Pure Chill 2.0 Portable Air Cooler Reviews: Should You Buy Arctic Air PureChill 2.0 AC?

Most people love summer. With an effective cooling plan, it might be the best season of the year for most people. Some people enjoy wearing light clothes that make movement easy. Others love feasting on barbeques and cold drinks on cool nights.

Air conditioners and fans are popular ways to stay cool during summer. However, portable coolers have become widespread because of their small size, cost-effectiveness, and low energy consumption.

The demand for portable air coolers has skyrocketed over the years. Some brands produce quality and effective air coolers, while others are scams.

Pure Chill 2.0 is an effective portable air cooler promising to regulate your temperature on demand. How does it rise against the competition? Is the AC worth the price?

What is Pure Chill 2.0?

Pure Chill 2.0 is a new portable air cooler incorporating various features to keep users cool and comfortable despite the temperatures around them. It is user-friendly, lightweight, and promises to reduce temperatures up to 20oF. You can carry it from room to room comfortably.

Pure Chill 2.0 utilizes hydro-chill technology and dual cooling jets to keep the air moist and cool. The portable AC has a three-fan setting allowing you to choose the desired cooling level. Depending on your fan speed setting, the 550 ml water tank can keep the air chill for 6-12 hours. You can use it in the office, kitchen, bedroom, study room, and other spaces.

Pure Chill 2.0 produces minimal noise. You can use it in spaces that require zero distractions, including study rooms and bedrooms. The LED night light colors can add ambiance to the room and help children sleep comfortably.

Pure Chill 2.0 can purportedly offer you cooling services for over 20 years. It requires minimal maintenance, and you can replace the filters after three months. The innovative air cooler is only available online through the official website.

Brand Overview

Name Pure Chill 2.0
Description Portable air cooler
Manufacturer’s Specifications
  • Dimensions: 6.69 by 5.71 by 6.30 inches
  • Weight: 1 lb. 11 oz.
  • Water Tank Capacity: 550 MLS
  • LED Lights: Six LED color cycles
  • 100% Portable
  • Rapid cooling
  • Energy-efficient
  • Different fan speeds
  • Innovative hydro-chill technology
  • Different LED light cycles
  • User-friendly (Read Reviews!)
  • Pet and children-friendly
  • Cools the air within seconds
  • Offer humidifying, cooling, and purifying benefits
  • Pure Chill 2.0 is cost-effective, easy to maintain, and energy-efficient
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Ideal for office and home use
Storage Empty the water tank and dry wet parts of the device if you intend to store it longer.


Store Pure Chill 2.0 in the original packaging to prevent weather elements from destroying the device.

Maintenance Clean the unit and cartridge at least once a week. You should replace the cartridge and filters after three months.
Pricing Check Pure Chill 2.0’s official website for the pricing details
Money-back Guarantee 60-day money-back guarantee

How Does it Work?

Pure Chill 2.0 is a simple yet effective device. You do not require professional support to utilize the air cooler. After unpacking, charge the AC, and fill the water tank with cool air. Add ice cubes to blast out a cool and refreshing atmosphere for additional chillness. How does the product work?

According to the technical team, Pure Chill 2.0 features a cooling cartridge that creates a moisture barrier that expels cool, moist air. The evaporative cooling technology cools the temperatures and atmospheres in a split second. Depending on the speed setting, you can cool the air two minutes after turning on the gadget. Hydro chill technology can also eliminate bad odors and humidify the air.

Pure Chill 2.0 Features

Pure Chill 2.0 Features

Pure Chill 2.0 is a user-friendly air-cooling gadget. It uses replaceable cooling cartridges, variable fan speed, hydro chill technology, and other characteristics that make it unique. Some of the device’s interesting features include:

  • Portable and Lightweight: Pure Chill 2.0 weighs a few lbs. and is easy to carry. Its sturdy handle allows users to move it from room to room easily. The lightweight design makes the device pet and children-friendly. It is unlikely to hurt the users in case of accidental falls.
  • Rapid Cooling Abilities: The hydro-chill and evaporative cooling technology allows Pure Chill 2.0 to chill your room in seconds. Compared to traditional cooling systems, the gadget provides cool, refreshing and moist air within seconds of turning it on. The innovative technology offers respite from the heat while minimizing power consumption.
  • Multiple Cooling Options: You can customize your cooling preferences by choosing three options. The Turbo high option fans cool air quickly, instantly lowering the temperatures. Pure Chill 2.0 allows users to direct the airflow in their desired direction for maximum cooling.
  • Warm LED Lights: The six LED lights uplift moods and ambiance at night. Customers can opt for automatic color recycling making the device ideal for a romantic night. Further, you can choose the lights to make the kids comfortable as they sleep.
  • Low Energy Consumption: Consumers choose Pure Chill 2.0 because of its low power consumption. It is energy efficient, allowing you to enjoy cool air throughout the summer without skyrocketing power bills. Compared to traditional and bulky ACs, Pure Chill 2.0 promises to keep your power usage stable and user-friendly.
  • Sleek Design: Pure Chill 2.0 can blend easily with your interior décor. The elegant design can match your home or office style.
  • Large Water Tank Capacity: Most portable ACs have small water tanks forcing users to add water or ice constantly. Pure Chill 2.0 has a large water tank capacity and can comfortably run for up to 8 hours without adding water or ice. It is easy to refill the water tank with water or ice cubes.

The Science behind Pure Chill 2.0’s Hydro-chill Technology

Pure Chill 2.0 lower the temperature of small spaces effectively. Large rooms may require multiple AC units. The hydro chill cooling technology reduces the heat in seconds. Unlike traditional cooling systems, the cartridge does not remove moisture from the air. Instead, Pure Chill 2.0 uses water or ice cubes to add cool and most air in seconds. It can also eliminate bad smells, allergens, and other pollutants in the air.

How does Pure Chill 2.0 Cool Air?

The cooling cartridge receives hot and dry air from the Pure Chill 2.0 fans.

The device eliminates moisture from the air via the evaporative technology.

Pure Chill 2.0 regulates the temperature and can drop it by up to 20oF

Pros and Cons of Pure Chill 2.0 Air Cooler

There are numerous advantages of using Pure Chill 2.0 air cooler. Below are some pros and cons of acquiring a portable air chiller.

Pros Cons
  • Pure Chill 2.0 uses innovative technology to ensure rapid cooling
  • It has a replaceable cooling cartridge and filter
  • It has six LED light options that add ambiance and moods to your spaces
  • It is user-friendly, affordable, and energy-efficient
  • Pure Chill 2.0 has a compact design and is lightweight
  • It can serve as a humidifier and air purifier
  • Pure Chill 2.0 requires minimal maintenance
  • It produces whisper-like noise
  • Each Pure Chill 2.0 comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • A single Pure Chill 2.0 unit cannot cool down large buildings
  • You can only acquire the air cooler directly from the company’s official website
  • Only first-time buyers get Pure Chill 2.0 discounted prices
  • Pure Chill 2.0 does not ship to other countries
  • Pure Chill 2.0 is supposedly in limited stock

Setting Up Your Pure Chill 2.0 Portable Air Cooler

Anyone can set up Pure Chill 2.0 air cooler, including those with minimal technical skills. The developer argues that anyone who can plug in a smartphone will find the portable air chiller easy to use.

Step One: Power it On

Pure Chill 2.0 uses a USB cable to power it on. According to the maker, plug the device into a 7.5-watt or higher USB adaptor to turn it on. Turn on the fan button and choose your desired cooling speed. Press the fan control once, twice, or thrice to customize the fan speed setting.

Step Two: Fill the Ice Boost and Water Tank

Pure Chill 2.0 can hold up to 550 ml of water. You can add ice cubes or use an ice boost for extra chilliness. The maker states the air cooler can run efficiently for 8-12 hours depending on the temperatures outside and speed setting.

Pure Chill 2.0 uses minimal power and can run for extended periods compared to the competition. The maker suggests replacing the water, cartridge, and filters for maximum effectiveness. For safety reasons, place Pure Chill 2.0 on a flat surface.

Pure Chill 2.0 Storage and Maintenance

Pure Chill 2.0 is easy to store and maintain. The steps below explain how you can support and keep the device effectively:


Pure Chill 2.0 requires a minimal maintenance routine. Clean the unit and cartridge at least once a week to eliminate dirt and odors. You can hand wash the cartridge in warm soapy water to fight bad odors. Similarly, you can soak the filter and cartridge in diluted vinegar to eliminate molds and bad smells.

Pure Chill 2.0 maker suggests wiping the outer casing with a clean wet towel to eliminate dust.


After summer, you should store Pure Chill 2.0 well to ensure it remains pristine. To keep it, empty and wash the water tank. Dry any wet parts, including the cartridge. Wipe any dust and put it back in the original box. You should place the Pure Chill 2.0 in a cool, dry place.

Benefits of Pure Chill 2.0 Air Cooler

  • Pure Chill 2.0 is easy to use, requiring zero complicated setup
  • It can offer rapid cooling action offering respite against sweltering temperatures
  • It has a customizable cooling experience depending on your preferences
  • Pure Chill 2.0 is portable and has a sleek design
  • It is lightweight and perfect for rooms with small children
  • Pure Chill 2.0 is versatile, offering three-in-one benefits, including cooling, purifying, and humidifying the air
  • Using Pure Chill 2.0 can minimize the risks of asthmatic attacks and other respiratory issues
  • Pure Chill 2.0 is energy-efficient, cost-friendly, and ideal for everyday usage


Q: What is Pure Chill 2.0

A: Pure Chill 2.0 is an innovative device utilizing hydro-chill and evaporative technology to lower the temperatures around you.

Q: How does it work?

A: Pure Chill 2.0 utilizes hydro-chill technology to convert warm, dry air into cool, refreshing, and moist air.

Q: How long does the Pure Chill 2.0 run?

A: Pure Chill 2.0 can run for 6-12 hours, depending on the speed setting, humidity, and current temperatures.

Q: Can I turn off Pure Chill 2.0’s LED night colors?

A: You can turn off or change the night colors using the indicated buttons

Q: Does Pure Chill 2.0 produce any sounds?

A: Pure Chill 2.0 operates in silence. It emits a soft buzz sound resembling the computer’s cooling fan.

Q: Can I use Pure Chill 2.0 in large spaces?

A: Pure Chill 2.0 is a small and compact device ideal for cooling small spaces. It cannot cool large rooms.

Q: What parts of the Pure Chill 2.0 require replacing?

A: Depending on your usage, you should replace the cartridge and filters in 1-3 months.

Q: Is Pure Chill 2.0 eco-friendly?

A: Pure Chill 2.0 manufacturer explains the device is environment-friendly. It prevents the overconsumption of fuel, supporting global efforts in environmental protection.

Q: Where can I buy Pure Chill 2.0?

A: Pure Chill 2.0 is sold online through the official website.


Pure Chill 2.0 is only available through the official website. The portable air coolers are purportedly in short supply. Customers requiring the units in bulk should place multiple orders. The company ships Pure Chill 2.0 in the US in under six working days. For a limited time only, we’ll send you 1 Pure Chill® 2.0 for just $39.99 plus FREE shipping & handling! Plus, we’ll DOUBLE the offer, just pay a separate $19.99 fee for the additional.


Pure Chill 2.0 is advertised as an innovative air-cooling gadget optimizing revolutionary technology to enhance the temperature of your surroundings. It uses hydro-chill power to clear dry, hot air replacing it with refreshing, clean, and moist air. Pure Chill 2.0 produces minimal noise, is energy-efficient, and can cool small spaces effortlessly.

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