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FIXD aims to turn your dumb car into a smarter one by quickly decoding your check engine light and sending all the diagnostic information directly to your phone via an app.

If you have a car, you must dread the moment when the damn check engine light turns on on your dashboard, and you can’t do anything but call your expensive car mechanic, who probably charges you a hefty amount even for basic repairs.

A check engine light usually means “serious trouble”. It’s like a first clue that there is something wrong with your car, and now is the time for some repair and maintenance. But what happens next is, you take your car to the shady mechanics, who try to rip you off because you have no idea what happened to your car or how much it will cost to fix the issue. Malfunctions, warnings, minor troubles, and check engine lights turned on on the dashboard can drive anyone crazy, especially if they are traveling to a long-distance place or planning to attend a meeting.

But what if you knew exactly what was wrong with your car? What if you could check and monitor the status of your car in real time without even consulting with your mechanic? Yes, that’s true. Now you can resolve most of your car repair and maintenance issues without any help by getting a small car repair sensor called FIXD.

This is a compact device that sends you the correct real-time information about your car and helps monitor how this particular problem can be resolved. Not only does it offer great peace of mind, but it also saves money on expensive mechanics that you usually pay for small and basic errors.

This useful device also keeps a history of your car’s diagnostics and gives you a detailed, updated record of all the problems detected in your car. This means you can easily review your vehicle’s diagnostic history to get a clear picture of the issues affecting its performance. Let’s find out more about this small and magical device in this detailed FIXD review.

What is FIXD?

FIXD is one of the most powerful car sensors, designed specifically to monitor your car’s issues in real time. It communicates with a FIXD mobile app, and it works remotely.

It’s not always necessary to drive your car before using the device. This smart sensor notifies you of any problems with your vehicle, allowing you to travel without worry.

FIXD is a smart, compact, and durable device that is designed to last a long time. Having this small device installed in your vehicle is comparable to having a professional personal mechanic who is always active and diagnosing problems. In fact, the device is much better than having your standby mechanic as it won’t misguide you and will give accurate information about the issues. Unlike shady car operators that rip you off and break the bank, a FIXD car sensor tells you the problems in real-time via an app and even gives suggestions to deal with the issue.

You need to plug the device into your car’s OBD port, which is available on almost every vehicle built after 1996. Most cars you find on the road are the latest and have been built after 1996, which means that FIXD is probably the right solution for every car model.

The FIXD works like an honest companion that comes to your rescue when you are in an emergency and need help. You can get details in real time about the current status of your car.

Once you plug in the device, it will tell you all the good and bad things about your car, especially when your engine light turns on. It tells you why the light is turned on, how bad the particular issue is, and what will be the consequences of ignoring the issue. If you have missed routine car maintenance, FIXD also tells you what things can cause problems in the future.

Most people choose FIXD because it tells you about 7,000 potential problems that could be harming the health of your car.

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How to Use the FIXD Car Scanner?

FIXD is a very easy-to-use device that works on its own. Follow the underlisted steps and set up your FIXD device with your phone to get real-time updates.

  • Step 1– Unpack your FIXD device and find the OBD port of your car. After that, insert your FIXD device. You will find the OBD port of your car below the steering wheel.
  • Step 2 – In the next step, you need to download the free FIXD application from your app store or play store, as it is available for both iOS and Android models. The app is 100% free, and it won’t take up much space in the phone’s memory.
  • Step 3 – In the end, you need to fill out your registration forms, which usually pop up and request that you enter some personal details for maintaining a proper connection. After that, you will be required to record the number of your FIXD socket that is present on the label.

You must now wait for the device and the FIXD mobile app to complete their setup. Once things are done, your FIXD will be ready to use.

How Does the FIXD Obd2 Scanner Work?

FIXD device features a small and intelligent sensor that you need to plug into an OBD-II port on your car. When you plug in the FIXD car sensor, you need to leave it there as it is powered by your car. In other words, you do not need to worry about charging your FIXD car sensor as it is already connected to your car.

After installing it into your car’s port, you need to download the mobile app either from your app store (if you are an Apple user) or from your play store (if you are an Android user), depending on the platform you have been using.

Once you download the FIXD device, you need to launch the mobile app and set up an account. Sit in your car, and then connect the sensor to your downloaded app via Bluetooth. Once they are connected, you will get information about all the issues with your car.

You can explore different features of the app and learn more about issues that are disturbing the performance of your vehicle. FIXD also sends notifications when something is wrong with your car.

What Type of Problems can FIXD sensors Identify?

When you use FIXD for the first time, you might be surprised to know how FIXD can help you identify hundreds of minor and major problems that are affecting the performance of your vehicle. According to the manufacturer of the device, FIXD can identify almost 6,800 maladies that affect your car and may cause your check engine light to turn on.

However, the FIXD car sensor doesn’t list multiple things that highlight the mobile app, but it gives information about different issues. For example, it sends alerts when your car’s engine oil temperature is too high or when your O2 sensor is failing. It also tells you when your car has some serious issues that need immediate attention. When you learn about the issues, you can quickly take it to the mechanic and get it fixed before traveling.

You can clear your check engine light with the FIXD mobile app if you believe the problem it has identified is unimportant. You can even use it to clear different dashboard lights, which include TPMS, ABS, airbags, maintenance, and stability control.

Not only that, but FIXD keeps track of your car’s maintenance schedule. When you plug the sensor into your car’s port, you can easily check the manufacturer’s recommendation about the repair and maintenance of your car.

This small device also helps monitor your mileage, so you can easily get an idea before traveling anywhere.

How is this FIXD Car Scanner Different from Other Devices?

Did you know FIXD is not the only device available on the market for your car’s diagnosis? There are a slew of products available right now, including CarMD, Verizon’s hum+, Zubie Key, and hundreds of other devices. All of these devices connect with your car, and you can use them as a companion to get insights about your car’s issues.

The FIXD device comes with a powerful sensor that works efficiently and is much better than other devices available on the market. Due to its ease of use, intelligent features, and compatibility with different cars, FIXD is one of the most reliable and unique devices available in the market right now.

According to the manufacturer of the device, the FIXD car sensor breaks down different problems into easy and comprehensible terms that are understandable for everyone, even if they are not aware of the technicalities involved. Instead of providing any technical description, FIXD sends alerts about the severity of your car’s issues. It even tells you about the consequences of the problems if you don’t deal with them in time. You can enter details about your car, including its specific make, year, and model, to get further insights.

Features and Benefits of FIXD:

Now that we know all the basic details and functionalities of FIXD, it’s time to explore some important features and benefits of FIXD.

●       FIXD Mobile App:

FIXD is available with a mobile application that can be easily installed from the Google play store or App store. It establishes a connection between your FIXD device and mobile phone so you can directly receive alerts and information about car issues on your phone in real time.

●       Multi-Vehicle Control:

The FIXD device allows you to check and monitor the health status of your car anytime you want. This is not only designed for a single car, but you can use one account for monitoring multiple cars in your family or friends circle.

●       Impressive Functionality:

FIXD device scans your car efficiently without any difficulties. It allows you to check for every possible problem and then report it back within a minute or even less. By using FIXD, you can understand your car’s health better and learn how to keep the car in top shape. You don’t need to understand anything before using FIXD. Just install the device, and it works on its work.

●       Easy to Setup:

FIXD is a very easy-to-use device. You can set it up within minutes as it doesn’t involve any complicated features. The device works well with both Android and iOS. All you need to do is, connect the sensor to the app via Bluetooth, and you are done.

●       Best for Every Model and Make:

The device is best for almost every car model. It is compatible with gas cars built in 1996 and new diesel trucks built in 2008. It also supports vehicles built in 2006 and the latest models.

●       Finds Wide Range of Issues:

FIXD is the only device that finds and reports a wide range of issues within minutes. It can detect up to 6,800 issues in one minute or less.

●       Offers Solutions:

The device doesn’t only tell you about the issues of your car but also suggests solutions and recommendations which saves plenty of money you spend on expensive mechanics.

●       Useful for Multiple Cars:

Unlike traditional car diagnosis devices, you can use one FIXD account for multiple cars. Especially if you have two or more cars or want to connect them with your friend’s car, you can easily do it with your one FIXD account.

●       High Compatibility:

The device is compatible with both android and iOS devices, which makes it an ideal solution for all.

●       Gives Maintenance Reminders:

Another best feature of the device is, it gives you maintenance reminders along with different alerts about your car’s issues. It tells you when to change your oil, and what could possibly disturb the performance of your car.

●       Continuous Monitoring:

FIXD is an ideal device for novice drivers. How? Because it continuously monitors your car and tells you about issues that you could have never discovered before.

●       Fast Scan:

There are hundreds of car diagnostic tools in the market that can be used by anyone at home. However, FIXD works much faster than all the tools you use at home. The device only takes a few minutes in doing a complete scan and show you all the results on the app. You can do scanning whether you are at home or on the go.

●       Best for Less Experienced Users:

Unlike other traditional tools that are hard to understand for less experienced users, FIXD is an easy-to-use and simple-to-understand tool that doesn’t come with complicated codes and sends instructions and alerts in simple English that is easy to comprehend for even laymen.

●       Secure Data:

When you use the FIXD app, you don’t have to worry about any data breaches. Though it works by connecting with Bluetooth, but once you establish a connection between FIXD and your phone, nobody can ever access that connection.

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Pros and Cons of FIXD:


  • Best tool for DIYers or garage mechanics
  • Send maintenance reminders.
  • Fault detection notifications
  • Cost estimates
  • Fast diagnosis
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Affordable solution
  • A wide range of issues are displayed.
  • Send suggestions and recommendations.


  • Doesn’t support electric cars
  • Doesn’t support diesel vehicles

FIXD Sensor Free App:

By using the free FIXD app, you can find all the information you need on your phone regarding the errors and maintenance of your car. When you check the status of your car on the app, you can find all the errors that have been reported and need to be fixed. The descriptions offer sufficient information about the meanings of the errors and how you can fix them to save yourself from more trouble.

When you use the FIXD app, you don’t need to worry about forgetting regular maintenance. Its timeline offers you an easy way to check off what needs to be done at every milestone with a simple tap on the screen.

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FIXD Sensor Premium App:

With the free FIXD app, you can quickly diagnose all kinds of car problems and consider all the maintenance reminders that have been sent directly to your phone. Still, if you are not satisfied with any feature, you can use the FIXD premium app, which comes with plenty of amazing features and on-call support service assistance. You can get assistance from experts who can further help you with car maintenance and repair.

By using the premium FIXD app, you can enjoy several features, for example:

  • It tells you how to fix the car issue and how much it costs.
  • It tells you how common or uncommon the problem is so you know what to expect when you take your car to the mechanic.
  • You can get expert assistance anytime by calling them from Monday to Saturday.
  • You can easily check emissions from the comfort of your home, so you know if things are fine.
  • You can consider three types of memberships with the FIXD premium app. You can pay $1 for one week, and then after seven days, you can either cancel the package or you need to pay $69.99 for a yearly membership. The monthly membership will cost you only $8.99, and the annual membership will cost $69.99.

FIXD vs. BlueDriver: Which is Better?

When it comes to choosing between the best tools, many people can’t decide between FIXD and BlueDriver. Both of these tools come with a lot of useful features and have surprising benefits. But when you want to choose something exceptional, nothing can beat the performance of FIXD, as it is the most versatile tool available for diagnosing car issues.

Especially if you are looking for a cost-effective option, FIXD is probably the best choice for every budget. Available at about half the price of BlueDriver, FIXD is not only equipped with a lot of basic engine diagnostic features, but it also sends plenty of useful automated maintenance alerts directly to the phone. 

The tool comes in handy when you want to change the oil or when the mechanic tries to take advantage of you because you already know the issue and the cost to fix it. With Fixd, you can easily understand the issues that are affecting the performance of your car and learn what things you need to fix to maintain the top shape of your vehicle.

FIXD also saves you $1,000 a day on repair and maintenance. You can join the community of more than 2 million happy customers by choosing FIXD over BlueDriver or other tools available in the market.

However, if you are looking for some unique add-ons, such as airbag alerts, then BlueDriver could be a better option as it offers more ease and convenience. But these additional capabilities cost a lot, and that’s why people prefer FIXD, which comes with hundreds of amazing features and affordable pricing plans.

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What Comes in the Package?

Unlike other tools and car parts you’ve bought online in the past, FIXD ships quickly and includes everything you need in the package. The presentation and packaging are attractive and robust, and they protect your device during transit. There will be a cardboard box on the outside that must be opened in order to access the device inside.The box comprises a flap that needs to be lifted to slide the scanning tool out. The tool stays in a softbox, which is completely protected during shipping. You will be required to remove the top of the box and pull it out easily.

The FIXD device is the main thing available in the box. Besides this box, you will get detailed instructions inside the box that will give complete details about how to download the app on your phone and what features will be available to use.

You can use the app on every smart device, including tablets and laptops. You will need an internet connection to use the device, and then Bluetooth to connect it to your phone. FIXD also gives proper details about the money-back guarantee and tells you how to connect with customer support for further assistance.

Quality, Durability, and Feel:

FIXD comprises two important things that help diagnose your car’s issue. The first part is a special tool that serves as the diagnostic scanner and mainly works on all car models that were built after 1996 and also have an OBD2 port. You can find this port under your steering wheel, close to the dashboard. Plug this tool into your car port and then start the engine while keeping your phone closer. If you have the app saved on your phone, you can simply open it and then scan the vehicle. The app is compatible with almost all phones, including Android and iOS.

One thing people love about the FIXD device is that it weighs quite a bit less than other diagnostic car sensors. It doesn’t come with a bunch of cords or wires that you need to plug into different ports. The device comes in a small plastic case that is designed to keep it safe from wear and tear.

It is also recommended to tuck it into the glove box if you spend a lot of time in your car. The package also contains detailed instructions on how to use the car scanner and how to download the app from the Google Play Store.

FIXD Maintenance Club:

If you have a FIXD device, you might want to add a bit more value to your purchase, right? Well, don’t worry! The company also offers a service called the FIXD Maintenance Club.

If you own a Fixd device, you normally use it to see what’s wrong or when you need to change the oil or filter. When you see that something is wrong with your car, you immediately head to the garage and get the work done by a professional mechanic. But instead of someone else doing the work, you can simply send all the information to FIXD customer support, and by using the Fixd Maintenance Club, they will send you all the required parts to maintain the perfect shape of your car.

Through the club, the experts will send you the specific maintenance items you need for your car’s repair and maintenance.

The services let you decide for yourself when the maintenance kit should be sent to your address. However, you can customize it based on your requirements.

Another amazing feature of the club is, its membership is completely free. The company only charges for the parts, not for a membership. Remember, the prices may vary depending on the parts you need and all the maintenance work. So, keep all the charges in mind before you place an order through the Fixd maintenance club.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.     What models of cars can work with FIXD?

FIXD always requires an OBD-II port on the car, which is usually present in almost every model built after 1996. So, if the car you are driving was built after 1996, then the chances are good that FIXD will work incredibly well because those cars always have the specific port required for FIXD. This OBD-II port is located around or sometimes under the glove box.

2.     Can I use FIXD in foreign cars?

Well, before you invest money in this useful device, it is important to keep in mind that this device only works with domestic vehicles, especially the ones that are produced by Ford and Chevrolet. If you own a foreign car, the device may not work well and give you all the information that you require for fixing your car. The device works well on cars that are used in North America.

3.     What makes FIXD a different device from scanners?

You may be surprised to know that FIXD is not the only car sensor available on the market that works exceptionally well. There are plenty of other devices as well, but they are not ideal in terms of performance and reliability. FIXD is unique because it can break down complex car problems into simpler ones without even confusing the users.

Instead of sending any codes or complicated technical instructions, the device sends the severity of the issues in user-friendly terms that are understandable for everyone. It tells you about the consequences of using a car with different problems, how to fix the specific issue, what to do when your car’s engine light turns on, and similar things. FIXD is a light, compact, and easy-to-use device for everyone, even for the person who is non-technical and is driving a car for the first time. These factors make the FIXD a bit different than other devices.

4.     Where can I buy FIXD?

FIXD is only available online. If you want to get an authentic device with 12 months of warranty, then it is recommended that you buy it from the official website of FIXD, where you can enjoy different guarantees as well as multiple deals and packages.

5.     Do I need to pay for the FIXD membership club?

No, the FIXD Maintenance Club is absolutely free for all members. However, you have to pay for items that you purchase. And it also depends on the maintenance work as well as the equipment you need.


If you want to take good care of your vehicle without spending tons of money on expensive mechanics, then it is recommended that you use FIXD, which allows you to do simple repairs at home. FIXD is a simple device that helps you take good care of your car by sending regular alerts and instructions to maintain it in ideal shape.

It’s easy for both beginners and professionals, so you don’t have to worry about the complexity of the device. It only takes a few minutes to plug in the port and a couple of minutes to download the app; once you are done, FIXD is ready to use.

So, if you are tired of being ripped off by those shady, expensive mechanics, now is the time to consider FIXD for all your car issues, which claims to be the best car health monitoring device for you.

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