Should You Sell Feet Pics On FetLife?

According to one survey, 75% of people admit to having at least one fetish. These vary greatly from one demographic to the next, however, some of the most popular and common fetishes include group activity, leather, and in recent years, foot fetishes. 1 in 7 people admitted they are attracted to feet with the term “foot fetish” being Googled over 1.7 million times from April 2020 to April 2021.

With so many wildly wonderfulkinks out there, it’s no wonder the Internet is a breeding ground for websites, forums, and communities designed to help fetishists and kinksters meet and bond over their shared interests.

One such website is FetLife – a social network for the fetish and kink community. But is this platform a viable place to sell foot pics? And is this where all the foot fetishists hang out? Keep reading to learn about FetLife and the options it offers for foot fetishists and those looking to buy and sell foot content.

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What is FetLife and Who Is It For?

FetLife is an open social media platform for members of the kink, and fetish community. FetLife’s mission is to help people feel comfortable with who they are. The website welcomes members from all walks of life, genders, and demographics. 

As of this writing, FetLife has approximately 10.5 million members, over 76 million pictures and videos, and information on over 18,000 local events. That’s right – FetLife helps kinksters connect offline as well. 

Check out these other important and interesting facts about FetLife and the FetLife community.

  • The site had 163,563 groups and forums with over 5.1 million writings and posts
  • 25% of FetLife users are gender non-conforming, 11.1% are BIPOC, and 47.2% are LGBTQIA2S+
  • FetLife isn’t a dating site but, instead, a forum to meet people, make new friends, and even connect with play partners that may turn into life partners
  • The platform celebrates diversity with an emphasis on, “No right way just a right way for you”
  • When you delete your account, FetLife deletes all of your information, keeping it private and secure
  • The website is 99.9% free to use
  • FetLife is created by kinksters for kinksters
  • Members are encouraged to be their true, authentic selves unlike other social media platforms that pressure users to look and act a certain way

Some of the most popular kink categories on the website include

  • Bondage – 1.7 million members
  • Spanking – 1.6 million members
  • Role play – 1.1 million members
  • Voyeurism – 681,000 members
  • BDSM – 547,000 members
  • Gangbang – 686,000 members
  • Age play – 475,000 members


This list barely scrapes the surface, given FetLife has 889,460 fetishes and kinks to choose from. Chances are, you’ll come across more than a few niches that you never even knew existed. This is one of the best parts about FetLife – not only can you explore your favorite fantasies and fetishes but you may discover new ones! 

If you’re using FetLife to sell foot pics or target the foot fetish community, specifically, you may find it difficult and overwhelming. With so many members and thousands of categories, niches, kinks, and fetishes to choose from, finding your target audience may take more time than it’s worth. For this reason, using a foot fetish marketplace designed for foot content like FunwithFeet will likely save you time, money, and aggravation. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t join FetLife to explore your kinky side, uncover new fetishes, and drum up interest and business for your foot pic business. 


How Does FetLife Work?

Registering on FetLife is quick, easy, and free! The website will ask for general information like the nickname you go by, your gender, orientation, the role you take on, your date of birth, city of origin, email address, and password. 

Once you enter these details, you’ll be asked to upload a photo or avatar. You don’t need to show your face or even use a picture of yourself, just be sure not to use someone else’s. Next, FetLife will send you a six-digit code to verify your email address and identity, and voila! You’re now an official member of FetLife and can safely explore the platform, its groups, members, and information.

Now it’s time to build your profile. If you’re using FetLife for selling foot pics, keep this in mind. You want to create a profile that is attractive, engaging, and makes you seem approachable. Avoid being overly sales-driven or pushing your foot pic business too much. Instead, use this as an opportunity to give other users a closer look at who you are. Include details about your likes and dislikes, fetishes, kinks, preferences, fantasies, and experiences. 

Next, find groups, forums, communities, and categories that spark your interest. For the purpose of selling foot pics, search for foot fetish sites and other related categories. You can also use this opportunity to join groups that align with your interests and preferences. Get involved by commenting on members’ posts and uploading your own thoughts, experiences, and visual content.  

The FetLife database is pretty easy to use and navigate with menus and tabs for different groups, local events, group activities, status updates, and a place to upload your own photos, videos, and writings. Check in regularly to ensure you never miss a comment, friend request, or announcement that may lead to a sale or money-making opportunity. 


Using FetLife to Sell Feet Pics

Once you’re registered on FetLife, you can start exploring its features and potential for selling foot pics and videos. FetLife content creators are responsible for producing high-quality content that other members are interested in and engage with. The platform supports pictures, videos, blog posts, and more. Don’t be afraid to post a variety of content to see what resonates best with your audience. 

Speaking of your audience, you need to build one if you want to make money and increase your earning potential and popularity on the platform. FetLife works similarly to other social media platforms, requiring time, effort, and consistency to develop a loyal following. It’s important to remain active on the platform, post quality content regularly, and engage and interact with your followers and other members. 




If you want to make money off your foot content on FetLife, you need to monetize it. One of the most popular ways is to offer paid subscriptions to your content, similar to OnlyFans. Subscriptions vary in price based on the number of followers you have, how popular you are, and your reputation. Beginners should start with a lower subscription fee and work their way up. You can also sell individual foot content including singular images and videos or private cam sessions. Be sure to work within your comfort zone while also being open to other possibilities.


How to Make Money Selling Feet Pics on FetLife

Any registered member of FetLife can become a successful content creator. All you need to make money on FetLife selling foot pics and videos is dedication, effort, consistency, and these helpful tips.

Produce Quality Content

No matter how popular you are on FetLife as an active user, you need to be a kinky content creator that produces quality pics and videos if you want to make money. People paying for foot content don’t want blurry photos or grainy videos. They want high-resolution images and sharp videos that show all the angles, curves, and lines of your feet in all their glory. Review and edit any content you’re posting for sale before letting it go live. It doesn’t take much for you to gain a bad reputation as a scammer or someone that pawns off poor-quality photos for cash. 

Engage, Interact, and Remain Active

You can’t just post your foot pics on FetLife and walk away. Unlike other social media outlets where getting a “like” or comment is just flattering when you’re selling foot pics for money on FetLife, you need to be responsive, interactive, and engaged. Check your page regularly for notifications and alerts that someone is interested in your work. Respond quickly and professionally. Interact with your followers by chatting about their kinks and fetishes, swapping stories, and being open to their special requests. 

Being engaged also means commenting on other people’s content and liking images and videos you find inspiring. Similar to the unwritten rule of “a follow for a follow” on Instagram, the more you interact with other people’s pages and posts, the more likely they are to return the favor. Selling feet pics on FetLife is about fostering and cultivating relationships that may lead to more sales opportunities. 

Join Relevant Groups and Use Relevant Hashtags

One of the best ways to grow your audience and gain more traction on any social media outlet is to join relevant groups and forums and add hashtags and keywords to your content. Search for groups within your niche. If you’re selling foot pics, look for foot fetish forums, groups focused on foot worship, bondage, and other forms of foot play. See what hashtags are the most popular and then add these to your foot content to increase exposure and reach a broader audience. 

Similar to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, other FetLife members and creators use hashtags to find specific types of content, creators, and groups. Use this information to your advantage. Search relevant hashtags to find people that share your same passion for feet and those in the market for foot pics and videos. Then add these same hashtags to your own posts. 

Collaborate and Network

Speaking of fostering and cultivating relationships, succeeding on social media outlets including FetLife is about networking with other members and collaborating on bigger projects. Instead of seeing these people as threats, see them as resources for expanding your following, reaching more people, and building your customer base.

Find other content creators that share your same passion and post similar types of pictures and videos. Look to other content creators in your favorite groups and kink categories. Swap ideas, chat about your foot pic goals, and work together to cultivate a broader audience. You may even decide to create unique foot content together, which is something you couldn’t have done alone. Tap into other content creator resources as well. Pool your resources and strengths to work as a united front and increase your earning potential. Just be sure to discuss percentages and how the profit will be divided before posting content for sale or accepting any offers.

Sell Exclusive Content

Whether you decide to sell individual foot content or charge a monthly subscription fee, you should also offer exclusive content for sale. These are pictures, videos, and even live stream services that aren’t listed or posted on your regular page. FetLife helps facilitate meetings and conversations between members. Through these private chats, you can form lasting friendships and relationships that may lead to custom requests and orders. If a member of the FetLife community can’t find the type of foot content they want, you have the opportunity to fulfill their needs while also filling your pockets. Foster these relationships by offering high-quality exclusive content at a reasonable price. 

Promote Your Content on Other Social Media Platforms 

FetLife isn’t the only social media platform to capitalize on when trying to sell your feet pics. Even if you’re posting your content for sale on FetLife, you can and should be promoting it elsewhere. Consider opening new social media accounts on the most popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even TikTok and Snapchat. Post relevant foot content on these platforms and mention your FetLife account. You can also add the link to your FetLife page in your social media bios. 

Host live feeds, post reels, and interact with all your social media followers to generate as much interest in your content as possible. Don’t forget to use the same methods for adding hashtags to your content on these social media outlets as you did on FetLife. 

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The Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pics on FetLife

With so many foot pic websites available, you may be wondering if FetLife is a viable option for selling your content. Before you decide, check out these pros and cons.


The Platform is Designed for Fetishes and Kinks

When it comes to finding kinksters and fetishists all in one place, FetLife delivers. Although membership on the platform doesn’t necessarily guarantee the user has a foot fetish, it does mean they’re most likely open-minded, adventurous, and willing to explore and try new things. On FetLife, you don’t need to waste your time making small talk or breaking the ice. You can easily foot lovers and other kinksters that are eager to meet you, view your foot content, and potentially make a purchase.

It’s Free to Use

Just like any other social media outlet, FetLife is free to use. Members can register in a few easy steps and start searching, connecting, and building a diverse profile to be proud of. Selling on FetLife doesn’t cut into your bottom line. There are no commissions and no overhead fees. The only concern you may have is deciding how to price your foot content and agreeing on a safe and secure form of payment. Most users recommend PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp. Because FetLife is simply a social media community, there’s no real protection against scammers so you’ll be responsible for handling any issues or disputes that may arise.

Access to Millions of Users

Social media rules the world. From video and picture apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok to more professional outlets like LinkedIn and Twitter, social media has a unique way of connecting people from around the world, helping them find common ground. As of this writing, FetLife has over 10 million active members. That’s a huge pool of kinky and curious people you can tap into for your foot content business.


It’s Not Strictly for Selling Feet Pics

Websites like and FeetFinder are designed specifically for buying and selling foot pics and videos. The sole purpose (pun intended) of these platforms is to connect foot lovers interested in doing business with each other. This narrows down the market significantly and takes a lot of the guesswork out of selling your content.

Unfortunately, with nearly 890,000 different fetish and kink groups to choose from, finding foot fetishists on FetLife is no easy task. Even if you use all the right hashtags, post frequently, and join relevant groups, you’ll still have an uphill battle to find foot lovers interested in buying your content. Although it’s not impossible, it’s much more difficult to make money selling foot pics on FetLife than on dedicated foot pic platforms.

Members Are Looking for More Than Just Content

Although FetLife emphasizes the fact that it’s not a dating site, it is a place where kinksters and thrill seekers congregate to find and meet other adventurous users looking for some fun. Some FetLife members find play partners on the platform to fulfill certain fantasies including role-playing, group, threesomes, and more. Other members find partners on the platform that ultimately become life partners. 

Because many members of FetLife are open to trying just about anything, you may find yourself getting solicited for more than just a racy foot video or custom foot pic. You need to approach this with an open mind and a thick skin. If you’re easily frazzled or offended by advances or explicit conversation, this may not be the right outlet for you.


Use FetLife as Another Resource for Selling Feet Pics

FetLife is a one-of-a-kind social media platform designed specifically for the kink and fetish community. If you want to find foot fetishists from all walks of life (pun intended), this is a great resource. Unfortunately, it’s also home to millions of other kinksters with thousands of interests and preferences. If you have the time and energy to seek out foot lovers on FetLife, it could be a great networking opportunity and another resource for finding and securing buyers for your quality foot content. 

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