Caldera Lab Reviews – Legit Men’s Skincare Products That Work or Fake Hype?

Caldera Lab, also known as Caldera + Lab, offers organic skincare products for men.

Popular Caldera Lab products include The Eyecon, The Base Layer, The Clean Slate, and The Good. Some fight wrinkles, while others improve skin tone, tighten skin, or moisturize, among other effects.

Does Caldera + Lab live up to the hype? How do Caldera Lab’s products work? Are Caldera Lab’s skincare products the right choice for you? Please keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the company today in our review.

What is Caldera Lab?

Caldera Lab is a lineup of skincare products sold online.

The company exclusively offers organic skin care products, marketing the products primarily toward men.

All Caldera Lab products are made with no toxic chemicals and are aluminum-free, gluten-free, silicon-free, paraben-free, and never tested on animals.

Backed by 1,500+ customer reviews and an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, Caldera Lab has attracted strong reviews from men of all ages seeking to improve skin tone, diminish the appearance of wrinkles, and refresh their skin.

Caldera Lab Benefits

Caldera Lab Benefits

Caldera Lab aims to be the ultimate lineup of premium men’s skincare products. Some of the benefits of Caldera Lab include:

  • 100% traceable ingredients, including organic formulas and MADE SAFE certified blends
  • Free of parabens, toxic chemicals, aluminum, gluten, and silicone
  • Moisturize skin, tighten and smooth skin, reduce lines, improve skin tone, and enjoy other targeted effects
  • Proven to work based on clinical trial
  • Socially conscious company
  • Gentle, natural, science-backed ingredients

Caldera Lab Products

Caldera Lab emphasizes a small number of high-quality products. Instead of overwhelming customers with dozens of skincare products for different skin types and needs, Caldera Lab focuses on doing a small number of products right.

Featured Products

Here are all products currently available in the Caldera Lab family:

  • The Regimen
  • The Clean Slate
  • The Base Layer
  • The Good
  • The Eyecon
  • The Deep
  • The Body Bar
  • The Smooth

The Regimen

Want to buy multiple Caldera Lab products at a discount rate? The Regimen may be the right choice. The Regimen comes with three of Caldera Lab’s most popular products, including:

  • 1 x The Clean Slate
  • 1 x The Base Layer
  • 1 x The Good

Priced at a one-time fee of $189, The Regimen is a twice-daily routine to transform your skin. You start your day with The Clean Slate, using it as a morning cleanser. Next, you can moisturize and replenish your skin using The Base Layer. You end your day at night with The Clean Slate, using it as a cleanser. Afterward, you can apply The Good to moisturize your skin while you sleep.

The Regimen is backed by a clinical trial proving it works. Caldera Lab conducted a clinical trial on The Regimen involving 32 men over eight weeks. 100% of men experienced smoother-looking skin; the vast majority had a diminished appearance of wrinkles, a visible reduction in age spots and discoloration, and overall younger-looking skin. To put it differently, The Regimen by Caldera Lab has been demonstrated to be effective.

The Regimen Price: $189

The Clean Slate

Caldera Lab’s skincare routine, The Regimen, begins with The Clean Slate. It’s a cleanser you can use in the morning and at night. The Clean Slate blends glacial minerals, botanicals, plant extracts, and other ingredients. These ingredients work in different ways to rejuvenate your skin. The complete list of ingredients in The Clean Slate includes:

Glacial Minerals

The Clean Slate skincare product from Caldera Lab boasts a high concentration of beneficial minerals from glaciers. The company’s Ecocert COSMOS-approved deep sea glacial water comes from the pristine waters along the northern Pacific coast. The company adds these minerals to its formula to give your skin the essential nutrients it needs.

Nelumbo Lotus

Nelumbo lotus is rich in antioxidants to support healthy inflammation throughout your skin. These antioxidants can soothe the skin while tightening and firming the appearance.

Plant-Derived Squalene

Plant-derived squalene is a non-GMO moisturizer designed to condition the skin and leave a smooth, matte finish.


Indigenous people have used fireweed for centuries as a type of natural skincare. In The Clean Slate, this same fireweed is rich with bioflavonoids and antioxidants to help your skin fight against environmental stressors. Caldera Lab harvests this fireweed from the high elevations around the Teton Mountain Range.

Probiotic Ferments

Just like your gut, your skin needs probiotic bacteria. Caldera Lab uses a patented probiotic-based ferment to help activate the skin’s natural protective defense mechanism, soothing it and strengthening your skin’s natural barrier function.


Frankincense balances the natural oils in your skin, helping to soothe and balance the skin overall.

Overall, this unique blend of ingredients and formulas helps to create a clean slate for your skin each morning and each night, allowing the other Caldera Lab formulas to work effectively. It’s also a MADE SAFE certified, pH-balanced cleanser designed to gently exfoliate your skin without drying it out.

The Clean Slate Price: $37

The Base Layer

The Base Layer is a daily moisturizer to hydrate your face and protect your skin from toxins daily. It’s made using a blend of plant stem cell technology, adaptogens, plant extracts, natural antioxidants, and more. The Base Layer by Caldera Lab contains the following active ingredients:

Buddleja Plant Stem Cells

Caldera Lab utilizes buddleja plant stem cells to revitalize the skin from within. Undifferentiated plant meristem cells of buddleja are harvested from the buds and root tips, giving you a natural moisturizer while creating a barrier between your skin and the elements.

Plant-Derived Squalene

Like The Clean Slate, The Base Layer uses non-GMO, plant-derived squalene to moisturize and condition the skin while leaving a smooth, matte finish.

Elkhorn Sea Moss

Elkhorn sea moss provides deep hydration for your skin. Traditionally known for its wound healing and soothing properties, elkhorn sea moss is a type of red algae rich with antioxidants to soothe the skin, smooth the skin, and diminish the appearance of wrinkles.

Encapsulated Microalgae

Caldera Lab uses encapsulated microalgae to enhance the firmness and tightness of the skin’s appearance. Encapsulated microalgae work using plant stem cell technology. The same stem cells that help plants grow can improve the appearance of your skin.

Immortelle Flower

Caldera Lab’s The Base Layer uses immortelle flowers for adaptogenic nourishment. Like other adaptogens, the immortelle flower protects the body against environmental toxins and stressors. It also contains antioxidants to help minimize the appearance of dark spots and visibly reduce the signs of aging.

Tara Tree Complex

Caldera Lab contains Tara tree complex, clinically proven to protect against environmental stressors like particulate pollution and infrared damage. Your skin is bombarded by infrared radiation and environmental pollution every day, and the Tara tree complex could help bolster your skin’s natural defenses.

Snow Mushroom

Snow mushrooms can hold several hundred times their weight in water while providing deep hydration. It can also support the natural barrier function of your skin, combating dryness and defending your skin against outside toxins.

Sea Silt Extract

Sea silt extract contains 60+ nourishing deep sea glacial minerals, including vitamins and minerals from the deep sea. These minerals hydrate and nourish the skin.

Overall, these ingredients create an effective layer of defense between your skin and the outside world. You apply The Base Layer each morning to protect your skin all day. Some ingredients hydrate your skin, while others support your skin’s natural barrier function or healthy inflammation. The Base Layer is also MADE SAFE certified.

The Base Layer Price: $55

The Good

Caldera Lab’s The Good is a nightly moisturizer. You apply it at night after cleansing your skin with The Clean Slate. You get a blend of botanicals, adaptogens, moisturization agents, and other active ingredients to hydrate your skin. Active ingredients in The Good include:

Apricot Kernel Oil

Apricot kernel oil can moisturize the skin, making it ideal for hydrating your skin all night long. Apricot kernel oil is packed with fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants that nourish the skin, according to Caldera Lab. It’s also light, non-sticky, and fast-absorbing.


Fireweed is also found in The Clean Slate. In The Good, fireweed uses the same bioflavonoids and antioxidants to combat environmental stressors, helping clear the skin all night as you sleep.


Dandelion is a natural moisturizer known for soothing the skin, fighting the signs of aging, and revealing tighter, brighter, clearer-looking skin.

Astragalus Root

Astragalus is one of the best-known adaptogens in Ayurvedic medicine. Like other adaptogens, astragalus can help protect the skin from environmental stressors. Astragalus can tighten and firm skin appearance, says Caldera Lab.


Elderflowers can help improve dark spots and overall skin tone, as reported by Caldera Lab. Native to North America, this flowering shrub is rich in natural antioxidants that brighten and soften skin.


Spilanthes can help reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. It has natural cleansing properties to help balance your natural oils and improve the appearance of pores, making it ideal for targeting the visible signs of aging.

These ingredients allow The Good to hydrate your skin all night. At the same time, you sleep while also infusing it with antioxidants, natural anti-inflammatories, and substances to combat the appearance of wrinkles. Like the other two products in The Regimen, The Good is MADE SAFE certified.

The Good Price: $97

The Eyecon

The Eyecon is Calder Lab’s eye serum featuring a breakthrough peptide, rich plant cell extracts, and adaptogens to reduce the appearance of aging around the eyes.

Caldera Lab developed The Eyecon to target the three most common skin concerns around the eye:

  • Fine lines
  • Dark circles
  • Puffiness

By using The Eyecon daily, you can give your eyes a more youthful, well-rested complexion. Each drop of The Eyecon contains hexapeptide-11 (to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes), plant stem cell extracts (to help combat the appearance of dark Circles), adaptogens (to help calm the skin and fight stressors), hyaluronic acid (to moisturize the skin deeply), and Amaranthus seed extract (for additional skin nourishment), among other ingredients.

The Eyecon Price: $88

The Deep

The Deep is a deep cleansing mask you can use weekly for a more intense detox. The Deep can detoxify your skin deeper than other Caldera Lab products like The Clean Slate.

The Deep is a clay mask featuring Kakadu plum (naturally rich with vitamin C), hydrating botanicals, mushroom extracts, plant-derived squalene, and other active ingredients. The goal is to cleanse your skin without drying or irritating it, leaving your face feeling incredible.

Active ingredients in The Deep include volcanic ash (for gentle exfoliation), Moroccan lava clay (to detoxify your pores), tremella mushroom (to soften the appearance of fine lines), and plant-based squalene (for all-day moisture, among others). Like other Caldera Lab products, you can try The Deep risk-free for 60 days.

The Deep Price: $42

The Body Bar

The Body Bar is a premium soap bar designed to exfoliate, moisturize, and refresh skin throughout your body. The soap creates a rich lather scented with sandalwood, basil, eucalyptus, and cedar. Your skin will smell woodsy and fresh – and your bathroom will smell even better.

Caldera Lab’s The Body Bar is made from RSPO-certified palm with no colorants, sulfates, or synthetic fragrances. Active ingredients inside the soap bar include:

  • A physical exfoliant complex with buriti, acai, and jojoba pulp and seed powders to buff and gently polish the skin without irritation, leaving your skin feeling fresh and smooth
  • RSPO-certified palm products to make sustainability the norm
  • Upcycled coffee oil packed with antioxidants to preserve beneficial molecules
  • Milk thistle to moisturize and soothe the skin,
  • Willow bark extract exfoliates the skin and acts as a plant-based alternative to salicylic acid
  • Fireweed detoxifies the skin and helps with inflammation
  • Shea butter to help moisturize the skin

Caldera Lab’s The Body Bar aims to be the ultimate all-natural soap for men’s skincare. Using it daily, you can cleanse and refresh the skin, support your skin’s natural barrier function, and detoxify it without relying on harsh chemicals that leave you dry and flaky.

The Body Bar Price: $28

The Smooth

The Smooth is a shaving cream that blends natural ingredients and plant-powered botanicals. The components are designed to create an effortless glide for your razor while protecting against irritation and maximizing the trimming of hair follicles.

Each drop of The Smooth shaving cream features Karanja oil (to help soothe and calm the skin), watermelon seed oil (for moisturization), microalgae (for antioxidant-rich defense), witch hazel leaf (as a soothing astringent), and oat kernel extract (to lock in all-day hydration), among other active ingredients.

The Smooth Price: $38

Caldera Lab Features

There are other male skincare brands available today. Why pick Caldera Lab? What makes Caldera Lab unique?

Caldera Lab offers a variety of features and benefits that make purchasing from them a unique and advantageous experience.

Subscribe & Save

Caldera Lab lets you save 20% by subscribing to receive regular shipments of products. You can sign up to receive new orders of popular Caldera Lab products every 45 days, 60 days, or 75 days, then save 20%. All subscription memberships let you pause, edit, or cancel anytime.

60-Day Moneyback Guarantee

All Caldera Lab purchases are risk-free for 60 days. You can request a complete refund within 60 days with no questions asked if you are unhappy.

Backed by Clinical Trial

Some skincare companies invest in clinical trials, but most don’t. They’re expensive and may not deliver the desired results. Caldera Lab has invested in a clinical trial proving its unique skincare technology works. In 2021, Caldera Lab completed a US-based clinical trial for The Regimen. The Regimen involves applying the company’s three most popular products (The Clean Slate, The Base Layer, and The Good) twice daily. Thirty-two participants of different ages, skin types, and ethnicities experienced significant results over the 8-week trial. 94% had younger-looking skin, 91% had a diminished appearance of wrinkles, and 81% saw a visible reduction in age spots and discoloration.

Honest & Transparent Reviews with No Edits, Paid Testimonials, or Incentives

Online reviews are a mess – especially on official online stores. Many companies edit reviews, pay for positive reviews, or completely invent positive reviews from “verified purchasers.” That’s why it’s refreshing to see Caldera Lab take a different approach. The company claims to have honest customer reviews with no edits, no paid reviews, and no incentives. Good products rise to the top, and average products sink.

60-Second Online Quiz for Optimal Effectiveness

Caldera Lab has created a 60-second online quiz, making it easy to discover which products and memberships suit your unique skin and needs. If you’re new to skincare regimens and unsure where to start, then the 60-second online quiz can help.

RSPO Certified Palm

Some Caldera Lab products, including The Body Bar, are made from RSPO Certified Palm. RSPO certification verifies sustainable palm tree sources for a healthier future for the planet.

MADE SAFE Certified

Many Caldera Lab products are MADE SAFE certified. MADE SAFE is a Nontoxic Certified (NTC) program, the only human health and ecosystem-focused product certification program. When a product is MADE SAFE-certified, it’s to be made exclusively with safe ingredients not known or suspected to harm human health or the environment.

Uncompromising Craftsmanship & Quality

Many skincare lineups claim to offer uncompromising craftsmanship and quality. However, Caldera Lab aims to live up to that promise with clinically-verified custom formulas, pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing, and green scientists willing to push conventional skincare boundaries.

Shipping Available Worldwide

Caldera Lab ships to the United States, Canada, the EU, and almost all of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, and Singapore. The company also plans to add many more markets soon.

Exceptional Ingredient Sourcing

Some skincare companies choose the cheapest available sources of ingredients. Caldera Lab takes a different approach by hand-harvesting wild and organic botanicals and choosing strains known for their high antioxidant scores and rich nutrient profiles. Plus, the company backs up its claims with a traceable and audited supply chain, making it easy to see where ingredients are sourced.


Caldera Lab products are certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny, which means they’re cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

Purpose Over Profits

Caldera Lab claims to emphasize purpose over profits. The company is certified by 1% For The Planet and uses recyclable packaging.

Made in the United States

All Caldera Lab products are made in the United States.

How to Use Caldera Lab Products

The Regimen is Caldera Lab’s core product. You apply these products twice daily to protect your skin and leave your skin looking noticeably younger.

Learn how to use Caldera Lab’s three main products with these easy steps:

  • Step 1) Start your day with The Clean Slate. Work one pump of cleanser into a lather with wet hands, then massage onto your face. Rinse and pat dry.
  • Step 2) Protect your skin, hydrate, and nourish it using The Base Layer daily. Apply a small amount of the serum to your face and neck. If needed, follow with an SPF of your choice.
  • Step 3) At night, wash off the day with The Clean Slate. Work one pump of cleanser into a lather with wet hands, then massage onto your face. Rinse and pat dry.
  • Step 4) Rejuvenate your skin with The Good. After thoroughly drying your skin, use the dropper in The Good to release several drops of serum onto your hands, then rub it into your face and neck. Caldera Lab recommends using 4 to 6 drops of The Good for oily skin, 7 to 9 drops for normal skin, and 10 to 12 drops for dry skin.

Caldera Lab Clinical Trial

Clinical trials are expensive and complicated. Many skincare companies don’t invest in clinical trials because the results may be hard to quantify – especially in a subjective field like skincare treatment. Caldera Lab, however, has conducted a clinical trial proving its products worked.

Here’s how the 2021 Caldera Lab clinical trial worked:

In 2021, Caldera Lab gathered 32 men of different skin types, ages, and ethnicities.

Over eight weeks, the men applied The Regimen twice daily. The Regimen includes Caldera Lab’s top three products: The Clean Slate, The Base Layer, and The Good.

After eight weeks, 100% of participants involved in the trial reported smoother-looking skin.

Additionally, 94% of participants had younger-looking skin and an overall younger appearance, 91% had diminished fine lines and wrinkles, and 81% had a visible reduction in age spots and discoloration.

Caldera Lab publishes complete details of the science behind its formulas. According to Caldera Lab, the company’s chemists and green formulators started to create skincare products by assessing 2,000+ botanicals. They made a shortlist based on botanicals with the highest levels of antioxidants and the most substantial nutrient profiles. Then, they narrowed the list by choosing botanicals with the best bioavailability.

After selecting the right plants, Caldera Lab used advanced processing and manufacturing techniques to extract the maximum value from these ingredients. The company uses patented oleo-eco extraction with green solvents and cryogenic intensification to transfer the biological footprints of plants into an oil-based complex like The Good, for example. The company also uses cryogenic grinding at sub-zero temperatures to eliminate the possibility of oxidation, climate-regulated maceration over four weeks, 100% pure steam distillation, and other processes to maximize bioavailability and effectiveness in the finished product.

Caldera Lab Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Caldera Lab has received strong reviews online from customers who have experienced significant effects from various company products. Caldera Lab has also received endorsements from celebrities, professional athletes, and Hollywood makeup artists.

Here are some reviews for Caldera Lab’s products:

Caldera Lab’s The Good is an Amazon’s Choice product in the Facial Serums category on Amazon, where the product has received an average score of 4.3 stars out of 5 with 640+ reviews. Customers have praised The Good for being a non-oily serum that has led to a significant and noticeable improvement in skin quality.

Many customers find they have noticeably reduced the appearance of aging – including wrinkles and age spots – within weeks of using Caldera Lab for the first time. For example, many have started to receive compliments about their skin, while others have been asked to share their skincare regimen.

Many customers like the quality of ingredients within Caldera Lab, including organic ingredients, MADE SAFE-certified formulas, and 100% transparent ingredient sources. Instead of putting an obscure blend of unproven and undisclosed chemicals onto your skin, you can apply Caldera Lab’s safer ingredients for healthier-looking skin.

Few customers report problems with irritation – even people who have struggled to find good skincare products. Some men have sensitive skin, for example, and had previously struggled to find skincare products that worked before they found Caldera Lab.

The skincare industry media have good things to say about Caldera Lab, praising the company for its quality ingredients, science-backed formulas, and social governance practices.

The few negative reviews for Caldera Lab are primarily from people who didn’t want to pay the high price of the company’s products. Caldera Lab’s products are not cheap. They’re premium skincare products for the prime market.

Overall, Caldera Lab has solid online reviews from customers willing to pay a higher price for better-quality skincare.

Caldera Lab Refund Policy

Caldera Lab offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on products. If you’re unhappy with Caldera Lab products, you can request a complete refund.

Contact Caldera Lab

You can contact Caldera Lab and the company’s customer service team from 9 am to 6 pm MT, Monday through Friday. Alternatively, you can email them at any time:

Final Word on Caldera Lab

Caldera Lab is a premium men’s skincare company known for The Good, The Base Layer, The Clean Slate, and The Deep.

Featuring high-quality botanicals, ocean-sourced minerals, and adaptogenic herbs, Caldera Lab products combine cutting-edge science with proven traditional ingredients to achieve targeted effects on the skin.

To learn more about Caldera Lab or to buy the company’s products online today, visit the official website.

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