Best Proven Methods For Flushing THC Out Of Your System Effectively

Many people today avidly use marijuana in its legalized form. The increased use of marijuana can be attributed to enhanced knowledge of its medicinal and therapeutic uses. But, you must not indulge in the intake of marijuana without knowing its full influence on the human body.

You must know how marijuana reacts in your body and how long it stays in your system so that you can be fully prepared to pass a drug test for employment or sports purposes.

Even if you don’t have a drug test due, you must not let it remain in your system for long and should learn ways to flush the cannabis out of your body.

Take a look at the most relevant information about THC and learn strategies to expel it from your system in detail.

What Is THC And How Does It Work In Your System?

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the main psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. THC is responsible for making you feel ‘high’ and is perhaps the reason why marijuana is banned in so many countries. There are many functions of your body that are influenced actively by the rigorous intake of marijuana.

You can associate THC with the exhilarating and euphoric sensation that makes you forget about all your worries and qualms. THC travels to your lungs via your bloodstream and then goes straight to your brain where it binds with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS has two cannabinoid receptors – CB1 and CB2.

THC links itself to both CB1 and CB2 but has a profound effect on CB1 which is found in the central nervous system. This results in a number of behavioral changes in the human body because the ECS is associated with several important functions of the body including metabolism, sleep, mood, motor control, appetite, and pain, among many others.

This nature of THC and its ability to bind with the ECS calls for the addictive nature of marijuana because it makes an individual forget about the stressors in his/her life.

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Where Does THC Get Deposited In The Body?

Once metabolized, THC and its metabolites are distributed throughout the body’s tissues and organs. However, the highest concentrations are typically found in organs with high blood flow, such as the brain, lungs, heart, and liver. This is why THC primarily affects cognitive functions, respiratory functions, cardiovascular functions, and liver functions.

For How Long Does THC Stay In Your Body?

Drug tests designed to detect THC in your system check your urine, blood, and sweat. If you are not attentive, you can fail a drug test. Therefore, it is very important to know the duration of the period THC stays in your body.

In most cases, THC stays in your body for weeks or several days. This duration differs from individual to individual and their diverse lifestyles. For instance, an active individual with considerable physical movement in a day will get rid of THC more quickly than an inactive individual.

What Are The Factors That Dictate The Presence Of THC In Your System?

The length of time THC stays in your body depends on several factors. These factors include:

Metabolism – Your metabolic rate is one of the prime factors that decide the timeframe for which THC floats around in your system. If you have a fast metabolic rate, your body will be able to break down THC metabolites efficiently and quickly. If you have a slow metabolic rate, your body will take far more days to break down THC and eliminate it completely from your system.

Body Fat Percentage – If you have more fat stores in your body, you will be able to trap more THC in your system. As a result, THC will take more time to get out of your system.

Frequency Of Marijuana Intake – If you are an occasional marijuana user, your body will not store THC for more than a few days. However, avid marijuana smokers have high levels of THC in their system making it tedious for the body to remove them.

Lifestyle – Your lifestyle dictates how long THC lingers in your body. If you follow a balanced diet and are physically active in your daily life, you will be able to accelerate the release of THC from your body.

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What Are The Most Effective Ways To Drive THC Out Of Your System?

There is no one size that fits all when it comes to the removal of THC from your system. Every individual reacts differently to THC and hence, requires a tailored set of guidelines to eliminate cannabis from your system. We have mentioned a variety of methods by which you can flush THC out of your system.

It is up to you to determine the best possible strategy or an effective combination of strategies for your unique system so that you prepare an ideal natural cleanse every time you have to sit for a drug test.

Perform Regular Exercises

Is not it weird that every body-related condition, internal or external, can be dealt with through regular physical exercise? That’s the beauty of daily exercising.

It is an integral detoxification aid in your quiver as it can remove THC in the form of sweat. Workouts can also boost your metabolism and facilitate the breakdown of THC metabolites.

We also learned that THC is stored in fat cells in the body. So, the faster you get rid of fat cells in the body, the quicker you can expel THC from your system.

Consume A Balanced Diet

Experts suggest that consuming a balanced diet can support your overall well-being and accelerate the expulsion of THC from your body. Therefore, you must consume a nutrition-rich diet with sufficient amounts of carbs, protein, fruits, and vegetables. Nutrients can alleviate THC levels in the body and send them away speedily.

Drink Adequate Water

The most natural way of detoxifying your body is to maintain proper hydration. There’s no better detoxification aid than water available. When you drink adequate water daily, you allow your sweat and urine to carry THC out of your body. If you don’t drink enough water, there is scope for THC to remain in your sweat and urine.

Water consumption in optimal quantities can speed up the detoxification process and support organized bodily function.

Get Enough Sleep

Human beings do not give enough credit to the power of sleep. When you sleep, your body gets to repair work in every nook and corner.

If you sleep well, you allow your body to reset and get up with renewed energy. A well-rested body is better equipped to deal with toxins in the body.

Take Detoxifying Teas

Teas are another natural way to cleanse your body and eliminate toxins completely. Tea leaves are rich in antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals in the body. They can aid in the detoxification process and support the cleansing of the liver.

You don’t have to procure any special tea to support detoxification in your body. Just brew up a dandelion, oolong, turmeric, lemon, ginger, or green tea in your home and let them work naturally to cleanse your system.

Take Detoxifying Teas

Avoid Second-Hand Smoke

Needless to say, one of the most important things to observe during THC detoxification is to restrict your exposure to marijuana. You should not even be in the presence of second-hand smoke as it can replenish your THC levels. Passive exposure to marijuana may result in trace amounts of THC in your system.

You must also stop cannabis intake in all forms. It is impossible to kickstart the detox process without stopping your interactions with cannabis.

Use Steam Rooms

Another simple and natural way of quickening the expulsion of THC from your system is to use steam rooms or saunas. It is believed that you get rid of THC faster if you promote sweating.

Consume Detox Supplements

The last and most effective man-made way to remove THC from your system is to take detox supplements. There are several detox pills and drinks available that have been designed to purge THC out of your system.

You must only take natural pills and drinks formulated using safe ingredients to aid detoxification in your body. You have to take these supplements for a few days to completely eliminate THC from your system.

It is essential to choose the right and trusted detox supplement for yourself as there are many companies that sell scams in the form of these products just to make money.

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Foods and Ingredients That Help Flush THC From The Body

Rather than resorting to extreme measures or relying on unreliable detox products, it is essential to understand the power of natural ingredients when it comes to flushing THC out of your system.

By incorporating the right foods and ingredients into your diet, you can support your body’s detoxification process and achieve the results you desire.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry has been widely used as an effective natural remedy to help flush out toxins from the body. There are several ways that cranberry may help flush out THC metabolites from your system. One mechanism is via ethylene glycol (EG) binding; as a result of its high concentration of proanthocyanidins (PACs), compounds found in many fruits and vegetables, cranberry juice binds more effectively with EG metabolites than other diuretics like caffeine or alcohol.

As a result, urine produced after drinking cranberry juice contains significantly lower concentrations of EG metabolites than urine produced after consuming other substances.

Another way in which cranberry helps with flushing THC into your system is through increasing fluid levels; PACs in cranberries inhibit sodium reabsorption, which ultimately increases urination frequency and reduces overall urine volume.

Aloe Vera

The active ingredient in aloe vera that helps flush THC out of your system is anthraquinone-1-glycoside (AQG). This compound acts as a natural diuretic which helps increase urine production and flush out toxins more quickly from the body.

AQG helps remove toxins from the bloodstream as well as reduce inflammation caused by smoking marijuana regularly. The antioxidants also play a role in supporting liver health which is necessary for clearing toxins from your body effectively.

Furthermore, aloe vera contains high levels of pectin which helps slow down food absorption resulting in fewer cannabinoids being absorbed into your system after consuming edibles or smoking marijuana over a period of time.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice contains acids that break down fat cells in the body. This process helps to release trapped fat-soluble compounds such as THC from integumentary tissues like the sebaceous glands in our skin, as well as from other tissues throughout our body such as our lymph nodes.

The acids then bind to these fatty substances so they can be flushed out through urination or excretion faster than if left alone.

When lemon juice is consumed regularly over a period of time (usually at least three weeks), it affects how our bodies process fatty molecules such as those found in marijuana smoke or edibles. The citric acid present in lemon juice acts by binding to fats during digestion and reducing their size before they’re sent off to be metabolized elsewhere in the body.

This makes them more water soluble that they cannot be retained long enough by our systems. The quicker release time means that transitory metabolites are expelled quickly instead of being held onto by our bodies like when not actively detoxifying.


Since ginger contains numerous anti-inflammatory compounds known as gingerols they work by interacting with fatty acids within our cells which then helps mobilize these stored fat-soluble toxins such as THC from within cellular membranes so that they can be eliminated from our bodies more quickly through urine or feces excretion pathways.

This process is effective because when removed from their fat cell hosts, these fats dissolve into small enough molecules that can be more easily filtered through our kidneys or liver for elimination from our bodies entirely.

Dietary Fiber

Dietary fiber is a type of complex carbohydrates (polysaccharides) found in plant-based foods that have an important role in the prevention of several illnesses and can also help to flush THC from the body.

Cellulose is a linear glucose polymer found in plant cell walls that cannot be broken down by human digestive enzymes. Because it’s not broken down or absorbed during the digestion process, 10-15g of cellulose consumed daily can speed up the passageway of food and toxins through your system.

Summing Up

The length of ‘THC stay’ in your system determines your method of expelling it from your body. If THC signs up for a long stay in your body, you require all-encompassing ways of removing it. There is limited information about the longevity of THC in your body.

Ideally, a combination of detox THC supplements and regular physical exercise will work best for you in this case. But, if you don’t have to tolerate the presence of THC for a long time, you can rely on balanced diets, sufficient sleep, and physical exercise so that your body flushes out THC naturally from your system.

You must be mindful of your marijuana consumption and support it with positive lifestyle changes and healthy habits. Nothing can beat the natural management of your diet and physical movement to keep THC levels from rising indefinitely in your body.

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