NativePath Matcha Collagen Latte Reviews – Should You Buy?

Matcha Collagen Latte is a powdered nutritional supplement made by NativePath.

Featuring all of the effects of collagen and matcha in a creamy latte, Matcha Collagen Latte aims to be the ultimate metabolic supplement available today.

How much weight can you lose with Matcha Collagen Latte? Is Matcha Collagen Latte the right choice for you? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about NativePath’s Matcha Collagen Latte and how it works today in our review.

What is Matcha Collagen Latte?

What is Matcha Collagen Latte?

Matcha Collagen Latte is a matcha and collagen supplement designed to target the root cause of weight gain: a slow metabolism.

By taking one scoop of Matcha Collagen Latte powder daily, you can take advantage of a “natural Japanese secret” to lose weight, according to NativePath.

Many people take matcha daily for inflammation and metabolism. Many people also take collagen for anti-aging, longevity, and energy. By combining the two into one convenient formula, NativePath aims to have created the ultimate metabolism booster.

To enhance the effects of Matcha Collagen Latte even further, NativePath has added MCTs, giving you sustainable, all-day energy.

Matcha Collagen Latte is priced at $39.99 per bottle and backed by a 365-day money-back guarantee.

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Matcha Collagen Latte Benefits

According to NativePath, Matcha Collagen Latte can support benefits like:

  • Weight management, fat burning, and loss of belly fat
  • All-day energy without jitters or crashes
  • Antioxidant-rich formula to support healthy inflammation
  • Pure, high-grade source of organic matcha
  • Noticeable improvement in visible signs of aging, including wrinkles
  • Creamy, flavorful formula mixable with hot or cold beverages

How Does Matcha Collagen Latte Work?

Matcha Collagen Latte works by combining green tea – which contains antioxidants like EGCG – with collagen – the most abundant connective protein in the human body.

You may have heard of drinking green tea for longevity. Matcha is a concentrated version of green tea. Used in Japanese tea ceremony culture, matcha contains 137x greater levels of EGCG, the flagship antioxidant in green tea, than ordinary green tea alone. That’s why it’s prized for its effects on blood pressure, blood sugar, weight loss, and more.

Collagen, meanwhile, is a type of protein found throughout your body. Studies show taking collagen protein as a supplement could support anti-aging benefits. Some take collagen to reduce wrinkles, while others use collagen to fight back against other effects of aging. Collagen supplements could also help with joint pain, mobility, and longevity.

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Matcha Collagen Latte Increases Thermogenesis for Greater Calorie Burning

How can a supplement like Matcha Collagen Latte help you lose weight?

As NativePath explains, the weight loss effects of Matcha Collagen Latte come from its impact on thermogenesis or the body’s natural rate of calorie burning.

NativePath cites one study where people consuming matcha tea increased thermogenesis, the body’s calorie-burning rate, from 8% to 43% of daily energy expenditure. In other words, they burned 35% more calories – without changing their diet, exercise routine, or daily movement.

Matcha contains another beneficial compound for weight loss: natural caffeine. Caffeine may be the world’s best thermogenesis-boosting agent, and many people take caffeine daily for fat-burning, energy, and metabolism. Each serving of Matcha Collagen Latte contains around 70mg of caffeine, or around the same caffeine as a tiny cup of coffee.

It’s not just matcha; Matcha Collagen Latte also contains collagen to promote calorie burning. Collagen, like other types of protein, can help you feel fuller for longer. It takes up space in your stomach while fueling energy.

To enhance matcha and collagen even further, Matcha Collagen Latte contains medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), healthy fats that help optimize many bodily processes – from hormones to metabolism. Many people take MCTs daily for energy, appetite control, and metabolism. The MCTs in Matcha Collagen Latte boost the absorption of active ingredients while also helping to enhance their effects.

Ultimately, the combination of matcha and collagen aims to be the ultimate one-two punch for weight loss, metabolism, calorie burning, and thermogenesis.

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What Does Matcha Collagen Latte Do?

NativePath says Matcha Collagen Latte can help with weight loss, belly fat, blood sugar, and more.

Here are some of the effects you could experience thanks to the matcha, collagen, and MCTs in Matcha Collagen Latte:

Accelerate fat loss. Many studies have connected all three ingredients in Matcha Collagen Latte to fat loss. Some studies have shown matcha green tea’s natural antioxidants (like EGCG) accelerate fat burning, for example, helping you lose more weight. Other studies have found collagen supplementation enables you to feel fuller for longer, leading to better weight loss. Meanwhile, MCTs can boost your energy all day, helping you burn more calories at rest.

Reduce waist circumference. Matcha Collagen Latte can reduce your waist circumference by decreasing abdominal fat. The formula specifically claims to “target belly fat.” In one study, a group of adults taking MCTs experienced significantly lower belly fat than a control group. The supplement targeted subcutaneous fat in the abdominal region more effectively than a placebo. Because of this effect, Matcha Collagen Latte is marketed to reduce waist circumference and target belly fat.

Control appetite. One of the best ways to lose weight is to eat less. To help, Matcha Collagen Latte contains ingredients to boost satiety (your feeling of fullness). MCT oil, for example, can help you feel fuller for longer. Some compare the fullness-inducing effects of MCT oil to a big meal. You can take one serving of MCT oil in the morning, then avoid appetite cravings for most of the day.

Help regulate blood sugar. According to the official website, Matcha Collagen Latte can help regulate blood sugar, decreasing oxidative stress and inflammation. People with high blood sugar – like people with diabetes – tend to have higher levels of inflammation than others. By supporting healthy inflammation, you could make it easier for your body to control blood sugar naturally. One study found that people taking MCTs daily had better control of blood sugar and weight loss.

Prevent future weight gain. Matcha Collagen Latte doesn’t just claim to help you lose weight today; you could also prevent future weight gain. MCTs can burn fat today for energy and keep you satiated, helping you prevent future weight gain.

Boost youthful appearance and fight back against wrinkles. Collagen has been shown to significantly decrease the visible appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging. Collagen supplementation has been linked to significant anti-aging effects in double-blind, placebo-controlled trials.

Promote healthy hair, skin, and nails. Matcha Collagen Latte can promote healthy hair, skin, and nails. Many take a collagen supplement daily, specifically for these benefits. Your body needs collagen and collagen peptides for normal hair, skin, and nail growth.

Support healthy joints and mobility. Collagen is the most abundant connective protein in the human body, and it plays a crucial role in healthy joints and overall mobility. If you’re dealing with joint pain, inflamed joints, or mobility issues, then a collagen supplement could help.

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Energy without crashes, anxiety, or jitters. Many people use MCTs to replace their morning cup of coffee. MCTs provide sustainable, all-day energy without the crash, helping you stay active all day long without the ups and downs of caffeine. Each serving of Matcha Collagen Latte also contains 70mg of caffeine naturally present in green tea.

Burn more calories. According to NativePath, “Even when you’re doing nothing, matcha is helping you burn off more calories.” The supplement uses ingredients like EGCG to speed up the metabolic rate of cells, helping you burn more calories whether you’re sleeping, exercising, or watching TV. The more calories you burn, the easier it can be to manage weight.

Support healthy inflammation. Green tea is rich with natural antioxidants like EGCG linked to healthy inflammation throughout the body. High levels of inflammation are linked to an increased risk of disease and illness, and the matcha green tea in Matcha Collagen Latte could support inflammation throughout the body.

Enhance focus. The combination of caffeine and L-theanine, both of which are naturally present in green tea, can dramatically improve focus. L-theanine enhances the production of alpha waves in the brain, putting you in a state of calm focus. Other ingredients in Matcha Collagen Latte can reduce brain aging, improve brain performance, and promote overall calmness, among other benefits, according to NativePath.

Support heart health and blood pressure. Green tea can support cardiovascular health, and many people take green tea and matcha daily for their heart. According to NativePath, the catechins in matcha “can lower chances of hypertension-related mortality by up to 8%,” supporting your body’s natural defense against one of the world’s biggest killers.

Support immune function. High levels of inflammation are harmful to your immune system. Matcha Collagen Latte contains a blend of ingredients to support immune function. EGCG, according to NativePath, “binds to cells in the body and inhibits the growth of many disease-causing microorganisms,” making it easier for your immune system to do its job.

Promote calmness. Matcha is naturally rich in L-theanine, an amino acid linked to peace and relaxation. Many people like drinking green tea daily for energy because L-theanine balances out caffeine. You can put yourself in a state of calm focus with the mix of L-theanine and caffeine in each scoop of Matcha Collagen Latte.

As NativePath explains, matcha green tea has a “myriad of health benefits,” making it ideal for boosting energy and supporting daily health.

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How to Take Matcha Collagen Latte

Matcha Collagen Latte comes in the form of a creamy, latte-like powder. Mix the latte with water or the beverage of your choice, stir, and enjoy. You can drink it hot or cold – with ice or as a hot tea-like beverage.

Here’s how to make a Matcha Collagen Latte, as recommended by NativePath:

  • Mix one scoop of Matcha Collagen Latte into eight fl oz of water or the beverage of your choice, then stir.
  • Enjoy Matcha Collagen Latte as a hot tea. Or, pour it over ice to create a smooth and creamy latte.
  • Some mix Matcha Collagen Latte with water. Others mix it with milk, almond milk, oat milk, a shake, or other beverages.

Each serving (1 scoop) of Matcha Collagen Latte contains 1.5g of organic matcha green tea, 7.5mg of MCTs, 2.5g of grass-fed collagen, 70 calories, and zero sugar.

NativePath also recommends taking Matcha Collagen Latte on a consistent, daily basis for optimal results. Like other supplements, it works best when consistently taken daily for long periods. NativePath recommends starting with at least three bottles of Matcha Collagen Latte or a three-month supply.

Matcha Collagen Latte Ingredients

Matcha Collagen Latte contains three active ingredients: matcha green tea, grass-fed collagen, and energizing MCTs. These ingredients work in different ways to support various benefits.

Here are all of the active ingredients in the Matcha Collagen Latte and how they work, according to the manufacturer:

Organic Matcha Green Tea: Matcha Collagen Latte’s flagship ingredient is organic matcha green tea. Because it’s organic, it’s made without certain harmful pesticides or herbicides. That’s important when dealing with matcha, a concentrated and condensed version of the green tea (Camellia sinensis) plant. Without organic certification, harmful toxins could accumulate in the finished product. Matcha is rich in antioxidants, including epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), linked to inflammation, joint pain relief, and overall health and wellness.

Grass-Fed Collagen: Matcha Collagen Latte contains grass-fed collagen sourced from pasture-raised cows. Collagen is the most abundant connective protein within the human body. As you get older, your body’s collagen synthesis decreases, leading to joint pain, visible effects of aging, and other symptoms. By taking grass-fed collagen daily, you can promote youthful aging – all without worrying about antibiotics, added hormones, or unhappy cows.

MCTs: Matcha Collagen Latte contains a blend of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) to boost energy. These MCTs provide a quick energy source for your brain and body, allowing you to easily absorb and utilize that energy immediately. MCTs are types of fats smaller than average fats. Because they have a “medium length,” they’re easier for your body to absorb and convert into energy than fats with a longer length. This makes them immediately accessible to your body, boosting your energy. MCT oil has surged in popularity in recent years, and many people take MCT oil daily in their coffee or smoothie for lasting all-day energy.

By combining the antioxidant effects of matcha green tea with the anti-aging effects of collagen and the energy of MCTs, NativePath aims to have created the ultimate daily health and wellness aid.

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Matcha Collagen Latte Features

There are other matcha and collagen supplements available today. What makes Matcha Collagen Latte unique? Why pick NativePath’s formula over competing supplements?

Here are some of the features that distinguish Matcha Collagen Latte from competing supplements available today:

Organic: The matcha green tea in Matcha Collagen Latte is listed as organic, meaning it’s made without certain harmful herbicides and pesticides. Organic certification is essential when dealing with condensed plants like matcha. Without organic certification, harmful toxins could accumulate in the condensed product. Even small amounts of toxins in the camellia sinensis (green tea) plant could accumulate in the matcha powder, leading to health problems. Organic certification makes this accumulation less of a concern.

Grass-Fed Collagen from Pasture-Raised Cows: Matcha Collagen Latte also contains grass-fed collagen from pasture-raised cows. According to NativePath, these cows are also raised without antibiotics or added hormones, giving you a cleaner source of collagen.

Energizing MCTs: Other supplements may have matcha and collagen. However, NativePath enhances these two ingredients even further by adding energizing medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs).

Enjoy Hot or Cold: You can drink Matcha Collagen Latte hot in the morning for a warm pick-me-up. Or, you can have it cold to cool you down on warm afternoons.

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Mix with Anything: You can mix the Matcha Collagen Latte powder with any liquid, including water, oat milk, almond milk, ordinary milk, a shake, a smoothie, or the beverage of your choice.

Made in the United States: All Matcha Collagen Latte supplements are made in the United States in FDA-inspected, GMP-certified facilities.

Zero Sugar: Matcha Collagen Latte has 0g of sugar per serving.

Verified by Independent Lab: Matcha Collagen Latte works with independent, third-party labs to verify the authenticity of all products.

Visible Results After 4 to 12 Weeks: According to NativePath, the ingredients in Matcha Collagen Latte have been shown to create visible improvements “after four to twelve weeks of supplementation” based on evidence from clinical trials.

70 Calories Per Serving: Each serving of Matcha Collagen Latte contains just 70 calories.

Fresh, Bright, Green, & Smooth Flavor: Matcha Collagen Latte tastes smooth, bright, fresh, and green. Because the formula contains MCTs, it also has a rich creaminess – similar to a latte.

Drink Hot or Cold: Whether you want an iced matcha latte-style beverage or a hot tea, you can consume Matcha Collagen Latte hot or cold.

365-Day Moneyback Guarantee: All Matcha Collagen Latte purchases come with a 365-day money-back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with Matcha Collagen Latte for any reason, then you can request a complete refund on your purchase within 365 days.

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Scientific Evidence for Matcha Collagen Latte

As proof that Matcha Collagen Latte works, NativePath cites dozens of studies on the official website, including double-blind, placebo-controlled trials on the individual ingredients within Matcha Collagen Latte. We’ll review some of that evidence below.

In one meta-analysis on matcha tea published in 2023, researchers found ample evidence it helped with inflammation, weight management, blood sugar control, and cholesterol. The only area where researchers expressed criticism of matcha’s benefits was in tumor control: more research is needed to verify matcha’s anti-tumor effects. Nevertheless, many people take matcha daily for weight loss, heart health, and overall wellness – and these effects are backed by ample research.

MCT oil has also been linked to weight loss. A 2010 study found MCT oil could help with weight loss without side effects, for example, based on the results of a group of overweight 19 to 50-year-olds. As the Cleveland Clinic explains, MCT oil has also been linked to energy, improved athletic performance, and more.

Collagen has been linked to significant anti-aging effects, and many people taking collagen experience significant improvements in skin quality. A 2019 study, for example, found collagen supplementation improved skin hydration, elasticity, roughness, and density. Researchers analyzed participants’ skin before and after taking a collagen supplement, finding a significant difference compared to a control.

Overall, Matcha Collagen Latte contains three science-backed ingredients linked to health and wellness. Taking these three ingredients daily could support everything from weight loss to appetite control.

Matcha Collagen Latte Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Matcha Collagen Latte has strong online reviews from customers, and many verified purchasers have left positive testimonials for the supplement. Some have lost weight, while others take it daily for energy and immunity.

Here are some of the reviews shared by verified purchasers on the official website:

Some customers have started to take NativePath’s Matcha Collagen Latte after enjoying Starbucks’ matcha lattes. If you like Starbucks’s iced or ordinary matcha lattes, NativePath’s Matcha Collagen Latte could provide similar effects.

Most reviewers like the taste of the Matcha Collagen Latte, finding it creamy and sweet enough without the grassy or unpleasant taste of some matcha supplements.

Many people have used Matcha Collagen Latte to replace their morning coffee. Coffee can lead to digestive discomfort and other side effects, while Matcha Collagen Latte works differently.

Some have lost weight with Matcha Collagen Latte, using the supplement to suppress appetite, boost metabolism, and manage cravings. Because it contains MCTs, Matcha Collagen Latte could promote better appetite control.

Some customers have left positive reviews for Matcha Collagen Latte after being disappointed with other matcha powders. One customer claims he has “tried cheaper matcha powders before, but nothing compares to NativePath,” for example. He likes NativePath’s Matcha Collagen Latte because it keeps him energized while being creamier than other matcha powders.

One customer was so impressed with the energy boost from taking Matcha Collagen Latte that she ordered six more jars of it. After three months of drinking the lattes, she finds she gets less sleepy in the afternoon, and her appetite is calmer.

Matcha Collagen Latte Pricing

Matcha Collagen Latte Pricing

Matcha Collagen Latte is priced at $39.99 per jar. The more jars you buy, the more you can save. Plus, as part of a 2023 promotion, all purchases come with free shipping and other perks.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering Matcha Collagen Latte directly through the NativePath online store today:

  • Order One jar: $39.99 + Free Shipping
  • Order Three Jars: $107.97 ($35.99 Per jar) + Free Shipping
  • Order Six Jars: $179.94 ($29.99 Per jar) + Free Shipping

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Each jar contains a 30-day supply of Matcha Collagen Latte, or 30 servings (30 scoops). You take one scoop daily to support energy, metabolism, and weight management.

Matcha Collagen Latte Refund Policy

Matcha Collagen Latte has a 365-day money-back guarantee. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 365 days if you’re unhappy for any reason. This refund only applies to unopened products. If you have already opened or used your Matcha Collagen Latte, you cannot obtain a refund on that bottle. However, you can receive a refund on any additional unopened bottles you ordered.

About NativePath

NativePath is a Miami-based supplement company co-founded by Doctor of Physical Therapy Dr. Chad Walding. The company manufactures Matcha Collagen Latte in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility, with all ingredients completing rigorous testing and all formulas tested by an independent third-party lab.

You can contact NativePath and the company’s customer service team via the following:

  • Phone: 1-800-819-2993
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Live Chat:
  • Mailing Address: 114 NW 25th St Unit #131 Miami, FL 33127

In addition to Matcha Collagen Latte, other popular NativePath supplements include Total Turmeric, Antarctic Krill Oil, Native Greens, Bone Health Collagen Peptides, and MCT Powder.

Final Word

Matcha Collagen Latte is a nutritional supplement featuring a blend of three active ingredients: matcha green tea, grass-fed collagen, and MCTs.

Together, these ingredients can support weight management, healthy inflammation control, and all-day energy, among other effects.

To learn more about Matcha Collagen Latte or to buy the supplement online today, visit the official website.

For product review questions or feedback, please contact [email protected]

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