PectaSol Reviews – Real Ingredients or Serious Side Effects Warning?

PectaSol is a modified citrus pectin supplement available as a powder, capsule, or chewable tablet.

By taking PectaSol daily, you can purportedly reverse stress-induced diseases by targeting a “sticky stress molecule” – and it’s not adrenaline or cortisol.

Does PectaSol work? How does PectaSol fight back against stress-induced diseases? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about PectaSol and how it works today in our review.

What is PectaSol?

PectaSol is a nutritional supplement formulated by Isaac Eliaz, MD, and the team at EcoNugenics.

Dr. Eliaz developed PectaSol to combat America’s stress problems. Most people deal with stress daily, and it’s getting worse for many. It’s an ordinary part of life. Unfortunately, stress can kill you.

By taking one scoop, one capsule, or one chewable tablet of PectaSol daily, you can target a “sticky stress molecule” inside your body linked to chronic illness. That stress molecule is not adrenaline or cortisol, but it’s been related to stress and health problems. It’s called Gal-3, and levels of Gal-3 rise as you get older.

Each serving of PectaSol contains a clinical dose of modified citrus pectin (MCP), a particular type of fiber linked to health and wellness. Whether mixing it as a powder or taking PectaSol as a daily tablet or chewable, you can enjoy the effects of modified citrus pectin throughout your body.

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PectaSol Benefits

PectaSol is a type of modified citrus pectin backed by formal scientific research and developed by a medical doctor.

PectaSo Pricing

Here are some of the benefits of taking PectaSol, according to the manufacturer:

  • Target Gal-3, a stress protein affecting health throughout your body
  • Reduce physical and cognitive stress
  • Support healthy immune function and inflammation
  • Backed by clinical trials and peer-reviewed research
  • Support the health of cells throughout your body
  • Formulated by a medical doctor

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How Does PectaSol Work?

PectaSol works by targeting your body’s levels of “stress plaque.”

When you’re under high levels of stress, your body accumulates levels of stress plaque. The more stress plaque you have, the greater your risk of type 2 diabetes, inflammation, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, chronic infections, and other health issues.

The makers of PectaSol describe the stress plaque as an “ancient survival alarm.” It used to play a critical role in our fight or flight response, helping us respond to emergencies when stressed. Today, that same molecule causes more health problems than it solves.

By taking PectaSol, you can deactivate the ancient survival alarm, lower levels of stress plaque, and support your body’s natural defense against stress-related diseases and illnesses.

PectaSol Targets Gal-3, the Sticky Stress Molecule

Plenty of supplements target cortisol, adrenaline, and other well-known stress molecules. However, PectaSol targets a different molecule: Gal-3, the sticky stress molecule.

Gal-3, according to the makers of PectaSol, “is like a billion sticky sand spurs in your body.” It causes congestion around your body, including plaque buildup around your vital organs.

As your levels of the stress protein, Gal-3, increase, your health worsens. It can impact your physical and mental health. Because it’s a stress protein, it changes the way you think. According to the makers of PectaSol, Gal-3 impacts cells throughout your body, including the cells in your heart, kidneys, liver, immune system, and brain.

However, the biggest problem with Gal-3 is that it acts like glue. It sticks to your arteries, vital organs, veins, fat deposits, and joints.

When you’re young and healthy, your body can easily clean up your Gal-3, wiping the Gal-3 away when you experience stress to rejuvenate your body as needed. As you get older, however, your Gal-3 levels rise, and your body increasingly struggles to recover.

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PectaSol Uses a Super Fiber from Citrus to Dissolve Decades of Buildup

PectaSol Uses a Super Fiber from Citrus

Gal-3 buildup is an inevitable part of aging. As you get older, your levels of Gal-3 tend to rise, creating plaque around your organs and in every cell of your body.

Fortunately, PectaSol was designed to help. Each serving of PectaSol contains a single “super fiber” ingredient derived from citrus fruit. According to the makers of PectaSol, that ingredient can “dissolve decades worth of buildup & damage” to your body caused by Gal-3.

That fiber, as you may have guessed from the name of PectaSol, is pectin. Pectin is a common type of fiber found in fruits. Many nutritional supplements contain pectin to help cleanse the body.

According to the makers of PectaSol, however, citrus pectin is particularly effective against Gal-3. It helps to cleanse Gal-3 from your body while eliminating decades of buildup and reversing decades of damage.

PectaSol is described as the “only Gal-3 blocker available on the market.” Using the power of pectin fiber, PectaSol can block the effects of Gal-3 in your body.

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How Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) Works

The superstar ingredient in PectaSol is modified citrus pectin (MCP).

Other nutritional supplements contain pectin. However, PectaSol is one of the few using this particular type of pectin, which may be extra effective against Gal-3 and different buildup.

Here’s how MCP works to fight back against Gal-3 and stress while rejuvenating your body:

Modified citrus pectin is a natural ingredient derived from citrus fruit peels. For example, it’s naturally present in lemon, line, and orange peels.

The makers of PectaSol use an advanced laboratory process to shrink the pectin molecule to a smaller size, making it easier for your body to absorb. Your body can absorb pectin more efficiently, allowing it to deliver active effects throughout the body.

As pectin enters the body, it can “bind to and block Gal-3,” according to the makers of PectaSol. Gal-3 is the sticky stress hormone mentioned above, and it’s been shown to cause significant health effects throughout the body – especially after decades of buildup.

By binding to and blocking Gal-3, PectaSol can purportedly support healthy inflammation and overall health in the long term.

MCP can also support brain, bone, and skin cells, among other vital processes throughout the body. Because Gal-3 impacts cells all over your body, eliminating Gal-3 can support a range of benefits – from mood and cognition to energy, endurance, and immunity.

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PectaSol Ingredients

PectaSol has a single active ingredient: PectaSol-C modified citrus pectin. There are no other listed active or inactive ingredients.

For example, each scoop of PectaSol powder consists of around 5g of formula and 5g of modified citrus pectin. While other supplement companies add fillers, binders, and preservatives, PectaSol appears to genuinely consist of a single active ingredient. However, the tablet and capsule versions of PectaSol contain additional inactive ingredients to form the tablet or capsule.

PectaSol-C Modified Citrus Pectin: PectaSol is a proprietary type of modified citrus pectin created by EcoNugenics. It’s a highly concentrated version of citrus pectin, unlike the citrus pectin found in ordinary supplements. EcoNugenics has reduced the molecular size of citrus pectin for superior absorption, helping your body enjoy the active effects of citrus pectin more effectively. The supplement has been designed to support healthy cells and aging by targeting Gal-3, a stress protein linked to health problems. By cleansing the “sticky” stress protein from your body, PectaSol-C modified citrus pectin could promote overall health, wellness, and anti-aging.

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Scientific Evidence for PectaSol

PectaSol was formulated by Dr. Isaac Eliaz, a medical doctor (MD) and integrative medicine specialist. This gives the supplement added legitimacy over other nutritional supplements formulated by non-medical experts. Additionally, Dr. Eliaz and the formulation team cite numerous studies validating the effects of PectaSol and the pectin fiber inside the supplement. We’ll review that evidence below.

First, Dr. Eliaz summarizes 75 studies on pectin and modified citrus pectin linking it to various effects throughout the body. Those studies have led to results like:

  • Five individual case studies on modified citrus pectin have shown an average reduction of 74% in heavy metal toxicity without side effects
  • Modified citrus pectin has been proven to support healthy inflammation by blocking Gal-3
  • Modified citrus pectin can support cardiovascular function and overall heart health

In one study involving 8,000+ people, those with elevated levels of Gal-3 were 3x more likely to die from different causes; PectaSol works by combatting Gal-3.

Studies show many centenarians (people living over 100) have lower levels of Gal-3 than those in their 60s and 70s who didn’t live as long.

Some studies have connected modified citrus pectin to oncology nutritional support in clinical and preclinical settings.

Most of these studies take place specifically on PectaSol – not a separate formula with different concentrations. Most studies also use an identical dose and pay attention to what we see in the PectaSol powder, capsules, and chewable tablets.

One of the most influential studies on PectaSol was published in Nutrients in 2021. Researchers analyzed the effects of modified citrus pectin in patients with non-metastatic biochemically relapsed prostate cancer. The study involved 59 patients who took PectaSol-modified citrus pectin for six months. At the end of the study, researchers found patients taking PectaSol had significantly better responses to treatment and a reduced likelihood of disease progression. Because of the results of this study, some people believe modified citrus pectin could inhibit cancer.

Overall, PectaSol is a doctor-formulated supplement featuring an ingredient backed by considerable scientific evidence. Studies show taking the modified citrus pectin in PectaSol daily could support overall health and wellness in a significant way.

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PectaSol Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

PectaSol has strong reviews online from customers who have used the supplement to address a range of concerns – from general immunity concerns to complex health issues.

Here are some of the reviews shared by verified purchasers on the official website:

  • One customer described PectaSol as a “great purchase” for helping with her inflammation. After taking PectaSol for just ten days, she feels “easier in [her] body, and [her] breathing feels less restricted.”
  • Other customers report a noticeable energy boost and improved sense of well-being after taking PectaSol.
  • Some customers complain about the mixability and dissolvability of PectaSol powder, but most people find it mixes well and is easy to drink daily as part of a health regimen.
  • Some customers have left reviews after using PectaSol for specific diseases and illnesses. For example, one customer describes how PectaSol helped with his chronic autoimmune issues. He found PectaSol was effective for “maintaining reasonably good energy levels” and getting on with his ordinary life. His autoimmune disorders stemmed from workplace exposure years ago, and PectaSol is one of the few things that helped.
  • One customer claims PectaSol improved her chronic fatigue and pain after ten days of use, providing noticeable relief. She had experienced chronic pain and fatigue for over 20 years and had spent over $100,000 trying to solve the problem. She claims PectaSol is the only product that reliably works.

PectaSol has endorsements from naturopaths and other medical professionals. One naturopath recommends PectaSol to patients because she has seen “a huge difference in the health and overall wellness” of her patients after using PectaSol.

PectaSol has an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon with 1,230+ reviews, with many customers agreeing the supplement works as advertised to support whole body health. Many customers were skeptical that PectaSol would work, only to be impressed by the results.

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PectaSol Pricing

PectaSol is available in the form of powder, capsules, or chewable. It’s also available flavored or unflavored and in different sizes and quantities. Pricing varies based on the delivery mechanism and number of servings you order.

PectaSol Pricing

Here’s how pricing works when ordering PectaSol online today:

PectaSol Powder (Unflavored or Lime Infusion)

  • Small Tub (30 Servings): $54.95
  • Large Tub (90 Servings): $119.95

PectaSol Capsules

  • Small bottle (90 Capsules): $44.95
  • Large bottle (270 Capsules): $86.95

PectaSol Chewables

  • Standard bottle (120 Chewables): $67.95

Detox Rescue Bundle

  • 1 x Bottle of PectaSol (30 Servings) + 2 x Bottles of GlyphoDetox: $199.95

The more bottles you order, the more you save. PectaSol is available in 3-pack or 6-pack packages as powders, capsules, or chewables at a discounted rate per bottle.

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PectaSol Refund Policy

PectaSol has a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with the results of PectaSol, or if the supplement did not work for you, you can request a complete refund within 30 days.

About EcoNugenics

EcoNugenics is a supplement company led by Dr. Isaac Eliaz, a medical doctor (MD) and integrative medicine specialist.

Dr. Eliaz studied natural healing practices for decades to put people in control of their health. Today, he emphasizes therapies that create a deeper mind-body connection.

Dr. Eliaz is the author of the bestselling book, The Survival Paradox. He’s also the founder and medical director of Amitabha Medical Clinic & Healing Center in Santa Rosa, California.

You can contact EcoNugenics and the PectaSol customer service team via the following:

  • Phone: 1-800-521-0160
  • Mailing Address: 396 Tesconi Court, Santa Rosa, CA 95401, USA
  • Email: [email protected]

EcoNugenics is best known for its PectaSol formula. However, the company also makes popular supplements like PADMA Basic, ProstaCaid, PectaClear, HonoPure, GlyphoDetox, and MycoPhyto Complex.

Final Word

PectaSol is a modified citrus pectin supplement designed to target levels of a stress protein called Gal-3.

Gal-3 accumulates in your body as you age, leading to health problems. By targeting Gal-3, PectaSol can promote overall health and wellness in multiple ways throughout the body. The supplement is backed by clinical trials in formal research settings.

To learn more about PectaSol and how it works or to buy PectaSol online today, visit the official website.

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