Eight Sleep Reviews – Is EightSleep.com Legit? Quality Mattress Beds Worth Buying?

Eight Sleep is a health technology company best known for its smart, temperature-control sleep solutions, including the Pod 3 Mattress and Pod 3 Cover.

Eight Sleep aims to help you stay cool all summer – and warm all winter – using the latest advances in health technology.

Does Eight Sleep live up to the hype? How do Eight Sleep’s mattress and mattress covers work? Keep reading our review to learn everything you need about Eight Sleep today.

What is Eight Sleep?

The Pod from Eight Sleep ensures restful and comfortable sleep by keeping you cool throughout the night.

Available as a mattress cover or mattress, the Eight Sleep Pod uses advanced temperature control technology and smart sensors to help you get the best sleep of your life.

According to the official Eight Sleep website, the Pod can lead to 34% more deep sleep, 32% improved sleep quality, and a 19% increase in recovery, among other benefits.

The Eight Sleep Pod is priced at $2,245 or $63 per month with financing.

Eight Sleep Benefits

Eight Sleep Benefits

Some of the benefits of Eight Sleep include:

  • Automatic temperature adjustments for a more comfortable sleep
  • Vibration alarms, temperature alarms, and other advanced features
  • Customize your sleep with a mobile app
  • Available as mattress cover or mattress
  • 30 to 100-day money-back guarantee
  • 2 to 5-year warranty

How Does Eight Sleep Work?

Eight Sleep’s Pod aims to provide intelligent cooling and heating for any bed. Whether you use the mattress or mattress cover, the Pod dynamically heats and cools throughout the night to help you achieve optimal sleep.

Using the Eight Sleep Pod, you can sleep at temperatures as cool as 55°F or as warm as 110°F.

You interact with your Eight Sleep Pod via the mobile App. You input basic information about yourself into the App. Then, the Pod personalizes your sleep preferences. You can also set your temperature, bedtime, and wake-up time via the App.

Some prefer to sleep on a warm mattress with cool blankets at night, for example. Others want a cool mattress with heavy blankets. Some live in warm climates, while others live in cool climates. Eight Sleep’s Pod adjusts to your perfect temperature every night, ensuring a comfortable sleep.

Eight Sleep's Pod Dynamically Adjust Temperature Throughout the Night

Eight Sleep’s Pod Dynamically Adjust Temperature Throughout the Night

There are other mattress heating and cooling solutions. However, Eight Sleep is one of the few that dynamically adjusts temperature throughout the night in response to sleep cycles.

Each Eight Sleep Pod uses automatic temperature adjustments to maximize your deep sleep. The Pod automatically adjusts temperature based on your preset temperature preferences, sleep history, ambient bedroom temperature, and real-time local weather.

Here is a breakdown of how the temperatures may vary while using your Eight Sleep Pod:

If your bedtime is set for 11:30, your Pod could start cooling your mattress or mattress cover one hour before bed, ensuring it’s ready for your arrival.

During the middle of the night, when you’re at your deepest level of sleep, the Pod could lower the temperature further, ensuring you remain in a deep sleep and at a comfortable temperature for as long as possible.

When you’re ready to wake up, your Pod could gradually raise temperatures, preparing your body for the day ahead.

These temperature adjustments change based on your preferences and local climate. During winter, your Pod can enhance the temperature to promote better deep sleep and reduce it in the morning to help you start your day.

The Eight Sleep App can automatically choose the ideal temperatures according to the time and your sleep phases. Or, you can customize these temperatures within the App. If you want to be cool during deep sleep and warmer during REM, for example, then you can customize that experience with the Eight Sleep App.

You can establish temperature and vibration alarms with the Eight Sleep App. The alarm gradually heats your side of the bed when you need to wake up, then vibrates around the chest area, helping you gently wake up without alerting your partner.

How the Sleep Fitness Score Works

How the Sleep Fitness Score Works

After each night, Eight Sleep’s Pod delivers a Sleep Fitness Score. Understanding your sleep quality can be aided by your score.

Like other sleep tracking systems, the score varies from 0 to 100, with 100 being the best sleep possible.

Unlike other sleep-tracking systems, however, Eight Sleep doesn’t require you to wear a device at night to track your health. The Eight Sleep Pod monitors your sleep and health metrics, which encompass the following:

  • Heart rate variance (a measurement of stress)
  • Heart rate
  • Time slept
  • Respiratory rate
  • Sleep stages
  • Disturbances

After considering all this data, the Eight Sleep Pod calculates your Sleep Fitness Score. Your Sleep Fitness Score considers things like:

  • The overall quality of your sleep, including your bedtime and wake-up time consistency, the time it took you to fall asleep, and the time it took to wake up. You receive a score out of 100 based on the overall quality of your sleep.
  • Your sleep routine, including how consistently you go to bed and wake up on time and how likely you are to stick to your routine. Eight Sleep’s App gives you a score out of 100.
  • The amount of time you slept, including a rating of how that time compares to your usual amount of sleep.
  • Your sleep stages include time spent in REM, light, and deep sleep. You’ll receive a higher score if you spend a regular amount in all sleep stages and complete multiple sleep cycles.

If Eight Sleep notices significant health changes, you’ll receive an alert the next day. For example, if it took longer than usual for your heart rate to slow down at night, the App could warn you. You can spot changes to your health earlier.

Eight Sleep Products

Eight Sleep offers two flagship products, the Pod 3 Mattress Cover and the Pod 3 Mattress. With the Pod 3 Mattress Cover, you can experience the advantages of Eight Sleep’s Pod at a reduced cost. This is complemented by extra benefits offered by the Pod 3 Mattress.

Here are the two flagship products and how they work:

Pod 3 Cover

The Pod 3 Cover is an intelligent sleep system installed on any bed to improve sleep. It has full, queen, king, and Cali king options. The Pod 3 Cover has all the same core features, including automatic temperature adjustments, vibration and thermal alarm, sleep, health reports, and adaptive learning over time, among other perks.

  • Full: $2,145
  • Queen: $2,245
  • King: $2,445
  • Cali King: $2,445

Pod 3 Mattress

The Pod 3 Mattress shares all the Pod 3 Cover features. Instead of installing a cover over an existing mattress, place the Eight Sleep Pod 3 Mattress onto your box spring, then enjoy the benefits. Key features of the Pod 3 Mattress include automatic temperature adjustments, vibration and thermal alarms, sleep and health reports, and an extended warranty, among other perks. You also get a premium, 5-layer pod mattress designed for optimal back support, pressure point relief, and superior comfort.

  • Full: $2,995
  • Queen: $3,295
  • King: $3,695
  • Cali King: $3,695

Eight Sleep Pod Subscriptions

To utilize your Eight Sleep Pod, it is necessary to purchase a monthly subscription. Eight Sleep offers two subscriptions, including a Pro ($180 per year / $15 per month) and Plus ($288 per year / $24 per month) option. You can access more Eight Sleep features by increasing your subscription.

Here’s how the two subscriptions work:

Pro ($180 Per Year / $15 Per month)

  • Automatic temperature adjustments
  • Scheduled temperature, including the ability to set bedtime, deep, and REM temperatures
  • Vibration and thermal alarm
  • Sleep and health insights
  • Discounts on upgrades, including $500 off Pod upgrades in the member shop
  • Discounts on accessories
  • Two memberships for the price of one
  • Two-year warranty

Plus ($288 Per Year / $24 Per month)

  • Everything included in Pro
  • Five-year extended warranty

Why does your mattress and mattress cover require a subscription? The company justifies its subscription model by citing its analytics system:

“The Pod is an intelligent system that gets better every single day by continuously learning from you, expanding its intelligence and adding new features on a regular basis.”

To continue delivering those new features, Eight Sleep requires a subscription. Subscription fees support Eight Sleep’s efforts to provide the best possible experience.

You must maintain your membership for the first 12 months to enjoy the benefits. After that, you can cancel anytime – although you lose access to the features above. Each membership includes coverage for two users.

How to Get Started with Eight Sleep

Transforming your sleep with Eight Sleep is a breeze. Here’s how to get started with the sleep tech system for the first time:

Step 1

Start with a premium mattress base, or bring your mattress. If you’re satisfied, you can purchase the Pod 3 Cover. Alternatively, you can replace it with the Pod 3 Mattress. Both options offer the same core Eight Sleep technology, which includes temperature regulation, sleep tracking, and temperature and vibration alarms.

Step 2

Attach the Active Grid to your bed. Eight Sleep’s Active Grid allows for the continuous absorption and removal of heat from your bed while allowing the mattress and cover to reach temperatures ranging from as cold as 55°F to as warm as 110°F. The Eight Sleep Active Grid lets you sleep comfortably while tracking your sleep patterns using sensors, enabling it to function effectively.

Step 3

Connect the Eight Sleep Hub near your bed to Wi-Fi. The Hub sends water to both sides of the Active Grid, enabling it to regulate the temperature. The Hub also connects to the Eight Sleep app, delivering sleep insights and registering feedback. Inside the Hub is a quad-core proprietary CPU explicitly designed for use in the Pod.

Step 4

You can customize your sleeping experience with the App. The Eight Sleep App enables you to monitor your health and sleep metrics, manage temperature, regulate your side of the Pod, and utilize smart sleep features.

With just four easy steps, you can transform your sleep using the latest advances in smart technology.

Eight Sleep Mobile App

About the Eight Sleep Mobile App

The Eight Sleep App for iOS and Android manages your Pod 3 Cover and Pod 3 Mattress effortlessly. You can tailor temperatures, establish schedules, monitor sleep scores and health indicators, and manage other aspects.

Core features of the Eight Sleep App include:

Set Scheduled Temperatures Throughout the Night

Would you like to optimize your deep sleep by cooling your bed? The Eight Sleep App allows you to customize temperature settings throughout the night. You can set specific times and temperatures. Or, you can adjust temperatures based on sleep phases – like deep sleep, REM, light sleep, and awake. If you prefer, the Eight Sleep App can select the optimal temperature for you according to the latest research on sleep.

Advanced Sleep Tracking Without a Wearable

The Eight Sleep App features advanced sleep tracking, giving you a score after each night based on your sleep cycles, duration of different sleep phases, heart rate, respiratory rate, interruptions, and more.

Check Health Data without a Wearable

You can utilize the Eight Sleep App like any other health app. The App lets you monitor key health indicators like heart rate, HRV, and respiratory rate – all without a wearable. For example, you can see your heart rate variability each night as a stress measurement and see how last night’s heart rate range compared to your average range.

Set Vibration & Thermal Alarms

The Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover and Pod 3 Mattress are known for vibration and thermal alarm features. The Eight Sleep App alarm can gently wake you without disturbing your partner.

Customize Sleep Preferences with a Partner

Your Eight Sleep subscription allows two people to become members. You and your partner can utilize the Eight Sleep App to personalize your sleep preferences and regulate temperatures on each side of the bed.

Syncs with Apple Health & Google Fit

Your Eight Sleep App syncs with Apple Health and Google Fit. Eight Sleep plans to add other app integrations in the future. You can sync with Apple Health and Google Fit to determine how your daily activity corresponds to a better night of sleep.

Health Alerts & Change Notifications

If your heart rate differed last night than usual, then the Eight Sleep App could send you an alert. If your HRV is generally 47 to 72 at night, for example, and it was 97 last night, you could receive an alert from the Eight Sleep App.

Sleep Fitness Score

Check your Sleep Fitness Score on the Eight Sleep App, which rates your sleep quality and other metrics on a 0-100% scale. The Eight Sleep App acts as the command center for your Eight Sleep Pod, giving you complete control over your sleep experience. It enables you to personalize every aspect of your sleep to your liking.

Eight Sleep Features & Benefits

Eight Sleep Features & Benefits

The Eight Sleep Pod and technology offer various features, such as:

Health & Sleep Tracking Without a Wearable

The Eight Sleep Pod system tracks your health and sleep without a smartwatch. The device calculates your Sleep Fitness Score based on your heart rate, heart rate variance, respiratory rate, sleep stages, disturbances, the time you slept, and other metrics.

Free Shipping

Eight Sleep offers free shipping in 13 countries worldwide.

Free 30-Day to 100-Day Returns

Eight Sleep offers free, no-hassle returns within 30 days of purchase if unsatisfied with the Pod 3 Cover. You also get a 100-day return window on the Pod 3 Mattress, giving you additional time to verify you like the mattress. If you need to return either product, you can return it free of charge for a full refund of your purchase price and subscription fee.

Pay Over Time with Financing

Making monthly payments starting at $63 for the Eight Sleep Pod system is possible. You can also check online to see if you prequalify.

Improve Sleep

The Eight Sleep website claims the Pod can improve your sleep quality. It can reportedly increase deep sleep by 34%, improve overall sleep quality by 32%, and enhance recovery by 19%.

Separate Temperatures on Different Sides of the Bed

You can personalize Eight Sleep to suit your temperature preferences, even if they differ from your partner’s.

Automatic Temperature Regulation at Night

The Eight Sleep Pod is designed to automatically regulate the temperature throughout the night, considering factors such as ambient temperature, local climate, and your current sleep stage. It aims to maintain optimal temperature for deep sleep, allowing maximum recovery and rest.

Wide Temperature Range

Eight Sleep can help you sleep at temperatures as cold as 55°F or as warm as 110°F, giving you a wide temperature range regardless of your location, local climate, ambient temperature, or the time of year.

Wake Up Gently with a Vibration & Thermal Alarm

Eight Sleep can wake you up gently with a vibration and thermal alarm, helping you start the day right without a loud noise in your ear. The vibration alarm silently wakes you with a chest-level vibration and gradual thermal change, allowing you to wake up without disrupting your partner.

Mattress Cover or Mattress Available

Eight Sleep offers two primary sleep technology options: a mattress cover or a mattress. The Eight Sleep Pod 3 Mattress Cover is an affordable way to experience cutting-edge technology, while the Eight Sleep Pod 3 Mattress offers even more features.

More Energy, Clearer Focus, & Better Next-Day Energy

Eight Sleep has endorsements from athletes at all levels who claim to have more energy, focus, and better next-day energy after using Eight Sleep’s technology. Optimizing deep sleep and controlling temperature can help you get the best possible sleep every night, helping you be successful the next day.

Continuous Software Updates & New Over-the-Air Features

You must subscribe to use your Eight Sleep Pod 3 Mattress and Pod 3 Cover. Eight Sleep requires a subscription because they send out continuous software updates and over-the-air features, including new integrations with Apple Health, Google Fit, and popular wearables. Subscriptions are priced at $15 to $24 monthly and billed annually.

Mattress & Cover Still Work Without Membership

Please note: if you decide to cancel your Eight Sleep membership, you will no longer have access to the Pod 3 Cover and Pod 3 Mattress “smart” features. However, you can still use certain features, including manual temperature control and Wi-Fi connectivity, to control the system remotely.

2 to 5-Year warranty

Your Eight Sleep Cover and Mattress come with a 2 to 5-year warranty, depending on your subscription (a $15 per month subscription includes the standard 2-year warranty, while a $24 per month subscription includes the extended 5-year warranty). You can make a warranty if you experience manufacturing defects within 2 to 5 years of buying your Eight Sleep Cover or Mattress.

Other Eight Sleep Accessories

The Eight Sleep flagship products are the Pod 3 Cover and the Pod 3 Mattress.

However, the company also offers sleep accessories – including premium pillows, sheets, and comforters – to optimize your sleep experience. You can even buy lavender sprays, melatonin, and other sleep aid products through the Eight Sleep online store.

Available Eight Sleep accessories include:

The Carbon Air Pillow ($150)

The Carbon Air Pillow is designed as the ultimate pillow for better sleep. Priced at $150 for one pillow or $265 for two pillows, the Carbon Air Pillow features premium carbon-infused foam for better temperature control. The foam allows the pillow to absorb and dissipate heat away from the body. It also has an air ventilation system, a high-quality TENCEL mesh cover, and other features to increase airflow and breathability.

Air Lite Comforter ($195)

Eight Sleep’s Air Lite Comforter keeps you cool and comfortable all night. Made from a hypoallergenic down alternative fill, the comforter is soft to the touch and breathable. This product is meant to be combined with other Eight Sleep items, such as the Pod and Pod Sheet Set.

Pod Sheet Set ($189)

The Pod Sheet Set is made from 100% TENCEL for maximum breathability, ensuring your body feels the temperature change of the Pod immediately.

The Sleep Essentials Bundle ($423)

The Sleep Essentials Bundle includes everything you need to get the most out of your Eight Sleep Pod, including one Pod Sheet Set, one Pod Protector, and two Carbon Air Pillows. You save $150 by buying these items together through this bundle. The bundle is priced at $423 (for full and queen sets) or $469 (for king and Cali king sets).

Pod Protector ($119)

The Pod Protector is a mattress protector made from TENCEL’s jersey blend. You place it over the Pod Active Grid and under your bedsheets to protect the Pod (and your mattress) from dust, pet dander, allergens, bacteria, mold, and spills.

Foundation ($495)

The Foundation provides a base for your mattress or Pod 3 Mattress without needing a box spring. Featuring a slatted design, the Foundation is made from spruce for better support while you sleep.

Premium Bamboo Duvet Cover ($180)

The Premium Bamboo Duvet Cover from Eight Sleep is designed to be breathable, anti-sweat, and soft for better sleep. It’s available in taupe, denim, or sage colors and in queen or king sizes.

Gravity Blanket ($300)

Eight Sleep’s weighted blanket is called the Gravity Blanket. Designed to reduce stress and anxiety, the banket can help you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.

Lavender Sleep Spray ($45)

Lavender has been used for centuries for its calming and relaxing properties. Those same properties make it a popular spray for use in the bedroom. Eight Sleep’s Lavender Sleep Spray has no artificial scents or colors. You can spray it on pillows, sheets, and comforters to help you relax naturally and fall asleep faster.

The Melatonin Pro Bundle ($99)

The Melatonin Pro Bundle features three supplements from Thorne, including RecoveryPro, Magnesium CitraMate, and Melaton-3. All three supplements are designed to support better sleep.

Canopy Humidifier ($150)

The Canopy Humidifier adds moisture to your room for healthy skin. Some also find humidifiers alleviate symptoms of colds and flu.

Venom Back ($249)

Venom Back is a digital wearable device designed to loosen sore muscles. You wrap the device around your torso, then customize your heat and vibration settings.

Hypervolt 2 Pro ($399)

Hypervolt 2 Pro is a percussion therapy device to relieve muscle soreness and stiffness. You get five interchangeable head attachments for a customized massage experience.

Normatec 2.0 ($899)

Normatec 2.0 is a compression recovery boot designed to increase circulation, reduce pain, and help with soreness. Using patented PULSE technology with Zone Boost, Normatec 2.0 can help you recover more quickly.

Eight Sleep Reviews: What Do Users Say?

Eight Sleep has strong reviews from users who have experienced significant results using the Pod 3 cover or mattress. Some of the world’s best-known entrepreneurs, amateur and professional athletes, and ordinary adults have publicly endorsed Eight Sleep for improving their sleep.

Some of the Eight Sleep reviews include:

Some of the world’s top athletes are listed as members on EightSleep.com, including NHL superstar Sidney Crosby, WNBA All-Star Chelsea Gray, US Olympic swimmer Ryan Murphy, NBA forward Caleb Martin, NFL defensive back Patrick Peterson, and eSports gamer Doug “Censor” Martin, among others.

Eight Sleep also has endorsements from well-known names, entrepreneurs, and celebrities, including Kevin Hart, Elon Musk, Andrew Huberman, and Joy Corrigan.

Eight Sleep has an overall score of 4.4 stars on Google Reviews with 150+ reviews. Most customers find Eight Sleep has meaningfully improved their sleep, with many noticing results within the first night of using Eight Sleep.

Although Eight Sleep may not work for everyone, and temperature control isn’t the right choice for all sleep issues, many like the 30 to 100-day return policy for Eight Sleep, giving you ample time to try the Pod 3 Cover (30 days) or Pod 3 Mattress (100 days).

Ultimately, the only negative reviews for Eight Sleep come from people concerned about the high cost of the Pod 3 Cover and Pod 3 Mattress ($2,000 to $3,000+) along with the subscription ($15 to $24 per month, billed annually). Many also dislike how the mattress’s smart features effectively stop working if you cancel your Eight Sleep subscription.

Industry review organization Sleep Foundation praised Eight Sleep for catering to hot, cold, and data-driven sleepers. However, the company warned pets could damage the material, and the Pod 3 and Pod 3 Max were exceptionally soft, making them less ideal for heavier people (anyone over 130lbs “may sink in too deep,” according to Sleep Foundation).

Eight Sleep has a 2.2-star rating on Trustpilot with 40+ reviews. Most customers have given the company a 1-star rating. Although some customers have praised Eight Sleep for improving their sleep, many customers were disappointed with the pricing model. Others had issues with sleep tracking accuracy or customer service.

Eight Sleep generally promotes its Pod 3 Cover and Pod 3 Mattress to a high-end market. It may not be the best choice for price-sensitive customers, but those willing to pay for better sleep tend to be happy with Eight Sleep’s products.

Eight Sleep Refund Policy

If you’re unhappy with your Eight Sleep Pod 3 Mattress within 100 days of delivery, you can return it to the manufacturer for free (you pay no return shipping charges).

Eight Sleep does not reuse or offer refurbished mattresses. If you request a refund, you typically do not have to return the mattress portion. The Eight Sleep team collaborates with you to responsibly donate, recycle, or dispose of the mattress.

Meanwhile, all Eight Sleep Pod 3 Covers have a 30-day return policy. You can request a refund on the Pod 3 Cover within 30 days of delivery.

For more information about Eight Sleep’s refund policy and how it works, visit the official website.

Contact Eight Sleep

For more information, contact customer service via:

Final Word on Eight Sleep

The Eight Sleep system offers the Pod 3 Cover or Pod 3 Mattress, which can regulate temperature while you sleep. This feature ensures you have a comfortable and optimal sleeping experience. The system has endorsements from athletes of all levels and thousands of ordinary adults who have experienced significant improvements with the system.

To learn more about Eight Sleep and how it works or to buy the Pod 3 Cover or Mattress online today, visit the official website.

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