10 Best Clothing Manufacturers & Factories: Custom Your Apparel Line

As a fashion brand or retailer looking to build an empire, finding the right apparel manufacturer is crucial to your success. You need a partner that can deliver high-quality, on-trend products at a competitive price point while also providing a seamless experience.

In this article, we present the 10 best clothing companies that have a proven track record of helping fashion brands thrive. Whether you’re looking for a custom clothing manufacturer like Appareify that specializes in t-shirts, suits, dresses, or athleisure wear, you’re sure to find options that meet your needs. Read on to discover manufacturers that will help take your fashion brand to the next level.

  1. 1.  Appareify: A custom clothing manufacturer based in China for fashion-forward brands
  2. 2. Pineapple Clothing: A US clothing manufacturing company offering eco-friendly garments
  3. 3.  Prange Apparel: A clothing manufacturer in the USA producing high-quality clothing
  4. 4.  Hawthorn: A clothing manufacturer for small business based in the UK

Appareify: A custom clothing manufacturer based in China for fashion-forward brands

Appareify, a custom clothing manufacturer based in China, has gained widespread recognition in the apparel manufacturing industry for its exceptional assortment of premium products, which encompass t-shirts, swimwear, leggings, fitness apparel, hoodies, jeans, kids’ clothing, and various other product categories. Its reputation is built on the consistent timely delivery of superior quality items that are produced in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that boasts over 400,000 pieces of capacity per month.

Appareify stands out from other fashion manufacturers for its expertise in custom clothing manufacturing. Known as one of the leading China-based garment manufacturers, this high-quality clothing manufacturer offers an extensive catalog of options in fabrics, colors, styles, sizing, designing, and printing, allowing for personalized blank t-shirts, including V-neck, Crew neck, Unisex tees, and Bella canvas, among others. 

The fashion-forward brand’s vouch for the fact that Appareify strives to meet their expectations within a standard turnaround time of 7-20 working days. In urgent cases, they can expedite orders in as little as 3 days.

Appareify remains on making trendy and unique apparel products, fashion brands and retailers can bank on its approach in the clothing manufacturing business to strengthen their presence in a competitive market and make them stand out in the business. 

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Pineapple Clothing: A US clothing manufacturing company offering eco-friendly garments

If you’re looking to find a clothing manufacturer that prioritizes sustainability and vibrant designs, Pineapple Clothing should be at the top of your list.

  • 1.  Founded in Los Angeles, California in 2009, Pineapple Clothing works with fashion brands and retailers globally to produce eco-friendly and eye-catching garments.
  • 2.  They utilize recycled and organic materials as much as possible, including BCI cotton, recycled polyester, and linen.
  • 3.  Pineapple Clothing’s manufacturing facilities are WRAP-certified, meaning they meet high social compliance standards for fair wages, reasonable hours, and safe working conditions.
  • 4.  With a minimum of 5,000 units per style, Pineapple Clothing is ideal for mid-size to large orders. This clothing manufacturing company can turn around orders in as little as 4 to 6 weeks with their streamlined production process.
  • 5.  Their design team stays on the cutting edge of trends to offer fashion-forward prints, colors and silhouettes each season that will make your brand stand out.

If building an ethical and stylish clothing line is your goal, Pineapple Clothing has the experience and capabilities to make your vision a reality. With their eco-friendly practices, trendy designs, and quick turnaround times, this manufacturer can help take your fashion empire to the next level.

Prange Apparel: A clothing factory in the USA producing high-quality clothing

If you’re looking to build a reputable fashion brand, partnering with one of the top clothing manufacturers in the world is essential. Prange Apparel is an excellent option to consider for crafting garments that will elevate your brand’s presence.

For over 30 years, Prange Apparel has specialized in producing stylish and meticulously-made clothing for brands seeking to make a statement. They offer full-package services including design, pattern making, sampling, production, and shipping. With manufacturing facilities across Asia, they are able to keep costs low while maintaining the highest standards of workmanship.

Prange Apparel’s services also include providing guidance on trends, sourcing premium fabrics, and ensuring the perfect fit and construction for your target customers. They stay up-to-date with the latest technologies, production techniques, and sustainability practices to help take your brand to the next level.

By partnering with Prange Apparel, you’ll gain access to their expertise and efficient production processes. They make it possible to get high-quality, fashion-forward clothing into the hands of your customers at competitive prices. For fashion brands ready to build an empire, Prange Apparel has the experience and skills to help make your vision a reality.

Hawthorn: A clothing manufacturer for small business based in the UK


Hawthorn is on the list of the top clothing manufacturers known for producing high-quality, customized apparel for fashion brands with discerning tastes. They utilize cutting-edge technologies and employ highly-skilled artisans to craft premium garments according to each brand’s unique specifications.

As a vertically-integrated company, Hawthorn oversees the entire production process from design and pattern making to sewing, finishing, and quality control. They source only the finest, sustainable fabrics and materials to construct garments with impeccable construction and a perfect fit. Their streamlined, transparent supply chain enables rapid turnaround times and complete customization.

Hawthorn assigns dedicated account managers to each brand to guide them through the production process. Account managers have an intimate understanding of current fashion trends and each brand’s target market. They provide input on designs and recommend customizations to optimize each garment. Brands have the flexibility to be as involved as they wish in the production of their collections. For those wanting a full turnkey solution, Hawthorn can source fabrics, create tech packs, design collections, and handle production from start to finish.

Hawthorn is committed to ethical and sustainable business practices. They enforce fair labor standards, reasonable working hours, and safe conditions for all employees. They also prioritize environmental sustainability by using recycled and organic materials, reducing waste, and optimizing energy efficiency. Hawthorn’s ethical, eco-friendly production methods allow fashion brands to deliver premium apparel with a clear conscience.

Portland Garment Factory: Partnering with brands for bespoke and sustainable manufacturing solutions

Portland Garment Factory is one of the best clothing manufacturers known for its bespoke, sustainable production methods. They partner with brands to create custom apparel using the latest technology and eco-friendly practices.

Portland Garment Factory utilizes cutting-edge equipment like 3D design software, laser cutters, and seamless knitting machines to craft garments with minimal waste. They also incorporate recycled and organic materials into their manufacturing whenever possible. These sustainable production techniques allow them to create high-quality, customized clothing for their clients in an environmentally-conscious way.

Their full-service approach includes pattern making, sample creation, fit testing, and bulk production runs. Portland Garment Factory’s experienced team works closely with brands to achieve their vision, from initial concept to final product. They are able to create complex, tailored designs as well as simple t-shirts and other basics. 

Whether you need help launching a new fashion line or want to revamp your current collection, Portland Garment Factory has the capability and expertise to be an invaluable manufacturing partner.

For fashion brands looking to build an ethical supply chain and craft premium, eco-friendly apparel, Portland Garment Factory should be at the top of the list. Their bespoke, sustainable methods set them apart as one of the best clothing manufacturers today. Partnering with them will allow your brand to achieve the perfect balance of quality, customization, and environmental responsibility.

CALVELEX: Empowering fashion retailers with high-quality and tailor-made garments

CALVELEX is a clothing manufacturer known for producing high-quality, tailor-made garments according to clients’ unique specifications. They utilize state-of-the-art equipment and sustainable production methods to create garments that meet the highest standards of craftsmanship. CALVELEX is also committed to ethical practices, ensuring safe working conditions and fair wages for all employees.

CALVELEX offers fully customized solutions based on client’s needs and design visions. Their team works closely with brands to understand specific requirements for styles, fabrics, trims, and other details. CALVELEX then sources premium, responsibly-made materials to construct made-to-measure samples and final production runs with a quick turnaround time. This collaborative process results in garments that align perfectly with brands’ esthetics and values.

As a vertically integrated company, CALVELEX oversees all stages of production from design and sampling to manufacturing and quality control. Their facilities house state-of-the-art technologies for pattern making, cutting, sewing, laundering, and finishing. By keeping the entire production chain in-house, CALVELEX can ensure efficiency, consistency, and the highest quality for every garment.

Despite its focus on premium, custom garments, CALVELEX is able to offer competitive pricing due to its vertically integrated model and long-standing relationships with ethical suppliers. They pass significant cost savings onto clients, making high-quality, responsibly-made clothing accessible for brands at any stage. For fashion retailers looking to build a sustainable business, CALVELEX is an ideal manufacturing partner.

Good Clothing Company: A US garment manufacturer with timeless apparel production

Good Clothing Company is committed to ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices. They source only organic, fair-trade cotton and use renewable energy in their production facilities. All of their factories are SA8000 certified, meaning they meet high social standards with fair wages and safe working conditions for employees.

Good Clothing Company produces high-quality, timeless apparel including t-shirts, sweaters, pants, and more. Their clothing is made to last for years with simple yet stylish designs that won’t go out of fashion. They offer clothing for men, women, and children in sizes XS through 3XL.

Despite its focus on ethics and quality, Good Clothing Company is able to offer competitive pricing for retailers and brands. They keep costs low through efficient operations and by building long-term relationships with suppliers and customers. Margins on their products range from 2.5 to 3 times the cost of goods sold.

In addition to its own brand, Good Clothing Company offers private label and customization options for fashion brands and retailers. They can create unique designs to your specifications with low minimum order quantities of just 300 to 500 units per style. They handle all sourcing, production, and shipping to provide a turnkey solution for building your own fashion label.

Overall, Good Clothing Company is an ideal manufacturing partner for fashion brands and retailers looking to produce high-quality, responsibly-made apparel at a competitive price point. They provide private label and customization services to help you build a successful fashion business with purpose and integrity.

DBL Group: A leading clothing and fabric manufacturer in Asia  

DBL Group is renowned for its innovative clothing designs that push the boundaries of fashion. Their trendsetting collections showcase the future of fashion by combining cutting-edge textiles with avant-garde silhouettes. DBL Group’s award-winning in-house design team travels the globe searching for inspiration from diverse cultures and the latest trends.

DBL Group only uses the finest, ethically-sourced materials to construct their garments. Their fabrics are carefully selected based on sustainability, durability, and comfort. DBL Group works with tech companies on the development of groundbreaking textiles using renewable materials and smart fabrics. Their clothing is meant to be an investment that will stand the test of time.

With manufacturing facilities across Asia, DBL Group can produce clothing on a massive scale while maintaining high standards of quality. Their overseas factories are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and machinery to optimize efficiency and output. DBL Group’s strong relationships with material suppliers and manufacturers also allow them to provide competitive pricing for clients. Their turnaround times are unmatched in the industry due to their global supply chain and distribution network.

DBL Group offers fully-customizable services for brands that want to create unique collections. Their design team will work directly with you to develop custom prints, patterns, silhouettes, and details based on your vision and specifications. DBL Group can also assist with sourcing special trims, fabrics, and embellishments to achieve a signature look. For brands interested in private label manufacturing, DBL Group provides end-to-end solutions from design and sampling to production and fulfillment.

Elegante Knitwear Ltd: Manufacturing luxurious knitwear for chic and contemporary brands

Elegante Knitwear Ltd specializes in producing high-quality knitwear using the latest knitting technologies. They manufacture knitwear for contemporary and chic fashion brands looking to create luxurious knit pieces.

Elegante Knitwear operates state-of-the-art knitting facilities with over 500 knitting machines. They produce knitwear using fine gage circular knitting machines as well as flatbed knitting machines. Their knitting capabilities include jacquard knitting, intarsia knitting, and knitting with specialty yarns like cashmere and silk.

Elegante Knitwear employs highly skilled craftsmen with decades of experience producing knitwear. Their craftsmen are experts in knitting techniques like fully-fashioned knitting and seamless knitting. They can produce highly complex knitwear designs with intricate stitch patterns and construction. The craftsmanship and attention to detail result in luxurious, high-quality knit pieces.

Elegante Knitwear offers custom knitwear manufacturing services for brands. They work closely with brands to develop custom knit fabrics and translate design concepts into production-ready knitwear. Their custom services include pattern making, sample knitting, fit sessions, and full production runs. Elegante Knitwear aims to bring brands’ unique knitwear visions to life with the highest quality.

Elegante Knitwear holds certifications in ethical manufacturing and sustainable production. They are certified by the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Their certifications ensure safe working conditions, fair wages, and environmentally-friendly production practices.

CMA Ethical Manufacturing: Sustainably producing exceptional clothing with a conscience

CMA Ethical Manufacturing is a leader in sustainable and ethical clothing production. They are committed to fair labor practices, reducing environmental impact, and producing high-quality garments.

CMA’s factories are WRAP-certified, guaranteeing safe working conditions, reasonable hours, and fair wages for employees. They use recycled and organic materials as much as possible, reducing the amount of chemicals and water needed to produce clothing. Their water treatment facilities also help minimize pollution.

By partnering with CMA, brands can feel confident their clothing is being produced responsibly. CMA helps companies of all sizes develop and manufacture clothing, from initial design to delivery. They offer services for pattern making, sampling, bulk production, and shipping. Whether you need help with the entire process or just certain stages of production, CMA has the experience and skills to ensure an efficient and ethical experience.

For fashion brands that want to make a positive impact, CMA is an ideal clothing manufacturer. They allow companies to scale their operations and reach new markets without sacrificing social and environmental values. CMA helps turn sustainable and ethical practices into realistic and affordable business strategies. By coming together, brands and manufacturers can shape the future of fashion and prove that ethical clothing is not only possible but profitable.


As you look to build your fashion empire, partnering with a reputable and high-quality clothing manufacturer is essential. The manufacturers on this list are industry leaders that can help scale your business and take it to the next level. They offer competitive pricing, short lead times, and the latest in sustainable and innovative fabric and production technologies. 

By leveraging their expertise and global supply chain, you’ll be able to focus on designing trendsetting apparel that resonates with your customers. The future of fashion is bright, and with the right manufacturing partner by your side, your fashion brand can achieve new heights of success. The possibilities are endless. What are you waiting for? Get started today.


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