Check My Body Health Reviews: Is Food Sensitivity Test Legit?

Check My Body Health offers at-home food sensitivity tests.

Using bioresonance-resonating technology, Check My Body Health provides you with painless tests you can perform at home while getting fast results – all at a discounted price without needles or finger pricks.

Does Check My Body Health really work? How does Check My Body Health check for food sensitivities? Keep reading our review to learn everything you need about Check My Body Health today.

What is Check My Body Health?

Check My Body Health is a health and wellness service found online at

With 1 million tests performed to date, Check My Body Health is one of the internet’s best-known food sensitivity test providers.

The company was founded with the goal of helping people understand their health. People experience symptoms of food sensitivities – like tiredness and digestive problems – every day, yet they don’t connect these issues to specific foods.

By taking a Check My Body Health food sensitivity test, you can identify foods causing fatigue, depression, gut issues, and other health and wellness problems.

Check My Body Health Benefits

Check My Body Health Benefits

Some of the benefits of a Check My Body Health food sensitivity test include:

  • Test up to 970 items
  • Clear, concise sensitivity report easy for anyone to read
  • Elimination diet advice
  • Food diary template
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Uncover your sensitivities, order the test today!

How Does Check My Body Health Work?

Check My Body Health works by checking your body for up to 970 food sensitivities using bioresonance-resonance technology.

You can perform the test at home without requiring blood samples or needle pricks. You don’t need to visit a clinic. Just order a test online, receive the test in the mail, follow the instructions, then send the sample to the Check My Body Health lab. That’s it.

Here’s how to perform a Check My Body Health food sensitivity test:

Step 1) Choose your test. Select your preferred test from Check My Body Health to start your journey to better health. You can order a basic food sensitivity test or a comprehensive test.

Step 2) Collect a sample and send it to the lab. Follow the instructions from Check My Body Health to provide a sample. Then, ship that sample to the lab’s US or Canadian address. You do not receive a kit or sample collection bag. Instead, you provide a hair sample in your sealed bag, then pay for shipping to the Check My Body Health lab.

Step 3) Get your results. Check My Body Health delivers results via its secure online platform within days of receiving your hair sample. You can check for 400 sensitivities (with the Essentials test) or 970 sensitivities (with the Complete test).

Test for 970 items at home! Check it out now!

How Bioresonance-Resonating Technology Works

Check My Body Health works using bioresonance-resonating technology. The test provides a robust, non-invasive way to check for food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, and other imbalances.

Using bioresonance-resonating technology, Check My Body Health can use your hair to check for up to 970 food and non-food sensitivities.

The technology is based on quantum physics. The lab compares the frequency of your hair sample with the frequency of food items and non-food items, then determines whether or not you’re sensitive to specific items. It’s a type of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) therapy.

You can provide a bioresonance-resonating hair sample at home without pain, needles, or finger pricks. Visiting a lab or dealing with a complicated kit is unnecessary. Instead, complete the instructions and return the hair sample to the lab. You don’t even receive a kit in the mail: you send a sealed bag with a hair sample to the Check My Body Health mailing address in the US or Canada.

Once the Check My Body Health lab has a sample of your hair, the lab conducts a bioresonance-resonating test on your hair, which means the lab checks the energy or frequencies of your hair. The lab compares these frequencies to the frequencies of food items, non-food items, enzymes, bacteria, and other compounds that may be present in your body. By comparing the frequencies, the lab can determine whether or not you’re sensitive to specific items.

According to Check My Body Health, each hair sample is like a fingerprint of a person. Combining this hair sample with the personal information you provide lets you get detailed information on your food sensitivities.

How Can Hair Reveal Sensitivities & Deficiencies?

Bioresonance therapy sounds unusual. By analyzing its resonance, Can you test hair for food sensitivities and mineral deficiencies?

Bioresonance hair testing is similar to homeopathy, acupuncture, and other naturopathic procedures. It’s an alternative medicine practice. Although there may not be formal, western scientific evidence supporting its use, many people find it useful for their health decisions.

Bioresonance therapy was invented in Germany in 1977 by Franz Morell, who worked with his son-in-law, engineer Erich Rasche, to create a unique testing procedure.

Here’s how the official Check My Body Health describes the hair testing process:

“The concept of bioresonance is that the machine’s electromagnetic waves create a resonance in our body’s cells which, in turn, brings about the desired effects. BioResonance is a safe and gentle, non-invasive alternative therapeutic technique designed on the premise that all particles of matter generate electromagnetic energy.”

When you ship a hair sample to Check My Body Health’s lab, they use bioresonance therapy to test your hair for deficiencies and sensitivities.

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What Does Check My Body Health Check?

Check My Body Health checks for up to 970 food and non-food item deficiencies, sensitivities, and other issues. Whether you’re sensitive to dairy products, deficient in a specific mineral, or sensitive to specific toxic metals, you could discover these sensitivities through a Check My Body Health test.

Items covered on the Check My Body Health Essential Sensitivity test include:

Oils & Condiments: Barbecue sauce, ketchup, vegetable oil, almond oil, olive oil, sesame oil, oyster sauce, peppermint oil, and coconut oil.

Dairy & Egg: Egg, yogurt, sour cream, cow milk, ice cream, evaporated milk, and condensed milk.

Meat: Crocodile, kangaroo, venison, turkey, pork, deer, mutton, ox or pig liver, horse, goose, chicken, and beef.

Seafood & Fish: Barramundi, shark, whitefish, trout, sole, shrimp, sardine, plaice, mussels, mackerel, lobster, herring, eel, crab, clams, and anchovy

Cheese: Edam, halloumi, gruyere, stilton, parmesan, and cheddar.

Cereals & Grains: Gluten-containing cereals and grains like barley, freekeh, rye, oats, wheat noodles, farro, and brown or white bread, along with gluten-free cereals and grains like gluten-free oats, corn taco shells, chickpea flour, garbanzo flour, soya flour, white rice, millet, hops, and amaranth.

Legumes & Pulses: Scarlet runner bean, broad bean, field pea, kidney beans, fermented black bean, black beans, and lima bean.

Vegetables: Zucchini, watercress, tomato, swede, rocket, radish, portobello mushroom, onion, black olives, broccoli, butternut squash, green capsicum, fennel, kohl rabi, mushroom, plantain, potato, spinach, turnip, yams, artichoke, beansprout, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, chicory lettuce, cress, endive, escarole lettuce, garlic, and head lettuce.

Fruit: Black grapes, goji berry, pineapple, pear, peach, orange, nectarines, lychee, lemon, honeydew melon, guava, green grapes, gooseberry, melon, fig, dates, cherry, carambola, cantaloupe, blackberry, banana, apple, quince, raisin, prune, pomegranate, strawberry, raspberry, watermelon, granny smith apples, and jazz apples.

Drinks: Cider, white wine, black tea, soya milk, red wine, lager beer, cola, black coffee, and ale beer.

Nuts & Seeds: Water chestnut, walnut, sunflower seed, sesame seed, pumpkin seed, peanut, poppy seed, hemp seed, hazelnut, coconut, chestnut, Brazil nut, and almond.

Herbs & Spices: Miso, turmeric, thyme, star anise, salt, sage, rosemary, cumin, aquafaba, basil, cardamom, cilantro, ginger, fresh mint, mustard, nutmeg, and paprika.

Miscellaneous: Potato chips, milk chocolate, horse bot fly, clear vinegar, MSG, anisakis, and pigeon droppings.

Non-Food Compounds: Organic compounds (like zeaxanthin, gallic acid, folate, ellagic acid, alpha lipoic acid, omega-3, omega-6, and other nature-derived compounds), materials (like cotton, synthetic materials, and wool), trees (like walnut, poplar, plane tree, pine, oak, maple, and larch, among many others), grasses and herbs (like wormwood, wild oat, maize, mugwort, ribwort, stinging nettle, and many others), shrubs (like willow, strawberry, mangrove, hazel, and blackberry), miscellaneous (like horsebot fly and anisakis), flowering plants (like wallflower, tulip, mulberry, lupine, hyacinth, and other flowering plants), and insects (like mosquito).

Additives: Sweeteners (like molasses, maple, sugar, and gelatin), antioxidants, colorings, preservatives, and emulsifiers.

Metal Sensitivities: Silver, selenium, sulfur, chromium, gold, iridium, lithium, argon, and dozens of other metal sensitivities.

Vitamins: Vitamins C and E.

Minerals: Sodium, silica, manganese, iron, copper, chromium, calcium, and phosphorus.

Phytonutrients & Other Nutrients: Inositol, genistein, bioflavonoids, beta carotene, and allium.

Meanwhile, the Complete Sensitivity test checks for even more compounds, bumping the total tested number close to 1,000.

For a full list of all compounds covered in the Health Essentials and Complete Sensitivity test, visit the official website.

Check My Body Health Essentials Sensitivity Test vs. Complete Sensitivity Test

Check My Body Health offers two flagship tests: Essentials Sensitivity and Complete Sensitivity Test.

Understandably, the Complete Sensitivity test checks for more food and non-food items than the Essentials Sensitivity test. It checks for digestive enzymes and probiotics, for example – two things the Essentials Sensitivity test does not cover.

The Essentials Sensitivity test checks for all the food and non-food items listed above, giving you about 400 tested compounds. The Complete Sensitivity test, meanwhile, checks for all of these items plus the ones below, bumping the total to around 1,000 tested items:

Oils & Condiments: Balsamic vinegar, rapeseed oil, soy sauce, peanut oil, fish sauce, sunflower oil, cod liver oil, and canola oil.

Dairy & Egg: Kefir, sheep milk, goat milk, cream, buttermilk butter, B-lactoglobulin, and A-lactalbumin.

Meat: Buffalo, emu, veal, turkey-hen, sweetbreads, rabbit, pork sausages, lamb liver, lamb, hare, goat, wild and domestic duck, duck, capon chicken, dried beef, and bacon.

Seafood & Fish: John Dory, calamari, smoked herring, winkles, tuna, trout, salmon, prawn, oyster, herring, halibut, haddock, fish fingers, crayfish, and cod.

Cheese: Manchego, gouda, goat’s cheese, soft cheese, red Leicester, and mozzarella.

Drinks: Hot chocolate, milk substitutes, beer, coconut water, coconut milk, tea, and dozens of types of beer, spirits, fruit juices, and other beverages.

Cereals & Grains: Gluten-containing cereals and grains like wheat, porridge oats, Kamut, bread (granary), bulgar wheat, and bread (rye), along with gluten-free cereals and grains like brown rice, teff flour, almond flour, corn tortilla, sorghum flour, wild rice, arrowroot flour, quinoa, maize/corn flour, cornflakes, and buckwheat.

Legumes & Pulses: Tofu, edamame, soya bean, pea, lentil, chickpea, blacked-eyed pea, navy bean, and green bean.

Vegetables: Shiitake mushroom, romaine lettuce, parsley, pak choi, oyster mushroom, green olives, kale, iceberg lettuce, cucumber, chestnut mushroom, celery, button mushroom, butter lettuce, Brussels sprouts, sweet potato, pumpkin, okra, green mustard, maize/corn, leek, cassava, yellow or red capsicum, beets, aubergine (eggplant), asparagus, and aji pepper.

Fruit: Passionfruit, papaya, mango, lime, kiwi, red grapes, grapefruit, Chinese gooseberry, red and black currants, blueberry, bilberry, avocado, apricot, acai berry, plums, golden delicious, gala, fuji, Braeburn, and pink lady apples.

Nuts & Seeds: Pistachio nut, tahini, pine nut, pecan nut, macadamia nut, flaxseed, dry roasted peanut, chia seed, and cashew nut.

Herbs & Spices: Dozens of common and uncommon spices not covered in the Essentials Sensitivity test, including bay leaf, aniseed, Chinese horseradish, coriander, and five spice.

Vegan: Tempeh, natto, kimchi, kombucha, seaweed, sauerkraut, polenta, vegan cheese, seitan, falafel, vegan egg, and nutritional yeast.

Miscellaneous: Popcorn, apple cider vinegar, vegemite, marmite, dark chocolate, yeast, malt vinegar, wheatgrass, spirulina, chlorella, barley grass, and baobab.

Non-Food Sensitivities: Organic compounds (like uric acid, tannins, folic acid, flavonoids, and L-carnitine), materials (like velvet, rubber, and nylon), trees (like spruce, Scottish pine, false acacia, elm, and birch), grasses and herbs (like thistle, plantain, pigweed, hops, dead nettle, and ragweed), shrubs (like tumbleweed, tamarisk, lilac, juniper, jasmine, hawthorn, and blueberry), flowering plants (like rose, primrose, and chamomile), insects (like bees and wasps), and other miscellaneous non-food items (like storage mite, house dust mite, fungus, dust, and ampicilloyl).

Additives: Sweeteners (like sweet freedom, vanilla, and stevia), antioxidants, thickening, setting, and moisturization agents, colorings, preservatives, emulsifiers, and other miscellaneous additives.

Metal Sensitivities: Metal sensitivities like zinc, palladium, potassium, calcium boron, arsenic, and dozens of others.

Vitamins A through K: All vitamins A through K.

Minerals & Other Nutrients: Minerals like zinc, selenium, potassium, and iodine or phytonutrients and other nutrients like germanium, creatine, bromelain, and betaine.

Digestion: Digestion compounds and enzymes like lipase, pepsin, amylase, and enterokinase.

Gut Health: Gut health compounds and probiotics like Bifidobacterium infantis, Streptococcus thermos, Lactobacillus reuteri, and Bacillus coagulans.

For a full list of all compounds covered in the Health Essentials and Complete Sensitivity test, visit the official website.

Scientific Evidence for Check My Body Health

Using quantum physics and the frequency of hair to check for food sensitivities seems unusual. So is there any evidence supporting Check My Body Health’s food sensitivity tests? Can a single hair sample reveal whether you’re sensitive to 970+ things? We’ll review some of the science behind Check My Body Health below.

A 2022 study described bioresonance as an alternative therapy for mild and moderate depression. Researchers found bioresonance therapy helped with depression, similar to a control group taking a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) medication.

As the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center reports, bioresonance therapy has also been advertised under names like electrodermal testing, biophysical information therapy, energy medicine, and vibrational medicine. The organization describes bioresonance therapies as being “based on unproven theories,” claiming they “are not recommended for preventing or treating cancer.”

Overall, some people find bioresonance therapy and bioresonance testing to be effective for identifying allergies and alleviating symptoms. However, like many types of alternative medicine, bioresonance testing lacks formal, large-scale evidence in human subjects.

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Check My Body Health Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

According to the official website, check My Body Health has a 98% customer satisfaction rating. The company also claims to have performed over 1 million tests to date, making it one of the most popular food sensitivity test providers in the alternative medicine community.

Here are some of the reviews and testimonials shared by customers on the official website and other sources online:

Most customers have good things to say about Check My Body Health’s customer service and the overall experience of dealing with the company. Customers found contacting the company easy, asking questions, and processing orders overall.

Many customers identified the root cause of health problems with Check My Body Health. Some customers had been struggling with chronic fatigue, headaches, and other vague issues before completing a Check My Body Health test, for example, only to discover they were sensitive to certain items or deficient in others.

Trustpilot users have given Check My Body Health an average score of 4.3 stars out of 5 based on 3,000+ customer reviews. The majority of customers (76%) have given the company a perfect 5-star rating, although a significant number (14%) have given the company a 1-star rating. Positive reviewers praise Check My Body Health for delivering informative results and greater insight into health, while negative reviewers had issues with orders, customer service, shipping, and results delivery.

As the UK’s Mirror reports, some are skeptical about Check My Body Health’s accuracy. A Mirror writer checked the company by providing two samples of his hair under two names. The tests returned significantly different results – despite coming from the same head of hair.

Amazon users have awarded Check My Body Health a 4.0 rating based on 480+ reviews. Reviewers praise the test for its accuracy in identifying deficiencies and its overall ease of use. However, some find the test revealed inaccurate information about their sensitivities and deficiencies.

Like many alternative therapies, bioresonance testing works for some but not others. Although some find the test works as advertised, others are skeptical that it provides legitimate or accurate results.

See what others are saying about Check My Body Health >>>

Check My Body Health Pricing

Check My Body Health is priced at $28 to $38, depending on the test you choose:

Check My Body Health Pricing

  • Essentials Food Sensitivity Test (400 Items Tested): $28
  • Complete Food Sensitivity Test (970 Items Tested): $38

Both tests are available to order online through the official website. The company provides you with instructions immediately after your purchase is confirmed. There’s no physical sample collection kit. You’re simply paying Check My Body Health to test your hair.

You can also buy multiple tests to save money, dropping the price as low as $20 per test:

  • Essentials Food Sensitivity Test for Couples (2 x Essentials Food Sensitivity Tests): $45 ($22.50 Per Test)
  • Essentials Food Sensitivity Test for Families (5 x Essentials Food Sensitivity Tests): $75 ($15 Per Test)
  • Complete Food Sensitivity Test for Couples (2 x Complete Food Sensitivity Tests): $60 ($30 Per Test)
  • Complete Food Sensitivity Test for Families (5 x Complete Food Sensitivity Tests): $99 ($19.80 Per Test)

Visit the official website to get discounted prices!

You can also pay an extra $5 to fast-track your results, which means you receive expedited shipping.

Check My Body Health Refund Policy

Check My Body Health offers a 100% money-back guarantee on its food sensitivity tests. However, to receive a refund, you must have followed the elimination diet for a minimum of six weeks upon receiving your Check My Body Health test results and kept a valid food diary. You must also submit your food diary to Check My Body Health’s nutritionist to receive a refund. You can receive a full refund if you don’t notice any improvement at the end of six weeks.

About Check My Body Health

Check My Body Health is a UK-based health and wellness company. The company maintains postal offices in the United States and Canada.

Check My Body Health has a clinical leadership team, which includes Dr. Gareth James, GP (Medical Director of Check My Body Health), and Sian Baker, Dip ION mBANT mCNHC (Head of Wellbeing Services for Check My Body Health).

Check My Body Health also partners with ISO-accredited laboratories adhering to the highest standards of quality assurance.

Since its launch, Check My Body Health has performed one million tests worldwide. The company also claims to have 7,500 new customers every month and a 98% customer satisfaction rating. Plus, Check My Body Health’s tests have been rated the “Best At-Home Food Sensitivity Tests” by Verywell Health.

You can contact Check My Body Health and the company’s customer service team via the following:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Registered Address: Check My Body Health Limited, Suite 8 The Old Granary, Cotton End, Northampton, England, NN4 8HP
  • Company Number: 12600431
  • US Mailing Address: 10685-B Hazelhurst Dr #24329
  • Canada Mailing Address: 330 Av Avro Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 5W5, Canada
  • Online Form:
  • Phone: (888) 538-8810

Final Word

Check My Body Health is an alternative medicine test that uses bioresonance-resonating technology to detect sensitivities, imbalances, and deficiencies for up to 970 food and non-food items.

By ordering an at-home test today through, you could discover the root cause of symptoms like fatigue, depression, gut issues, and other health problems.

To learn more about Check My Body Health or to order a simple, at-home test today, visit the official website.

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