Harmoni Pendant Reviews – Should You Buy? Wearable to Protect Against Harmful EMF Radiation?

The Harmoni Pendant is a necklace that helps users to protect themselves from the EMF radiation around them whenever they wear it. The pendant is available in three different metals, ensuring users can make a fashion statement while protecting themselves.

What is the Harmoni Pendant?

EMF radiation is an unavoidable reality. This type of radiation emanates from nearly every electronic device known to man right now, and most people don’t even realize that they are in a constant state of exposure. Even microwaves release this radiation constantly, and the number of times the average person stands next to this appliance while reheating a meal or a snack is impossible to ignore. Unfortunately, the sources that release this radiation are growing daily, despite constant efforts by experts to reduce this radiation.

Consumers would be shocked to understand how much better they feel when this radiation isn’t impacting their life anymore, which is where the Harmoni Pendant comes in. While there are other devices that researchers are working to develop, this pendant is currently the only option on the market that reduces EMF stress and its impact on the body. As a result, it also supports the user’s energy levels, reduces the appearance of aging, and promotes better vitality among users.

With the powerful effect of the Harmoni Pendant, it should come as no surprise that it already has a lot of support. Health leaders worldwide are already starting to encourage locals within their communities to purchase these devices as a simple source of protection. Though some people think that this is an “out of sight, out of mind” issue, nothing could be further from the truth, and taking action is the only way to ensure good health for years to come.

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Why is EMF Radiation So Harmful?

As common as EMF radiation is, many people don’t know what makes it so harmful to the body, and this understanding is crucial to explaining what makes the Harmoni Pendant a critical purchase. The human body runs entirely on the electrical impulses that go through it. When exposed to electromagnetic radiation, the balance it is meant to keep is disrupted.

The first person to discover how harmful this radiation could be was a professor at Washington State University named Dr. Pall. Nowadays, his work as one of the leaders in EMF research has allowed him to see how it impacts the body. Among the substantial research published by Dr. Pall, the biggest issue with EMF radiation is how they activate excessive calcium absorption by the body’s cells.

When the body is exposed to too much calcium in the cells, it can suffer from damage to the mitochondria, free radical damage, faster aging, lower white blood cell count, and more. They tend to get sick more frequently, and they might even struggle with the brain’s cellular development, resulting in a worsened mood and mental fatigue.

Reducing exposure to EMF radiation is one of the best and easiest ways to improve your health. Exposure is increasing daily, released by cell phones, smart devices, Wi-Fi, and satellites. While these devices aren’t going away anytime soon, using the Harmoni Pendant can help.

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How Does the Harmoni Pendant Work?

When consumers wear the Harmoni pendant, its entire purpose is to neutralize EMF radiation, rendering it incapable of hurting the wearer. While other products simply claim to offer this protection, the creators behind this pendant have already put it through several studies to see if and why it is effective. According to that study – which was performed by eight doctors – users managed to experience substantially less radiation and stress while wearing the pendant.

In addition to using HRV technology to test out this pendant, researchers also wanted to see the effect the pendant could have a little deeper. After a live blood cell analysis, which examined users’ blood with a dark field microscope, researchers could see a distinct improvement in the lack of EMF radiation, proving definitively how powerful the pendant is.

Benefits of the Harmoni Pendant

There are many benefits to protecting the body from EMF radiation, and the pendant delivers this benefit. Take a look below to learn about the many benefits associated with this reduced absorption.

Improved Calmness

The most significant test used to evaluate the effect of the pendant on the user’s body is HRV or heart rate variability. This test shows how stressed or calm the user is. It also checks how severely impacted the heart is by reducing EMF radiation. According to the tests on the pendant, wearing it improved calmness by 700%. It also reduced stress by about 48%, depending on the user’s current state when they put the pendant on.

Better Sleep

Without the pressure and stress of EMF radiation, consumers essentially notice that they get deeper sleep. In fact, the researchers discovered that biorhythm improved by 160%, meaning they could sleep substantially better after they started wearing the pendant. To date, no other EMF radiation protection device has had such a significant impact.

More Energy

Better sleep usually means that consumers have more energy the next day, but anyone exposed to EMF radiation could still suffer with other products. However, the study on the Harmoni pendant showed that the energy reserves of customers who wore the pendant improved by 530%. Since EMF radiation can damage mitochondria and energy, eliminating the threat has a positive impact on the long-term energy of users, preventing mental and physical fatigue.

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Greater Longevity

While many EMF devices promise less sickness or a better mood, how many can say they are scientifically proven to reduce the user’s biological age? With the Harmoni Pendant, consumers will find that the reduced impact on their heart and blood cells actually turns back the clock on their biological age, making it even lower than their actual age. On average, consumers who protect themselves from EMF radiation with this pendant reduced their biological age by two years.

Improved Mood

When the user’s brain is impacted in any way, it can also influence their calmness, reaction time, and more, but this pendant even improves the user’s mood. According to their study, the psycho-emotional state of users improved by about 100%

Better Overall Health

With all of these factors considered, it should be no surprise that the Harmoni pendant can improve users’ overall health markers by about 138%. The study uses the complex state index to determine this benefit, checking for different biomarkers that indicate the user’s health status. After reviewing the impact on energy reserves, hormones, and more, the creators conclusively showed that users are simply healthier using this pendant.

Buying the Harmoni Pendant

While consumers can get any necklace in stores or on third-party websites, users who want to get a genuine Harmoni Pendant with a chain will need to visit the official website. The website has two sizes and metals available, allowing consumers to choose between stainless, gold, and rose gold. There is an additional charge for pendants in gold or rose gold.

  • One pendant for $89.00 & shipping
  • Two pendants for $144.00 & get free shipping
  • Four pendants for $271.78 & get free shipping

A 60-day money-back guarantee protects all orders, and consumers only have to pay for shipping when they order a single pendant. Every package with multiple pendants has free shipping as a complimentary gift.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Harmoni Pendant

Q: What metals can users purchase as their Harmoni Pendant?

A: Currently, the Harmoni pendant is available in Gold, Rose Gold, and Stainless Steel. Stainless steel is the lowest cost, but the incredible deals on the website make the Gold and Rose Gold options easily affordable with minimal expenses added to the order.

Q: What sizes are available?

A: Customers can choose a small (20mm) or large (25mm) pendant.

Q: What is the shipping policy?

A: All orders go out within 24-48 business hours and arrive within about three days of leaving the warehouse. Shipping costs are free for every order, except if the user orders just one pendant with their purchase. The cost of shipping a single pendant is calculated at checkout.

Q: What is the return policy?

A: All orders are covered by a money-back guarantee for the first 60 days after the purchase. The customer service team is available for any other questions or concerns by calling 323-310-2484 or sending an email to [email protected].


The Harmoni Pendant provides consumers with a piece of jewelry that is just as trendy as it is protective. The whole purpose of this pendant is to reduce the amount of EMF radiation that the body takes in, and the results are easy to prove with recent clinical studies on this exact device. All the user needs to do is activate the pendant to start experiencing results, and they even get their choice of metals to ensure that it fits with their personal style. Plus, users can always contact the customer service team to discuss the money-back guarantee if it isn’t for them.

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