lose weight, get in shape, or become healthier.

You can choose your favorite plan based on your preference and needs. Registered dieticians create meal plans in Lasta App, allowing you to explore various foods to make your body and soul happy.


Lasta App has the following trackers:

Water tracker- the program helps you monitor your daily water intake. You can customize the standards, including liters, cups, or bottles. The feature has goal tracking over weeks, months, and years. The tracker helps you to start drinking more water and change your life for the better.

Weight tracker- Lasta App enables you to manage and lose weight. It allows you to track various lifestyle habits and how they affect your weight, either negatively or positively. The goal of the weight tracker is to guide you and provide motivation in your weight loss journey. The weight tracker has the following:

  • Personalized weight loss plan
  • Custom goal-setting
  • Accountability reminders
  • Nutrition and activity tracking
  • Content and resources
  • 24/7 customer support

Fasting tracker- Lasta App provides a fasting tracker to help monitor your fasting schedule and keep you motivated.

Step tracker- Lasta App helps keep track of your steps whether you are walking, running, or working out. It gives you a sense of accountability, allowing you to reach your daily step count goal. The tracker provides the total number of daily steps, distance covered, and calories burnt daily.

Mood tracker- the tracker helps document your emotions and provides resources to help improve mood and balance emotions and lifestyle. The mood tracker can help identify the triggers that affect your mood and tips to enhance your mental health. It has the following:

  • One-click daily check-in
  • Space for journaling notes
  • Mood journal statistics over weeks, months, and years
  • Emotional guidance in-app
  • Customer support 24/7

The Benefits of the Lasta App

  • Lasta App provides personalized plans depending on your needs and preference;
  • The platform helps enhance both your physical and mental health;
  • The app tracks your mood and provides tips to live a stress-free life;
  • With Lasta App, you get various meal plans to aid your weight loss journey;
  • Lasta App prevents the risk of lifestyle diseases, including heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and more;
  • You can track your progress using fasting, water, weight loss, mood, and step trackers;
  • Lasta App gives you access to a community of like-minded people that gives you a sense of accountability and motivation;
  • Lasta App provides sustainable weight loss results;
  • The platform gives comprehensive information on intermittent Fasting and how to go about it;
  • Lasta App can improve your relationship with food and help you practice mindfulness.

Lasta App Fast Results

How to Use Lasta App

The app has a user-friendly interface suitable for everyone who wants to lose weight, improve fitness, and reduce stress. You start by answering a 60-second quiz to help get customized plans.

The app calculates your BMI, fat intake, and calorie deficit, contributing to your weight loss journey. The quiz helps identify your diet, lifestyle, body type, and weight loss goal.

Lasta App enables you to quickly handle any nutritional or lifestyle change at your own pace. It allows you to state realistic and attainable goals to reduce pressure and make you enjoy the journey. You can use the program at any time without any assistance or equipment.


  • The fasting app is ideal for everyone;
  • The platform has customizable plans depending on your needs and preference;
  • Lasta App is a digital program that is compatible with both IOS and Android devices;
  • The Lasta App has a user-friendly interface;
  • The program is flexible, allowing you to go at your pace;
  • Lasta App uses science-backed methods to enhance your weight loss goal and overall health;
  • Lasta App has over 100,000 active users and 37,000 installs.


  • Lasta App requires a commitment to attain sustainable weight loss goals;
  • Users may experience different results depending on their current weight, weight loss goal, shape, body type, level of commitment, and more.

Pricing and Money-Back Guarantee

You can download a Lasta App on App Store or Google Play for both IOS and Android devices. Here are the available subscriptions:

  • One-month plan at $9.99 per month
  • Annual plan at $59.99 per year (equivalent to $4.99 per month)

Lasta App comes with a 100% money-back guarantee that allows you to use the platform for 30 days. If you fail to notice results within one month, feel free to request a complete refund.

Customer Reviews

Lasta App has a 4.8 out of 5 rating based on 143,345 verified customers. Here are some of the reviews from the website:

Kiara says, “I first tried Lasta 3 months ago, but I gave up losing weight due to a breakup. After a while, my emotional state improved, I stopped feeling sorry for myself, haha. I realized that life is one, and now is the time for my glow-up! I’m still completing the 21-day fasting plan, but I can already see noticeable results. I’ve lost 6.6 lbs. and hope this is not the limit.”

Scot claims, “Very simple to get started, easy to track wait and monitor your water consumption. Nice graph of weight entry. Flexible with fasting times to suit individual needs. Some great recipes I discovered in here.”


Lasta App is a fitness program that helps you attain sustainable weight loss. It combines psychology, human learning, and technology to promote fitness, weight loss, and overall health.

The app offers customizable plans that enable you to attain the best results based on your needs and preference. It provides several weight loss methods, including intermittent Fasting, meal planning, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindful Eating.

The methods in Lasta App are science-backed and recommended by fitness experts. It has trackers for water, weight, Fasting, steps, and mood to help monitor your progress. The app allows users to take control of their health and well-being. The platform keeps you accountable by giving you access to a community that has people with similar goals.

The customer service team is available round the clock; you get quick responses whenever you have an issue. Lasta App is free for download on App Store and Google Play Store.

Visit the official Lasta App website to kickstart your weight loss journey.

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