VitaHear Plus Reviews – Should You Buy Vita Hear Plus or Ingredients with Side Effects?

VitaHear Plus is an ear health and hearing supplement featuring a blend of natural, organic ingredients.

By taking two capsules of VitaHear Plus daily, you can purportedly reclaim healthy hearing, stop hearing loss, and restore confidence. The supplement is made by US-based Freedom Health.

Is VitaHear Plus legit? Can VitaHear Plus really support hearing? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about VitaHear Plus today in our review.

What is VitaHear Plus?

VitaHear Plus is a nutritional supplement developed by Freedom Health to support healthy hearing.

Marketed primarily to people dealing with hearing loss, symptoms of deafness, or tinnitus, VitaHear Plus claims to “put a halt to your ever increasing hearing loss issues” and “eliminate feelings of loneliness caused by hearing loss,” among other benefits.

VitaHear Plus was developed by two former tinnitus sufferers: medical researcher Pete Caldwell and Irish doctor Dr. Joseph Barnes. Together, the two created a blend of natural ingredients linked to tinnitus relief and improvements in hearing.

Each bottle of VitaHear Plus is priced at $69 and comes with 30 servings (60 capsules). You take two capsules daily to support healthy hearing. All purchases come with a 60 day moneyback guarantee.

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VitaHear Plus Benefits

VitaHear Plus is designed to be the ultimate hearing support supplement. Some of the benefits of VitaHear Plus, according to the official website, include:

  • Stop hearing loss issues and reclaim healthy hearing
  • Fight back against tinnitus, white noise, and other sounds in your ears
  • Restore confidence and regain full capability
  • Eliminate feelings of loneliness caused by hearing loss
  • Organic, vegetarian-friendly, GMO-free, gluten-free, BPA-free ingredients
  • 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee

How Does VitaHear Plus Work?

Typically, you need surgery, hearing aids, or other solutions to reverse hearing loss. Can taking a supplement really restore healthy hearing? How does VitaHear Plus work?

The ingredients in VitaHear Plus work together to support healthy hearing in different ways. Many of these ingredients are antioxidants that target free radicals throughout your body. Free radicals cause inflammation, and high levels of inflammation can make it difficult for your ears to function as they normally would.

Other ingredients in VitaHear Plus work in more specific ways. Some target ear hair cells, for example, that have become damaged over time to impede hearing. Your ear hair cells play a crucial role in the hearing process. They translate sounds from the outside world into vibrations and electrical signals, then send those signals to your brain. Your ear hair cells can become physically damaged over time, leading to hearing loss, deafness, and general hearing problems.

By targeting inflammation and ear hair cells, VitaHear Plus can help with overall hearing and fight back against tinnitus. Many people take VitaHear Plus specifically to help with tinnitus. If you have a whirring, whooshing, dinging, or ringing sound in your ears, then you could be experiencing tinnitus. In some cases, tinnitus is caused by inflammation and ear hair cell damage, and targeting this damage can improve overall ear health.

By taking two capsules of VitaHear Plus daily, you can purportedly reverse hearing loss problems, restore healthy hearing, and restore confidence.

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VitaHear Plus Targets the Root Cause of Tinnitus & Hearing Loss

You can find other ear health supplements sold online today. Many supplements contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other ingredients to support healthy hearing. So what makes VitaHear Plus unique? Why take VitaHear Plus over competing supplements?

According to the official website, VitaHear Plus targets the root cause of tinnitus and hearing loss more effectively than other supplements. Here’s how the manufacturer, Freedom Health, describes the formula:

“This simple method goes straight to the root of the problem and rebalances the entire system, allowing you to naturally strengthen the ear-to-brain connection so your hearing improves, in a safe, organic way.”

Over time, your ear-brain connection can become disrupted, leading to hearing loss issues. If your ear hair cells are damaged, for example, or if inflammation is interfering with signals between your ears and brain, then you could experience tinnitus or general hearing loss issues.

By taking two capsules of VitaHear Plus daily, you can purportedly fight back against hearing loss and tinnitus and eliminate the root cause. Instead of simply treating symptoms of the issue using products like hearing aids, you can target the root cause for lasting relief.

Who Created VitaHear Plus?

VitaHear Plus was created by medical researcher and former tinnitus sufferer Pete Caldwell. Pete is 58 years old and lives in Laurel, Maryland. He specializes in epidemiology research, and he’s worked in the medical field for his whole life.

Although Pete isn’t a doctor, he did work with a doctor (Dr. Joseph Barnes of Ireland) to develop VitaHear Plus.

One day in the classroom, Pete started to experience a debilitating ringing noise in his ears. The ringing wouldn’t stop. It was the first sign of a condition that would transform Pete’s life: tinnitus.

The ringing continued for weeks. Pete tried hearing aids, natural remedies, herbal supplements, and other products. Nothing worked.

Eventually, Pete’s tinnitus became so bad that he decided to commit suicide. Here’s how Pete describes the day he tried to commit suicide:

“One day, when the sounds were at their loudest…I climbed onto the roof of my two-story house…Betraying God, and ready to end it all…I counted down to my last breath, 3…2…1…And just as I was about to jump off the roof and end my life…I caught my sweet daughter Ashley from the corner of my eye…Balling her eyes out and waving me to stop.”

Depressed and confused, Pete realized there must be a natural cure for his tinnitus. Using his decades of medical research experience, Pete started to research natural cures for tinnitus from around the world.

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Pete’s Ears Were Perfectly Healthy, According to Multiple Tests

After attempting suicide, Pete met up with a colleague and friend named Dr. John Cooper.

Pete describes Dr. Cooper as “the best doctor in my city” and “a good friend” and colleague from his university.

Dr. Cooper conducted a series of tests on Pete, including an audiogram, a connected speech test, and hearing tests. Pete’s ears, however, were perfectly healthy.

Despite experiencing severe symptoms of tinnitus that would not go away, Dr. Cooper did not have a solution for Pete. Instead, Dr. Cooper prescribed a series of anti-stress medications to Pete in the hopes of relieving symptoms of tinnitus.

Unfortunately, the prescribed pills did not work for Pete’s condition, so he continued to conduct more research on the root cause of tinnitus.

Pete Worked with Dr. Joseph Barnes to Create VitaHear Plus

Pete Caldwell, original creator of VitaHear Plus, does not claim to be a doctor or certified medical specialist. However, he did work with a doctor to develop VitaHear Plus.

After attempting suicide, Pete met a man named Dr. Joseph Barnes in an attempt to relieve his tinnitus.

Dr. Barnes is an Ireland-based doctor who is 100 years old. He has won awards for his alternative therapies.

Pete sat down for dinner with Dr. Barnes, and Dr. Barnes told Pete crucial insight about the root cause of tinnitus – and how Pete could easily cure his condition using natural ingredients.

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Tinnitus is Caused by Miscommunication in the Brain

During their tinner, Dr. Barnes and Pete discussed the root cause of tinnitus – and how natural ingredients could eliminate the root cause to grant permanent relief.

Here’s how Dr. Barnes describes the root cause of tinnitus:

Dr. Barnes conducted “experiments on the brain” of tinnitus sufferers and found a common cause across all patients: chronic inflammation of nerve cells.

As you age, the nerves and tissues in your brain become inflamed, leading to increased pressure in your skull.

This increased pressure reduces the communication between brain cells – and between your ears and your brain. It causes a communication network failure across your ear-to-brain wire, leading to hearing problems.

Other side effects of the condition include memory loss, brain fog, and headaches – in addition to the ringing, whirring, or whooshing in the ears caused by tinnitus.

After conducting tests on brain cells, Dr. Barnes found certain natural ingredients could reverse the issue, targeting inflammation in the brain to eliminate the root cause of tinnitus and other hearing problems.

VitaHear Plus Heals the Brain to Fix the Root Cause of Tinnitus

VitaHear works in a four-step process to fix the root cause of tinnitus: inflammation in the brain and nerve cells.

Here’s how it works, according to Dr. Barnes and Pete Caldwell:

Step 1) Your Hearing Starts to Clear: After taking the natural ingredients in VitaHear Plus, “your hearing starts to clear,” according to Dr. Barnes’ research. You’ll notice the ringing or whooshing sound growing quieter and your hearing start to improve. Your nervous system calms down, leading to increased improvements in tinnitus symptoms.

Step 2) Your Mind Restores to Its Normal, Quiet Self and Your Hearing Improves: For the second stage, VitaHear Plus claims to improve your hearing and restore your mind to its normal, quiet self. The supplement continues to strengthen your brain network communication, helping to support your ear-brain axis.

Step 3) VitaHear Plus Improves Memory & More: Next, VitaHear Plus claims to improve hearing, memory, fatigue, dizziness, clarity, focus, and sleep, among other benefits. Many tinnitus suffers also experience mental fog, sleep issues, and other problems. VitaHear Plus claims to rapidly solve all these issues.

Step 4) VitaHear Plus Supercharge Your Brain & Kickstarts Cell Regeneration: Finally, VitaHear Plus kickstarts your brain to restore your healthy life, supercharging your brain and firing up your brain cells to their normal, healthy, and active cells. According to the official VitaHear Plus website, this step will help you “get your healthy life back,” allowing you to stop worrying about tinnitus, mental fog, and hearing loss.

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VitaHear Plus Ingredients

Many supplements claim to target tinnitus and improve hearing. Some contain science-backed ingredients, while others are overhyped scams.

VitaHear Plus claims to have developed its formula based on a doctor’s recommendations. Dr. Joseph Barnes created the optimal anti-tinnitus hearing support mixture based on extensive research and testing.

Most of the ingredients in VitaHear Plus are specifically designed to target inflammation and degradation among the ear-to-brain wire. This may be the root cause of tinnitus.

Here are all of the active ingredients in VitaHear Plus and how they work, according to Dr. Barnes research:

Hibiscus: Hibiscus is a popular natural remedy for tinnitus and inner ear disorders. In fact, many people use hibiscus semi-regularly for hearing loss and tinnitus relief. Some small studies have connected tinnitus to tinnitus relief in formal settings, which is why popular tinnitus supplements often contain hibiscus. In a 2022 study published in Antioxidants, for example, researchers found hibiscus could help mitigate oxidative stress (inflammation) linked to inner ear disorders because it contained natural antioxidants. However, Pete and Dr. Barnes claim to have used an “extremely rare species of hibiscus” in the formula found specifically “in the Kunlun Mountains in Tibet.” It’s one of 230 species of hibiscus in existence, and it’s rumored to be particularly effective against hearing loss.

Hawthorn Berry: According to the National Institutes of Health, hawthorn is best-known for its role in heart disease, digestive health disorders, and kidney problems, and many people take it daily for cardiovascular health and heart failure. Although there’s limited formal evidence hawthorn cures tinnitus, some people take it daily as a tinnitus remedy.

Garlic: Garlic, like hibiscus, is a popular natural remedy for tinnitus and hearing loss conditions. Most people put garlic oil or raw garlic in their ear directly to help with hearing problems instead of taking it as a supplement. In a 2018 study, researchers found a combination of garlic and B vitamins could help with noise-induced hearing loss. VitaHear Plus contains both garlic and B vitamins, which could make it effect for tinnitus and hearing loss.

B Vitamins: Your body needs many B vitamins for overall health and wellness. However, vitamin B12 appears to be particularly important for hearing loss. One study found vitamin B12 deficiency is associated with the death of neurons and the demyelination of neurons in the cochlear nerve, which could lead to hearing loss.

Green Tea Extract: Green tea extract is found in everything from anti-aging formulas to weight loss aids, and it’s been shown to help support healthy inflammation throughout the body. If your tinnitus and hearing loss problems are caused by high levels of inflammation, then it’s possible green tea could help.

According to Dr. Barnes, the doctor who created the formula, these ingredients only work when taking the specific doses in VitaHear Plus. They don’t work when taken on their own. You can’t simply take garlic every day to cure tinnitus, for example; instead, you need to take two capsules of VitaHear Plus.

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What to Expect After Taking VitaHear Plus

To understand how VitaHear Plus works and what to expect, it helps to discover Pete Caldwell’s journey with the formula.

Pete, who worked with Dr. Barnes to develop the original VitaHear Plus formula, had suffered from a “debilitating” case of tinnitus for months before finding relief rapidly with VitaHear Plus.

Here’s what happened when Pete started to take VitaHear Plus for the first time:

After the first day, Pete didn’t feel a single change.

After the second day, however, Pete “felt less anxious and more relaxed.”

After taking VitaHear Plus for four days, Pete’s tinnitus symptoms had declined, going “from power drill to moderate.” His hearing also improved, and he was able to hear conversations around him more clearly.

After two weeks of taking VitaHear Plus, Pete’s tinnitus “was almost unnoticeable.” He also noticed his depression going away.

After three weeks of taking VitaHear Plus, “all of [his] tinnitus symptoms had disappeared,” according to Pete, and he had “full volume in [his] right ear which used to be almost deaf.” Pete’s brain fog had also disappeared and he had improved his sleep.

After six weeks of taking VitaHear Plus, Pete claims it was “like I had a brand new brain.” His mind was sharp, his focus was strong, and his memory was crystal clear. He no longer experienced migraines, and his hearing was impeccable.

Pete was the original guinea pig for VitaHear Plus. However, according to the VitaHear Plus website, over 80,000 people have now used the supplement to reverse tinnitus and relieve hearing problems.

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Scientific Evidence for VitaHear Plus

After being impressed with the initial results of VitaHear Plus, Pete decided to set the formula on a group of volunteers. The trial would become one of the largest in tinnitus supplement history, featuring a group of 85 people with tinnitus of all levels of severity.

Here’s how the VitaHear Plus clinical trial worked:

The trial involved 85 people with various levels of tinnitus or hearing loss.

All 85 participants were asked to take two capsules of VitaHear Plus daily.

After three to four days of taking VitaHear Plus, “everyone in the study [was] claiming their tinnitus was so much better and their hearing volume was now full,” according to Pete. Despite suffering from severe cases of tinnitus, deafness, and hearing loss just days before, VitaHear Plus had rapidly alleviated the issues.

Pete claims the trial had a 100% success rate over the next few weeks, and that “everybody cleared their hearing in less than a month” with VitaHear Plus.

As further proof VitaHear Plus works, Pete and Dr. Barnes cite 10 studies on the VitaHear Plus references page. These studies validate many of the ingredients in VitaHear Plus and their effects on hearing loss. As cited above, these studies show garlic, hibiscus, vitamin B12, and other active ingredients in VitaHear Plus could support hearing and ear health in various ways.

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VitaHear Plus Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

VitaHear Plus has strong reviews online from customers who have experienced significant hearing benefits soon after taking VitaHear Plus for the first time.

Some people take VitaHear Plus to fight back against tinnitus. Others take VitaHear Plus to improve hearing and boost the level of detectable sounds.

Here are some of the reviews shared by verified purchasers on the official website:

One man claims his wife’s hearing loss was so bad before taking VitaHear Plus that his “wife was preparing to learn sign language,” claiming “she was almost deaf.” After taking VitaHear Plus, they’re both listening to their favorite music again.

One man claims his life was “hell” before he started taking VitaHear Plus because of the “endless ringing” in his ears. After taking VitaHear Plus for just three months, his life changed. Now, he takes one capsule of VitaHear Plus per day “and it keeps the ringing at bay,” describing himself as “a huge fan” of the product.

Another customer has been taking VitaHear Plus for two months, twice a day and it “has helped [him] so much,” according to this testimonial. He used to have sounds in his ears that were annoying him, but those sounds are gone thanks to VitaHear Plus.

A 43-year old customer “had tinnitus for several years” before taking VitaHear Plus. After taking VitaHear Plus for just 4 to 6 weeks, she experienced “a couple of months of bliss,” and the supplement quickly stopped the ringing in her ears. She stopped taking VitaHear Plus for a few weeks, and the ringing resumed. Today, she takes VitaHear Plus “every four hours” to stop the ringing in her ears.

Another customer claims VitaHear Plus didn’t totally cure his tinnitus, but it has reduced his tinnitus symptoms to “a level that is so manageable.” In fact, unless he’s in a quiet room, he doesn’t even notice his tinnitus thanks to VitaHear Plus.

Dr. Joseph Barnes, the Irish doctor who helped develop VitaHear Plus, claims the ingredients in VitaHear Plus “healed me in just seven days of tinnitus, hearing loss, and memory loss.” He also claims the formula protected his intelligence and increased his IQ.

According to the official website, VitaHear Plus is one of the bestselling tinnitus and hearing loss supplements ever created. The supplement helped “85,732 men and women who used to suffer from ringing ears” solve their problem quickly using natural ingredients.

Some older adults even claim to have improved their memory with VitaHear Plus. One 72-year old claims he has been losing his memory since he was 65, for example. After taking VitaHear Plus, however, he feels “better than I did when I was 40 years old” and his tinnitus continues to disappear.

One woman claims her tinnitus was so bad before taking VitaHear Plus, she was worried about going deaf. After taking VitaHear Plus, her “hearing is so much clearer” and can she hear conversations more easily without asking people to repeat themselves.

Another customer claims he “can finally think again” and sleep through the night after suffering from severe tinnitus for four years.

Overall, most of the VitaHear Plus reviews online are from tinnitus sufferers who have experienced significant and rapid relief with VitaHear Plus. Many claim to have experienced severe tinnitus for months or years before quickly relieving their condition with VitaHear Plus.

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VitaHear Plus Pricing

VitaHear Plus is normally priced at $149 per bottle. However, as part of a 2023 promotion, the manufacturer has reduced the price to just $69 per bottle or less. The more bottles you buy, the more you can save.

VitaHear Plus Pricing

Here’s how pricing works when ordering online today:

  • 1 Bottle: $69 + Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $177 ($59 Per Bottle) + Shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $294 ($49 Per Bottle) + Free Shipping

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You can pay online using any major credit card. Each bottle has a 30 day supply of VitaHear Plus, or 30 servings (60 capsules).

VitaHear Plus Refund Policy

According to the official VitaHear Plus website, the supplement works to restore healthy hearing in most people. However, if VitaHear Plus doesn’t work for you, then you can request a complete refund within 60 days of your purchase. All purchases come with a 60 day, 100% moneyback guarantee.

About Freedom Health

VitaHear Plus is manufactured in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility by Freedom Health. The company uses a blend of ingredients sourced from domestic suppliers and from around the world.

Freedom Health was founded by a group dedicated to supporting the health of ordinary Americans – including older adults seeking to age gracefully. The company is US-owned and operated.

You can contact Freedom Health and the VitaHear Plus customer service team via the following:

Online Form:

Phone: 302-200-3480

Freedom Health also does business under the name Barnes Labs. The company worked with medical researcher and former tinnitus sufferer Pete Caldwell and Irish doctor Dr. Joseph Barnes to develop the VitaHear Plus formula.

Final Word

VitaHear Plus is a hearing loss and tinnitus supplement developed by an Irish doctor using natural ingredients.

By taking two capsules of VitaHear Plus daily, you can purportedly eliminate the root cause of tinnitus while improving cognitive function, hearing, and symptoms of hearing loss.

To learn more about VitaHear Plus and how it works or to buy the supplement online today, visit the official website.

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