10 Best Custom T-shirt Manufacturers and Suppliers

A successful t-shirt brand depends on the variety of its clothing line and the quality of its material and design. Today, the demand for t-shirts is going through the roof, causing customers to be more selective with their choices of apparel. However, with a good t-shirt manufacturing partner, you can stay ahead of the competition. 

Your startup needs a reliable company that combines the perfect blend of craftsmanship, reliable service delivery, and product quality. Besides, since businesses have peculiar needs, the best manufacturers are those that can meet your diverse requirements and those of your customers. 

Uncertain about where to find trustworthy t-shirt manufacturers? We’ve taken a quick look at the hundreds of companies that produce casual wear in bulk and streamlined your options. Below we list the top 10 custom T-shirt manufacturers and suppliers that will go above and beyond to meet your various needs.

  1. 1.  Appareify – Top-notch T-shirt Manufacturer with Extensive Expertise
  2. 2.  AEL Apparel – Best Manufacturer for Sustainable Custom T-Shirt Production 
  3. 3.  Only Teez – Premier Wholesale T-shirt Manufacturer in USA
  4. 4.  Apliiq – Leading T-shirt Manufacturer for Private Label Solutions in LA
  5. 5.  Zega Apparel – Exceptional Manufacturer for Tailor-Made T-shirts in Wyoming
  6. 6.  RK T-Shirts – Renowned for High-Quality Unisex T-shirts in the US
  7. 7.  Printful – Finest Manufacturer for Men’s Classic T-shirts in Charlotte
  8. 8.  Gag Wears – Your Outstanding T-shirt Manufacturer in India
  9. 9.  Made Blanks – Superior Source for Pure Cotton Oversized T-shirts in Los Angeles
  10. 10.  Apparel Empire – Best Option for Men’s Customized T-shirts in Singapore


Appareify – Top-notch T-shirt Manufacturer with Extensive Expertise

Appareify, the custom clothing manufacturer, is a one-stop shop for trendy and fashionable t-shirts, regardless of quantity. 

As one of the global leaders in R&D and cutting-edge production facilities, Appareify has since built a reputation for brilliant bespoke clothing. Even better, the company caters to a broad range of t-shirt manufacturing categories, including cloth types for men and women. 

With Appareify, you can rest assured that your customer’s requirements are followed to the letter. The manufacturer also offers private labeling services, ensuring a smooth process for building your own brand. In addition to all of these brilliant features, Appareify guarantees only the best quality of materials and textiles, sourced from trustworthy wholesalers.

Furthermore, the Appareify website showcases an extensive assortment of blog articles, offering priceless knowledge and advice for apparel companies. For instance, to expand your understanding, you can explore their recommendations for the 10 best T-shirt manufacturers overall.


  • 1. Biodegradable and environmentally-friendly materials
  • 2.  Bespoke clothing solutions for fashion brands 
  • 3.  Highly responsive customer service


  • 1.  Might be difficult to inspect the factories in person since they’re located in China

Explore Appareify’s Bespoke T-Shirt Manufacturing Processes Today >>

AEL Apparel – Best Manufacturer for Sustainable Custom T-Shirt Production

AEL Apparel is reputable for offering full-service custom clothing manufacturing to businesses  worldwide. The company prides itself in its fashion-first approach to t-shirt manufacturing, while also ensuring sustainable best practices throughout its production process.

Committed to creating highly durable yet affordable t-shirts for its ever-increasing clientele, AEL Apparel engages skilled staff and opts only for the latest outstanding technology. 

Businesses can also enjoy complete creative control over the manufacturing process as AEL Apparel allows for unique customization features, including a private labeling option that helps spotlight your brand’s logo on t-shirts, even with bulk orders.

Its commitment to preventing waste without compromising on product quality has made AEL Apparel stand out in the clothing industry.


  • 1. Commitment to sustainable manufacturing processes
  • 2.  Advanced technology in clothing manufacturing
  • 3.  Extensive collection of t-shirt types, styles, and sizes 


  • 1.  Relatively slow turnaround times on large orders

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Only Teez – Premier Wholesale T-shirt Manufacturer in USA

Only Teez is a renowned wholesale t-shirt manufacturer in the United States, recognized for its dedication to quality and innovation. Founded with the mission to revolutionize the world of casual wear, this exceptional company takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of premium t-shirts at competitive prices. 

Boasting state-of-the-art infrastructure and experienced designers, Only Teez remains at the forefront of delivering exceptional products to numerous global clientele.

Focusing on creating t-shirts that are not only stylish but also durable, Only Teez is also famous for being one of the best private label manufacturers, ensuring that every piece is crafted with utmost care. The brand remains committed to using eco-friendly processes and the finest materials, ensuring a superior end-product for buyers. 

With an extensive catalog that spans numerous styles, colors, and sizes, this premier wholesale t-shirt manufacturer in the USA has established itself as an industry leader.


  • 1.  A wide array of t-shirt styles, colors, and sizes available
  • 2.  High-quality materials and eco-friendly processes used
  • 3.  Competitive pricing for bulk orders


  • 1.  Product selection limited to t-shirts
  • 2.  No options for customization or bespoke designs

Apliiq – Leading T-shirt Manufacturer for Private Label Solutions in LA

Known as a professional custom clothing manufacturer, Apliiq is specializing in private label solutions that allow customers to create their own clothing line.

With a strong dedication to quality and customization, Apliiq offers a wide range of options for both emerging and established businesses. Their state-of-the-art facility and skilled workforce ensure every piece of clothing resonates with the brand’s focus on excellence, setting them apart in the world of fashion.

Innovative services like dropshipping and zero inventory management are just a few ways Apliiq empowers customers to grow their own brands. Aspiring designers can use their intuitive online design tool to express their unique style, while the experts at Apliiq ensure seamless production and distribution. 

With a focus on elevating the fashion landscape, Apliiq strives to build lasting relationships with its clientele and simplify the road to success.


  • 1.  Comprehensive private label solutions
  • 2.  High-quality products
  • 3.  Dropshipping services


  • 1.  Limited to clothing items
  • 2.  Customization might be overwhelming for some users

Zega Apparel – Exceptional Manufacturer for Tailor-Made T-shirts in Wyoming

Zega Apparel, an exceptional and highly-acclaimed manufacturer, specializes in producing tailor-made t-shirts that suit your preferences and needs. 

Established with a dream to provide top-quality custom-made shirts to clients worldwide, the brand has grown exponentially over the years. Today, Zega Apparel serves a diverse clientele through its vast range of products, offering ground-breaking solutions for clothing businesses of all sizes.

To ensure complete customer satisfaction, Zega Apparel employs skilled craftsmen and quality materials to create the perfect product for your clothing line. The brand takes pride in its consistency and prompt service. 

From design inception to delivery, Zega Apparel guarantees a smooth, hassle-free process that adheres to the highest industry standards. Their strong commitment to excellence has made them a global leader.


  • 1.  Top-quality customized shirts
  • 2.  Cater to diverse clientele
  • 3. Comprehensive range of products
  • 4.  Consistency in quality and service
  • 5.  Skilled craftsmen and quality materials


  • 1.  Potential pricing concerns for smaller businesses
  • 2.  Customization limitations for certain designs

RK T-Shirts – Renowned for High-Quality Unisex T-shirts in the US

Established as an industry leader in apparel, RK T-Shirts has become synonymous with premium quality unisex T-shirts. From essential basics to trendy seasonal designs, their wide selection meets the needs of a diverse audience. 

Meticulously crafted with exceptional materials, each t-shirt showcases a commitment to durability and comfort. This dedication to excellence has elevated RK T-Shirts above other brands, earning them a loyal following of fashion-savvy fans.

With a strong online presence and reliable customer service, RK T-Shirts is consistently updating its offerings to stay ahead of trends while maintaining its reputation for high-quality products. 

The easy-to-navigate website efficiently showcases the assortment of styles, making it easier than ever to pick out the perfect shirt for any occasion. Truly a testament to their craftsmanship, RK T-Shirts refuse to compromise on quality, ensuring that every customer is satisfied with their purchase.


  • 1.  Wide range of designs and styles
  • 2.  High-quality materials and construction
  • 3.  Durable and comfortable products
  • 4.  Regular updates to stay on top of trends
  • 5.  User-friendly website


  • 1.  Premium price range that may not be accessible for everyone
  • 2.  Limited to unisex T-shirts, no other types of apparel available

Printful – Finest Manufacturer for Men’s Classic T-shirts in Charlotte

Printful, founded in 2013, is a leading brand in the world of custom printing, revolutionizing the way consumers and businesses alike access quality and stylish products. 

Renowned for their exceptional manufacturing and printing capabilities, Printful empowers thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe to showcase their creative ideas through unique custom products. One of their most sought-after products is the timeless classic: Men’s Classic T-shirts.

With an unwavering commitment to fulfilling customized orders swiftly and accurately, Printful excels in various aspects of the production process, from product warehousing to printing, embroidery, and worldwide shipping. 

Whether one chooses from their wide array of curated designs or opts for customization, Printful is focused on providing an unparalleled shopping experience for consumers and entrepreneurs alike, taking pride in their stellar customer service and prompt delivery times.


  • 1.  Customizable designs
  • 2.  Exceptional print quality
  • 3.  Wide range of products
  • 4.  Reliable worldwide shipping
  • 5.  Trustworthy customer support


  • 1.  Shipping costs can be pricey
  • 2.  Limited selection of certain product lines

Gag Wears – Your Outstanding T-shirt Manufacturer in India

Gag Wears, renowned as an outstanding T-shirt manufacturer in India, has established a strong foothold in the growing apparel market. With their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, experienced professionals, and high-quality fabric selection, they have emerged as one of the leading producers in the country. 

Gag Wears seamlessly blends creativity, comfort, and style to offer a myriad of design options, suitable for both casual and formal occasions. Their unwavering commitment to innovation and trendy designs has led them to thrive in the competitive market. 

Over the years, the brand has catered to various customer demographics, ranging from individual buyers to large corporations, earning the trust and loyalty of their clientele. 

By setting up a seamless supply chain, Gag Wears guarantees timely delivery and immaculate customer service. Captivating consumers by regularly introducing new designs, they offer a fresh perspective on apparel without compromising quality.


  • 1.  Vast range of designs
  • 2.  High-quality fabric and manufacturing
  • 3.  Timely delivery and exceptional customer service
  • 4.  Suitable for casual and formal occasions
  • 5.  Regularly introduces new designs


  • 1.  Limited to the Indian market
  • 2.  Potentially higher prices due to high-quality materials

Made Blanks – Superior Source for Pure Cotton Oversized T-shirts in Los Angeles

Made Blanks, a premier destination for pure cotton oversized T-shirts, stands tall as a staple in the world of modern fashion. Using only the finest cotton fabric available, Made Blanks crafts oversized T-shirts that perfectly blend design, breath ability, and durability. Their expertise and commitment to creating the best T-shirts on the market place them a cut above the rest.

Focused on customer satisfaction, Made Blanks consistently delivers exceptional products and services that cater to their clients’ diverse preferences and needs. Their vast range of sizes, styles, and colors ensure that everyone can find their perfect piece to express their individuality. 

With Made Blanks’ commitment to ethical production practices and environmental sustainability, customers can flaunt their unique pieces without guilt, knowing they’re supporting a conscious brand.


  • 1.  Premium quality cotton fabric
  • 2.  A wide variety of sizes, styles, and colors
  • 3.  Ethical production & environmentally conscious


  • 1.  Limited to only oversized T-shirts
  • 2.  Higher price points due to premium materials

Apparel Empire – Best Option for Men’s Customized T-shirts in Singapore

Apparel Empire stands out as the premier destination for men’s customized t-shirts. With their innovative and flexible approach, they have carved a niche for themselves in the world of fashion. 

They cater to the diverse preferences of their customers, diligently working to offer a seamless combination of style, comfort, and quality. Catering to both individuals and corporations, the brand prides itself on striking the perfect balance between creativity, personalization, and affordability.

At the crux of Apparel Empire’s success is its unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. They understand that every individual is unique, and work tirelessly towards capturing each customer’s personal style by delivering top-notch custom-made t-shirt designs. 

With its exceptional attention to detail and outstanding customer service, the brand has managed to win over the hearts of style-conscious men around the world.


  • 1.  Extensive range of customizable design options
  • 2.  High-quality, comfortable materials
  • 3.  Exceptional attention to detail
  • 4.  Outstanding customer service


  • 1.  Premium pricing for some customization options
  • 2.  Limited variety in base t-shirt styles


In conclusion, the top 10 custom t-shirt manufacturers featured in this blog post offer unrivaled quality, style, and variety to meet all your apparel needs.

Each caters to unique preferences with diverse design options and great attention to detail. Make your selection confidently with any of the manufacturers on this carefully researched list, and elevate your style game with custom apparel crafted by industry-leading professionals.

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