10 Best Background Check Sites with Full Details

A thorough background check is an important component in various scenarios, such as hiring employees for any company, renting any type of property such as a store or home, or screening potential dates. . There is no doubt that there are countless background check sites available, but it is important to choose a good and reliable service. Here are 10 background check sites known for their comprehensive information and accuracy.

  1. 1.  BeenVerified: BeenVerified offers a wide range of reliable background checks, including criminal records, employment history, education verification, and more. The company collects data from public sources that is comprehensive and provides easy-to-read reports.
  1. 2.  Instant Checkmate: Instant Checkmate provides real and detailed reports on any individual, covering criminal records, addresses, contact information, social media profiles, and even sex offender records. This company offers comprehensive search of all types.
  1. 3.  Intelius: Intelius is an aggressive background check site that provides in-depth information about individuals that are accurate, including criminal records, complete address history, mobile phone numbers, and employment history. It is one of the major background check sites and also offers a reverse phone lookup feature.
  1. 4.  TruthFinder: TruthFinder specializes in intelligently providing comprehensive background information, including criminal records, personal details, social media profiles, and more. It presents the records to the people in good detail and presents the data in an easy to understand format so that the information can be easily provided to the people. It offers its own mobile app to access data anywhere, anytime.
  1. 5.  Spokeo: Spokeo is a trusted background check site that provides comprehensive reports on individuals. Records that you may want to obtain and that this company provides include criminal records, contact information, social media profiles, and even financial records. The site also offers a people search feature.
  1. 6.  PeopleFinders: PeopleFinders offers a reliable variety of search options, including background checks, public records, and reverse phone lookups. Their reports include details such as criminal records, marriage/divorce records, and address history. This company also offers easy records that make it easy for people.
  1. 7.  Checkr: Checkr actually provides complete details of employees of companies. It mainly focuses on background checks for employment purposes. It offers comprehensive pre-employment screening services, including criminal record, driving record, and employment history verification.
  1. 8.  GoodHire: GoodHire is another background check service aimed at employers. It provides detailed reports on criminal records, employment history, education verification, and drug test results. It is also a registered company that provides records to people.
  1. 9.  USSearch: USSearch is a well-established background check service that is one of the top background check sites that offers a wide range of searches. Their reports include information such as address history, criminal records, bankruptcy, and property records.
  1. 10.  PeopleLooker: PeopleLooker allows users to access detailed information about individuals, including background checks, public records, and contact details. This covers criminal records, court records, and other relevant data.

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Choosing the right background check sites is very important because everyone wants to get the right data. Data harvesting sites that are more secure means keeping your information private. To ensure you are choosing the best service for your needs.

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