BELLA GRACE Reviews – Is Legit? Real Skincare Elixir Products?

Imagine how it would feel if we could return to a time when the skin was supple, vibrant, and smooth, perhaps even defying the effects of aging. Many would argue that these are just idle fantasies not worth having, but one team claims anything is possible and how in this particular case, collagen holds the key. Collagen is a protein that accounts for 80% of the skin’s structure. It should be clear by now that concentrations decrease with age, which has a detrimental effect on skin elasticity, firmness, and hydration levels.

Although collagen can be found in supplements, lotions, and serums, the main problem is that most of the collagen itself is wasted. Alternatively said, the body is unable to completely absorb it. Fortunately, the BELLA GRACE team discovered a solution that maximizes collagen utilization both internally and externally. The source of collagen they use in their products is the most extensively studied to date. This review aims to peel away at the different BELLA GRACE layers that support healthy skin.


BELLA GRACE is a luxury and lifestyle brand dedicated to bringing to market results-driven beauty products that address the problems of “infinite diversity”. Deemed suitable for men, women and others, this team is creating a new standard for beauty, insisting that each product has a unique collagen story. So, what makes BELLA GRACE’s collagen superior to the competition? To this the creators responded with the following:

“The VERISOL®B (bovine) bioactive collagen peptides are a premium source of collagen peptides because: They are the most clinically studied in the field, with research defining their safety and effectiveness.” Clearly, we need to explore further into this angle, which is where we are headed next.

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How do BELLA GRACE’s solutions work?

BELLA GRACE, as simply indicated above, is nothing without VERISOL®B. Before delving into the properties of this proprietary collagen, it is critical to consider collagen through the creators’ lens. They used VERISOL®B, which supposedly answers one simple question: “What constitutes a premium form of collagen, and is there evidence that it helps restore and maintain skin?” There are three answers to this: clinical and scientific evidence, bioavailability, and activation.

Collagen is a protein, so it must be broken down by digestive processes. The first step is to break it down into peptides. From there, peptides are converted into amino acids before they are absorbed to the gut and delivered to the skin. The problem with most collagen sources is that the gut cannot absorb peptides and prefers to absorb individual amino acids. With that in mind, the next area needing emphasis is activation.

Fibroblasts are skin cells responsible for the production of collagen from amino acids. Yet, this process is not as streamlined as one would hope, implying that the body generally requires additional assistance. According to the BELLA GRACE team, simply providing amino acids from collagen is insufficient to maintain skin health, form, and function. This is where VERISOL®B comes into play.

BELLA GRACE's solutions work

VERISOL®B is a unique version of collagen because:

It employs selected collagen peptides that cross between the cell lining and the bloodstream, which is something that traditional peptide brands cannot do;

It works effectively at low doses – BELLA GRACE products contain this ingredient at clinically tested and proven-significant doses (2,500mg);

It signals the fibroblast cells in the skin that make collagen;

It has a large body of scientific evidence suggesting it to be safe and efficient.

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What does BELLA GRACE currently have to offer?

BELLA GRACE currently has four skincare products, which include:

 Bella Grace Elixir


The BELLA GRACE Elixir is an ingestible collagen elixir including other ingredients with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. As for the underlying mechanism, Elixir acts directly from the inside to alter the skin’s collagen metabolism. And so, individuals can anticipate neutralized free radicals, regeneration of collagen, and inhibited collagen breakdown (by way of eliminating excess cytokines and oxidative stress). These outcomes are deemed attainable not only because of VERISOL®B, but also thanks to the likes of AstaReal® and Cat’s Claw.

AstaReal® is a patented astaxanthin (3mg) or a fat-soluble pigment with high antioxidant activity. Its primary function is to shield cells from free radicals and oxidative stress. Such an ingredient is important since oxidative stress damages DNA, increases inflammation, decreases antioxidant synthesis, and reduces the overall integrity of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs). These alterations are thought to destroy collagen and elastin in the skin’s outermost layer.

Astaxanthin is regarded as a superior antioxidant that reduces ROS generation while moderating oxidative stress. To add to the mix, cat’s claw (150mg) is believed to enhance the effects of astaxanthin. Cat’s claw is an herbal supplement made from a tropical vine. It has been reported to support immune function, and relieve symptoms associated with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Collagen Plumping Moisturizer

The Collagen Plumping Moisturizer is a hydrating lotion that helps plump and nourish the skin, as the name implies. Most moisturizers tout high hyaluronic acid contents, however BELLA GRACE’s does not. In its place, polyglutamic acid was selected. Polyglutamic acid is a water-soluble polypeptide (or long chains of amino acid) used in water purification, medication delivery, and skin moisturizing.

On the topic of skincare, this ingredient is believed to act as a humectant (i.e., pulling moisture from the air and into the skin). It also helps the body create natural moisturizing substances like carboxylic acid, lactic acid, pyrrolidone, and urocanic acid. In light of this, polyglutamic acid could potentially reduce visible fine lines and wrinkles, and the risk of sagging skin. Did we mention that it might speed up wound healing as well?

Dewy Serum

The Dewy Serum is a lightweight, quick-absorbing serum that seeks to deeply hydrate the skin. It comprises a complex called MariMoist®, which acts as a moisturizing, healing and protective agent writes one source. This hyaluronic acid and a rare, marine-based biopolymer complex have been proven to improve skin texture, promote youthfulness, and hydrate and soften the skin. As for its mechanism, it supposedly delivers water for immediate and sustained hydration while supporting tissue matrix health and “offering a pleasing sensorial effect on the skin”.

Enzyme Collagen Cleanser

The last of the BELLA GRACE skincare solutions is the Enzyme Collagen Cleanser. The BELLA GRACE team maintains that this cleanser aims to remove pollution, dry dead skin cells, and other impurities all while replenishing moisture. In so doing, the skin should feel hydrated and smooth. Once again, the main ingredients that power this solution are rather straightforward: papain and squalane.

Papain is a proteolytic enzyme fund in the papaya fruit. Its function is to break down proteins into peptides and amino acids. Previous trials in which this enzyme was used for cleansing revealed it can cure wounds. Another article that discussed papain uses for the skin stressed how the ingredient might exfoliate dead skin, provide hydration, and possibly lessen the visibility of wrinkles. However, people with sensitive skin should visit a dermatologist before using it.

The other ingredient was actually introduced after realizing the instability of squalene or a type of lipid. It is produced naturally by our own skin cells, but the quantity produced tends to decrease with age. Squalane is the hydrogenated form of squalene that is acceptable in skincare products. Studies have found that squalane treatment results in more vivid and healthier-looking skin. These benefits are attributed to the oil’s high concentration of antioxidants, which are thought to combat skin damage and free radicals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are the ingredients found in BELLA GRACE Skincare products medical grade?

No, medical grade ingredients are required for specific skin types. BELLA GRACE products are high-performing yet gentle on all skin types.

What is the shelf life of each BELLA GRACE Skincare product?

All BELLA GRACE Skincare products have a shelf life between two and three years.

Do BELLA GRACE Skincare products meet European standards?

Yes, BELLA GRACE Skincare products meet European standards.

Are BELLA GRACE Skincare products cruelty-free?

Yes, BELLA GRACE is completely cruelty-free.

Do any of the BELLA GRACE products contain sunscreen?

No, the team has opted not to include sunscreen to help people who are allergic to it. Individuals can, however, use their preferred sunscreen in conjunction with BELLA GRACE products.

What are the benefits of using the BELLA GRACE Elixir?

When used as recommended, the BELLA GRACE Elixir could give rise to firmer and smoother skin texture, fewer fine lines and wrinkles, improved skin elasticity, decreased age spots, heightened skin hydration, reduce oxidative stress and health nails.

How long will it take to see results with the BELLA GRACE Elixir?

Most benefits are supposedly apparent within four weeks so long as individuals directly take one to two Elixir packets a day. For those who are pregnant/nursing or have a pre-existing medical condition, consulting a trusted medical practitioner is highly advised.

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How to use the BELLA GRACE Collagen Plumping Moisturizer?

For skin improvements, individuals are asked to apply the BELLA GRACE Collagen Plumping Moisturizer on the face, neck and decolletage in the morning and right before going to bed.

What are the benefits of applying the BELLA GRACE Collagen Plumping Moisturizer?

When used as directed, people should notice an improvement in their skin texture and firmness. These are made possible by the formula’s ability to stimulate collagen formation while also preventing its breakdown.

How should the BELLA GRACE Dewy Serum be applied?

Individuals are asked to apply the BELLA GRACE Dewy Serum on the face, neck, and decolletage (in the morning and at night) right before applying the BELLA GRACE Collagen Plumping Moisturizer.

What are the benefits of the BELLA GRACE Dewy Serum?

The BELLA GRACE Dewy Serum is believed to deeply hydrate and lock in moisture, provide protection from free radical damage, improve hyperpigmentation, and boost microcirculation (i.e., circulation of the blood to small blood vessels).

How should the BELLA GRACE Enzyme Collagen Cleanser be used?

It is best on damp skin. Ideally, individuals will gently massage the solution in circular motion to form a light lather. Once massaged, it must all be washed off using lukewarm water and later, pat dried. These steps should be repeated once in the morning and at night.

How long do BELLA GRACE Skincare products last?

Depending on how often the products are used, they can last anywhere between 30 and 60 days.

What is the best way to store BELLA GRACE Skincare products?

To ensure optimal stability, individuals are asked to store them at room temperature and away from any combustible sources.

What is the estimated arrival time on BELLA GRACE Skincare products?

BELLA GRACE shipments should reach the continental United States within the first five to 10 business days.

Are BELLA GRACE Skincare products protected by a money-back guarantee?

All BELLA GRACE Skincare products are protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If for whatever reason individuals are dissatisfied with this respective skincare line, customer service should be contacted within the allotted period to request a refund. This only applies to unused units. Lastly, the amount refunded will represent the full purchase price, i.e., less shipping and handling fees. To learn more about the BELLA GRACE refund policy, consider the following points of contact:

  • Email: [email protected].
  • Phone: 1 (813) 279 2720
  • Mailing Address: Bella Grace USA, Inc., 13234 Telecom Dr., Tampa, FL 33637

Are BELLA GRACE offerings affordable?

The following is an immediate overview of the price range that individuals will encounter when researching their product offerings:

  • The BELLA Grace Elixir: $135 each
  • The BELLA GRACE Collagen Plumping Moisturizer: $70 each
  • The BELLA GRACE Dewy Serum: $90 each
  • The BELLA Grace Enzyme Collagen Cleanser: $40 each
  • The BG Collagen Glow Regimen (includes one of each): $170 each

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What exactly does it mean to be a BELLA GRACE Influencer?

Influencers who are passionate about skincare and share BELLA GRACE’s values may want to share this skincare line with their respective followers. Individuals do not need to worry about startup costs or needing to sign any short-term contractors because the BELLA GRACE team believes in paying commission to influencers whose followers place an order. Additionally, there is no barrier to entry, as anyone with any sized following can onboard this opportunity. The advantages of becoming a BELLA GRACE Influencer are as follows:

  • 30% in customer commissions;
  • Real-time sales and commission reports provided by BELLA GRACE for recordkeeping;
  • Access to world-class training tools, proprietary social marketing tools and content;
  • Payments made out on a weekly basis and the possibility to earn a free product.

If the aforementioned doesn’t seem like a suitable fit, people can also enroll in BELLA GRACE’s Subscribe & Save Program to become a Preferred Customer. Rather than making a one-time purchase, individuals may prefer to place a monthly order. The latter is much more valuable due to the 10% discount.

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Final Verdict

In conclusion, BELLA GRACE is a high-end skincare and lifestyle company that supports the use of natural ingredients. They deliberately turned to a source of collagen that has been comprehensively examined, established, and patented and shown to be effective throughout the various layers of the skin. The elixir is yet another product that our editorial team was delighted with because it demonstrates BELLA GRACE’s awareness of the value of antioxidants and the need to avoid inflammation-related occurrences (like oxidative stress) for healthy skin.

While collagen serves as the main ingredient most of these products, BELLA GRACE also looked for natural ingredients that promote skin health. Each product has up to three major ingredients, with the others preserving the consistency of the solution. This simplistic approach to healing the skin is more reason to explore BELLA GRACE. Although the price is more than that of the average skincare brand, this is not surprising given that we are talking about a luxury brand. Lastly, this company is in line with today’s day and age and is handing opportunities for influencers of all experience levels.

All-in-all, our editorial team is persuaded by BELLA GRACE’s emphasis on clinical and scientific evidence, and collagen bioavailability, and activation, as well as by their readiness to educate the masses and appropriately reward brand supporters.

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