Dark Age Defense Reviews – Is Dark Age Defender Guide Worth Buying or Scam??

Dark Age Defense is a digital survival book available on the market to help people survive a power outage in case of natural disasters by building an infinite coil.

In this article, we will be talking about Dark Age Defense in detail, starting from the overview table below.

Program Overview:

Program Name: Dark Age Defense

Type of the Program: Comprehensive survival handbook

Program Description: A survival handbook that includes information on how to create an infinity coil for generating power during a blackout.

Contact Information: [email protected]

Program Function: Helps create an infinity coil and a protective field around your house.

Program Benefits:

  • Clean fuel used for energy production.
  • Can create seven infinity coils using the same technology.
  • Legal and beneficial technology.

Program Pricing: $67 one-time payment.

Program Bonus Products:

  • Bulletproof Bug Out
  • Off-Grid Escape
  • On-Demand Water
  • Produce Oasis

Program Return and Refund: 100% satisfaction 60-day money-back guarantee.

What Is Dark Age Defense?

Dark Age Defense is a comprehensive survival guide available on the market that helps teach individuals ways to build and sustain electricity during a blackout day or extreme weather events like natural disasters. This survival guide helps support power generation using basic technologies and basic pieces of equipment.

This survival manual helps in providing knowledge and mechanism to build an infinity coil that could provide you with light during a power outage. The infinite coil technology used in making these coils is based on Nikola Tesla’s research.

The Dark Age Defense survival guide is different from any other technology to build power sources at home. It is unlike backup power generators or solar panels, which require a lot of fuel and also have certain terms and conditions associated with their work.

About The Makers Of Dark Age Defense

The research and development teams at Trusted Research LLC have built this one-of-a-kind survival guide using basic technologies. These technologies have been disclosed by them to the public, but their application is available for you to build.

They had made this comprehensive survival guide to teach the making of infinity coils to individuals that help them eventually survive power outages successfully in times of natural disaster. This infinity coil’s efficiency is way more than your normal backup generators or solar panels available readily on the market, as per the makers.

How Does The Dark Age Defense Program Function?

The Dark Age Defense, a digital survival book, primarily helps to generate electricity by teaching people ways to build an infinity coil. These infinite coils help in overcoming the difficulties due to power outages.

An infinity coil is built using this survival guide to help produce energy in different electrical appliances at home with low fuel consumption, thus making it such a great breakthrough to support survival during a natural disaster. These endless coils use surfaces with more insulation resistance at home in order to generate electricity effectively.

The Dark Age Defense book also helps individuals to generate a force field. This force field works to keep your family secure in extreme weather events, natural disasters, or power outages.

What Are The Benefits Of The Dark Age Defense Book?

The benefits of the Dark Age Defense program are as follows:

Dark Age Defense is a comprehensively curated survival guide keeping in mind the need for a system to generate and sustain electricity after a power outage.

The energy, with the help of Dark Age Defense, is produced using clean burning fuel. This helps increase the power content therein and the reliability significantly.

The process where you are taught to create an invisible force field around your house is really effective in providing premium protection from any unforeseen accident.

It is believed by the makers of this handbook that the technology mentioned here can be used to build an infinity coil or even seven infinity coils during a local blackout day. This would ensure free-flowing electricity with no disruption whatsoever.

The technology used to make the infinity coil is legal and effective.

What Are The Things Included In The Dark Age Defense Program?

The primary thing that the Dark Age Defense system offers its users is a detailed guideline to build an infinity coil that can be used in times of natural disaster for generating power.

But, other than this, you are also provided information on certain other things through this program, as given below.

You are taught that you should turn on the power source within 30 minutes after losing power on a blackout day.

You are provided with a guideline to create an invisible force field around your house to keep it safe.

Using the Dark Age Defense technology, you can even restart a dead vehicle.

You are taught about the adequate size of the infinity coil to be created with respect to the size of your home and the amount of power to be generated.

The method of construction of seven endless coils using the same technology for a higher power in return.

You can increase the efficiency of your infinite coil by up to 261% using the Dark Age Defense technology.

You would learn about a pencil trick that helps in proofing your home from any theft attacks during a power outage.

What Is The Price Of The Dark Age Defense Handbook?

You can purchase the Dark Age Defense book from the official Dark Age Defense website at discounted rates. It is available at a very affordable price of $67 for a one-time payment option.

Bonus Products Offered Along With The Dark Age Defense Program?

Upon purchasing the Dark Age Defense system, you are provided with four bonus products. These bonus products aim at equipping the users with different methods and guides to help them sustain life by producing necessary and basic amenities like water, food, etc.

These are discussed below in detail.

Bonus Product 1: Bulletproof Bug Out

Bulletproof Bug Out is a Dark Age Defense guide that helps in providing detailed information for creating a 72-hour ‘special forces survival pack.’ It also contains pathways that could help you protect your family from challenging terrain.

Bonus Product 2: Off-Grid Escape

The second guide that comes along with Dark Age Defense is Off-Grid Escape. It provides an insight into the seven safe havens in this country that are supposed to withstand the darkest moments that occur during a blackout day.

Bonus Product 3: On-Demand Water

On-demand water is a guide on identifying safe water quality and creating a DIY water force filter to help remove the contaminants from water successfully. This guideline also helps in purifying, generating, distributing, and storing safe drinking water.

Bonus Product 4: Produce Oasis

Produce oasis is another guide that comes along with the Dark Age Defense book. In this guide, you are provided with information that would help you to grow your own food and survive any calamity.

What Is The Money-Back Guarantee Offered On The Purchase Of The Dark Age Defense System?

The money-back-guarantee offered when you choose Dark Age Defense from its official website is valid within 60 days of purchase.

So, in case you are unsatisfied with this handbook, you can ask for a complete refund within 60 days by contacting their customer support team at their email ID – [email protected].

Dark Age Defense Reviews – Pros And Cons Of This Handbook

The pros and cons of the Dark Age Defense survival handbook are mentioned below.

Pros Of The Dark Age Defense System

The pros of this handbook are as follows:

The step-by-step guidance of Dark Age Defense helps people tackle a blackout day.

The cost of this survival handbook is affordable and does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Along with the handbook, the users are provided with four bonus products to improve living conditions during a natural disaster.

With the help of Dark Age Defense, you gain information about a variety of things – infinity coils, force fields, air-driven Cosmo generators, etc.

Cons Of The Dark Age Defense System

The cons of this handbook are as follows:

This handbook is available for purchase only on the official Dark Age Defense website and not on any major third-party platforms like Amazon, Walmart, etc.

The process of making the infinity coil might come out to be confusing for some people as it is technological in character.

But, overall several Dark Age Defense reviews by customers in the entire country have given positive feedback on this handbook.

Additional Tips That Can Help You Survive During The “Dark Age”

Having electricity allows us to stay cool in the summer, warm in the winter, run appliances, and even charge devices. But what do you do when your power goes out? Having run out of power can be dangerous and scary if you’re unprepared. Here are some tips to follow when you’re out of electricity forever:

Have an Emergency Kit Ready

Doing a little planning ahead of time can save your life when the electricity goes out. Be sure to have essential food and water stored up for emergencies as well. Non-perishable food items, flashlights, batteries, and matches should be in your emergency kit to ensure you’re prepared for any kind of blackout that may last for two weeks or more.

Prepare Ahead of Time

It is always a good idea to be prepared for a potential power outage by stocking up on non-perishable food items like canned goods, dried fruit, and nuts, as well as lots of bottled water. You should also make sure you have plenty of warm clothing and blankets on hand.

And if you rely heavily on electronic devices for work or other tasks, invest in a backup battery pack or generator so your essential electronics can stay charged during an extended power outage.

Use Solar Panels

Solar panels can be used to generate enough electricity for certain power parts of your home, such as an electric stove, refrigerator, or television. Installing solar panels provides a reliable source of electricity when the grid is down and not functioning properly.

Stock Up on Candles

Candles provide light or warmth when you don’t have access to either energy source outside of electric power lines. Stock up on candles with long burn times, so you don’t have to worry about re-lighting them every few hours during a blackout period.

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Check With Authorities

Don’t ever try tackling any sort of electrical problems by yourself during times when it may be unsafe due to uncontrolled short circuits from downed objects nearby or fallen branch lines from trees that could damage power infrastructure within your area. Contact authorities immediately, who will know exactly what actions need to be taken during these types of scenarios in order to ensure the safety of all individuals involved.

Conserve What Resources You Have

During an extended period without electricity, your resources will likely be stretched thin, so it may be necessary to ration supplies like water and food. Also, try to conserve energy when possible. If you still have access to cell phone service or Wifi, use that instead of using energy-intensive devices like desktop computers or laptop chargers with wall outlets.

Find Shelter

If your home gets too cold or hot without electricity, it may be time to seek alternative shelter with family members or friends who still have access to electricity. Alternatively, contact your local government officials or the 211 hotline number (available in many regions) for information on community shelters where people can access basic necessities like warmth, clean drinking water, and first aid services in times of need.

Cook With Alternative Sources Of Heat

If you have access to a wood stove, camping stove, propane burner, solar oven, or another alternative heat source, use it! These heat sources allow you to cook food without using electricity and provide warmth on cold days. Just make sure to double-check your fuel supply before relying on them as your primary cooking source for fear that you may run out unexpectedly.

Learn How To Cook Without Electricity

When living without ever turning back on the power, it is important to learn how to cook without an oven in order not only to survive but also to enjoy classic dishes like soup stews, casseroles, roasts, etc. It might be tricky at first; however, there are many alternative ways one could cook a delicious meal without electricity, like using a propane gas stovetop, campfire grill, etc.

Stay Physically Active During The Daytime Hours

The lack of daytime activities shouldn’t stop you from staying physically active during the day! Go for walks or hikes, do yoga on your living room floor or attempt an online fitness class with friends over video chat – just make sure that all activity takes place during daylight hours only when temperatures are bearable!

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Change Your Bedtime Routine

As hard as it may seem at first glance, being without electricity could actually help improve your bedtime routine, which will contribute positively towards improved rest quality and duration each night! Try reading a book by candlelight before going to sleep or listening to music without any audio equipment– this, along with creating an environment that is cool, dark, and comfortable, should help lull you into sleep quickly once lights out time arrives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Dark Age Defense eBook Help In Surviving A Blackout?

If you are in your house during a blackout, then yes, this eBook will help you in surviving it. It could provide you with guidelines to generate power by creating an infinity coil within a short period.

What Is The Purpose Of The Bonus Material Offered Along With This Handbook?

The bonus materials that come along with this handbook are based on the basic necessities of life. This means that they help you create the basic necessities like food and water during an emergency situation. Thus, aiding in your survival significantly.

Whom To Contact In Case Of Any Queries Regarding The Handbook?

In case of any queries regarding the product’s working, effectiveness, evidence, reviews, etc., you can directly write an email to their customer support team at [email protected].

Final Verdict On Dark Age Defense

To conclude this Dark Age Defense reviews article, we can surely say that this digital handbook is helpful in providing knowledge about new technologies and things like an infinity coil. So, according to us, you can think of purchasing this survival handbook from its official website at affordable rates.

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