The Sex Signal Reviews: Should You Buy Ronald Ramos Guide for Men?

Most men desire to attract their ideal woman without any hassles. Some men are appealing and can charm any woman. Others may have attractive attributes, money, and power but still have issues wooing their ideal woman.

The Sex Signal by Ronald Ramos is an eBook claiming to educate men on methods of courting their preferred woman almost effortlessly. Continue reading to find out more about this relationship book.

What is The Sex Signal?

The Sex Signal is a relationship guide promising to help men entice and woo any woman they desire. Ronald Ramos, the author of the digital product, claims the book is backed by intensive research.

According to the author, reading The Sex Signal can increase your attractiveness, connection, satisfaction, and happiness. The book is made for any man, regardless of age, beauty standards, wealth, race, and background. All the methods in the book are practical and achievable.

The Sex Signal works by sending specific cues in the woman’s brain, triggering sexual stimulation. The scent and chemical signal allows the woman to view you as attractive and sexy.

Ronald Ramos warns that the Sex Signal is not a supplement, charm, or magic. However, the author claims men using his methods have successfully developed quality relationships with the women of their dream.

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Why Do Men Fail To Attract The Woman Of Their Desire?

Most people attribute their inability to attract beautiful women to their physical features, wealth status, weight, and beauty standards. Ronald Ramos argues that you can woo any woman if you change your mindset and tactics.

Since childhood, men have been conditioned that you can only attract beautiful women when you act a certain way. The Sex Signal teaches men of subtle and practical methods of enticing any female they desire. The tactics in the book equip men with proven techniques of ensnaring the woman of their dream.

The Sex Signal can work for any man. Ronald Ramos claims the blueprint is ideal even if you are overweight, unattractive, nervous, broke, ailing, a poor communicator, and inexperienced in relationship matters.

How Does The Sex Signal Work?

The Sex Signal teaches the readers how to produce a natural scent to attract any woman. Unlike most products, the particular smell emanates from the masculine body. It is safe, natural, and unlikely to tamper with the woman’s objectivity.

Animals and birds rely on unique smells to initiate flirting and mating. Can it work on humans? Studies indicate some distinctive odors that humans emit that can awaken sexual stimulation. The chemical signals of androstadienone in men can affect moods and cortisol levels.

The Sex Signal educates men on practical methods of keeping their androstadienone up, allowing women to pick up the scent quickly. One critical process of raising the pheromones is increasing workout rates. Sweating supports the production of sexually-appealing fragrances. Ronald Ramos argues that most women are drawn to active bodybuilders and fitness gurus because of the high pheromone scents.

Using the notes in the Sex Signal guide aids men in stimulating sexual arousal, hormone levels, and desire. The author notes that the tactics in the book are simple and can help you bed any woman you desire. Men producing more androstadienone tend to have more frequent sex and can quickly bond with other women. In addition, high pheromone production makes a man confident and ready to start a conversation or relationship with their preferred woman.

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What Is Inside the Sex Signal

Ronald Ramos recommends reading the Sex Signal for 2-5 days. The book is simple and in-depth. It offers practical knowledge backed by science on augmenting your flirting game. Some of the critical notes in the book include:

1. How to Increase Pheromone (Androstadienone) Levels

Studies indicate that “love at first sight” is achievable when the pheromones of two people synchronize. The Sex Signal elaborates on methods of keeping androstadienone levels up. It ensures your scent remains sexually appealing regardless of age, color, financial background, or weight, among other factors. Some of the best methods of elevating pheromones in men include:

  • Practice Regularly: Ronald Ramos suggests exercising regularly to increase testosterone and androstadienone levels. Regular weight-lifting activities target the muscles and enhance sweat production. Workouts stimulate the production of scents that women can pick from sweat, hair smell, and body odor.
  • Eat Pheromone-elevating Foods: There are certain foods clinically proven to elevate androstadienone levels in men. It can increase natural arousal levels sending specific chemical signals that make you more sexually appealing to potential women. The pheromone-elevating foods include truffles, celery, and parsnips.
  • Sleep Adequate Hours: The Sex Signal suggests getting enough comfortable sleep. Sleeping for at least eight hours boosts pheromone levels and overall moods.

The Sex Signal promises to teach men how to produce sex signals naturally. Instead of using commercially-processed fragrances, emitting natural pheromones can help you tact and turn on numerous women. The natural scents transform you into a love magnet increasing the chances of starting a relationship with the woman of your dream.

2. Golden Keys to Attracting Women

The Sex Signal provides men with the golden keys to attracting women. The author notes that most men lack the confidence to make them irresistible. Some of the rules for attracting women in the Sex Signal include:

  • Confident Body Language: Ronald Ramos suggests adopting a confident body language insinuating you are “in control.” Keeping calm and controlled body movements are vital indicators you are optimistic about. Making eye contact and claiming your space signal you are confident.
  • Humor: The Sex Signal author argues that making her laugh makes you attractive. Every woman wants a man that can make her laugh. Humoring her at the beginning of a conversation makes her relaxed and comfortable. Laughter also sparks interest and attraction, making it easier to flirt.
  • Create Emotional Connection: According to the Sex Signal, using the “I” perspective during conversations can help build emotional connections with your preferred woman. However, ensure that speaking about your personal experience does not come out as bragging.
  • Grow Sexual Tension: The pheromones can make you sexually appealing. However, building sexual tension through physical contact makes you more desirable. The Sex Signal suggests touching early during conversation to ensure she is okay with the direct connection. It is best to start with the non-intimate areas like the hands, elbows, and back before proceeding to intimate spaces like the thighs and face.

Signs That She Is Attracted To You

The Sex Signal can help you discover if a woman is attracted to you. Most men agree that women are hard to decipher. Some of the signs that she is attracted to you include:

  • She is interested in seeing you again and can reschedule a date if it overlaps with her schedule
  • She will talk about you to her friends and family
  • She will try to make you feel good such as by sending sweet compliments
  • She might appear nervous around you
  • She might initiate direct contact or have an inviting body language
  • She will remember things you tell her
  • Staring at you is a sign that she is into you
  • She will reveal her relationship status upfront
  • She will create time for you
  • She opens up to you
  • She laughs at your jokes

Purchasing The Sex Signal

The Sex Signal is only available from the official website. Receiving the digital copy via email only takes a few minutes after payment of $39.99. You can view and read the book on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. The Sex Signal comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you have any questions about the guarantee or anything else, please email customer service at [email protected] for more information.


Q: What is The Sex Signal?

A: The Sex Signal is a digital blueprint designed to help men attract the women of their dreams.

Q: Who can use the Sex Signal?

A: The blueprint is ideal for any man having trouble attracting women. The author notes that it works even if you feel unattractive, overweight, a poor communicator, broke, sick, or shy.

Q: How does the Sex Signal work?

A: The book comprises various details, including how to emit pheromones that attract women naturally.

Q: Can working out make me sexually appealing?

A: The Sex Signal author suggests exercising to raise testosterone and pheromone levels. Research establishes that men exercising regularly are sexually appealing.

Q: Is the Sex Signal a witchcraft potion or dating advice?

A: The Sex Signal maker claims the content in the blueprint is backed by research and can work on any man. It s not a charm or witchcraft potion.

Q: Can the Sex Signal make me attract multiple women?

A: Ronald Ramos strongly suggests that the Sex Signal helps you send chemical signals in the women’s brain, letting you entice multiple women.

Q: Can the Sex Signal help me meet my wife or dream partner?

A: The author of The Sex Signal warns that the book can help you attract a woman. However, your personality must also be alluring to help you strike a relationship with the desired woman.

Q: Can the Sex Signal make me sexually stimulated?

A: The Sex Signal contains chapters that cause arousal. However, the author notes that sexual stimulation is healthy and surges the production of pheromones.

Q: How long should I read The Sex Signal?

A: The author suggests reading the Sex Signal for 5-7 days.

Final Thoughts

The Sex Signal is a digital blueprint containing objective relationship advice for men. It provides research-based information designed to make any man desirable and sexually alluring. The book teaches men how to produce natural pheromones and improve their personality to woo any woman.

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