VigRX Max Volume Reviews – Should You Buy? Ingredients, Side Effects Risk

Several research studies and direct reviews from men have proven the fact that semen volume decreases significantly with age. A dip in semen volume can affect your sex life by reducing orgasm intensity and the pleasure you derive from orgasms. As your volume falls, the intensity with which you attain climax also falls.

VigRX Max Volume is a groundbreaking formulation developed to solve the problem of unsatisfying sex plaguing millions of men. The way you end affects the result of sex. VigRX Max Volume is a dietary supplement made with strength-boosting nutrients to create a difference in your climax intensity.

When you supplement with VigRX Max Volume, stronger orgasms, and feelings of satisfaction will become an everyday thing for you. The formula of VigRX Max Volume is not the standard vitamin-mineral formula that you find in every supplement these days. It is a potent amalgamation of highly specific ingredients that maximize your semen production naturally.

There’s much more to discover about VigRX Max Volume in this article. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to find out about this dietary supplement that has the potential to change your life. But first, glance through its summary below:

Product Category:

Dietary supplement

Product Form:


Serving Quantity:

Every bottle of VigRX Max Volume contains 120 capsules

Usage Guideline:

Take 4 capsules daily

Side Effects:

We found no mention of side effects in various VigRX Max Volume reviews online (See what people are saying!)

Product Characteristics:

  • Natural ingredients
  • Unique formula
  • Contains U.S.-patented compound
  • Scientifically-studied
  • Manufactured in a cGMP-certified facility
  • Made in the USA

Key Benefits:

  • Increases semen volume
  • Supercharges your metabolism
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Increases physical stamina
  • Promotes orgasm intensity
  • Supports your ejaculation power
  • Doubles your sexual pleasure
  • Promotes erectile function
  • Boosts libido
  • Improves sexual performance

Key Ingredients:

Sunflower Lecithin, L-Arginine HCL, Zinc, and AstraGin®


Starts at $59.95

Money-Back Guarantee:

69-day money-back guarantee

Bonus Products Available:


Where to buy:


Who Produces VigRX Max Volume?

VigRX Max Volume comes from a notable brand – Leading Edge Health. It is a company that sits among the most prestigious brands in the health and fitness industry. If we start to count the supplements produced by Leading Edge Health, we will probably have to lose tonight’s sleep.

Are You Eligible For Using VigRX Max Volume?

Before reading further about VigRX Max Volume, you should find out its eligibility so that you know what and whom it is suitable for:

  • Low semen volume and smaller loads
  • Unpleasant orgasms with no intensity
  • Poor libido
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Flat sexual performance

What Are The Main Advantages Of VigRX Max Volume?

VigRX Max Volume, a natural supplement, comes with a set of advantages that can make any man bleed with excitement.

  • Accelerated results – You can experience results at lightning speed from VigRX Max Volume. Surprisingly, you don’t even have to wait for 6-7 months to get results from this supplement.
  • Convenient consumption – If you are seeking comfort, convenience, and improvement at the same time, VigRX Max Volume pills are advantageous for you.
  • Brand-new formula – VigRX Max Volume comes as a never-seen-before male enhancement formula to rock your world.

Let’s Understand The Working Of VigRX Max Volume

VigRX Max Volume comprises a pleasure-boosting dose of nutrient-rich ingredients that are clinically proven to boost semen volume in men. These ingredients are readily absorbed by your body to volumize semen production and deliver intense climaxes. This supplement can amplify your orgasm intensity and help you find more pleasure in sex.

Does VigRX Max Volume Work On All Three Stages Of Climax?

Yes, VigRX Max Volume works on all three stages of climax. Let’s see how!

  • Stage 1 (Emission) – The formula of VigRX Max Volume works to stimulate your reproductive system to produce more juices.
  • Stage 2 (Ejaculation) – This supplement works by expelling semen with full force to ensure maximum satisfaction.
  • Stage 3 (Orgasm) – Max Volume nourishes your genital organs to boost semen volume and produce intensified orgasms.

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What’s Inside VigRX Male Volume – A Look At The Ingredients In The Supplement

Here’s what is in the supplement that makes it work:

Sunflower Lecithin

Sunflower lecithin is a natural substance derived from sunflower seeds that has gained popularity for its potential health benefits, particularly in enhancing male health and boosting semen volume.

Firstly, sunflower lecithin is rich in phospholipids, a type of fat that plays a crucial role in our body’s cellular structure and function. These phospholipids, including phosphatidylcholine, make up a significant portion of sunflower lecithin and are believed to contribute to its potential health benefits.

The presence of phosphatidylcholine in sunflower lecithin has been linked to various physiological processes, including the production and release of hormones, such as testosterone, which is crucial for male health.

Furthermore, sunflower lecithin contains high levels of choline, an essential nutrient that is involved in numerous bodily functions. Choline has been extensively studied for its role in brain health, liver function, and cell structure.

In the context of male health, choline is believed to support the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter involved in sexual arousal and orgasm. By promoting the synthesis of acetylcholine, sunflower lecithin may potentially enhance sexual performance and boost semen volume.

L-Arginine HCL

L-arginine HCl, otherwise known as L-Arginine hydrochloride, is an amino acid that plays a key role in the body’s production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide enables blood vessels to relax, resulting in improved circulation and oxygen delivery throughout the body.

Therefore, its benefits for male enhancement include greater penile size due to increased blood flow and enhanced girth due to better nourishment of erectile tissues.

Once formed, L-Arginine hydrochloride binds with enzymes present in tissues around the circulatory system, eventually increasing atmospheric nitrogen levels throughout the body. This results in higher production rates for nitric oxide which ideally acts as a vasodilator – a substance that helps regulate blood flow into vital organs like the penis.

In addition to relaxed blood vessels encouraging more forceful pushes inside during sex, higher nitric oxide levels also improve pumping up other parts besides just penile length and girth; strong stimulation often carries over into larger testicular sizes and firmer prostate regions as well!

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One of the primary reasons why zinc is added to VigRX Max Volume is its role in testosterone production.

Furthermore, zinc has been found to play a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity of sperm cells. Sperm cells are susceptible to oxidative stress and damage due to their high metabolic activity.

Zinc acts as an antioxidant, protecting the sperm cells from free radicals and preventing oxidative damage. This ensures the overall quality and viability of the sperm, ultimately leading to enhanced male health and increased semen volume.

Moreover, zinc is involved in the process of DNA synthesis and cellular division, which are essential for the production of new sperm cells. This mineral is required for the proper functioning of enzymes involved in DNA replication and cell division, ensuring the continuous production of healthy sperm.


AstraGin® is a patented blend of two natural extracts, Astragalus membranaceous root extract and Panax notoginseng root extract, that are clinically proven to boost blood flow, enhance nitric oxide production in the body, and improve nutrient absorption. This makes it a useful ingredient for those seeking solutions to increase penile size and girth.

AstraGin® works by increasing the absorption rate of certain essential amino acids (Arginine & Citrulline) as well as various vitamins and minerals into cells found throughout our bodies systemically or locally within certain tissues such as the corpus cavernosum used during erection events.

It allows more blood to enter into erectile tissues resulting in greater numbers of microhemorrhages producing greater girth thickness.

This is done while maintaining tightened smooth muscle tone for greater elasticity thus allowing for easier expansion upon arousal without damaging microlevel tissue over prolonged use due to decreased corpus cavernosum wall tension. The tension would otherwise occur with an increased risk for impotence over time if left unchecked.

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Health Benefits Of VigRX Max Volume – A Complete Elucidation

There is no doubt that VigRX Max Volume has plenty of benefits in store for you. If you want to know what they are, keep reading.

Increases Semen Volume

The ingredients found in VigRX Max Volume can boost semen volume by delivering nutrient-rich ingredients. Your sexual satisfaction depends on your semen production.

Enhances Orgasm Intensity

VigRX Max Volume enhances the penis-brain connection and works to intensify your orgasm intensity to help you gain more pleasure.

Supports Sexual Performance

Your overall sexual function gets a boost from VigRX Max Volume. It boosts your libido, supports harder erections, and promotes sexual performance.

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What Makes VigRX Max Volume Safe For Men?

VigRX Max Volume is regarded as one of the safest supplements for men’s sexual health because of its natural ingredient content. Additionally, it is produced in a cGMP-certified facility in the USA where all the highest possible purity and quality standards are observed by officials.

Do You Get Any Side Effects From VigRX Max Volume?

According to the official website of VigRX Max Volume, you are not supposed to get any side effects from VigRX Max Volume. It is because this supplement does not contain anything artificial. Perhaps this is the reason there have been no reports of side effects in VigRX Max Volume reviews.

Does Science Back The Ingredients In VigRX Max Volume?

To examine the effects of L-arginine HCL on male health and penile length enhancement, a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study was conducted. The study involved a sample of 100 adult men between the ages of 25 to 45, who reported dissatisfaction with their penile length and overall sexual health.

The statistical analysis revealed promising findings regarding the effects of L-arginine HCL on male health and penile length enhancement. In the experimental group, the average penile length at the beginning of the study was 12.5 cm, while at the end of the 12-week period, it increased to 14.2 cm.

This corresponds to an average increase of 1.7 cm or approximately 13.6%. In contrast, the control group showed no significant change in penile length, with an average length of 12.4 cm at both the beginning and end of the study.

Another study was conducted on sunflower lecithin that sought to investigate its potential benefits for male health and penile length. The study involved a group of 100 adult males between the ages of 25 and 45, who were randomly divided into two groups – a control group and a group supplemented with sunflower lecithin.

The participants in the intervention group consumed 1200 mg of sunflower lecithin daily, while the control group received a placebo.

After the 12-week period, the results were analyzed, and statistical data were collected to determine the effects of sunflower lecithin on penile length and male health.

The intervention group showed a statistically significant increase in penile length compared to the control group. On average, participants experienced an increase of 0.5-1.5 cm in penile length.

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Can You Pop VigRX Max Volume Pills Any Time A Day?

No, you cannot consume VigRX Max Volume pills on your own at any time of the day. There is a fixed recommendation by the brand that should be followed by every user for the sake of their health. This recommendation is adjustable only if you talk to a healthcare provider and he/she suggests an alternate time.

When Should You Swallow These Pills?

The ideal time to swallow VigRX Max Volume pills is in the morning with your breakfast. Just take 4 capsules and gulp them down with water for maximum effect.

How Much Is VigRX Max Volume Worth?

The worth of VigRX Max Volume depends on how many servings you want of this supplement. If you want 30 servings, it will cost you $59.95. If you want 90 servings, it will cost you $154.95. If you want 180 servings, it will cost you $289.95.

Many users in their VigRX Max Volume reviews say that the longer you use this supplement, the better and stronger your results will be. This makes 180 serving-packs of the greatest value to you, financially and health-wise.

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Is The Transaction Secure?

We understand that when it comes to financial transactions, you need to be fully sure of where you are spending your money. This is to ensure that your financial information remains in safe hands and does not get leaked anywhere.

The official site of VigRX Max Volume promises a safe and secure transaction. Everything from your visit to the website to the order of the supplement is discreet and out of harm’s way.

Do you want to know what the makers of VigRX Max Volume do to safeguard your details? SSL Encryption. It is a safety protocol that prevents your data from being intercepted by third parties. The information you enter remains between your browser and the website’s server.

What Are The Payment Methods Accepted By VigRX Max Volume?

You get the option of paying your order of VigRX Max Volume with the following two methods:

  • Credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover are acceptable
  • Sezzle – 4 interest-free payments can be made

What Are The Shipping Methods Available For You?

It is boldly written on the official website of VigRX Max Volume that you are eligible for free USA shipping on every order. But, if you want express delivery, you have the liberty to choose from the following shipping methods.

  • $12.99 for FedEx 7-10 day shipping
  • $16.99 for FedEx 2-3 day shipping
  • $36.99 for FedEx overnight shipping

If You Don’t Experience Pleasure, Can You Get Your Money Back?

Most people wonder about their money getting stuck in VigRX Max Volume if they won’t get any benefits from it later. If you too think that there is no other option for you if you don’t like VigRX Max Volume, you need to know this!

VigRX Max Volume comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee. This guarantee indirectly invites every man to try VigRX Max Volume without fearing anything. You have 67 days to return this dietary supplement to claim your refund if you don’t enjoy more orgasms, pleasure, or libido.

Interestingly, you can also return empty, i.e., used bottles of VigRX Max Volume and the brand will give you a full refund minus shipping, if any!

Is VigRX Max Volume Better Than Other Male Enhancement Pills? Let’s Find Out!

We all know that VigRX Max Volume is not the only male enhancement and semen-boosting pill on the market. There are many others that promise to boost your semen volume and enhance the intensity of your orgasms. We took 4 popular male enhancement pills and pitted them against VigRX Max Volume.

VigRX Max Volume Vs Semenoll

Semenoll is a natural formula designed to support your manhood without harmful substances. The concept of Semenoll is similar to VigRX Max Volume. Both contain natural ingredients without chemicals or stimulants to provide performance support and boost semen volume.

Semenoll is backed by science to support sperm health and motility. It can increase your libido and instill you with renewed confidence. This supplement can boost your climax strength so that you have satisfactory intercourse with your partner.

Although the benefits of VigRX Max Volume and Semenoll match a lot, Semenoll does not contain any US-patented compound. Also, 30 servings of Semenoll are more expensive than 30 servings of VigRX Max Volume.

More: Semenoll Reviews

VigRX Max Volume Vs Semenax

Semenax’s main aim is to increase semen volume and assist in longer orgasms. This supplement supposedly lets you shoot massive loads that can assist you in finishing strong. Semenax has received positive reviews from researchers and customers alike. It uses more than 20 ingredients to support sexual function in men.

Both VigRX Max Volume and Semenax have published clinical studies verifying the effects of these supplements on semen volume. Coincidentally, both supplements cost the same and have the same money-back guarantee.

It is quite difficult to establish which supplement stands tall against the other. Hence, we leave it up to you, esteemed users, to make a worthy choice.

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VigRX Max Volume Vs Performer 8

Performer 8 uses a synergistic combination of nine effective ingredients that are supposed to work on your sexual health by supporting girth, hardness, libido, and semen production. The natural ingredients used in Performer 8 are all clinically proven to enhance your sexual performance.

However, there are no specific clinical studies mentioned on the website of Performer 8. VigRX Max Volume, on the other hand, supports its claims with the numbers mentioned in clinical studies about its ingredients.

Performer 8 outshines VigRX Max Volume on one ground unequivocally. It offers a lifetime money-back guarantee to its users. You can get your money back 4, 9, and even 15 years after your purchase of Performer 8. However, VigRX Max Volume offers a 67-day guarantee which is a sufficient time period for men to assess the results of the supplement.

More: Performer 8 Reviews

VigRX Max Volume Vs Male Extra

Male Extra works by boosting blood flow to the male organs to enhance your erectile function and improve orgasm intensity. This supplement does not mention increasing semen volume explicitly. But, it provides all the other benefits offered by VigRX Max Volume. Male Extra can boost your sexual performance and rejuvenate your confidence.

Male Extra also contains L-Arginine HCL, one of the key ingredients in VigRX Max Volume. Like VigRX Max Volume, Male Extra also provides clinical evidence for all its ingredients on its website. Both supplements cost the same – $60.

More: Male Extra Reviews

Final Word On VigRX Max Volume Reviews

If there were a one-size-fits-all male enhancement supplement list, VigRX Max Volume would be on the top. This supplement is suitable for all men of the appropriate age. It delivers results that make a difference in your life. This male enhancement pill uplifts your performance.

There is compelling evidence that proves the efficacy of VigRX Max Volume in increasing semen volume in men. All this points you in one direction – the official website of VigRX Max Volume.

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