Shambala Secret Reviews (David Chandler) Does It Work or Worthless Program?

Individuals are easily entangled in the vortex of negativity, overwhelmed by stress, and constantly battling against their thoughts. However, beneath the surface of the conscious mind lies a vast reservoir of untapped potential. The subconscious mind is vital for shaping one’s beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. It’s a vast storehouse of memories, experiences, and emotions that influence the decision-making process. People who understand and harness the power of their subconscious mind can lead a life filled with positivity, abundance, and manifestation.

The creator of the Shambala Secret claims that the program can enable users to manifest unlimited life abundance within nine days. It’s designed to reprogram the subconscious mind, leading to financial abundance and life manifestation. How effective is the program? Find out more in this review.

What Is the Shambala Secret?

Shambala Secret refers to a digital manifestation program that comprises 22-minute audio tracks. The program aims to help people improve their lives by tapping into their inner strength and power. It utilizes 3D sound and gamma brainwaves to revitalize and strengthen the subconscious mind, enabling consumers to master their emotions and thoughts to achieve success in various life aspects. Reprogramming the subconscious conductor transforms one’s attention, promoting life abundance.

The program incorporates meditation, visualization, and mindfulness techniques to help consumers release negative thoughts and emotions that are holding them back from achieving personal goals. Moreover, the Shambala Secret controls the mind’s gravity enhancing positivity and life manifestation. Consumers also unlock a fantasy-filled journey through financial abundance and freedom in life.

Who Is the Creator of the Program?

David Chandler designed the Shambala Secret Program. His techniques are scientifically proven and are acclaimed to activate the subconscious mind enhancing freedom, peace, and life abundance. The creator further believes that all individuals have untapped energy in their lives that are deeply linked to subconsciousness. Unblocking the subconscious leads to a flow of energy within them, transforming various life aspects. Stress and anxiety are replaced by peace and overflowing relationships. In a nutshell, David believes that The Shambala Secret is the key to happiness, peace, and financial abundance.

How Does the Shambala Secret Work?

The Shambala Secret protocol comprises 22 minutes of audio tracks that users are recommended to listen to daily for nine days. Gamma brainwaves aim to put the brain in a state of heightened focus and receptivity. As a result, consumers experience improved visualization, concentration, and receptiveness to intentions related to their manifestation goals. The idea is that being in a gamma state can help individuals align their thoughts, emotions, and actions with their desires more effectively, thus aiding in the manifestation process.

Moreover, the Shambala Secret utilizes 3D sound to enhance the immersive nature of guided meditations, affirmations, or visualizations. This heightened sense of presence can deepen the impact of the manifestation program, making it more effective in influencing subconscious beliefs and facilitating positive changes in behavior and mindset. The combination of gamma brainwaves and 3D sound in the manifestation program aims to create an optimal mental state for consumers.

The gamma brainwaves seek to increase focus and receptivity, while 3D sound enhances the overall experience, making it more engaging and immersive. Together, these elements strengthen the program’s impact on the subconscious mind, leading to more profound manifestation results for consumers using the program.

Additionally, the Shambala Secret contains audio that strengthens the subliminal mind allowing users to have positive thoughts. It is based on ancient Tibetan secrets that use Gamma rays to enhance the subconscious. The bell and chant sound aid in removing blockages and attracting wealth.

The manifestation protocol helps divert negativity, boosting motivation and decision-making. As a result of a positive mindset, there’s improvement in financial abundance and life manifestation. The manifestation program also lowers stress, allowing one to find quality sleep.

Scientific Research Behind the Shambala Secret Program

Since the ancient days, people enjoyed listening to music. They used bells, chimes, and chants to find spiritual and physical healing. Additionally, historical documents show that meditation practices were vital for reprogramming the soul by altering subliminal thoughts.

The Shambala Secret is supposedly science-backed. According to the creator, there are some harmonics that are scientifically proven to influence the subconscious mind. By combining the gamma brainwaves and 3D audio sound, the Shambala Secret program alters the subconscious mind directly.

The manifestation protocol triggers the brain to operate within the gamma brainwave Frequency, which influences alertness and attention. Listening to the 22-minutes track for nine days reprograms the subconscious conductor to focus on what one desires.

Additionally, the creator claims that an individual’s attention creates reality. The gamma brainwaves in the audio bind the senses together, boosting attention. The protocol also restructures the brain, manifesting life abundance. Moreover, the 3-D sound stimulates the neural pathways in the brain, revitalizing and enabling it to recreate itself in new realities.

The Shambala Secret Features and Phases

The manifestation protocol comprises distinctive phases, 3D sound, and gamma brainwaves. It’s designed to enable consumers to cultivate a positive mindset, boost self-confidence, and live a fulfilling life. Each phase is highly interactive, with guided meditations. The three different phases include:

Phase #1: Induction Phase

In this phase, consumers are enabled to transition from a conscious to a subconscious functioning system, where the conductor exists. It comprises an audible guided meditation linked to gamma brainwaves and an immersive 3-D auditory experience. Based on this combo, the conductor is transformed to receive new instructions, enabling users of the program to focus their attention on new reality.

Phase #2: Subversion Phase

This phase is subliminal, and the ears do not hear the guided meditation. However, the phase is aimed at bypassing the conscious mind to the subconscious conductor. The phase combines 3D sound and gamma brainwaves that subvert the old soundtrack of life. The subconscious mind processes 500,000 times more information compared to the conscious mind, and the program aims at reaching the conductor to enhance manifestation and life abundance.

Phase #3: Re-Awakening Phase

The last phase gets one off the subliminal phase. It fuses the subconscious mind with the conscious realm. As a result, the brainwave frequencies provide one with alertness and relaxation.

How to Use the Manifestation Protocol

According to the creator, the manifestation protocol is interactive and easy to use. Consumers can listen to the 22-minute audio at work and home. Consumers who experience sleep disruption are recommended to listen to the Sleeping Ocean audio track before sleeping. The latter aids in restructuring the subconscious mind and eliminating stress and negativity. Following the protocol daily for nine days enables consumers to achieve their desires and dreams.

What Are the Benefits of the Shambala Secret Program?

The manifestation protocol is designed to alleviate negativity, pain, and difficulties and foster peace, prosperity, and life abundance. It rewires the brain promoting positivity. Other key benefits associated with the manifestation protocol include:

  • Promotes a sense of safety and security in life through self-confidence
  • Fosters deep and meaningful relationships
  • Enhances self-actualization
  • Consumers gain wisdom, insight, and intuition
  • Attracts wealth and happiness

What Makes the Program Distinct from Other Manifestation Programs?

Unlike other manifestation programs by fake gurus, the Shambala Secret is scientifically proven and inspired by the ancient Tibetan method, which has been used for decades to reprogram unconscious conductor. Moreover, other programs require a lot of time, while Shambala Secret takes nine days only to manifest abundance in various life aspects. Additionally, unlike most manifestation programs with short-lived satisfaction guarantees, the Shambala Secret has a 365 days money-back guarantee. Another aspect that makes the manifestation protocol different from others is the use of gamma brainwaves and 3D sound.

Pros and Cons of Shambala Secret


  • Easy to follow
  • Interactive
  • Suitable for people with busy schedules
  • Encourages a positive and supportive community
  • 365-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Quite reasonable compared to other manifestation programs


  • Varied user experience based on preferences
  • Exclusively available on the official website
  • Limited time offer

Where to Access the Program

Consumers can instantly access the Shambala Secret digital program on the official website. It’s available at $39 from a regular retail price of $353. However, with the limited-time offer, the creator has also included a $10 discount gift voucher for the digital program. Besides the manifestation program, the creator recommends consumers digitally access the following:

Tibetan Energy Cleanse program at $9.95 for alleviating stress and anxiety.

Awakening Your Intuition program is available at $9.95, which enables consumers to harness their inner wisdom.

Additional Bonuses

The creator also provides consumers with three free bonuses, including:

Bonus #1: The Healing Wind (A Value of $37)

The Healing Wind is a gamma brainwave audio that aids in harmonizing the mind, body, and soul. It’s a guided meditation recommended when one feels overwhelmed. According to the creator, it takes 11 minutes to provide consumers with a transformation, especially when they are feeling off during the day.

Bonus #2: The Sleeping Ocean (A Value of $57)

This audio track is recommended for those who have sleep disruptions. It harmonizes the brainwaves enhancing sleep quality as it features calming ocean sounds and Tibetan singing bowls. The creator recommends users listen to the 22-minute session after listening to the Shambala Secret during the night. Additionally, the creator claims that one wakes up refreshed and with elevated energy.

Bonus #3: The Golden Sunrise (A Value of $37)

David Chandler also incorporates a 5-minutes morning track that provides users with alertness as they start the day. It triggers the brainwaves enhancing positivity and focus every morning.

Based on the latest updates, consumers are privileged to access two more additional bonuses, namely:

The Shambala Secret Bliss Version (Value $29) – this is an instrumental version of the Shambala Secret program, which is vital for meditation, using the power of gamma waves and 3D audio.

Chakra Healing Sounds (Value $97) – the 7-track program aids in unblocking, healing, and cleansing chakras that may interrupt users of the Shambala Secret program.

Refund Policy

The creator recommends consumers undergo a 9-day challenge and experience unlimited manifestation. However, if unsatisfied with the program, consumers can claim a full refund. The 100% risk-free money-back guarantee is processed once consumers notify the customer support team via mail within 365 days of purchase.

  • Customer service: 1 (800) 390-6035

Final Word

Shambala Secret is a personal development program that aims at enabling individuals to tap into their inner strength and power to achieve their goals. The program comes with guided meditations, and it’s interactive, making it easy for busy individuals to integrate it into their daily routines. It integrates 3 phases that aim at fusing the conscious and the subconscious realms. Additionally, the manifestation protocol is designed to restructure the subconscious mind, eliminating negative thoughts and promoting life abundance.

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