Cloaked Arousal Reviews – Does It Work? Is CloakedArousal Worth It for Men?

Cloaked Arousal is an online masterclass that gives you the ability to seduce any women.

Featuring science-backed psychology, Cloaked Arousal is a system of proven techniques anyone can implement regardless of their experience or appearance. By speaking words or sentences to women, you can silently activate their limbic system, making you seem irresistible.

Is Cloaked Arousal legit? Should you buy Cloaked Arousal? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Cloaked Arousal and how the system works today in our review.

What is Cloaked Arousal?

Cloaked Arousal is a package of eBooks and videos designed to teach men how to seduce any woman.

Backed by a 365-day moneyback guarantee, Cloaked Arousal is advertised as “the ultimate private portal for guys who want to learn how to seduce women.”

In exchange for a fee, you get complete access to the Cloaked Arousal portal, which includes masterclass video lessons, digital eBooks, free bonuses, and more.

Cloaked Arousal is exclusively available online through, where it’s priced at just $69.95.

Cloaked Arousal Benefits

Cloaked Arousal is a package of guides, videos, and tutorials to help transform your sex life.

Whether you want to pick up women at the bar, turn a friendship into a relationship, or make yourself irresistible to women, you could experience many benefits using Cloaked Arousal, including:

  • Use words, phrases, and sentences to subtly influence women in your life
  • Science-backed techniques targeting the female brain’s limbic system, or their subconscious psychology
  • Win back former girlfriends or attract women who have put you in the friend zone, coworkers, and anyone else
  • Step-by-step videos and manuals that require no work on your end – just watch the videos, and you’ll subtly implement the words or phrases into conversations
  • Works regardless of age or experience
  • Backed by 365-day moneyback guarantee.

Get the benefits of Cloaked Arousal today!

How Does Cloaked Arousal Work?

Cloaked Arousal is based on the idea that you can tap into the female psychology, using subconscious cues to make yourself more attractive to women around you.

It’s called “Cloaked” Arousal because you can do this subtly. By learning the secrets to female psychology, any man can turn an innocent conversation sexy, make themselves irresistible at a bar, and pickup women they’ve just met – or women who put them in the friend zone years ago.

When you buy Cloaked Arousal online for $69.95, you get instant access to the Cloaked Arousal portal. You can access all videos, tutorials, and guides directly from that portal.

From the portal, you can learn things like:

  • How to detect which women in the room are primed and ready for action
  • How to turn your Facebook page into a Fuckbook page, making it irresistibly tempting for anyone who clicks on it
  • The best sexting strategies for turning on a woman over text
  • How to use clothes, food, cologne, and other sensory items to turn a woman on before you even open your mouth
  • How to get rock-hard erections on-demand, make a girl squirt, and give her the best orgasms of her life
  • How to escape the friend zone and turn a friendship into a relationship

Some of the guides are eBooks and published manuals. They walk you through the step-by-step, science-backed process for winning over women.

Other guides are videos, giving you a visual demonstration of the strategies in action – including how ordinary guys can implement these strategies in the real world.

Cloaked Arousal Accesses the Subconscious Part of a Woman’s Brain

Cloaked Arousal works because it’s based on female psychology.

When you implement the strategies in the core Cloaked Arousal manual, you’re targeting the part of a woman’s brain that controls eating, sleeping, and arousal.

These are things that occur subconsciously before we can manually react to them. By targeting this part of the female psychology, Cloaked Arousal can transform your love life.

Cloaked Arousal doesn’t just claim to tap into the female psychology. The manual claims to “re-wire it,” allowing any woman to “unleash her innermost sexual, perhaps nastiest desires” while making her “absolutely helpless” to your requests.

By reading Cloaked Arousal and watching the masterclass videos today, you can discover how to tap into the female psychology of any woman, re-wire it, and use it to get laid.

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Cloaked Arousal Is No More Manipulative than What Women Do Every Day

Many pickup artists claim to “tap into” female psychology and “re-wire it” to turn women into sex-hungry maniacs. However, most of them aren’t realistic.

The creators of Cloaked Arousal are careful to explain their manual is no more manipulative than what women do to men every day.

When women wear revealing clothing to a bar, or when they flirt with men, they’re taking advantage of male psychology. They know male brains work in a certain way, and they know certain actions, clothing, and looks can make them look irresistible. That’s why padded bras, makeup, short skirts, and sundresses can drive men crazy.

In Cloaked Arousal, you can discover how men can fight back. Men can use similar proven strategies to tap into a woman’s brain and use it to their own advantage.

Cloaked Arousal Features

There are other pickup artist guides and female psychology tutorials online today. What makes Cloaked Arousal unique? Why buy Cloaked Arousal instead of other tutorials?

Here are some of the unique features of Cloaked Arousal, according to the official website:

Made by Genuine Star: Cloaked Arousal was developed by Ryan, a star who was a virgin until 26. In Cloaked Arousal, Ryan shares some of the techniques he has used to have sex with thousands of women.

Normally Priced at $7,000 Per Seminar: Typically, Ryan prices his Cloaked Arousal sessions at $7,000 per seminar and requires in-person attendance in Los Angeles. With Cloaked Arousal, however, you can pay a one-time fee online to access the same information.

Use Words, Phrases, and Sentences to Subtly Attract Any Women: The goal of Cloaked Arousal is to help any men have sex with women within just minutes of meeting them by working words, phrases, and sentences into conversations.

Developed by Secret Government Research Program: Cloaked Arousal traces its origins to a government research program. In that program, interrogation experts were researching specific words and phrases they could use to force people to reveal the truth. They found certain words and phrases worked on women – but not men. One scientist found the words so effective, he had sex with a female study volunteer. Although that scientist was fired, he revealed the research to Ryan, the creator of Cloaked Arousal.

Comes with $3,000+ of Bonuses: If you buy Cloaked Arousal online today, you get $3,000+ worth of bonus videos and guides, including information you can implement today to maximize your chances of getting laid.

Backed by 365 Day Moneyback Guarantee: You have one full year, or 365 days, to try Cloaked Arousal and see if you like it. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, you can request a complete refund.

The #1 Mistake Most Men Make When Picking Up Women

Many men try and fail to pickup women. It’s because of one single mistake: they try to make women attracted to them first.

It makes sense to make yourself more attractive to women. Logically, you want to make yourself attractive to people you want to have sex with.

However, because of female psychology, things don’t work that way in the real world. Women don’t automatically want to have sex with every attractive man they meet at a bar. Otherwise, bars would be filled with women having sex with hot guys in bathrooms and elevators.

Instead, Cloaked Arousal is based on the idea that there’s a big chasm between a woman thinking someone is attractive and a woman getting sexually aroused. They’re two different things.

In fact, men can skip right over the attraction phase and skip right into the sexual arousal phase. One is not dependent on the other.

Cloaked Arousal: The best way to achieve your goals!

Cloaked Arousal is Based on an “Unusual Leak from a Deep State, Secret Black Ops Program”

Why have we never seen anything like Cloaked Arousal before? What makes Cloaked Arousal different from other pickup artist guides available today?

According to the official Cloaked Arousal website, the program is based on an “unusual leak” linked to a secret, deep state black ops program.

In that program, scientists were studying “seven secret activators” that made women sexually attracted to someone.

In Cloaked Arousal, you can discover those seven secret activators – then use them to your advantage to pick up women.

The research is traced back to interrogation research from United States’ intelligence personnel.

According to the creators of Cloaked Arousal, researchers 14 “virtually unnoticeable voice techniques” interrogators could slip into conversations to make people tell the truth. Researchers found the voice techniques did not work on men – but they worked extremely well on women.

The techniques worked so well, in fact, that one of the researchers – a 55-year old scientist – had sex with a 21-year old female participant in the study. The participant was so turned on by the voice techniques, she wanted to have sex with anyone. After the incident, the scientist was fired and the study was halted – until the research turned up again in Cloaked Arousal.

Today, you can use those same voice techniques to pickup any women.

Cloaked Arousal’s Techniques Are Invisible to the Naked Eye

The fired scientist above wasn’t content to stay quiet. Instead, he wanted to tell everyone about the experiment – and why he was simply a scapegoat.

He started to tell others about the voice activation techniques and how they worked. He explained how to implement the techniques. Men across the country started to try the techniques in the real world. They began to call the techniques “Cloaked Arousal” for their ability to work on women silently.

By buying Cloaked Arousal today, you can discover how to implement those same voice activation techniques at the bar or around any women in your life – silently and without them knowing. In fact, the creators of Cloaked Arousal compare Cloaked Arousal to how the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek becomes “cloaked” During battle.

With Cloaked Arousal, Women Demand Sex Within Minutes of Activation

With Cloaked Arousal’s techniques, you can secretly implement words and sentences into conversations to turn a woman on without them knowing.

As you continue speaking, the woman will display visible signs of arousal – like playing with her hair and delicately touching her face. That means the Cloaked Arousal strategies are working.

In fact, within “a few minutes” of implementing these techniques, the woman will purportedly take charge of the situation, according to the creators of Cloaked Arousal. They’ll ask to go some place more intimate immediately – and the rest is history.

Despite the obvious outcome of the sentences, there’s never a point where you see the man doing something overt to turn on the women. Cloaked Arousal is all about using words, phrases, and sentences to turn on a woman.

As the creators of Cloaked Arousal explain, the tactics in Cloaked Arousal “do all the work for you.” In fact, they compare it to the sleight of hand of a magician.

Who Created Cloaked Arousal?

Cloaked Arousal was created by a star named Ryan.

Ryan was a virgin until he was 26 years old. Then, he met the fired scientist mentioned above, who told him about Cloaked Arousal strategies to get laid.

Today, Ryan holds seminars in Los Angeles for men around the world. They fly to hear his advice, learn the Cloaked Arousal strategies, and discover exactly how to pick up women.

Each seminar costs thousands of dollars – in addition to the cost of traveling to Los Angeles and paying for lodging and travel.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars for Ryan’s seminar, however, you can pay a one-time fee for Cloaked Arousal.

How to Use Cloaked Arousal Today

Using Cloaked Arousal is easy. Simply watch all videos in the series from beginning to end:

  • Buy Cloaked Arousal online today.
  • Watch all videos from beginning to end.

There’s nothing else to do. Your subconscious is programmed to start using Cloaked Arousal techniques immediately regardless of your experience, the women you want, or the number of times you’re been rejected in the past.

According to the official website, many men get laid within 24 hours of watching their first Cloaked Arousal video. They go to malls, clubs, bars, or even their workplace and start to implement the lessons – only to find they work as advertised to help them quickly pick up women.

Cloaked Arousal Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

The official Cloaked Arousal website is filled with reviews from men who claim to have changed their lives using the program.

Many men have left 5-star reviews praising the system for its ability to get them laid, for example. Although some men have experience picking up women, many others were relatively inexperienced until they started using Cloaked Arousal techniques.

Here are some of the reviews shared by verified purchasers on the official website:

One man claims he went from “having no girlfriends for over the past 5 years of my life to going out with 2 different women this last week.” He feels the small price he paid for the program is a pittance compared to the value he received from the program.

Another man claims he got “3 lays in 5 days” thanks to Cloaked Arousal, including a celebrity’s daughter and “a super sexy Puerto Rican” at an airport.

Some men have used Cloaked Arousal techniques to transform their approach at bars. One man claims he’s picking women up from bars effectively thanks to Cloaked Arousal, describing the program as “incredible” for ending his dry spell.

One man claims he had never picked up a woman from a bar before for a one night stand until he implemented Cloaked Arousal techniques. He just picked up his first one night stand the other night, and he’s happy to see Cloaked Arousal techniques work in the real world.

According to the official website, one female journalist “was so traumatized by the video, she has PTSD now.” She disliked how Cloaked Arousal portrayed women and how the program claims to take control away from women and give it to men. In fact, the creator of the program claim feminists don’t want you to have access to the knowledge in Cloaked Arousal “under any circumstance” Because they’re threatened by a man’s power.

One man in his 50s claimed he had sex with a 21-year old pre-med student “within minutes” of watching a Cloaked Arousal video for the first time. Before he picked up the college girl, he was skeptical anyone in their 50s could have sex with a younger woman without being semi-famous. After testing Cloaked Arousal in action, he happily found he was wrong.

Another man claims he’s “gotten laid so much in the last month” that he has “almost lost count” thanks to the sexting and social media strategies in Cloaked Arousal. Thanks to Cloaked Arousal, he’s able to turn any conversation sexy.

One 54-year old man was going through a divorce when he started trying Cloaked Arousal. His wife of 20-plus years was the only woman he had ever had sex with. Since implementing Cloaked Arousal, however, he regularly has sex with women half his age. Now, he has “no trouble fucking young, 21-year old pussy,” according to a testimonial shared on

One man claims he’s had the best, hottest sex of his life over the past month thanks to Cloaked Arousal.

Overall, the creators of Cloaked Arousal claim to have “thousands” of reviews similar to the testimonials above. The reviews come from men of all ages around the world who have successfully implemented Cloaked Arousal to get laid.

What to Expect After Cloaked Arousal

According to the official Cloaked Arousal website, you can expect to get laid within 24 hours or fewer of watching Cloaked Arousal’s videos for the first time.

To test the theory, Ryan and his team gathered a group of 200+ men to beta test the program. Here’s how the trial worked:

  • The trial involved 200+ men.

One man claims he watched just a few minutes of one video before he was confidently approaching hot moms at his daughter’s after-school basketball game. He used one of Ryan’s hacks on a specific MILF and described the sexual tension as “almost overpowering” as soon as he implemented the hack.

Another beta tester signed up for the Cloaked Arousal trial after being in the friend zone with someone for the past 10 years. One night, during one of their regularly scheduled “friend zone dates,” he started to use the Cloaked Arousal techniques and they were soon having sex. The next morning, they went out to brunch – and she paid. He claims Cloaked Arousal has changed his life.

One man claims he used Cloaked Arousal on a coworker he had liked for years. They went out to lunch, then never made it back to the office – they were too busy having sex.

The hundreds of other participants in the Cloaked Arousal had similar results, quickly picking up women in their lives, transforming friendships into sexual relationships, and subconsciously gaining the confidence to pick up any women they talk to.

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What Will You Learn in Cloaked Arousal?

Cloaked Arousal is a portal that includes access to videos, guides, tutorials, and more. Across the Cloaked Arousal portal, you’ll discover things like:

A cool trick for instantly turning a female friend into an occasional fuck buddy or long-term romantic partner.

A body language exercise that can help attract hot women.

A simple Jedi mind trick for making 21 year old girls hungry for sex – regardless of how old you are

How to read a woman’s mind as if you had one of Elon Musk’s neurolinks. The technique involves asking a simple question about a woman’s father to unlock her deep, feminine memory and reveal exactly what a woman thinks about you.

A little-known secret for making women chase you like a celebrity, rockstar, or billionaire – even if you’re an ordinary guy.

How to determine if a woman is an angel or succubus within minutes of meeting her – and how to adjust your approach based on the type of woman she is and the type of woman you want to attract.

27 under-the-radar words that will make women lust for you. By slipping just one or two of these words into conversations every day, you can purportedly make any woman beg for you.

A specific type of cologne you can buy at any male pharmacy for under $20 that will make any woman beg for you.

A 9 word sentence that can get any woman in your bed and in the mood – even if she’s never usually in the mood.

One thing a woman should never see when she comes over to your place – unless you want to destroy any chance of having sex with her.

The one thing to leave in your bedroom to make 100% sure any woman returns again.

How to initiate a kiss even if she has previously rejected a kiss or put you in the friend zone.

A secret technique to make your girl bring home other girls for a hot threesome – even if she has rejected the idea before.

How to tap into the strongest part of the brain – the limbic system, or reptilian part of the brain – to have any woman having sex with you on-command.

How to use Cloaked Arousal techniques on coworkers, old girlfriends, cashiers, servers, and anyone else you encounter.

7 foods to eat today to give yourself rock-hard erections on-command, including watermelon and other common foods available at any grocery store.

A specific color of clothing you can wear guaranteed to make a woman horny.

14 text messages you can copy and paste to get a woman to send you naked pictures of herself within minutes.

What’s Included with Cloaked Arousal?

You pay a one-time fee of $69.95 today, then get lifetime access to Cloaked Arousal. Your purchase includes the core Cloaked Arousal system along with a bundle of bonus videos and eBooks – all of which are easily accessible through

Here’s what you get when you order Cloaked Arousal online today:

Complete Lifetime Access to Cloaked Arousal Portal: The Cloaked Arousal portal includes immediate access to masterclasses, eBooks, guides, tip collections, and more. It’s an all-in-one compendium for guys who want to learn how to seduce any women in their lives. You can access the portal on any device, view the movies and read the guides at your own pace, and discover exactly how to seduce a woman using proven strategies.

Free Bonus #1: Fuckbook Essentials: Valued at $197 at its ordinary retail price, Fuckbook Essentials teaches you how to turn Facebook into Fuckbook. You can make your Facebook page irresistible to women who find you. They’ll be so curious that they’ll be begging to message you – and already interested in anything you have to see. This guide walks you through the specific, step-by-step process you can use to transform your Facebook page into a Fuckbook page.

Free Bonus #2: Slut Sensor Report: Do you want to have the ability to scan a room and identify the hottest singles? Slut Sensor Report lets you detect any women primed and ready for hot action in the room. You’ll discover how to read them, why a woman’s hormonal cycle reveals when they’re the horniest, and how to make any night a night of wild sex using proven strategies.

Free Bonus #3: Sexting Strategies: Good sexting is crucial for picking up women. In this guide, you can discover some of the best practices – and worst mistakes – for sexting. You can discover how to inject Cloaked Arousal techniques into text conversations to make women hyper-horny.

Free Bonus #4: Sensory Seduction: Many men overlook the sensory side of seduction. In this guide, you can discover the clothes, food, cologne, and other things that can turn a woman on before you even speak a word. Although you can use Cloaked Arousal strategies independent of clothes, food, and cologne, they work best when used in tandem with sensory seduction techniques.

Free Bonus #5: How to Make a Girl Squirt: In this guide, you can discover how to make any girl “gush like Old Faithful,” according to the authors, using a step-by-step squirting tutorial. By following these steps, you can give your woman the most intense orgasm of her life – so intense, she’ll become addicted to you. Plus, it works with virtually any woman – even women who’ve never done anything like it before.

Free Bonus #6: Manhood Maximized: The secret to a bigger manhood and better erections starts in the kitchen. In this eBook, you can discover 6 secret foods “that can give you rock-hard erections instantly,” according to the authors. By eating these foods on a date or making them for dinner, you can be ready for sex whenever it happens – and impress your partner more than ever.

Free Bonus #7: From Friendzone to Fucking: Available exclusively to the first 250 buyers of Cloaked Arousal, this eBook teaches you how to “take your friend and turn her into your fuck machine.” You get a step-by-step formula for transforming any friendship into a sexual relationship. Whether you want to escape the friend zone or let a friend know she’s more than a friend to you, this guide can help.

Overall, the complete Cloaked Arousal package is valued at more than $1,099 but is available today for a one-time fee of just $69.95.

Cloaked Arousal Pricing

Cloaked Arousal is priced at $69.95. You pay the fee once, then get lifetime access to the Cloaked Arousal dashboard.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering Cloaked Arousal online today:

Lifetime Access to Cloaked Arousal: $69.95

Once you pay, you receive immediate access to the masterclass videos, eBooks, and other bonuses included with Cloaked Arousal. The package is entirely digital, so you don’t need to wait for physical products to be delivered.

Cloaked Arousal Refund Policy

Cloaked Arousal is backed by a 365-day moneyback guarantee. You have one full year to try Cloaked Arousal, see if you like it, and request a refund if you’re unsatisfied for any reason.

About Cloaked Arousal

Cloaked Arousal is found online at The online portal was created by a star named Ryan. A virgin at age 26, Ryan transformed his life using the words and phrases behind the Cloaked Arousal technique.

Today, Ryan is a well-known star who has now slept with thousands of women. He leads seminars teaching other guys how to get laid. Instead of flying to Los Angeles to attend Ryan’s seminars in person, you can buy Cloaked Arousal online today.

You can contact the Cloaked Arousal customer service team via the following:

Phone: 1-888-536-5257

The Cloaked Arousal website may not stay up for long. According to the official website, feminists around the world have been protesting against the video, and the host has received over a dozen takedown requests. If you wait to buy Cloaked Arousal, the website may be offline when you return.

Final Word

Cloaked Arousal is a pickup guide found online at

Priced at a one-time fee of $69.95, the guide teaches you simple, proven secrets to help you get laid every day, pick up any woman in your life, and turn into a sex god.

After watching Cloaked Arousal, you’ll discover an advanced power to turn on any women in your life by working secret words, phrases, and sentences into conversations. It all occurs subconsciously – just watch the videos, and you’ll subconsciously be ready to implement Cloaked Arousal lessons in the real world.

To learn more about Cloaked Arousal and how it works or to buy the guide online today, visit the official website.


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