On Demand Erections Review – Is Ronald Ramos’ Program for Men Legit or Scam?

Erectile Dysfunction, or ED, is a common problem in most aging men. Issues at any stage of the erection process indicate you may have ED.

There are numerous treatment protocols claiming to fight ED. Some require users to use specific equipment, such as pumps, while others demand exercising the penile muscles. Millions of men depend on sexual enhancers to keep an erection.

On Demand Erections is a step-by-step guide comprising natural methods of reversing erection dysfunction. How does the system work? How effective is the protocol? How long should you follow the program?

What is an On Demand Erections System?

The Demand Erections program is a systematic approach designed to combat erectile dysfunction from the root. The program is the creation of a US-based researcher Ronald Ramos. The guide provides users with natural methods of fighting and reversing Erectile Dysfunction.

Ronald Ramos warns that the On Demand Erections is not a one-day ED elimination fix. Instead, the users must follow specific steps to combat the sexual issues from the source.

The On Demand Erections system has four components that can help men regain their sexual health naturally. The program does not require supplements, exercises, or harsh drugs. Instead, it uses a holistic approach that demands healthy choices to fight toxins and nourish the reproductive organs.

On Demand, Erections is marketed for any man having problems with erections. It can help men achieve normal and hard erections on demand. Similarly, it can aid men in maintaining the hard-on for desired durations.

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How Does On Demand Erections System Work?

The Demand Erections system is science-based. The developer states that it consists of four components designed to fight sexual issues from the source. How does it work?

Step One: Eliminate Possible Causes of ED

On Demand Erections creator asserts that ED has numerous physical and emotional causes. Chronic erectile dysfunction can affect the emotional stability of most men. The inability to perform in bed can result in many issues.

Common causes of erectile dysfunction include diabetes, hormonal imbalance, hypothyroidism, too much alcohol consumption, relationship issues, obesity, stress, performance anxiety, and sleep issues, among other causes. Some dietary choices, such as high-salt and high-oil diet, surges the threat of developing erectile problems.

Ronald Ramos recommends eradicating the common causes of ED to start reversing the condition. The on Demand Erections program recommends eliminating salt and oil from the diet. The two ingredients prevent optimal blood flow to the penile region and suck moisture out of the reproductive organs.

Step Two: Promote Natural Detoxification

The On Demand Erections program advocates for a full-body detox to amplify the function of various sexual organs. According to Ronald Ramos, toxins reduce blood circulation, nutrient absorption, and sexual health.

On Demand Erections contains informative methods for enhancing natural detoxification. The developer suggests eliminating certain foods and beverages, including salt, sugar, alcohol, and processed oil. Instead, Ronald recommends consuming natural antioxidants such as berries, nuts, spices, green tea, coffee, and vegetables.

Antioxidant-rich foods counter oxidative stress, thus minimizing disease risk. Plant-based prebiotics, including bananas, garlic, onions, artichokes, and tomatoes, can amplify the digestive, detoxification, and immune systems.

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Step Three: Rebuild and Rejuvenate Sexual Organs

On Demand Erections maker argues that erectile dysfunction does not occur overnight. The symptoms start worsening with time. It is essential to rejuvenate and rebuild the sexual organs to eliminate ED. Some natural methods that restore organ health include regular pelvic floor exercises, combating obesity, and eating the correct diet.

Other habits that rebuild the male sexual organs include managing stress, fighting depression, and augmenting sleep quality.

Step Four: Rebalance the Body pH

The On Demand Erections program suggests rebalancing the body’s pH to reverse Erectile Dysfunction. The creator argues that an alkaline body supports healthy blood circulation. In addition, balanced pH endorses nourishing reproductive tissues, organs, and organ systems.

Excess acidity depletes essential minerals and vitamins, weakening bones and muscles. Rebalancing the body’s pH can balance various hormones, including testosterone. It can increase sexual stimulation, erection quality, and overall sexual wellness.

In summary, On Demand Erections uses a holistic and systematic approach to augment male sexual health. It is simple and ideal for men of all ages.

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What is Inside the On Demand Erections Program?

The developer of On Demand Erections claims the program has undergone extensive research. The step-by-step protocol uses multiple approaches to reverse and fight erectile dysfunction and other sexual issues in men of all ages. What is inside the program?

The Detox Protocol

The body has an elaborate system to clear toxins in the body. The liver is among the most important organs that aid in fighting and removing harmful substances from the body. The on Demand Erections program maker argues that the modern man is exposed to excess pollutants from food, the environment, and chemicals. The excess toxins overwhelm the detoxifying organs making it hard to eliminate all the contaminants.

The On Demand Erections guide contains an entire chapter educating men on the best detoxifying methods. These include adopting healthy eating habits, fasting regularly, and minimizing environmental exposures.

Eating probiotics and antioxidants strengthens the detoxifying organs amplifying toxin removal processes. The On Demand Erections program suggests eliminating processed foods, oils, and salt to support detoxification. Further, drinking enough water at regular intervals facilitates the body to eliminate harmful substances through sweat and urine.

The detox protocol amplifies blood flow to the reproductive organs. It strengthens the arteries and veins, growing blood circulation and nutrient absorption. Detoxification balances the pH and hormones increasing sexual stimulation, sexual urges, erection quality, and orgasms.

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Causes and Remedies of Erectile Dysfunction

There are myths and non-factual information surrounding the cause and treatment of erectile dysfunction. Most men believe the condition is irreversible and is manageable only through the usage of certain drugs.

Men can develop chronic ED at any age. Stress, health problems, and poor dietary habits raise the possibility of developing sexual problems. Some of the prominent signs and symptoms of ED include:

  • Difficulty maintaining a hard and strong erection throughout the sexual encounter
  • Struggle getting an erection
  • Delayed ejaculation
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Inability to achieve erection even after adequate stimulation (anorgasmia)

On Demand, Erections suggests using natural remedies to fight ED. Some of these include simple kegel movements to strengthen the pelvic floor. Yoga can stimulate optimal blood circulation and alleviate stress, thus boosting sexual stimulation and erection intensity. Natural herbs such as horny goat weed, Maca, Korean ginseng, arginine, zinc, and Yohimbe can improve blood flow, stabilize hormones, amplify cellular health, and improve male sexual health.

Reversing Erectile Dysfunction

The On Demand Erections guide educates men on the best methods of reversing ED and maintaining these results. The developer argues that enhancing the heart, t-levels, sleep quality, and mental health can reverse ED. In addition, reducing extra weight and staying fit boosts blood flow and increases organ functions.

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Benefits of the On Demand Erections System

  • On Demand Erections is a natural and non-invasive method of treating, reversing, and eliminating erectile dysfunction.
  • It can fight various sexual issues in men, including the inability to orgasm on demand and premature ejaculation.
  • It can support detoxification and cell rejuvenation
  • It may improve mental health
  • The On Demand Erections may help beat lifestyle issues, including sleep problems and obesity.
  • It can promote healthy aging
  • It can increase sexual satisfaction
  • It can boost erection intensity, strength, and size

Pros and Cons of the On Demand Erections System

Pros Cons
The On Demand Erections protocol s natural, non-invasive, and science-based


It does not involve using pumps or other sex-enhancing equipment, supplements, or drugs.

It uses a holistic approach involving dietary and lifestyle transformations to gain benefits.

It advocates for healthy living offering long-term solutions unlike most advertised ED remedies.

On Demand, Erections requires users to make complete lifestyle and dietary changes to benefit from it.


You can only acquire the protocol only via the official website.

Pricing and Availability

The On Demand Erections program is available only through the official website. According to the developer, customers get immediate access to the protocol and the bonuses after payment approval. Customers’ details are 100% secure.

Refund Policy

Ronald Ramos offers a 60-day triple money-back guarantee. He notes that customers that find the On Demand Erections unsatisfactory can request 100% repayment.


Demand Erections Bonuses

19 Plant-based Smoothie/Juice Recipes: Certain vegetables and fruits are clinically proven to fight erectile dysfunction. The eBook by Ronald Ramos provides the reader with 19 easy-to-create smoothie recipes to combat erectile dysfunction and other sexual issues in men.

19 Plant-based Smoothie recipe: Fights ED by stimulating healthy blood circulation, strengthening the arteries, and boosting nitric oxide levels. The plant-based juices can improve hormone levels, support libido, and improve erection size and quality.

Plant-based Food Recipes: Oil, Salt, and Sugar-Free: Ronald Ramos warns that most sexual issues in men result from consuming processed sugars, salt, and oil. These three ingredients wreak havoc in the body, slowly reducing sexual health.

Excess sugar intake increases the risk of developing obesity. Salt and artificial oils reduce arterial health and blood flow to the required organs. The On Demand Erections program warns that oil makes the blood heavy preventing it from flowing smoothly to different regions.

The Plant-based Food Recipes: This is a cookbook that can help you make tasty and nutritious foods free from salt, oil, and sugar. Ronald Ramos states that healthy foods can reverse ED and amplify overall wellness.

3 Stamina Secrets for Longer Sex: The digital guide provides men with three proven techniques for boosting stamina and increasing sexual performance. Simple exercises that grow endurance, flexibility, strength, and balance can help you last longer in bed. Paying attention to your partner can turn you on or slow you down, making the entire encounter pleasurable. Alternating paces and talking about sex beforehand make the activity enjoyable and satisfactory.

Super Bonus – ED Elimination Meditation: Ronald Ramos argues that the super bonus is based on ancient meditation techniques that support male sexual health. The book reveals traditional yet effective methods of fighting sexual issues in men.

The ED Elimination Meditation: Can boost blood movement, stimulate calmness, and raise sexual desire. You can perform the meditation technique at home without any hassles.

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The On Demand Erections by Ronald Ramos is a systematic protocol designed to fight erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems. It has four components requiring complete dietary and lifestyle transformations to treat, reverse, and eliminate ED.

The developer suggests eliminating oil, sugar, and salt from the diet and performing certain exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor. Using the On Demand Erections protocol can improve erection quality, blood circulation, mental health, and overall male wellness.

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