The Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmune Summit Review (DrTalks) Online Event Details

Neurological diseases have dire, life-changing repercussions. These typically include mobility problems, fatigue, vision, numbness, tingling, etc. Multiple sclerosis is one such example. According to a study conducted by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, about one million people in the United States live with multiple sclerosis. That’s a lot of people living with poor quality of life and no real hope of relief.

While it is true that there are many alternative and conventional forms of treatment for multiple sclerosis, alas, not all of them are readily accessible. Thankfully, our editorial team came across a summit organized by a medical professor and patient of multiple sclerosis looking to provide expert insight on managing the disease. This is where it is fitting to introduce The Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmune Summit.

What is The Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmune Summit?

The Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmune Summit Free 7-Day Virtual

The Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmune Summit is a free 7-day virtual conference providing educative and researched strategies for dealing with diseases such as multiple sclerosis. The speakers are experts in this field and believe their experiences can help guide people in alleviating symptoms such as fatigue, pain, visual issues, anxiety, and depression, to list a few. Dr. Terry Wahls, the host of this summit, while also wearing the hats of a clinical professor of medicine, author, and determined secondary progressive multiple sclerosis patients, she believes there are a lot of things to take away from The Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmune Summit.

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Who would disagree, seeing how she used her knowledge to overcome MS and brought on 40 others with insightful information on neurological diseases? By the end of it all, she insists people will have regained optimism and confidence in their health. Most importantly, she wants this summit to have sufferers say firmly, “I can handle this. I can get my life back on track. I can have a full and wonderful life”. Bearing everything in mind, it’s time to look closer at the summit’s schedule.

What is the schedule for The Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmune Summit?

Over 40 renowned experts from MS-related fields have agreed to share their knowledge. We are talking about neurologists, nutritionists, mental health professionals, and many who have firsthand experience with MS and have devised plans to help their patients. If the impressive roster of speakers weren’t enough, the topics are equally jaw-dropping. Below is a snippet of how the summit will progress from day to day:

schedule for The Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmune Summit Speakers

Day 1: Mitochondrial Energy, Healing, Brain Health & More

The first day of this summit starts with Dr. Terry Wahls with a welcome talk highlighting her journey and struggle with secondary multiple sclerosis. Her life changed with this diagnosis; now, she is determined to share exactly how she overcame the condition. In fact, her quality of life is said to have improved only after discovering certain diet and lifestyle changes that even shocked her physicians.

To wrap things up, she will go over her recovery routine, which supposedly allowed her to go from being unable to sit up to biking 18 miles in one year.

Speaking of leading an energetic life, Ari Whitten will take the stage and unearth the relationship between fatigue and mitochondrial health. He will present findings on how mitochondrial efficiency declines with age and its consequences on quality of life. To end his segment, Ari will provide some tips on how to renew the mitochondria and build more energy.

Next up, Dr. Isaac Eliaz will start his segment on how to heal and break the bad cycle of neurodegeneration properly. He will do so by providing details on what cells need to survive, what can lead to brain damage, and how galectin-3 may lead to inflammation and scarring.

Furthermore, individuals will learn how to heal inflammation using modified citrus pectin and eliminate heavy metals. As some final key takeaways, he will spend time on the negative effects that stress may have on disease acceleration while emphasizing the role exercises (such as meditation) can have as a counter effect.

Justine Stenger will follow suit and share what she knows about myelin production and its decline with age. She will dive deeper into the importance of making sure the biochemical bank accounts are filled and highlight the role of phospholipid replacement in myelin production. She will finish off by uncovering the roles that bile and other acids play in healthy aging, along with the role of butyrate in immune and brain health.

Dr. David Perlmutter is excited to share his piece surrounding brain health and vitality. He will highlight the importance of microglia and how it is essential for healthy brain function. From there, he plans to shed light on the significance of diet and lifestyle and how they can either balance or create an imbalance of microglia. Before handing over the mic to the next speaker, he plans to introduce nitric oxide in heart and brain health while providing tips on how to improve these levels.

Getting to the heart of the summit, Dr. Mark Hyman will present the significance of heavy metals (namely mercury), and how it may increase the risk of MS and other neuroimmune issues. He will reveal the common mercury, lead, and arsenic exposure sources. Finally, he will reveal tips he believes will certainly reduce the risk of heavy metals exposure and help detoxify the body.

Staying on topic, Dr. Jeffrey Bland will expound further on the significance of nutrition in managing MS symptoms. To make his case, the expert will introduce vitamin D and cod liver oil’s roles on immune function and how these sources can influence genes, ultimately influencing the severity of diseases like multiple sclerosis. He will then focus his attention on clinical care and what should and shouldn’t be included in one’s diet.

The day will end with Dr. Dale Bredesen, who plans to bring awareness to cognitive decline and overcome its associated symptoms. Moreover, he will dive into neurodegenerative diseases and how it’s a pan sport in biomedical therapy. He will also ensure he stresses the involvement of the therapy in liberating oneself from agony. Finally, he will cover the basics of one approach that supposedly led to the first reversal of cognitive decline.

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Day 2: Gut Health, Immune Function, & Bone Health Among Others

The second day starts off strong with Dr. Terry Wahls, who will be uncovering the process of developing her signature, the Wahls Protocol. Her goal is to elaborate on the details of how this program is meant to identify and address the environmental factors that lead to MS and other autoimmune diseases. Before passing the mic over to the next speaker, she will pinpoint exactly how The Wahls Protocol helps those with poor brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerve functioning.

Switching gears, Jocelyn Strand will discuss the connection between microbiomes in the mouth and intestines and the negative impact mouthwash and foaming toothpaste can have. She will continue by doing a deep dive into how bad mouth bacteria can increase the risk of developing MS and other neuroimmune diseases. Lastly, she will reveal tips on how to rebalance the immune system for better overall health.

When asked to speak on immune health, Mason Bresett was one of a couple of experts to show so much passion for the area. For the purposes of this summit, he plans to educate the masses on the importance of mushrooms, their influence on the immune system, and their neuroprotective efficacy. He will reveal the top mushroom compounds deemed beneficial for those with MS, which help with anxiety and depression, along with other neurological and psychiatric diseases.

Kevin Ellis will go next and highlight how one can overcome bone loss and build stronger bones. He will provide information on what foods are known to lead to poor and better bone density, essential vitamins for healthier bones, and possible exercises that limit the risk of poor bone density.

The first duo of the summit, Dr. Stuart Nunnally and Dr. Lane Freeman will join forces in bringing awareness to dental health issues and their effect on autoimmune problems. They will speak about the significance of dental restorative materials in increasing the risk of neuroimmune problems and the risks that root canals and wisdom teeth removals have on immunity. Lastly, they will provide their perceptions (and tips) on how to reduce periodontal disease and where to find a holistic dentist.

Next up, Dr. Marco Ruggiero will take over to introduce the notion of consciousness levels and how one can awaken them for better healing. Along the way, he will bring up the impact of bacteria, fungi, and viruses on one’s consciousness. To bring things together, the expert insists that people need to understand microbes’ role in cancer and neurological diseases.

Yet another speaker on immunity and microbiome health, Dr. Elisa Song, will drive home key messages on the three Ms: microbiome, mitochondria, and mindset, and their impact on immune function in children. This is a topic rarely brought up in society, making her talk all the more intriguing. In what remains of her segment, the expert plans to cover tips on how to help children build a strong mindset and microbiome to protect their immune health ultimately.

The last expert speaker of the day, Darin Ingels, will cover therapies reckoned to promote enhanced healing for those with MS. He will tackle this some more by bringing up hyperbaric oxygen therapy and how it might lead to improved brain recovery and low-dose and sublingual immunotherapies for a calmed immune system. He will proceed by discussing the benefits of fecal microbial transplant on managing MS and wrap things up with the benefits of acupuncture.

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Day 3: Electrical Stimulation, Nervous System Recovery, & Exercise

As with the first two days, the third and every other thereafter will start with Dr. Terry Wahls, but this time the topics revolve around diet and self-care. She will provide tools she developed to help people change their outlook on diet and self-care while providing a list of available resources and protocols that people can resort to.

Next, we have Garrett Salpeter, who will pick at people’s brains by introducing neuroplasticity and the altering nature of the brain. The latter includes topics such as the electrical stimulation of muscles and how it can increase benefits in neuroplasticity and the benefits of walking for further stimulation.

On the topic of healing, Dr. William Pawluk will share his viewpoints on how electromagnetic fields can be used for better health and wellness, particularly for nervous system damage reversal. At the same time, he will pinpoint the differences between PEMFs and EMFs and how each can be used to their full efficiency, especially for multiple sclerosis management and other neurological diseases.

Brian Richards plans to share everything he knows about healing. This includes photobiomodulation for mitochondrial and immune function improvements, the benefits of red light and near-infrared light on cellular processes, and why sweating and heat shock proteins might improve cell function. It is important to note that his suggestions are suitable for all people, regardless of how sensitive some people might be to heat.

Dr. Gretchen Hawley will take the direction of the talk to functional exercises and their ability to increase walking capability. She plans to drop pointers on healthy blood sugar levels, optimal stomach acid, and bile flow levels for improved health and inflammation control. The last of the topics she has in store for her segment is the relationship between intermittent fasting and inflammation.

Dr. Rosalind. C Kalb plans to shed light on wellness for individuals and their families. Specifically, she wants everyone to realize why wellness is important, and a much-needed step should be in everyone’s treatment plan for diseases such as multiple sclerosis. As with most of the speakers, Dr. Kalb will also provide tips and tricks on overcoming MS symptoms, why movement helps boost happiness, and how people can help others meet wellness standards.

Up next, Trevor Wicken will educate the crowd on what “movement as medicine” really means and why it is important. He will provide information on how those with physical disabilities, such as being dependent on wheelchairs, can also start their journey of finding movement that works for them. Lastly, he will uncover strategies to access movement instruction and support.

Debra Atkinson, the last speaker of the day, will shed light on the benefits of exercise on neuroimmune conditions. It is critical to find a trainer who understands MS. From there, she will spend some time overcoming fatigue, neuroimmune conditions, adapted exercises, and many others.

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Day 4: Essential Oils, Hormone Balance, Sex & Fertility

To start, Dr. Terry Wahls will cover everything there is to know about health coaches and how they can help people achieve goals. She will also share her experiences as a health coach while delving into how one particular researched behavior change model can transform lives.

Jodi Sternoff Cohen will follow suit and feature essential oils, which she insists are fundamental for any MS recovery journey. Jodi’s arguments in favor of essential oils will include discussing the relationship between essential oils and MS, their ability to calm the nervous system, and potentially rid the body of toxins. Her segment will also provide individuals with solutions, which might be in the form of mushroom powders and tinctures.

Moving onto the next speaker, we have Dr. Margaret Christensen, an expert on hormones. She hopes her segment will open conversations on estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone, the trio’s impact on brain health, and steps for optimal restoration of hormone levels. Sex with MS is the next topic on the schedule. Sharon Stills plans on going over the steps to restoring sexual interaction, hormonal balance, and increasing sensual and sexual intimacy.

Dr. Cleopatra Kamperveen will spend more time on fertility to build on Sharon’s talk. Specifically, she will emphasize how those with multiple sclerosis have higher rates of infertility and provide strategies to improve the odds of having a successful pregnancy and delivery. She will then conclude her segment by speaking about epigenetics and its role in getting women pregnant.

Going back to hormones, Dr. Dian Ginsberg will share her take on estrogen and progesterone and how they might influence the brain and heart. She hopes to bring to light testosterone’s role in protecting the brain, how to identify the impact of hormones on MS and the need for hormonal balance. Next, Jessica Drummond will reveal the connection between immune health and endometriosis and how to achieve optimal immune health, leading to better overall health. Lastly, she will cover steps to developing the ideal treatment plan.

To conclude the day, Dr. Anshul Gupta will focus his talk on the thyroid and its impact on the brain. He will educate the public on Hashimoto’s, the common condition, and its associated symptoms. He will also demonstrate how those with MS have higher chances of thyroid disease and why individuals must include certain nutrients for regaining thyroid health. Other topics he has planned for his segment include toxins and the different ways they might influence one’s health.

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Day 5: Healing, Anxiety and Pain, Inflammation & much more

For the fifth day of the summit, Dr. Terry Wahls plans to cover standard care for patients with MS and diet and lifestyle changes for recovery. She will highlight how conventional research methods to change standards of care typically takes 30 years, making it is a slow road to alteration. To cut the timeframe, she will share what she believes are viable options available to all.

Following that, Dr. Mahida Saeed will begin her segment by divulging in how sleep and gratitude may improve immune function and overall health. Naturally, individuals can anticipate listening in on the whys of meditation, mindfulness, and laughter. Finally, she will reveal how to manage cost and time when it comes to improving diet for the entire family.

While on the topic of improving health, Dr. Folake Taylor will start with the warning signs of MS and the path to recovery. Interestingly, she also has a few words to share on pain points and sources of disease for African Americans with MS. Talks on mindset will reappear here as well since the expert strongly believes it will help.

Up next, Cynthia Thurlow will do a deep dive into how fasting strategies may improve metabolic health and reduce inflammation. She will demonstrate the differences fasting has on women and men and who is considered a good candidate for fasting, among others. Also speaking on a diet is Patty James, namely in terms of healthy eating and making it a family endeavor.

Trudy Scott intends to discuss the prevalence of anxiety in MS patients and how traditional medication can bring issues to these people. Her experience suggests that those with MS typically lack GABA, which is critical for treating anxiety, insomnia, and spasms. Finally, she will explain why lowering endorphin and serotonin levels can lead to pain and how using amino acids can address this.

Inflammation is a hot topic, and Dr. David Jockers aims to shed light on the issue by revealing foods that accelerate it. He will highlight the root causes of inflammation and how maintaining blood sugar levels can be a key step in managing it. Like others in this roster, Dr. Jockers will also share his opinions on intermittent fasting for proper stomach acid and bile flow.

The last speaker of the day, Dr. Nicole Apelian, spent time on the steps to treating MS with medicinal mushrooms and how the aforesaid will go as far as influencing the immune system and brain health. She will also touch upon self-care tips that might help manage MS, such as diet changes and the use of herbal medicines, among others.

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Day 6: Cell Therapy, Autoimmunity, Sleep & More

To motivate people MS, Dr. Terry Wahls decided to start the sixth day with some inspirational stories from people who benefited from The Wahls Protocol while sharing her own personal struggles with MS. Dr. Kenneth Sharlin will follow suit and begin his segment on stem cell therapy’s potential in treating neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis. He will reference clinical studies and research on stem cell therapy to make his points.

Up next, Dr. Deanna Minich will speak about the benefits of sleep and the effects it may have on autoimmune diseases and mitochondrial function. For those looking for detailed explanations, Dr. Minich will provide information on melatonin’s dietary and supplemental usage. While on the topic of sleep, Christine Schaffner will divulge to the audience the importance of sleep and its role in clearing toxins from the brain and photobiomodulation and neck massages for improving the body’s ability to remove toxins.

Moving away from sleep, Dr. Tomas Moorcroft will start conversations on the different ways infections trigger autoimmunity and how self-care might be a prominent way to treat it. He will also reveal how certain toxins and infections can elicit similar symptoms as well as sympathetic and parasympathetic responses for optimal. Finally, Dr. Moorcroft will explain a simple three-minute routine for maximum MS recovery.

Following that, Dr. Austin Perlmutter will discuss inflammation in the brain that can be linked to depression, immunity, and mood. He will also speak about the relevance of exercise on brain plasticity, depression, and reversing brain inflammation. He will conclude with information on how dietary improvement and movement can help with MS relapses caused by anxiety.

Dr. Cheng Ruan will expand on the brain with information on the latest technologies for maximum functioning. He will explain how to use a home device to train the brain and improve memory and overall cognition to get the message across. Finally, he will cover the relationship between oral and brain health.

Dr. Keesha Ewers will change the course of the summit by focusing on trauma and its impact on autoimmunity. Not only will she demonstrate the connection between trauma and autoimmunity, but she will also show how the link might induce MS. She will conclude by touching upon the Freedom Framework, a tool to help people navigate and heal from trauma.

Finally, we have Dr. Miles Nichols, who will speak about bowel dysfunction in MS patients. He will outline the root causes and provide tips to overcome issues like constipation while emphasizing treatment options to help with diarrhea or constipation to improve the quality of life for those with multiple sclerosis.

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Day 7: Triggers of Autoimmunity, Neuroimmune Issues, Brain Health & More

The last day will be equally rewarding to attendees as the final set of speakers will induce curiosity in everyone. For instance, Dr. Terry Wahls plans to re-emphasize diet and lifestyle changes and how research in this domain is large and long. She will walk everyone through the differences between diet and drug studies to simplify things.

Jumping into autoimmunity, Dr. Jill Carnahan will discuss biotoxin illness and how this type of illness has a variety of symptoms. Along the way, she’ll reveal means of diagnosing these diseases and understanding the steps to improve quality of life and health. On the topic of toxins, Dr. Datis Kharrazian will outline the differences between chemical immune reactivity and chemical load. He will discuss how finding chemical immune reactivity is important in treating and dealing with neuroimmune issues. He will end his timeslot by revealing the clinical management of chemical immune reactivity and how it can lead to improved health.

Wendy Myers is next in line. Her segment focuses primarily on four heavy metals that have the most influence on the immune system and their connection to MS. Other topics include the use of binders for the detoxification of heavy metals, the top three methods of detoxification, and how to measure one’s toxicity levels.

Right off the bat, Tom O’Bryan will distinguish protective autoimmunity from predictive autoimmunity, and knowing the difference helps to strengthen brain function. He will speak about how the brain is an early indicator of the body’s degeneration process. He will end by divulging in the “Smell Test” as a tool to evaluate brain health and highlight the importance of testing for identifying root causes for brain inflammation.

Titus Chiu will continue on brains by beginning his segment on head trauma and its connection to MS. He will highlight the importance of protecting the blood-brain barrier. He will introduce the concept of a “leaky brain” and its correlation to multiple sclerosis. He will reveal some tips and tricks to heal and protect the blood-brain barrier, thereby potentially reducing the risk of multiple sclerosis.

Bringing back hormones is Dr. Felice Gerch, whose goal is to dig further into estrogen and its role in multiple functions in the body. She will uncover where the body produces estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone while discussing oxytocin’s protective role in the brain. The last of the topics on her agenda is realizing perimenopausal symptoms and what can be done to manage them.

Dr. Aly Cohen will take the talk back to brains for a moment to unearth rheumatologic conditions and their neuroimmune effects and, as always, some tips on how to manage certain diagnoses. She will disclose how important water is as a management tool for emanating toxins that have rheumatologic conditions. Finally, she will speak about tips to improve brain health when it comes to rheumatologic conditions.

The last speaker of the summit’s last day is Dr. Dayan Goodenowe, with his speech on how to protect nerves and the mitochondria with plasmalogens. He plans to spend a considerable amount of time on the importance of myelin on nerve health and how mitochondrial insufficiency is common among those with MS. To conclude, he will reveal ways to bring myelin production back up and explain the significance of plasmalogens in nerve and mitochondrial health.

How much does it cost to access The Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmune Summit?

The Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmune Summit is free for a set amount of time. However, consumers can also sign up for premium access with lifetime access to the episodes, and a number of bonuses are available at a one-time price of $197. This includes:

  • On-demand access to all interviews from The Multiple Sclerosis & Neuroimmune Summit;
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As for the bonuses, individuals will be getting the following:

schedule for The Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmune Summit Books Bonuses

  • Bonus #1. Short Circuits In Your Nervous System from Terry Wahls;
  • Bonus #2. Targeted Supplements for Neuroimmune Patients from Terry Wahls;
  • Bonus #3. Detox Your Glymphatic System for Neuroimmune Disorders & MS from Christine Schaffner, ND;
  • Bonus #4. Beat Bone Loss: An Autoimmune Guide to Building Stronger Bones from Kevin Ellis;
  • Bonus #5. Notes on Leaky Brain & MS from Titus Chiu, MS, DC, DACNB;
  • Bonus #6. Top 10 Antioxidants for MS from Folake Taylor, MD;
  • Bonus #7. Harnessing the Power of Medicinal Mushrooms for MS & Autoimmunity Plus from Nicole Apelian, Ph.D.;
  • Bonus #8. PEMFs for Pain & Inflammation from William Pawluk, MD, MSc;
  • Bonus #9. Inflammation Crushing Smoothie Guide from David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS;
  • Bonus #10. 21 Ways to Prevent & Reverse An Autoimmune Brain on Fire from Keesha Ewers;
  • Bonus #11. 7 Delicious Foods That Will Help You Reduce Inflammation from ecoNugenics;
  • Bonus #12. Near-Infrared, The Science Explained from Brian Richards;
  • Bonus #13. Cellular Foundation for MS Support from BodyBio;
  • Bonus #14. Changing The Standard of Care & Philanthropic Support for Innovative Research from Terry Wahls, MD;
  • Bonus #15. Efficacy of Diet on Quality Of Life In MS Study from Terry Wahls;
  • Bonus #16. First Chapter of Minding My Mitochondria (2nd Edition) from Terry Wahls;
  • Bonus #17. Introduction & First Chapter of the Wahls Protocol from Terry Wahls;
  • Bonus #18. Introduction & Sample Recipes from the Wahls Protocol Cooking for Life from Terry Wahls;
  • Bonus #19. My Favorite Recipes from The Wahls™ Diet App from Terry Wahls;
  • Bonus #20. Behavior Change Tips from The Wahls Protocol® from Terry Wahls;
  • Bonus #21. Wahls™ Diet Cheat Sheet from Terry Wahls;
  • Bonus #22. What is Your Mission? From Terry Wahls;
  • Bonus #23. 5 Science-Backed Secrets for Better Sleep from Austin Perlmutter;
  • Bonus #24. Using PEMF Devices for the Management of Neurological Disorders & Pain Conditions from William Pawluk;
  • Bonus #25. I’ve Been Exposed to Mold – Now What? from Jill Carnahan;
  • Bonus #26. Outsmart Endo Belly Book from Jessica Drummond;
  • Bonus #27. The First Survivors of Alzheimer’s from Dale Bredesen;
  • Bonus #28. Unexpected Chapter 1: Step Outside The Lines from Jill Carnahan;
  • Bonus #29. Pain As Your Sacred Messenger from Sharon Stills;
  • Bonus #30. Foot Drop Mobility Exercises from Trevor Wicken;
  • Bonus #31. Transformational Health Guide from Kenneth Sharlin;
  • Bonus #32. How Heavy Metals Cause Brain Fog & Poor Brain Performance from Wendy Myers;
  • Bonus #33. Healing Recipes From Around the World from Madiha Saeed;
  • Bonus #34. How to Use Amino Acids like GABA & Tryptophan to End Sugar Cravings from Trudy Scott;
  • Bonus #35. 25+ Delicious Functional Mushroom Recipes to Improve Your Health from Mason Bresett;
  • Bonus #36. Recharge & Revitalize from Thomas Moorcroft;
  • Bonus #37. How to Heal A Cavity Naturally from Trina Felber;
  • Bonus #38. IF Start Guide from Cynthia Thurlow;
  • Bonus #39. 6 Supplements to Rebuild Myelin from Darin Ingels;
  • Bonus #40. 5-Day MS Strength Challenge from Dr. Gretchen Hawley;
  • Bonus #41. Constipation & MS eBook from Dr. Miles Nichols;
  • Bonus #42. 10 Tips to Maximize Your Hormones & Minimize Effects of Neuro-Immune Brain Dysfunction from Dian Ginsberg;
  • Bonus #43. Hormone Optimization in Neurodegenerative Disease from Dian Ginsberg;
  • Bonus #44. The Food Preparation Guide from Deanna Minich;
  • Bonus #45. Harnessing the Power of Neuroplasticity to Restore Function from Garrett Salpeter, Mandy Jacques & Mishayla Twyman;
  • Bonus #46. Parasympathetic Activation Strategies For Autoimmune Symptoms from Jodi Sternoff Cohen;
  • Bonus #47. The Hidden Cause of Aging + Chronic Diseases by Isaac Eliaz;
  • Bonus #48. The Top 11 Fertility & Pregnancy Supplement Mistakes to Avoid in 2023 & Beyond from Dr. Cleopatra Kamperveen.

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Final Thoughts

The ultimate goal of the Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmune Summit is to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis, one of the most severe immune-mediated diseases now sweeping the globe. Throughout this seven-day summit, people will discover how to take easy actions to free themselves from typical MS symptoms, including vision issues, numbness, discomfort, weakness, low energy, sexual dysfunction, and cognitive impairment.

As someone who not only went through it herself but overcame it and helped others do the same, Terry Wahls is passionate about the cause and found this opportunity very much fitting. Along with discussing the origins and symptoms, this summit goes above and beyond by offering suggestions for individuals who may have given up hope and motivation. All-in-all, The Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmune Summit presents a thorough visual of the condition, making it a great source for learning.

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