7 Days to Drink Less Review: Should You Buy Georgia Foster Stop Drinking Alcohol Program?

Alcohol addiction is a vice that is difficult to overcome; however, there are rehabilitation programs that can help you reduce cravings for drinking. However, they are time-consuming, expensive, and require extreme willpower.

Some products like gums, gummies, and sweets claim to fight alcohol dependence. However, they may not be effective in eliminating chronic intoxication.

The 7 Days to Drink Less program is a hypnotic program created by Georgia Foster to help every type of drinker to stop the vice. Does the regimen work for everyone? How long do the program’s results last? Read the review below to understand more about the 7 Days to Drink Less Program.

About the Product: What is the 7 Days to Drink Less Program?

Millions of people across the globe have an alcohol addiction. The vice starts with occasional drinking before escalating to heavy daily drinking. 7 Days to Drink Less is marketed as an innovative digital program using hypnotic recordings to help you combat alcohol dependence. The developer is purportedly an American-based alcohol reduction professional with decades of experience.

Georgia has mastered the art of hypnosis to reach the customer’s subconscious changing their thinking patterns. It uses science-approved methods to fight intoxication habits in under seven days. Unlike similar treatment plans, the 7 Days to Drink Less Program is fun, personalized, and practical.

Georgia Foster believes the seven-day program is effective and ideal for anyone struggling with addiction. The 7 Days to Drink Less Program helps users control their wellness and health without affecting social interactions. It enables you to fight routine drinking safely.

Using the 7 Days to Drink Less Program trains the brain to deal with alcohol without overdosing. You can still enjoy occasional drinks without worrying about your wellness. Georgia states that the program has a 97% success rate and is approved by psychologists and health experts.

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Characteristics of the 7 Days to Drink Less Program

  • It does not involve paying for multiple one-on-one sessions
  • You can use the 7 Days to Drink Less Program in the comfort of your home and in your time
  • You do not need to make changes in your social circle or friends to benefit from the program
  • It is practical and ideal for everyone, regardless of their addiction history
  • It does not call for the complete elimination of alcohol. Instead, it focuses on helping users to control their drinking habits
  • You can use the 7 Days to Drink Less Program without visiting a psychologist
  • It is discreet and has a 90%+ success rate

How Do the 7 Days to Drink Less Program Work?

According to the official website, the 7 Days to Drink Less Program uses a research-based approach to help customers in fighting alcohol dependency. It can enable the clients to take control of their drinking without giving up on their social life and other lifestyle habits. How does it work?

Reverse Drinking Habits: 7 Days to Drink Less Program does not focus on sobriety entirely. Instead, it helps the users to drink in moderation according to their needs and occasion. The hypnotic audios train the subconscious to manage the bottle instead of overdosing.

Coping Skills: The hypnotic talks in the 7 Days to Drink Less Program can help users to manage their emotions, preventing overdrinking. The program provides alternative coping skills instead of reaching for a drink.

Georgia Foster claims the program helps fight low self-esteem, anxiety, stress, and insomnia that drive most people into overconsumption of alcohol.

The 7 Days to Drink Less Program uses the ‘Inner Dialogue Technique’ to align the wants of the conscious mind with the subconscious mind. Most rehab programs work by addressing the root of alcohol addiction. Georgia Foster’s method allows the clients to manage their emotions without rearranging their lives or digging into their past.

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Types of Drinkers

Georgia Foster describes several types of drinkers, including:

Perfectionist Drinkers: According to the 7 Days to Drink Less Program developer, these drinkers are “typically” successful, goal-driven, and high achievers. Perfectionist drinkers do not consume alcohol daily and may go for long durations without imbibing. However, the day they start drinking, they overdo it and usually feel ashamed, guilty, and furious once the alcohol effects disappear.

The 7 Days to Drink Less Program helps Perfectionist drinkers drink slowly and in a balanced manner. The program transforms their emotional conditioning that aids in ending their “fast and furious” drinking habits.

The Pleaser Drinker: As the name suggests, these drinkers consume alcohol to fit in and be socially accepted. Georgia Foster warns that pleaser drinkers tend to interest narcissists in their lives, leading to more drinking problems. In addition, this category of drinkers is likely to get into debt because they are trying to “blend in” with certain people.

Pleaser Drinkers use alcohol to communicate their emotions and wants. The 7 Days to Drink Less Program contains hypnotic soundtracks to help drinkers find an alternative communication method instead of liquor.

Inner Critic Drinker: Foster argues that these drinkers have self-limiting thoughts that drive them into alcohol. An Inner Critic Drinker uses liquor to suppress negative thoughts and experience “temporary bliss.”

The 7 Days to Drink Less Program aids the inner critic drinker to recognize the negative thinking thoughts and calm them down. Using the program may help users eliminate their self-limiting beliefs allowing them to control their alcohol intake.

What is Inside the 7 Days to Drink Less Program?

Day 1: Clients receive 20-minute audio to help them change their subconscious. Key highlights of the hypnotic track include:

  • The reason people drink excessively
  • Understanding the subconscious mind and its connection to emotional routines
  • The effects of hypnosis when making positive changes

Day 2: The 30-minute audio talk and 25-minute hypnosis aim at reducing self-limiting behaviors believed to cause unwanted drinking. Instead of discussing your thoughts, the 7 Days to Drink Less Program helps build self-confidence and provides alternative communication channels. The second day’s lessons include:

  • The Inner Critic
  • Introducing the Perfectionist
  • The Intuitive Healthy Confident Part
  • Introducing the Pleaser

Day 3: consists of a 30-minute audio talk and 25-minute online hypnosis to help users set realistic and practical life goals. The 7 Days to Drink Less Program can aid the clients to understand their life purpose and give their existence some meaning. Some of the keynotes on day three include:

  • Setting realistic goals to help you drink less
  • Introducing the “Inner Child”
  • How to deal with rejection, the alcohol-loving inner child
  • Creating different responses

Day 4: The 25-minute recording helps the clients to create Alcohol-Free Days (AFD). Daily drinkers have trouble fighting the desire to imbibe alcohol. The hypnosis session aims to give the clients the willpower to say no to alcohol on some days. The keynotes on the fourth day include:

  • Foster’s key benefits of having Alcohol Free Days
  • How to attain Alcohol-Free Days easily

Day 5: According to the 7 Days to Drink Less Program, day five hypnotic audio extends the inner dialogue theory. Some of the lessons on day five include:

  • How to identify the inner critic and how it can interrupt the drinking-less program
  • Common failures when making changes
  • How the inner critic is resistant to changes
  • Other ways of damaging the liver apart from alcoholism
  • How the liver regenerates itself
  • Benefits of liver detoxification

Apart from the 25-minute hypnotic recording, the customers get a 5-minute hypno-blast designed to help them control drinking when out.

Day 6: The developer explains how hypnosis has benefited high-ranking executives, actors, and sports celebrities in managing their drinking habits. Customers learn about the “Mind’s Eye technique” intended to abolish unnecessary drinking.

Day 7: The 25-minute hypnosis aims at helping the user to maintain the “drink less” policy. The keynotes include:

  • The Domino Effect of the 7 Days to Drink Less Program on other aspects of your life
  • How to build healthy habits after day seven

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The Science Behind 7 Days to Drink Less Program

Georgia Foster warns that the hypnotic Inner dialogue technique is not magical and does not work overnight. The 7 Days to Drink Less Program is science-based and uses the subconscious mind to eliminate destructive emotions causing drinking desires.

Georgia Foster cites clinical research from the University of Texas, revealing, “When we drink alcohol, the subconscious is training to consume more.” The neuroscience community suggests that alcoholism is a learning and memory disorder.

A Stanford University study proves that hypnosis therapy shrinks the role of the default system network of the brain. The 7 Days to Drink Less Program creator argues that hypnosis can break destructive behaviors.

7 Days To Drink Less FAQs

Q. What if individuals miss a day of using the program?

A. Georgia states it is normal to miss a day when w all have busy lives and not to feel stressed trying to complete the program within the seven days. She recommends starting where they left off and at their own pace.

Q. How often should Individuals listen to the seven hypnosis recordings?

A. Listening to one recording each day would be best, but Georgia also realizes that time is short and states listening three to four times each week, you will still get the same results. However, she recommends using the program daily to get emotional well-being and meditative time for themselves.

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Q. Should Individuals tell anyone they are using the 7 Days To Drink Less program?

A. Georgia believes that if you want to tell people you are using the program, to do so. She also believes the changes in the individual will be obvious to others without them saying a word about using the 7 Days To Drink Less program.

Benefits of Foster’s 7 Days to Drink Less Audios

  • It can reprogram the brain, allowing you to drink less and enjoy it
  • It teaches the harmful effects of alcoholism
  • It can help you build good relationships with those around you
  • It may improve your physical wellness, including fighting alcohol-related weight gain and liver issues
  • It can help the clients discover their identity and focus on things that matter in their lives

7 Days to Drink Less Program Pricing

Customers can access the 7 Days to Drink Less Program only through the official website for $147.00. Customers can opt for two packages depending on their budget.

7 Days to Drink Less customers will also have lifetime access to all the programs.

The creator offers a 60-day money-back guarantee from the date the program was purchased if the program isn’t suitable for the user. Send an email to the following email address to start your refund:


7 Days to Drink Less is marketed for people having trouble controlling their drinking habits. It uses research-based hypnotic audios and inner dialogue to enhance the subconscious and eliminate self-limiting thoughts. The seven-day program is purportedly safe, practical, and ideal for men and women. You can use 7 Days to Drink Less in your own home without inhibitions.

Customers can experience immediate results allowing them to drink without any guilt.

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