A Step-by-Step Guide to Manage Your Privacy on Instagram

Are you a user of the Instagram app? If so, have you ever tried exploring the privacy setting? If not, now is the time. Nowadays, everyone is using social media applications for sharing and gaining information. Hence it is necessary that you know the privacy settings in the app.

If you are an Instagram user with a business account, your account will be public and visible to everyone. While using privacy settings is essential for both it is vital for you. Because only when your profile is well-protected will the information be safe.

And so when your profile is credible, audiences will visit your profile. Hence, once your profile is set, you can create excellent videos utilizing the features to the best. But as a newbie, using Trollishly will help enhance your visibility and build your user trust instantly. So, by reading through the article, know the importance of privacy settings and make changes accordingly.

Importance of Privacy Settings 

With the emergence of social media applications, almost everyone has access to a lot of information. While it is beneficial for gaining knowledge, it is equally challenging to secure our personal information. Even when most of them make use of privacy settings, they miss out on the essentials. 

From securing a business account to a private account, the options are more. So, everyone with an Instagram account can read this article and unveil important aspects. Because once you secure your account, you will be stress-free and create effective content without fear. So, without delay, learn the importance of privacy settings and make your profile a hacker’s free zone. 

Privacy Settings You Must Be Aware Of 

Being in the world of online, everyone loves to post details to keep themselves updated and share information. And as the features like Reels are in existence using the app has become more interesting. For instance, everyone are creating an instagram account and posting videos. Than ordinary users’ brands are utilizing the app to the best which results in competitions. So, many buy instagram reels views to improve their content visibility and to stand out from the crowd globally. This way the chance for getting visibility is more

While this is the best way to connect with the audience, one should be aware of its danger too. So saving the data from falling into the wrong hands beforehand is vital. Only then building and boosting profile growth is possible. Hence, if you need your account to be safe, read the topics below and learn the privacy options you missed earlier.

#1 Make Your Profile Private 

As you know, when you begin your journey on Instagram, your account will be public by default. Hence, when your account is public, anyone can view and comment on your profile. So, it’s up to you to choose whether you want your profile to be private or public. If you are an influencer or a business owner, setting your account to the public is beneficial. But if you use the app for personal use, you better change it to private. Because when your profile is private, only people you allow can view and comment. This way, it will be safe to share your information. To make your profile private, follow these simple steps. 

  • Open the Instagram account.
  • Go to the profile and click on the three-dot.
  • In Settings, click on Private Account and turn it on.

Simple, your account is now private. 

#2 Hide Your Activity Status 

Activity status is common for both private and public account users. If you have a private account, you can change it according to your needs. The same rule goes for businesses too. Business owners can get benefits, keeping the activity status on. But, if you want your profile status to be invisible, you can turn it off by reading the instructions below. As the process is essential, knowing the steps will be helpful for both users. So, read on without any confusion.

  • In your Instagram profile, click the three-dot icon.
  • Scroll down until you see the Activity status option.
  • Once you find it, tap the Disable show activity status option on the next screen.

That’s it. No one can see your activity status until you switch the icon back on. 

#3 Use Block and Unfollow Option

One of the best ways to keep unwanted persons away from your profile is by blocking or unfollowing them. While private accounts need the block and unfollow option less, the need is more for business accounts. Because being a business account, your profile will be visible  to everyone. 

While it is advantageous, it has some challenges too. The advantage is your profile reach will bemore. But when it comes to challenges, the main aspect that damages your profile’s growth is unwanted comments. As a business owner, handling your reputation well is necessary to win the audience’s trust. So, it is best if you weed out the unwanted followers from your profile. To achieve that, all you have to do is follow the below steps.

Steps to Block the User

  • In your Instagram Profile, click the three dots.
  • Go to the Settings option. 
  • Click the option Comment controls, under which you will find two options( Allow comments from and Block comments from.)
  • While Allow comment from the option will let you add people who can comment, Block comment from the option will let you block people you exclude. 

Simple, this way, you can block unwanted comments instantly. 

Steps to Unfollow a Follower

  • Go to your profile and click the Followers option.
  • Your followers will be displayed. 
  • You can see the three-dot icon next to your follower’s name.
  • Click on the three dots.
  • By clicking on it, you can remove the user. 

This way, you can unfollow the number of users you don’t want as followers on your page. And the good thing is that other people will not be notified when you unfollow them. Hence, your profile will be free of trouble-makers, increasing the value of your account. So, as a business owner, if you find yourself struggling, using Trollishly will beat your competition and boost your profile growth. And now that you know some of the best privacy settings options, your account is all set to share excellent content. 

Final Thoughts 

Instagram is an excellent social media platform and is in use among many. The app never ceases to amaze its users with its excellent features and tools. Being an Instagrammer, you can create and share amazing content without any hurdles. But before sharing your content with a wider audience, always remember to set your privacy setting. It will take you only a few minutes to set everything right. So spend time and keep your account protected. Hope this article helps you set the vital aspects right. All the best!

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