ProExtender Reviews – Should You Buy? Does It Work or Fake Results?

If we were given a “truth serum,” most men would likely admit to wanting to add at least a little size where it counts. Penile traction devices are arguably the best non-surgical means for stimulating natural penile enhancements with no known adverse side effects. That’s why we’re here to give you a look at a highly-regarded, American-made penile extender in this ProExtender Review.

Penile extenders, sometimes called penile traction devices, are designed to be comfortably worn while applying a gentle stretch to the penile tissue. These pain-free devices can stimulate the elongation of penile tissue over time.

A clinical study co-authored by American urologists reported that men using penile traction devices for six months experienced increases of up to 0.8 inches in flaccid penile length. Published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, the study also reported that those men showed enhanced erectile wellness based on IIEF-standardized erectile metrics.

Many researchers and medical professionals would agree penile extenders could effectively add magnitude to your penis in a non-invasive way. However, we should note that not all penile traction devices are effective. So, it’s crucial to choose a product that is well-built, reliable, and solid. We’ll help you to determine if ProExtender could be that device for you in this ProExtender review.

ProExtender Review—How It Works

ProExtender is a doctor-approved device, provides medical-grade penile extension, and has sold over 500,000 units. It comes with adjustable steel rods that can be effortlessly controlled to regulate the tension on your penile shaft.

And the entire system can be easily put on or removed in seconds, allowing maximum convenience. You can even engage in physical activities like sports or sexual intercourse immediately after using the ProExtender.

There’s no need to wait or take time to recover.

Most men may only need to wear the ProExtender for 1 hour a day to achieve what could be significant gains in just weeks.

The ProExtender can help to:

  • Lengthen The Penis
  • Straighten Penis Curvature
  • Enhance Erectile Quality
  • Boost Reproductive Wellness
  • Encourage Greater Pleasure

Here’s a quick step-by-step rundown of what you can expect with the ProExtender traction device.

Step 1—Initial Course Of Action

ProExtender is delivered directly to your door in discreet packaging and even ships for free in the continental USA.

The device comes with a scannable QR code, an instructional DVD, and a paperback manual directing you on assembling and attaching the device.

The process is straightforward and should only take 10-15 minutes, including unpacking, assembly, and application.

Step 2—Making Adjustments

Once you slide the ProExtender into place, with the base resting on your pubic region, you can adjust the screws to either side of the extender rods.

The instruction manual details precisely the system you’ll want to follow regarding adjustments. However, you’ll need to adjust the ProExtender extension rods to a point where your shaft is fully extended, the position triggering elongation.

From there, you’ll be instructed on how to gradually increase the tension from week to week. Additionally, the ProExtender is equipped with a special rubber lining providing optimal comfort for your pelvic region and the head of your penis.

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Step 3—Consistency Is Key

Wearing the ProExtender for an hour a day, or sometimes more (see the quick guide in the instruction manual), is critical to achieving results.

The system calls for you to apply gradually increasing tension over time. As your penile shaft is elongated, you can adjust the steel rods to increasingly extended settings, effectively using further lengthening pressure to the tissue.

As cells divide, elongation can occur. Many users notice gains in as little as two weeks. Some men report 4-6 weeks as a more reasonable timeline.

Step 4—Mitosis Encourages Elongation

The extended but slight, gradual tension on your penile tissues helps to trigger the cellular division process called mitosis.

When stretched, the cells in your penile tissue should divide and form pairs of duplicate cells. This process is repeated again and again, further lengthening the overall tissue.

Step 5—Results Should Be Permanent

The growth you achieve with ProExtender is likely to be permanent. Therefore, there’s no need to continue using the device once you’ve reached your desired length.

An Italian study concluded that men who used a penile extender for six months boasted an average lengthening of 32% in their flaccid penises.

Those same participants also reported “high satisfaction” with the experience and an increase of 36% in erectile wellness scores.

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ProExtender Review—The Science

ProExtender employs the traction method, a research-supported method for naturally lengthening the penis while correcting curvatures that may result from a buildup of scar tissue. The science behind the traction method is basically that, over time, adjustable mechanical pressure on the penile shaft, free of pain and discomfort, can stimulate mitosis, which promotes cell growth and, eventually, penile elongation.

  • A variety of medical professionals support and widely use traction method techniques. The practice is often implemented to help stimulate tissue expansion for various therapeutic reasons.
  • The traction method has become increasingly popular as a non-surgical, non-invasive, and reportedly safe means for enhancing penile length.
  • Primary benefits of the traction method may include:
  • No Known Negative Side Effects
  • Research-Supported For Penis Lengthening
  • Promotes Natural Cell Regeneration
  • No Prescription Required
  • No Doctor’s Visits Required
  • Affordable Pricing

ProExtender Review—The Money-Back Guarantee

An excellent feature of the ProExtender penile extension device is the elite money-back guarantee you get when you buy through the official webpage.

The manufacturer guarantees your satisfaction and allows you to use the ProExtender for six months with refund protection. This provides excellent peace of mind for you as the user and demonstrates the manufacturer’s confidence in its product.

It works like this.

You can order your ProExtender (free shipping in the continental USA), use it, and return it if it doesn’t work. You’ll receive a full purchase price refund when you return the device within six months.

In other words, you’ll get what amounts to a free 6-month test drive using ProExtender.

You’d be hard-pressed to find another penile extender device to guarantee you this kind of guarantee. This money-back guarantee represents an enormous checkmark in favor of ProExtender.

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ProExtender Review—A Device With Over 565,000 Happy Customers

565,000 happy men reporting significant penile lengthening can’t be wrong, can they?

That’s the number of men who have ordered the ProExtender device –-over 565,000 since its inception. And the vast majority of reports from users indicate tremendous benefits while using the state-of-the-art traction device.

Typical ProExtender benefits include:

Elongated Penile Tissue—The primary focus of the ProExtender is to lengthen the tissue in the penis. It stretches the cells, inducing mitosis and cell proliferation in the tissue. As a result, users can experience significant gains in length over time.

Reduce Penile Curvature—Plenty of guys suffer from penile curvature. This can result from the increased buildup of scar tissue in the penile shaft due to repeated trauma, often after ordinary sexual intercourse. The ProExtender helps to straighten the penis and reduce signs of curvature. As a result, the flaccid or erect penis could appear more aesthetically pleasing.

Enhanced Erectile Wellness—Many men who use the ProExtender may report greater overall erectile wellness. With length and straightening, the performance of erections could increase, potentially resulting in an enhanced romantic life.

Improved Pleasure—A longer, straighter penis capable of forming strengthened erections should help to enhance sexual pleasure for both the user and potential sexual partners. It’s believed that many individuals are more attracted to a straight penis than a curved penis due to a natural inclination in favor of symmetry.

These are the primary benefits associated with ProExtender. Many men have come to swear by the powerful abilities of this medical-grade device. It continues to sell well and change the lives of many men who use it.

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ProExtender Review—Users’ Thoughts

Having heard that more than 565,000 men have used the device, we thought it appropriate to get the scoop on ProExtender from some of them directly. As they say, “hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth” is often the best way to get a feel for any product. And that’s what we did.

Here’s what a few ProExtender users had to say about their experience.

Tim from Houston, Texas:

“I was never necessarily small, but I always thought some extra length would do me good down there. After reading about ProExtender and its money-back guarantee, I decided to try it because why not? I can always just return it. After using this product for three months, I am already much bigger. It’s fair to say I won’t be returning it.”

Richard from Nashville, Tennessee:

“My buddy actually told me about the ProExtender, believe it or not. He told me about how he was adding length without any pills, pain, or surgery and how this thing changed his life. So, I decided to order my own. That was 9 months ago. Now, I’m substantially longer than I was back then, and my wife loves it.”

Carlos from Los Angeles, California:

“I was always pretty ashamed about how small I was. Honestly, it had me seriously low for a long time. One day, I came across ProExtender while surfing the web. After some quick research, I bought myself one. It showed up in a generic brown box at my door a few days later. It’s helped me to add length, improved my performance, and gave me way more confidence. All guys should use this product.”

Nearly all ProExtender reviews echoed these sentiments. It appears many men are experiencing penile lengthening, reduced curvature, and enhanced bedroom performance with no reported adverse side effects.

A few guys mentioned how they achieved “no results” or “minimal results” with ProExtender. However, this was a small minority. And most of them admitted to using the device sporadically or for a short time (approximately two weeks or less).

It’s important to note that ProExtender can only deliver results when used daily for several weeks, at least. Noticeable gains can come in as little as two weeks but may take longer in some cases.

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ProExtender Review—Easy On & Easy Off

The ProExtender is designed to be simple to put on and take off. The whole process takes just seconds once the device has been assembled. If you order the device, you’ll receive a comprehensive guide on using it and excellent round-the-clock customer service.

Still, we’ll give you a quick step-by-step tutorial here.

Step 1—Secure The Base Ring

You’ll start by sliding your penis through the base ring and securing the plastic ring firmly to your pelvic region. It should sit comfortably against your skin, with the high-quality rubber lining protecting you against rashes or chafing.

Step 2—Fasten The Comfort Strap

The far end of the device (near your glans) is equipped with a silicone strap that can secure the head of your penis into place. The adjustable strap should be set to hold the glans securely but not apply too much pressure. It can always be easily loosened or tightened as needed.

Step 3—Calibrate The Tension

The ProExtender has a pair of tension screws that allow you to move the adjustable medical-grade steel rods, altering penile tension in the process. You’ll want to turn the rod until your shaft is fully extended but not painful or uncomfortable.

The instruction manual provides a comprehensive guide on tension settings. And tension levels will vary between users.

That’s All You Need To Do

That’s it. Now, you’re ready to go about your day-to-day life.

Many men use the ProExtender while working, relaxing, or partaking in other activities. You can still urinate, walk, sit, and do many things as you usually would.

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ProExtender Review—Pros & Cons

As far as penile traction devices go, the ProExtender deserves to be in the conversation as one of, if not the absolute best, product on the market. Let’s check the pros and cons associated with the ProExtender as we continue this ProExtender review.


  • Medical-Grade Device
  • Doctor-Supported
  • Research-Supported
  • Non-Surgical
  • Easy To Use
  • Over 565,000 Devices Sold
  • Good User Feedback
  • Elite Money-Back Guarantee
  • No Known Negative Side Effects


  • Not Available as an over-the-counter device

When looking at the pros vs. cons, it becomes abundantly clear why we have a favorable view of the ProExtender penile traction device.

Evidence suggests that this product could benefit many men who’d like to have a longer, straighter, potentially more powerful penis.

ProExtender Review—Pricing & Deals

ProExtender is competitively priced, and when you buy through the official ProExtender webpage, several excellent pricing packages and promotional deals are available.

The basic package costs $179.99. With that, you get the ProExtender, the money-back guarantee, and free discreet shipping within the continental USA.

However, other packages may provide even more bang for your buck because you’ll get everything in the basic package plus more at a great value.

For example:

The Deluxe Package—For $229, the deluxe package gives you the ProExtender with all the perks of the basic package. Additionally, it comes with a duo of high-end, all-natural health supplements designed to enhance male sexual wellness.

  • The first, VigRX Plus ($69.95), can help promote stronger, longer-lasting erections.
  • The second, Semenax ($59.95), is formulated to enhance semen volume and orgasmic force.

The Ultimate Package—At $497, the ultimate package gets you everything available with the deluxe package plus a couple of added benefits.

  • First, you’ll get a lifetime ProExtender membership which gives you an inside look at bonus enhancement techniques and training courses.
  • Second, you’ll receive access to 1 on one coaching with Male Enlargement Coach AJ Alfaro. Mr. Alfaro is an expert in male wellness, with a wealth of knowledge on enlargement techniques.

Head to the official ProExtender webpage for the best deals, free USA shipping (lower 48), and a money-back guarantee.

ProExtender Review—Final Thoughts

There’s quite a lot to like about the ProExtender. The device is built with medical-grade material, supported by research, liked by many users, and reported to have no adverse side effects.

If you’re interested in using a penile traction device, also known as a penile extender, to add length downstairs, we’d recommend looking no further. Unfortunately, the market is saturated with cheaply made products that claim to enhance size. However, in reality, many won’t deliver on their lofty promises and may even break in just a few weeks.

Luckily, ProExtender boasts distinct hallmarks of quality, including being made in the USA and receiving support from doctors and scientists. This device should help most men gain length, reduce curvature, and add confidence.

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