Vitauthority Reviews – Is Legit? Health Supplements Worth Buying?

Vitauthority is a brand that uses natural ingredients to develop oral and topical remedies to improve the user’s health and appearance. They offer a VIP program for consumers who want continued benefits and a discount on their order.

What is Vitauthority?

Everyone wants to support their health with the right balance of vitamins and minerals, but the typical diet isn’t that consistent. Unless someone can monitor and manage every meal for perfect balance, creating such a diet is taxing and challenging. Missing some vitamins and minerals is natural, but some issues go beyond how well someone can care for themselves. Consumers often turn to oral or topical supplements to maintain this level of health.

Unfortunately, not every supplement brand is created equal. Every brand has different priorities, and consumers must find a brand that aligns with theirs. That’s why the creators at Vitauthority focus so much on how they craft every remedy.

The Vitauthority brand helps consumers take control of their health without going through procedures or unnecessary changes in their routines. The creators believe that anyone should be able to have the future they want, which means finding methods of improving healthy living. This brand has many products that can help consumers maintain this priority as they continue researching and discovering new ways to enhance users’ lives with their supplements.

As the creators sought to understand more information about how they can improve health, they also made decisions with their own families in mind. Therefore, every product has to pass its quality tests with every minute detail that might benefit users. Currently, the creators prioritize their ability to establish their work as one of the authorities in the supplement industry for health and nutrition.

The company gets its name from a play on words for being an authority on vitamins, implying that they have impressive knowledge about the ingredients they include for consumers. While other companies might do nothing more than market products they don’t understand, Vitauthority ensures that every consumer gets the support they need. All formulas go through intricate testing to ensure quality, and the creators are transparent about the results of those tests.

Instead of focusing on expert marketing, the creators at Vitauthority are busy putting out the best products possible. None of their remedies are part of automatic shipping programs, and the creators understand every ingredient they put in their formulas. While they have an excellent marketing team, this department isn’t wholly responsible for developing supplements. Instead, they leave this work to supplements, vitamins, and minerals experts.

All consumers deserve to feel confident in the products that they use. Every product comes from decades of prior experience to back up its creation. Their formulas have high-quality ingredients, eliciting incredible results. They base every remedy on scientific evidence today, ensuring that consumers get impressive results that stand out from decades of being told oppositional information.

In addition to offering high-quality formulas, consumers benefit from being completely free of dangerous ingredients. The creators stand by every remedy, and every formula has been carefully reviewed.

Every formula is dissolved easily in the digestive system, and they don’t have any stimulating caffeine. There aren’t any carbohydrates, dyes, or extra flavoring. Instead, consumers get a well-balanced remedy that is easily used by the body for maximum benefits.

Best-Selling Remedies by Vitauthority

With so many different supplements available, looking at some of the top remedies available is the easiest way to see what this formula can offer:

  • Multi-Collagen Burn Powder
  • Radiant Hair Growth Support
  • Detox Nourish
  • Firm Cellulite Smoothing Cream

Multi-Collagen Burn Powder

The Multi-Collagen Burn Powder helps consumers improve the user’s collagen levels. Since collagen is one of the most common compounds in the skin, consumers must have it supported properly to manage many issues. The natural changes in the body cause a loss of collagen, allowing it to break down rapidly without any ability to replace it. When consumers reach age 30, it is nearly impossible to keep wrinkles, cracking joints, and loose skin away; it only worsens as consumers age. That’s why this formula doesn’t just include collagen.

By delivering helpful sources of collagen with the Multi-Collagen Burn Powder, consumers get an ingredient called SOD B, an antioxidant the creators get from cantaloupe melon juice. This ingredient isn’t available anywhere but with Vitauthority, meaning consumers will only have this powerful effect with the Multi-Collagen Burn powder. The patented ingredient already has the support of a placebo-controlled clinical study, which showed that users experienced less cellulite within four weeks of use.

Along with the use of this patented ingredient, Multi-Collagen Burn Powder includes:

  • Hyaluronic Acid, which improves the retention of hydration in the skin.
  • Vitamin C helps consumers to enhance the radiance in their complexion.
  • Fucoxanthin, which promotes improved metabolism.
  • Ashwagandha, which reduces stress and allows consumers to ease cortisol’s effects.
  • Olive Leaf Extract enhances the body’s support for the thyroid gland.

Consumers can use this formula to improve their body areas with the most cellulite. It also promotes better weight loss during diet and exercise and enhances the skin’s youthful appearance. Users also find that it reduces fine lines and wrinkles and it strengthens the user’s hair and nails. Maintaining a consistent routine improves better joints and bones.

  • Multi-Collagen Burn costs $59.99.

Radiant Hair Growth Support

Radiant Hair Growth Support helps consumers to improve their hair growth for improved thickness and less loss. A full head of hair is more than a matter of feeling vain. Even though maintaining this hair seems to be the most challenging task as the body ages, many factors play a role. Aging is just one issue that can go after healthy hair. Consumers who typically experience hormonal imbalance or stress are already putting their bodies at risk of significant hair loss or hair thinning. These changes can even take away the natural shine of hair.

To keep hair healthy, it’s essential to address the root cause. That starts with the Radiant formula, helping consumers deliver clinically backed ingredients that promote better hair density, softness, and thickness. It also reduces hair loss. The ingredients used to achieve these effects include:

  • Zinc is used by the body to build the structure of hair and support immunity.
  • Hyaluronic Acid, which improves how well the hair retains moisture.
  • Iodine stimulates the thyroid gland and ensures the proper production of certain hormones (including collagen).
  • Vitamin C, which can increase collagen and promote better hair growth.

With the patented ingredients found in this formula, consumers will first experience improved hair growth. They’ll soon notice that their hair volume increases and looks healthier than ever. According to a double-masked clinical study on the active ingredients of Keranat, this formula has been shown to improve hair loss among women. Users will need one capsule daily to get the desired benefits, though the creators recommend a full glass of water with the serving.

  • Radiant Hair Growth Support costs $59.99.

Detox Nourish

Detox Nourish is used to help consumers maintain a healthy gut with cleansing, detoxing, and other methods. Waste builds up in the body over time as a natural reaction to foods, the environment, and medications that the user has to take. Unfortunately, this buildup can affect the user’s health, so formulas like Detox Nourish are essential. They allow consumers to eliminate these toxins, supporting organs already performing this function. It also helps consumers improve their gut health, which is crucial to the digestive process.

Consumers who use Detox Nourish will have exclusive access to the Detox Super Blend, which uses an assortment of ingredients that help with detoxification can cleansing, which include:

  • Apple cider vinegar can improve blood sugar levels and promote weight loss.
  • Juniper berries deliver antioxidants that can ease inflammation and eliminate oxidative stress.
  • Choline helps the body maintain memory, muscle control, and other essential functions.
  • L-carnitine, which may promote weight loss and reduce lactate levels.
  • Inositol reduces triglyceride levels and eases high blood pressure.

This formula also includes four digestive enzymes with every serving to make the digestion of protein, carbs, and fats easier. It also helps consumers to reduce bloating after they eat. To prepare this blend, consumers need one scoop for a 12-16-ounce glass of water. The serving should be used twice daily, timing it just before the largest meals of the day. However, the creators warn that users should not have more than these two servings daily.

  • Detox Nourish costs $39.99.

Firm Cellulite Smoothing Cream

The Firm Cellulite Smoothing Cream helps users deal with cellulite throughout their body. When someone has that lumpy, dimpled appearance on their thighs, arms, or other areas, it is often the result of accumulated cellulite. Cellulite is nothing more than fat, but it creates this lumpy appearance when it puts pressure on connective tissue, which is the source of the texture. Cellulite doesn’t care if the individual is heavy or slender because it is impacted by factors beyond weight, like muscle tone, hormones, and genetics. While women tend to be more prone to it, anyone can deal with cellulite, especially as their body doesn’t maintain the collagen levels it might have.

While some ways allegedly help with cellulite, treatments like laser therapy or a derma roller can put the body through a lot of pain to get relief. With Vitauthority research, they developed a cream without any invasive use to help consumers promote smoother skin without any sign of cellulite. The firm uses a blend of helpful ingredients to stimulate the body, producing natural collagen production that helps users get smoother thighs, arms, and more. It uses these ingredients to get rid of oxidative stress, which directly impacts the severity of cellulite, including:

  • Coconut oil, which eliminates toxins and promotes healthier skin.
  • Retinyl palmitate reduces wrinkles and improves collagen production.
  • Hyaluronic acid helps the skin retain moisture and suppleness.
  • Cocoa butter reduces the risk of skin disease and protects from UV rays.
  • Shea butter is an emollient that softens the skin and prevents damage.
  • SOD B Dimpless to reduce thigh cellulite and deal with the loss of collagen production.
  • Aquaxyl, which improves moisture in the skin while increasing hyaluronic acid.

The creators put this formula through a double-masked clinical trial with four other cellulite products, finding their cellulite smoothed more effectively. It also promoted better collagen synthesis, which helped the skin appear to be more vibrant and youthful. It offers moisturization for up to 24 hours,

  • Firm Cellulite Smoothing Cream costs $37.49

Vitauthority’s VIP Membership Program

Consumers who want more from the Vitauthority brand can sign up for a VIP membership. This membership enrollment instantly gives users access to a gift for their participation. VIPs get 25% off the entire website, 35% off Vitassentials, and 50% off new products with early access to their purchase. This membership also allows users to participate in exclusive weekly sales unavailable to non-members.

VIP members will get the most significant discount available, and these discounts will never expire. The payment is an annual charge of $129.99 to maintain access. Plus, any order submitted as a VIP member will instantly give the user access to automatic shipments.

Redeeming Rewards Points

As users accumulate points from their purchases, they have many ways to redeem them, depending on the total collected. Some of the available point purchases include:

  • A Vitauthority drinks mixer for 300 points.
  • Vitamin D3 Gummies, Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, Detox Tea, or Multi Collagen Gummies for 325 points.
  • Vita Multi-Vitamin for 350 Points.
  • Multi Collagen Capsules for 400 Points.
  • Multi Collagen Peptides for 500 Points.

Consumers can also give a friend a reward coupon for 15% off while the member gets a $10 credit (200 points) for every fulfilled referral.

Where to Buy Vitauthority Products

The easiest way for consumers to access Vitauthority products is through the official website. However, consumers can shop at the following stores to get these products in person:

  • Vitacost
  • iHerb
  • Fresh Thyme Market
  • Sprouts Farmers’ Market
  • GNC

Frequently Asked Questions About Vitauthority

Q: Can users take type 2 collagen with other types?

A: Yes. While some companies perpetuate that combining collagen types will prevent them from absorbing correctly, this claim has no truth. Each is absorbed once users swallow the formula, and it doesn’t have to compete with other variations.

Q: How is Multi Collagen different from Multi Collagen Burn?

A: While both of these formulas contain the Multi Collagen blend, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C, that’s where the similarities end. Burn offers multiple ingredients associated with weight loss, including grains of paradise and olive leaf. It also uses a patented ingredient that eliminates the bumpy texture of cellulite.

Q: What is the best time to take supplements like Multi-Collagen Burn?

A: Most supplements are safe to use without timing them with a meal or a snack with a single serving. Although, it is usually unnecessary to take supplements on an empty stomach.

Q: How long do consumers have to stick with this regimen to see results?

A: Every customer and every formula is different. However, collagen remedies help users to get joint pain relief and less cellulite within two months of use. Some consumers report less pain after three weeks.

Q: How does Multi Collagen Burn smooth cellulite?

A: This formula is so effective for consumers because it includes SOD B Dimpless, a patented ingredient not found in other products. According to clinical studies on this ingredient, it manages to tackle two of the main reasons that consumers develop cellulite in the first place. When the body comes in contact with SOD B Dimpless, it improves microcirculation and reduces the pressure on fat cells against the skin, which is the cause of the dimpling. Users will also find that consistently using SOD B Dimpless products helps stop cellulite spread.

Q: How are Multi Collagen Burn powder and capsule versions different?

A: Consumers will be relieved that the dosage for both versions is the same, offering the same effects. However, since the capsules only fit 1 gram of collagen, consumers who want more collagen per serving should choose the powder (7.8 grams).

Q: Does using more than one type of collagen dilute the formula?

A: While many companies claim that using two types of collagens is enough to dilute their remedies, this claim isn’t rooted in any truth. Instead, the creators state that this claim is primarily used as a ploy for other companies to offer less effective and beneficial remedies. Using multiple types of collagens helps consumers to get the most support possible, even if it costs a little more.

Q: Why would Vitauthority use multiple types of collagens if it costs more?

A: This company’s creators want to ensure they have the best source of type 2 collagen, making it beneficial for users who wish to improve their joint health. Other companies find this purchase too expensive, substituting with fewer collagen sources or cheaper versions.

Q: How much collagen do consumers need to use to impact their joints positively?

A: According to current research on collagen, 40mg of type 2 collagen is enough to make a difference in joint pain. Consumers who use type 1 or type 1 collagen need about 5 grams daily to have the same effect. That’s why the Vitauthority is so helpful with its 7.8-gram blend with five different types of collagens.

Q: How are Multi Collagen Burn and Multi Collagen Protein+ different?

A: Burn stands out from the Protein+ brand because it helps consumers with additional support for their weight loss. These ingredients include Sensoril Ashwagandha, chromium, grains of paradise, and olive leaf. With this extra support, consumers provide their metabolism, thyroid, cortisol, and blood sugar levels with the balance they need to encourage weight loss. It also includes SOD B Dimpless, which is clinically proven effective against cellulite.

These formulas offer hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and the Multi-Collagen blend.

Q: Is it safe to use Multi Collagen Burn and Multi Collagen Protein+ simultaneously?

A: Yes. Users who take a serving of each formula inherently improve the overall results. They are safe to use, and users are encouraged to maintain the regimen together to get the most relief.

Q: Can users include Burn and Melt in the same regimen?

A: Yes. Like combining collagen formulas, users can safely combine these two supplements to support them through collagen production. Melt offers some caffeine (100mg), but Burn contains none. Users will also find Burn as a powder, while Melt is a capsule.

Q: Will consumers experience a boost in their energy levels with Multi Collagen Burn?

A: Some people find that this ingredient is helpful to their energy boost, but no stimulants exist. Consumers won’t experience dangerous energy improvements, giving them more relaxed energy using ashwagandha.

Q: How does Multi Collagen Burn improve weight loss effectively?

A: Since the body naturally decreases metabolism with age, using ingredients like Sensoril Ashwagandha and Grains of Paradise can help to increase it. By adding these ingredients, users can reduce fat cells and lose weight.

Q: How are the Vitauthority remedies created?

A: Within a lab, the creators use an FDA-registered facility that follows current certification requirements.

Q: Do these formulas go through lab testing?

A: Yes. The creators prioritize testing for heavy metals, contaminants, mold, bacteria, pathogens, and other compounds that might inhibit their performance.

Q: Can users integrate the Vitauthority formulas into their routine if they take prescription medication?

A: Anyone taking medication for any condition should speak with their doctor before integrating any supplement, including the ones available with Vitauthority.

Q: What are the acceptable payment methods?

A: Vitauthority allows users to pay with major credit cards. They also accept AfterPay, Sezzle, and PayPal.

Q: Will users be automatically enrolled in an auto-ship subscription?

A: Not at all. While subscriptions are available, no one is automatically enrolled without prior consent.

Q: Are payment plans available?

A: Yes. The creators offer several options to ensure that every product is affordable for users, breaking it down into four installments that will not collect any interest.

Q: How long does it take Vitauthority products to ship?

A: Since orders go out every day of the week, the next day is the latest that the order should ship.

Q: How long will it take for customers to get their orders?

A: Most shipments take 2-5 business days once it leaves the warehouse.

Q: Where do the Vitauthority remedies ship from?

A: Every purchase is shipped from eastern Pennsylvania to the Vitauthority warehouse.

Q: What is the cost of shipping?

A: Shipping is free on any order with a delivery address in the United States.

Q: Is there a return policy?

A: Yes. If the user is unhappy with the performance of the formulas for any reason, they have up to 60 days to request a refund with a money-back guarantee.

To get ahold of the customer service department, either send an email to [email protected] or call 1-866-256-2154.

Vitauthority Summary

Vitauthority allows users to improve their health using many different ingredients. These formulas are safe for all adults, and many blends are safe to use together. Consumers will find that this brand uses more expensive ingredients because of their effectiveness, but they won’t have to worry about extreme costs. All orders have free shipping and a money-back guarantee, ensuring that consumers only have to pay for the products that work for them.

Visit the official website and try Vitauthority today!

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