ColonBroom Sugar Cravings Suppressant Reviews: Should You Buy? Ingredients or Side Effects Risk?

ColonBroom’s new Sugar Cravings Suppressant features a single active ingredient, chromium, to improve blood sugar levels, reduce hunger, and help with weight loss.

By taking one capsule of Sugar Cravings Suppressant daily with a meal, you can purportedly enjoy a range of benefits while banishing sugar cravings.

Is ColonBroom Sugar Cravings Suppressant legit? How does ColonBroom Sugar Cravings Suppressant work? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the supplement today in our review.

What is ColonBroom Sugar Cravings Suppressant?

ColonBroom Sugar Cravings Suppressant is a blood sugar support and appetite control supplement created by ColonBroom.

Available exclusively online through, the supplement is priced at $29.99 for a two-month supply (60 capsules / 60 servings). Just take one capsule per day to suppress appetite and support healthy blood sugar levels.

Some take Sugar Cravings Suppressant on its own. Others combine it with other popular ColonBroom formulas – like the company’s flagship digestive health supplement, ColonBroom, or the popular weight loss aid, Fat Burner.

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ColonBroom Sugar Cravings Suppressant Benefits

According to ColonBroom, Sugar Cravings Suppressant works in multiple ways to provide multiple effects – from suppressing sugar cravings to improving blood sugar levels.

Here are some of the benefits you could experience by taking two capsules of Sugar Cravings Suppressant daily, according to ColonBroom:

  • Improve blood sugar levels
  • Reduce hunger and sugar cravings
  • Help with weight loss
  • May help with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • Boost metabolism and support healthy weight management
  • Help maintain blood sugar levels by increasing insulin sensitivity

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How Does ColonBroom Sugar Cravings Suppressant Work?

To achieve the benefits above, Sugar Cravings Suppressant contains a single active ingredient: chromium. That ingredient is a crucial mineral linked to blood sugar support, appetite control, and other effects.

One of the most important ingredients in Sugar Cravings Suppressant, according to ColonBroom, is chromium. The company describes chromium as “a mineral that helps regulate blood sugar levels by increasing insulin sensitivity,” helping you support healthy blood sugar levels while also avoiding the temptation to eat sweet foods.

In fact, chromium is also “a proven ingredient to help with weight loss,” according to ColonBroom, and has been linked to weight management in multiple clinical trials. Chromium helps with weight loss by controlling sugar cravings, making it easier to stick to your healthy diet. Instead of being tempted to snack and ruin your diet, you can take Sugar Cravings Suppressant daily to fight back against sugar cravings.

By taking one or two capsules of Sugar Cravings Suppressant daily, you can purportedly experience results “in 4-6 weeks,” according to ColonBroom. You can take Sugar Cravings Suppressant on its own or to complement other popular ColonBroom supplements.

ColonBroom Sugar Cravings Suppressant Ingredients

Sugar Cravings Suppressant contains a single active ingredient: chromium. Each capsule (serving) of Sugar Cravings Suppressant contains 200mcg of chromium to support healthy blood sugar and appetite control.

Here’s how the single active ingredient in Sugar Cravings Suppressant works:

Chromium (200mcg): Many diabetics take chromium daily to support healthy blood sugar. Many non-diabetics also take chromium daily for appetite control and overall health and wellness. Like other minerals, chromium is involved in countless processes throughout the body – from appetite control to nerve function. By taking chromium daily, you can promote healthy blood sugar levels “by increasing insulin sensitivity,” according to ColonBroom, while also avoiding sugar cravings and appetite swings. Sugar Cravings Suppressant, like most chromium supplements, contains a specific version of chromium called chromium picolinate, which is easy for your body to absorb.

The Sugar Cravings Suppressant formula is vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, and sugar-free. There are 0 calories in each capsule.

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How to Take Sugar Cravings Suppressant

ColonBroom recommends taking one capsule of Sugar Cravings Suppressant daily, in the morning, just before eating breakfast:

Take 1 capsule of Sugar Cravings Suppressant daily

For best results, take 1 capsule in the morning with breakfast

Scientific Evidence for ColonBroom Sugar Cravings Suppressant

Sugar Cravings Suppressant contains a single active ingredient, chromium, with a transparent dose: 200mcg. That makes it easy to assess the effects of Sugar Cravings Suppressant, verify the results by checking scientific trials, and compare the results to other blood sugar support and appetite suppression supplements available today.

According to Mount Sinai, “chromium supplements may reduce blood sugar levels, as well as the amount of insulin people with diabetes need.” However, the organization also cautioned that some studies have shown no correlation between chromium and blood sugar, and that chromium supplements may not work the same for all people. Nevertheless, multiple studies have connected chromium to lower blood sugar levels.

A 2004 study published in The Diabetes Educator, meanwhile, found chromium appears to have a beneficial role in the regulation of insulin and the overall way in which your body processes carbs, proteins, and lipids (fats). In fact, by adding more chromium to your diet or taking a chromium supplement, you could enhance insulin activity, making it easier for your body to manage blood sugar on its own.

That same study found people with diabetes tended to have “lower blood levels of chromium” than people without the disease. That’s why some doctors recommend diabetics add more chromium to their diet or take a chromium supplement.

In a 2015 meta-analysis, researchers analyzed 15 trials involving 875 participants between ages 30 and 83 with diabetes. All participants took a chromium supplement or a placebo. Across all of these studies, researchers found chromium supplementation could provide marginal benefits for lowing fasting blood glucose levels in patients with type 2 diabetes. However, researchers did not see the same effect on A1C.

In terms of dosage, Sugar Cravings Suppressant contains a strong dose of chromium. Typically, it’s recommended healthy adults take 25mcg to 35mcg of chromium per day. However, Sugar Cravings Suppressant contains 200mcg of chromium. Studies have shown chromium is safe to take in doses of 200 to 1,000mcg per day, and this high dose could allow chromium to work more effectively throughout the body.

Overall, ColonBroom does not seem to specifically market Sugar Cravings Suppressant to people with diabetes. Instead, the company markets it as an appetite suppression formula that also “reduces the risk of diabetes” and “improves blood sugar levels.” If you are concerned about developing diabetes, or if you want help managing sugar cravings and sticking to your diet, then Sugar Cravings Suppressant could help, according to scientific evidence.

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What to Expect After Taking Sugar Cravings Suppressant

ColonBroom primarily advertises Sugar Cravings Suppressant as a way to suppress sugar cravings and appetite. However, the company claims the formula also provides other unique effects – like improving blood sugar levels and reducing the risk of diabetes.

Here are some of the results you could experience within 4 to 6 weeks of taking Sugar Cravings Suppressant for the first time, according to ColonBroom.

Reduced Hunger & Sugar Cravings: ColonBroom primarily advertises Sugar Cravings Suppressant as a way to reduce hunger and sugar cravings. Even if you don’t have diabetes, your blood sugar levels fluctuate throughout the day, leading to appetite swings and sugar cravings. When your sugar is low, for example, you might crave carb-heavy or sugary foods. Sugar Cravings Suppressant can reduce hunger and sugar cravings, making it easier to stick to your diet.

May Help with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, is a hormonal disorder causing enlarged ovaries with small cysts on the outside edges. Women with PCOS may struggle to ovulate, have higher-than-normal levels of androgens, and experience excess hair growth or weight gain, among other issues. Some people take chromium supplements daily for PCOS. In a 2017 meta-analysis, researchers found chromium supplementation “has beneficial effects” on decreasing body mass index, fasting insulin, and free testosterone levels in patients with PCOS. It may not reverse PCOS, but it could help with symptoms of the condition. That study involved 7 randomized controlled trials with dozens of participants. Although we don’t typically see chromium supplements advertised as a way to combat PCOS, there is science supporting this claim.

Improved Blood Sugar Levels: Some chromium supplements claim to support healthy blood sugar levels or promote healthy insulin production. However, ColonBroom specifically claims Sugar Cravings Suppressant “improves blood sugar levels.” If your blood sugar levels are high when fasting or after a meal, then the supplement could improve levels using a single proven ingredient: chromium.

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Help with Weight Loss & Metabolism: Chromium can help with weight loss in multiple ways – including by supressing appetite and boosting metabolism. The faster your metabolism is, the more calories you burn every day – regardless of how much you exercise. By boosting your metabolism and supressing appetite, Sugar Cravings Suppressant could make it easier to manage weight.

Easier Fasting: Intermittent fasting diets are more popular than ever. Many combine keto with intermittent fasting for proven weight loss. According to ColonBroom, Sugar Cravings Suppressant can “help prolong fasting”, making it easier for you to avoid food for longer while keeping blood sugar in a normal range.

Reduced Risk of Diabetes: Many chromium supplements claim to support healthy blood sugar and support your body’s natural defenses against diabetes. Sugar Cravings Suppressant, however, can purportedly do more than that. According to ColonBroom, the supplement “reduces the risk of diabetes.” If you don’t have diabetes, then taking a chromium supplement could help your body manage blood sugar more efficiently. Instead of watching blood sugar rise over time, you can purportedly improve blood sugar levels, help your body regain control of its blood sugar and insulin levels, and reduce your risk of diabetes, according to ColonBroom.

Improved Skin Health: Finally, Sugar Cravings Suppressant could improve skin health. Chromium is not widely known for its effects on skin health, and there are few studies connecting chromium with noticeable improvements in skin. However, one 2023 study from China found rural housewives in northern China with good skin tended to have higher levels of chromium than those with poor skin. The study involved 405 subjects. Researchers analyzed each subject’s skin aging based on SCINEXA™ (SCore of INtrinsic and EXtrinsic skin Aging) and found a correlation between chromium levels and visible effects of aging.

Ultimately, Sugar Cravings Suppressant claims to offer a range of benefits targeting different health and wellness goals – from suppressing sugar cravings to fighting back against diabetes to supporting skin health.

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Sugar Cravings Suppressant Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Sugar Cravings Suppressant is the newest supplement from ColonBroom, and no reviews for the formula have been shared online to date.

However, customers have left positive reviews for other ColonBroom supplements, including the company’s flagship digestive health supplement. We’ll share some of those reviews below to give an idea of the company behind Sugar Cravings Suppressant:

One customer claims ColonBroom worked as advertised without being harsh on the stomach, claiming she experienced more energy and less bloating after taking the supplement.

Another customer described ColonBroom as “amazing” for helping with her moderate gut issues. After taking the supplement for two weeks, she feels “more regular, less bloated” and has fewer cravings for junk food.

Another customer described ColonBroom as a “great product” because it tastes great, mixes easily, and works as advertised.

Although there are few verified reviews for Sugar Cravings Suppressant available online, early reviews of the supplement are promising, and many find other ColonBroom supplements have worked as advertised to deliver targeted effects.

ColonBroom Sugar Cravings Suppressant Pricing

Sugar Cravings Suppressant costs $29.99 per bottle, or $29.99 for 60 capsules (60 servings). You take one capsule daily to support healthy blood sugar and appetite control, so each bottle lasts 60 days.

By ordering multiple bottles, you can save up to 47%. You can exclusively order Sugar Cravings Suppressant online through, which accepts payment with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, or Stripe.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering Sugar Cravings Suppressant online today:

  • 1 Bottle: $29.99
  • 3 Bottles: $59.97 ($19.99 Per Bottle)
  • 6 Bottles: $95.94 ($15.99 Per Bottle)

ColonBroom Sugar Cravings Suppressant Refund Policy

ColonBroom provides refunds on Sugar Cravings Suppressant within 14 days of delivery. However, this refund policy only applies to unopened and unused supplements in their original packaging.

ColonBroom does not provide refunds on opened or used supplements. If you opened and used ColonBroom and were unsatisfied with the results, then you cannot obtain a refund.

About ColonBroom

ColonBroom is a nutritional supplement company found online at The company’s flagship supplement, ColonBroom, is a digestive health supplement made with psyllium husk.

Since the successful launch of ColonBroom, the company has launched other supplements targeting various health and wellness goals – including Sugar Cravings Suppressant and Fat Burner (for weight loss). You can take ColonBroom supplements on their own or together.

ColonBroom is based in Lithuania with a registered address in Delaware. You can contact the company via the following:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +1 (513) 960-5852
  • Corporate Address: Antakalnio str. 17, LT-10312 Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Registered Address (Lithuania): Krivių 5, LT-01204 Vilnius. Lithuania
  • Registered Address (United States): 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, Delaware 19958
  • Company Code (Lithuania): 305420438
  • Company Code (United States): 7138602

Final Word

ColonBroom advertises Sugar Cravings Suppressant as “the #1 solution to your sugar cravings.”

However, the supplement can purportedly do even more than suppress appetite: it also works by improving blood sugar levels, helping with weight loss, and even helping with PCOS symptoms, among other benefits.

To learn more about Sugar Cravings Suppressant and how it works or to buy the supplement online today, visit the official website at

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