How to Get Fit Without Going to Gym?

How do you lead a fitter life without having to worry about hitting the gym every day? In the U.S., the obesity prevalence sits at more than 41%. Fitness coach Adarsh Desai things that losing weight isn’t easy through exercising – because it’s not easy to get a significant calorie deficit through exercise. What you need more is a change in your diet plan.
More researchers and studies are pointing out that exercising alone may not suffice – you need something more. 

How to Shed Off Those Kilos?

There are simple ways by which you can keep fit rather than having to pay monthly membership charges for using a local gym. A gym is great, but when you can keep fit with the right home-based workouts, you may just want to save some money. To know how to keep fit without having to go to a gym, read on.

Set up a work area and try doing pushups, and lunges, then exercise those shoulders by rotating it. Do sit-ups but make sure that you do reach a rep for a few minutes each day. You can rest in between sessions; these simple at-home exercises will help you to keep fit apart from toning it all over.

Walk More

The sad part is that so many of us are dependent on vehicles and other forms of transport to get from one place to another. If that sounds like you, then you need to get out and take a few walks. 

Apart from giving your body a much-needed workout, the walk should also help your body regulate its blood sugar level better, along with more endorphins being released due to the exercise. And it’s always good to enjoy the fresh air! Studies suggest that individuals can lose 0.05 kg every week by just walking more. 

Jog More 

Jogging regularly should improve your health as well. It should help you keep fit and energetic. Besides eliminating bad cholesterol from your body, it also serves to reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks.

Seniors, on the other hand, could benefit from balance exercises. Even if you’re not keen to job, you could go for biking and running. 

Wash Clothes!

Try washing a few clothes the old-fashioned way and not with a washing machine. It acts as a workout session and exercises various muscles in your body as you wash the clothes. 

This concept generally applies to all household chores. Just convert them to workout sessions and as you carry out the various chores from washing dishes to vacuuming the floor, or mopping it, and your body should sweat out those toxins from your system. 

Of course, you are bound to feel a little sore after carrying out all the household chores in one go, but it is worth it.


Yoga is a great way to keep fit; all you would need is a mat, and you should be able to start practicing yoga right away. With these sessions, you should be able to give your body a thorough workout. 

Yoga has the added advantage of improving your overall health – from respiration and cognitive functioning to boosting your metabolism and cardiovascular performance. It is always easy to find yoga instructions online, by watching videos or going to a yoga center. Think of yoga as aiding your weight loss journey, according to studies. 

You can easily keep fit right from the comfort of your own home rather than pay for an expensive gym membership. It is not that gyms are not good for you, but the fact remains that you can try these few handy tips to keep fit by carrying out these simple tasks and workout sessions.
Pro tip – Look to lower your belly fat, keep a check on your diet and live healthy! 

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