Arctic Air Pure Chill 2.0 Reviews – Legit Personal AC Space Cooler That Works?

Are you dreading the thought of having to withstand unbearable heat on the long summer days coming up? Do you cringe at the thought of trying to sleep through a warm summer night with sweat trickling all over your body? Worry not, as we have a solution for you.

Summers are typically characterized by long, hot days and even longer, hotter nights. It, therefore, shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that more and more individuals are making the shift to personal space coolers instead of continuing to rely on central air conditioners.

But while this has been the case for now, one question remains – how do you know which personal space cooler is right for your cooling needs?’ Well, read on as we introduce you to Pure Chill(R) 2.0, a small, compact personal space cooler that’s perfect for your cooling needs.

Pure Chill(R) 2.0 Personal Space Cooler – What Is It?

The Pure Chill(R) 2.0 is a small but powerful personal space cooler that allows you to enjoy cool, fresh air wherever you may find yourself. It relies on Hydro-Chill Technology to help it transform the warm air around you into cool, crisp, fresh air.

Its Hydro-Chill technology works together with a built-in evaporative cooling function, ensuring that all the air being released into the environment is cool and fresh. The best part about this cooler is that it only takes a few minutes to begin cooling your immediate surroundings.

What’s more, you don’t need to do a lot to make it work. Simply fill its top tank with tap water and proceed to plug it into the nearest power source. From here, all that remains is to switch it ON and wait for it to begin releasing cool air in a matter of minutes.

Its small, lightweight nature means you can carry it with you to any location. Some of the areas it has proven useful include in:

  • Home offices
  • Dorm rooms
  • Campers
  • Garages
  • Patios

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Understanding How the Pure Chill(R) 2.0 Personal Space Cooler Works

The Pure Chill(R) 2.0 cooler has a design that revolves around three interconnected components: the trademarked hydro-chill technology, built-in cooling jets, and an evaporative cartridge where the warm air passes before getting released back into the environment.

If you’re a bit confused, this is what happens – the Pure Chill(R) 2.0 draws in hot air from the environment around it and removes all its warm molecules. In the process, this reduces the internal temperature, allowing for the eventual release of cooler, fresher air.

Besides helping to cool the warm air, this device also has a humidifying function. As it cools the warm air, it also helps release steam or water vapor into the environment, ensuring you don’t experience any respiratory issues.

The humidifier feature can also benefit individuals who suffer from dry skin, allergic reactions, and congestion. As seen here, this is a device that keeps you cool during the hot days while ensuring you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions.

What Makes this Personal Cooler Different from the Others?

While its patented hydro chill technology and built-in evaporative cooling technology are behind its cooling efficiency, it does have other features that help it stand out. Examples of these include the following:

Pure Chill(R) 2.0 Features

Portable, Compact, Modern Design

If you want a compact, lightweight cooler you can take with you anywhere; you’re in luck, as the Pure Chill(R) 2.0 cooler weighs less than 2.0 lbs. At this weight range, it means you’re at liberty to take it with you on camping trips, to the beach, and even to the office.

Additionally, it features a standard USB-C adapter that allows you to charge and use it on the go without having to sit at a central point waiting for it to become fully charged. Speaking about portability, its manufacturer insists that you can use the personal space cooler anywhere.

By anywhere, we mean both inside and outside the house. However, you should note that this cooler works best when used in small, cramped spaces, e.g., bedrooms. As such, it’s likely to cool the air inside the house faster than it would do when used on a patio.

We found its design to be appealing as it’s minimalistic and can blend with any setting.

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Energy Efficiency

Running a traditional air conditioner around the clock has one major downside – high energy bills. And this is one of the things that has increasingly turned many homeowners towards personal space coolers.

The Pure Chill(R) 2.0 Cooler creators claim that it’s unheard of to try to compare these two devices with regard to power consumption. This space cooler is much more energy efficient than your standard air conditioner, making it cheaper and more appealing.

And while it has its limitations, it does stand out when it comes to individual comfort.

Ease of Use

Complicated installations requiring manuals and toolboxes are a put-off, especially when one is trying to cool down. With the Pure Chill(R) 2.0 cooler, this will become a thing of the past as this personal space cooler works right out of its packaging.

Once you have unwrapped it, you must charge it for a few minutes and top its tank with cold tap water. From here, the only step left is to turn it ON and enjoy its cool breeze. So, in short, you can begin enjoying cool air within a few minutes of unwrapping the device.

The creators note that you can choose to add ice cubes to the tank water or freeze the filter for maximum cooling. Nonetheless, this is optional and may defeat the purpose of using an energy-friendly cooler as it requires electricity to make ice cubes!

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Noiseless Operation, Arctic Settings, and Soothing Night Light

The Pure Chill(R) 2.0 cooler has three arctic settings, a whisper-quiet noiseless operation, and six soothing LED lights. Its colors include green, blue, yellow, red, purple, and teal. You can use them to ease or elevate your moods, depending on how you’re feeling.

When it comes to cooling functions, the designers have included three settings: low, medium, and high. Try to switch between these settings to save its charge when using it far from home.

As far as its operations go, you can use it in any setting that doesn’t require distractions of any nature. The official website notes that it has a whisper-quiet operation that allows you to use it even in the bedroom or office.

Other noteworthy features include the following:

  • Replaceable cartridge
  • A single refill can last up to ten hours (please note that this can vary depending on the cooling setting in use)
  • Multi-directional and adjustable air vents to help in directing the flow of cool air
  • Touch controls for easy operation

Pricing and Where to Buy

The Pure Chill® 2.0 personal space cooler is your chance to say goodbye to bulky air conditioners even as you look forward to a cool, relaxing summer. Its hydro-chill technology allows you to transform any hot environment into a cool one almost instantaneously.

Per its website, the cooler comes with a three-speed fan, six LED color light options, an easy-to-fill water tank, and adjustable air vents to facilitate airflow. Moreover, it has a sleek, compact design that allows it to fit into any environment.

At the time of writing this review, the manufacturer is running a limited-time discount that has seen the prices of this cooler slashed significantly. Please note that the rates below aren’t available at any store, as they’re only valid here.

You can buy this personal space cooler today at the following rate:1 Pure Chill® 2.0 at $39.99 + FREE shipping and handling. Customers can also get the ‘double offer’ by adding a separate $19.99 to the abovementioned amount.

For customers outside the U.S., a $29.99 shipping surcharge applies.

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If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about this personal space cooler, please send them to:


Where can I use the Pure Chill(R) 2.0 personal space cooler?

The Pure Chill(R) 2.0 is more energy-efficient and eco-friendlier than your traditional AC unit. In some cases, this unit can even perform better than your average fan. Some of the areas you can use it in include the kitchen, gym, bedroom, and camper.

What are some of the climatic conditions where I can use the Pure Chill(R) 2.0 cooler?

Remember that this is an evaporative cooler, making it ideal for use in areas with low humidity and high temperatures. In such an area, this cooler can bring the temperatures in your immediate surroundings to as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

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What are its top benefits?

Energy Efficient

The Pure Chill(R) 2.0 personal space cooler lets you cool your bedroom or office without worrying about your energy bill. It’s considered energy efficient and doesn’t attract high operational costs.

Plus, it has a rechargeable battery you can use to power it when outdoors.

No Emissions

Its built-in system has a low carbon footprint, leaving it to produce little to zero emissions. The Pure Chill(R) 2.0 has no compressor or refrigerant, making it unique and more environmentally friendly than other similar personal coolers.

Additionally, it doesn’t release any toxic gases or chemicals into the air.

It Helps in Preventing Air Pollution

Every Pure Chill(R) 2.0 unit comes fitted with a filter whose role is to remove odor-causing pollutants from the environment. The presence of this filter means the quality of your indoor air will continue to increase the more you use this space cooler.

Easy to Setup

The cost of getting an air conditioner up and running can add significant expenses to your home maintenance costs. Fortunately, Pure Chill(R) 2.0 space cooler doesn’t have any setup costs, as all you need is to unwrap it, top it with water, and plug it into a power source.

However, you may need to change its filter after every few months to allow it to clean the air.

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How can I care for the Pure Chill(R) 2.0 cooler?

Your Pure Chill(R) 2.0 unit will continue to provide you with cool, fresh air for as long as you care for it properly. To learn how to do this, please take a moment to read through the maintenance guidelines included in its packaging material.

Here, you’ll learn how to clean it to prevent the formation of a musty odor and ensure it doesn’t become affected by mold. Follow the steps provided by the manufacturer to learn how to clean the water tank and care for the device as a whole.

Why should I buy the Pure Chill(R) 2.0 personal space cooler?

Pure Chill(R) 2.0 is small, compact, and lightweight. It comes with evaporative-cooling technology helping to add moisture to the air being released into the environment. Moreover, its noiseless operation makes sleeping at night or concentrating on work easier.

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